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  1. BO4s netcode as we all know is not great. There are things you can do and there are things that are out of your control. No control over Netcode SBMM + lobby balancing, i.e. all noobs on your team vs all the sweats on the other The consistently inconsistent online experience, down to netcode + lag comp algorithms Have control over Home network setup (bufferbloat control etc.) ISP (may be some regions, only have 1 choice) UK there are options. Hops will impact latency BT for example 8 hops to a known server AA 5 hops to known server Line quality - if poor this will greatly impact your online gaming experience (I know currently suffering from this) BAD ISP = no fault found, not repairing, give me your money GOOD ISP = fault detected, will repair Once got good line quality (no more random packet loss, 1250ms ping spikes etc) gaming experience in general will be better So you have all the best things in the world at your end, but fundamentally if the game servers are oversubscribed (causing what appears to be packet loss but is not), and the server and client netcode is poor, the gaming experience overall will be poor and there is no magic bullet that you can apply. Sim
  2. simjc

    E3 2019

    The new Elite Controller Series 2, my current one is in desperate need of replacement. Scarlett... looking forward to that too. Glad to see the dumbed down Anaconda did not get mentioned, and hopefully MS changed their strategy. Use X Cloud instead if you want a cheap device to game on... but hey hope your internet is up to the challenge!
  3. simjc

    F.A.O streamers...

    I use the HD60 not the S, as it has hardware encoding built in, taking less strain on your machine. Anyway, OBS is what I use. Others have used StreamLabs version of OBS, SLOBS. Relatively easy to setup. Tutorials out there on the web. Sim
  4. FYI - I cracked it. I can now logon to modem whilst connected to internet. Had to telnet on to modem direct, and setup a route. Now I can see my line stats galore 24/7.
  5. It smells similar to MW2 days with lots of key developers moving over to Respawn Entertainment. Condrey got a taste of Activision HQ, left a few months later, setup his own developer studio and core developers are jumping ship. Activision's micro management (and greed?) is slowly but surely killing the franchise. I wonder what games 2K Studio will bring to the market? Remember the whole outspokeness from Condrey about Treyarchs $20 skin (or was if $40?). Anyway interesting times ahead, and hopefully for the benefit of all gamers.
  6. I had some serious attempts at logging on to the vigor 130 via router. It works when pppoe connection not established. However, as soon as you are connected to the internet, the vigor no longer recognises/responses to tcp/ip traffic and thus you cannot see stats whilst pppoe connection is active.
  7. I am always going to game on local hardware for FPS games. I can see them pushing cloud gaming for those who want to buy cheap consoles (dumb devices) knowing that all the hardware upgrading is happening in the cloud, so you don't need to keep upgrading hardware. However, you are going to need a serious internet package, a decent ISP, and money to pay for the service. Long term costs are ouch for cloud based, until backbone and ISPs step-up, especially the larger common household ISPs.
  8. I love my One X. Hook it up with an external SSD, and it flies. PS4 is generally off gathering dust. Online services just not up to par. And it looks like Sony has recognised that and will be doing something for next gen only, by working with Microsoft. https://news.microsoft.com/2019/05/16/sony-and-microsoft-to-explore-strategic-partnership/
  9. Oh and additionally there may be a fancy way of connecting to the modem provided your ISP uses vlan tagging ethernet side wise. Requires one to use a tagged and untagged. Will investigate later this week, as that will be real handy.
  10. I use the Draytek Vigor 130, and it gets me 2-3ms lower latency compared to the OpenReach bg612 (standard, not unlocked). I can see all the line stats but only when directly connected to the modem, which is a drawback, when one has line issues (faults), as you have to unplug router. They (draytek) have a feature that will publish info to other draytek routers, haven't checked to see if other public plugins available for other routers to get that info. When my line has been stable (no rain) its stayed in fastpath with 7ms latency for 4wks. The firmware gets regularly updated too. Minor fixes generally.
  11. Well as the beta played well, I bought the black pass edition if we can call it that for both consoles. 😢
  12. I do not normally post this kind of video, but... What do you think?
  13. OH yes this would occur whilst I was streaming... and a rare thing occurred. Sim swore.... Naughty. No longer family friendly.
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