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  1. They know this, there hasn't been an update for a very long time. This is there MO. A waste of money. Netgear is the same way, they brag about their product but don't back it' up. These too companies are the same.
  2. a bunch of BS.............Guys. the company is not what it use to be. 9 out 10 you will get a good connection with out Duma.
  3. I have done this maybe 10 times, and still the same problem. this is been going on for sometime. I have been playing without it, just been waiting for the next update hoping this would be fixed.
  4. Takes forever to load or it freeze. I agree with Donovan. Same problem here. I to reset for 30 sec and still the same results I have to re-fresh browser for some of the things to load. reset twice no difference.
  5. I also had to down grade to .8, I was having the same problems
  6. Not working properly, it takes a long time for browser to load up. On all pages. Also removed all settings, LAN connection is stable.
  7. You have to use the 10gig port, the wan port on this update is broken.
  8. Im having the same problem disconnect , what do I need to do Currently on V2.3.2.22.
  9. Its now 77 days. WE DONT TRUST YOU GUYS ANYMORE..... THE WORD IS OUT THERE ....on YouTube and on social media Hi Duma Army, We need to announce that the free upgrade of our new software, DumaOS, for the Netduma R1 will need to be briefly delayed due to unexpected requirement from our Legal Team. Our lawyers have advised that DumaOS on the R1 must be backwards compatible. In other words, if you install DumaOS onto the R1 you should always have the option to reinstall the older R1 firmware if you prefer to go back. We had not designed the DumaOS integration with the R1 to allow for this as DumaOS is superior. But based on legal advice we now must redo the integration to allow for this. It should take, at absolute most, a few more weeks. Nothing more as we have everything else working. We realise you have been waiting patiently for this upgrade and this last-minute delay is frustrating. Our entire development team is working flat out to get this last bit fixed as soon as possible as we really want you all on DumaOS. For what it's worth, we're as frustrated as you are as we can't wait to start making lots of new R-Apps (features) for you all. We will get this last piece done as soon as possible and then it will be full steam ahead in delivering an explosion of new DumaOS features for you all. Thank you for your continued support. The ND Team
  10. you guys are wasting your time, this what they do. It may never come out. Sell your R1 while you still can.
  11. I have one, works great. No Problems
  12. Not Supersized, I was expiating this to happen. Seems to be R1 track record.
  13. CM1000 GREAT NETGEAR MODEM, l have comcast as well no problems.
  14. Please look into wrong game servers cloud This is one of them needs to be fixed
  15. This is my opinion, looks nice but material is cheap What I see many complaints about the same thing. As far as my knowing how it set it up, really. I have been with you guys from the day one of the R1 and a tester for you guys. I want this Netgear to be the best as much as you guys do. So take this and others input and go back to Netgear and tell them to step up there game or you will find other router company to go with. I'm a business owner for 25 yrs and customer input is the most important part for growth and for what ever product or service your selling and providing.
  16. The nighthawk XR500 feels cheap, it's not the same quality as there other nighthawks. I feel to hit the price point of this router they went short on everything else. You guys are a great company but this may ruin your product. 1. Feels cheap 2. Feels like Netgear has made they own changes to the firmware which is not good. Netduma should have full control how it operates and firmware dates and the release dates. 3. Bufferbloat is crazy bad, trying to adjust it just makes it worse. 4. In apps don't work well or not at all. R1 should got this new OS first for all the testers on this form , then once all the bugs got fixed then offer an upgrade router. This what we have been doing since the birth of the R1 and this is why the R1 and the Netduma has done so well. The old saying is. Don't fix it if theres nothing broken.
  17. Just got my XR500, sucks it feels like cheap plastic, it weighs as much as the R1. buffer-bloat is very bad this is no Nighthawk guys Nothing in this is like the Netduma. Very bad Im returning this today . So disappointing to wait all this time for this. Going back to my R1
  18. I have the Netgear CM1000 , works great no problems. Had it for about 7 months now.
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