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  1. simjc

    Time to Delete BO4 and say Goodbye?

    Well as the beta played well, I bought the black pass edition if we can call it that for both consoles. 😢
  2. I do not normally post this kind of video, but... What do you think?
  3. OH yes this would occur whilst I was streaming... and a rare thing occurred. Sim swore.... Naughty. No longer family friendly.
  4. For those of you who have not seen this video, you may find it helpful. An additional tip is to turn off aim assist (not the auto rotate). I've one many more gunfights since, and lots of other subs have confirmed this tip has helped them. Sim
  5. simjc

    R1 DumaOS Initial Review

    Wow I'm jealous of your connection. That is some serious bandwidth. The XR500 has two possible reasons why it harder to get good ping. (1) Advanced DPI (2) Quad core processor: 2 at network level, and 2 exposed to user and utilised my higher level OS. This may cause threading issues (multiple tasks running on different processors/cores) that could impact performance. The R1 is a single core CPU.
  6. simjc

    R1 DumaOS Initial Review

    Merci beaucoup! DPI (deep packet inspection). I believe the R1 does have some DPI, but not as advanced as the XR500 due to the R1 being less powerful hardware. When I had the XR500 (I no longer have one) the best result I could get with the XR500 was 80ms under load using dslreports.com back in Jan/Feb 2018. So it appears you have experienced the same difficulty of not being able to get good low ping with the XR500 (if I understand the written french, as I am very rusty {have not spoken french for years}). The R1 DumaOS, 20ms or less using DSLreports.com. Very happy about that!
  7. simjc

    R1 DumaOS Initial Review

    I know most of you will not be interested in watching the below video. 😉 But for those of you who are, here it is. Sim
  8. simjc

    The Forum Has Been Upgraded!

    Dark Theme button selection needs to pop to the top of the page; not lurk at the bottom. Tweak need though on colour for quote blocks; when it shows you (your screen name) as being quoted, your name is dark blue/red, and just blends in.
  9. simjc

    Just wanted to say

    Thanks everyone for your supporting my channel. Appreciate it. Thought I'd post the video here... for any of you who may have missed it. Cheers Sim
  10. simjc

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    Thanks for keeping us informed. It was looking so close and we were all getting excited, but last minute little surprises always adds a little fun to the mix. Eventhough DumaOS brings new goodies to the table, I also think having the backwards compatibility and being able to roll back to the current firmware will also be appreciated by end users. Sim
  11. I understand that this may be a BT firewall issue; when the firewall does a check, you get that latency.
  12. FYI - That hop 4, is what I am getting on BT Infinity also. I've got the unlimited version of pingplotter at the moment, and have switched it from ping (incase the BT entry point was ignoring pings) and switch to TCP, and I still get it. Was thinking maybe cable from modem to wall socket; but now looking at yours, I am thinking this a BT typical issue. Would love to know other BT Infinity user experiences and thoughts.