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  1. Indeedy. I knew they had recoil control as an option, but some one told me the other day that wall hacks were now available. I owned one for purely playing on the PS4 with my Xbox Elite controller. I never used the cheat features are per other old video. My PS4 is still gathering dust, but if wall hacks are now an option with auto aim or whatever its called, then thats sad... BUT it must somehow be detecting the aim assist to snap onto targets, which means more info is being sent to the controller then one realises.
  2. Absolutely not. Hacking was more prevalent back in P2P days on consoles like the below video demonstrates (very old video).
  3. Yep, I played Zombies over the weekend too and that completely avoids SBMM. Got to wave 40 or so... but I did have help, as I'm a Zombie noob!
  4. New video where I give my views on the whole quality issue surround black ops cold war.
  5. Another recent video of mine... Its crazy you have to do this work around to get consistent frame rates... which is pretty key when playing a shooter.
  6. Solution for those of you who already own, and those of you who have not yet purchased a next gen 2020 console as you may have been put off $$$ wise since they do not come with an optical port.
  7. The follow on video I eluded to in my previous video, in case you haven't seen it yet.
  8. Hellooooooo Sim here. Its been a while since I've shown my presence... been pretty busy... and now trying to get my YouTube mojo back. So as I've been pretty quiet, you might have missed last week's episode.
  9. Thanks! Yes I am well. I've been very busy. Just not youtubing.
  10. The PS4 has flakey network code, and did a video on back in BO3 days. Although I talk through steps I did when i encountered this issue, check out the videos pinned comment for additional tips. The electrical power off sequence generally fixes it. The DB check do afterwards if still not playing ball.
  11. R1 but for information purposes at this time. Waiting for servers to settle etc. before doing a settings video.
  12. Fun? What MW and Fun? Whats going on? Enjoy!
  13. For those of you who may have missed this video. This is not a fluff/hype kind of video. Its all about my journey with it pre-launch, how I felt about it, and concerns post launch. Prior to publishing this I had not pre-ordered it, just like I stated in my BO4 Worst COD Ever video. However, the over whelming response via likes is that people want to see it on my channel, as I guess they know they are going to get the truth, aka does it suck...
  14. simjc

    Sim is Back

    Yep. Been pretty quiet youtube wise for 2019, well that's about to change.
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