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  1. Using the native mouse and keyboard support will give you a little help i'm 79 or maybe 85% for sure using this option is putting me in to easier lobby's IW are giving you a little help due to no aim assist. Native MnK support on ps4 is doing something, longer match making easier lobbys, i dunno know got another 15% to find. If you have a decent mouse and keyboard try 1600 dpi and give it a try. I'm curious for any other similar feed back.
  2. Yeah it does give you the option to re join the same match so I could turn geo off when reloading in but it's a nuisance. The main problem is the game will kick you without that option sometimes with geo stricked. I think because of the small player base the game puts you on the most active server at that time which can be Argentina or Brazil the connection is so bad I have been stuck in ads for 3 plus seconds. Reckon you're right Jack not looking good to get around this also ping assist won't work either using xr700 v1.0.1.10 for warface. Shall plod with spectate mode.
  3. It is xr700 v1.0.1.10 its not working on warface possibly not supported game. I don't play much of any thing else lately so haven't tested on a supported game.
  4. Hi Duma team Any way around this? warface for both console and pc have a list of dedi's to choose from i'm on amsterdam server and will set my geo (stricked) around that and moscow as the secondary nearest now if the game puts me on any other further away server which is real lag fest it will kick me out of the pre-loading screen if i play ranked that will give me a 30 minute ban. I have tried ping assist but seems to be an issue with vers .10 xr700 which is not working. Not a big issue as i use spectate mode but the game will put you into south american servers which is real S... show. Any thoughts?
  5. Any progress? I noticed this myself on latest version over the weekend.
  6. No issues with Firmware version XR700 V1.0.0.20 for me, otherwise some of the firmwares including the latest one are bugged and well known for constant drops i believe netgear are working on a solution.
  7. Cheers Fraser that's exactly what i did 45 mins in no probs so far i will wait for a fix. Happy House now, my ears are settled hope it stays that way 😉
  8. Not having any joy with ipv6 set to disabled or 6-4 tunnel losing disconnects every 5 mins, couldn't find an spf+ to try don't want to buy one as i'm not sure it will even work on my talktalk fiber set up? In Fraser's link some say it's stable going back to .20 Ps.. by using SPF+ do you need 2 one for modem and then one for port in router?
  9. The current firmware has been bad for my household with disconnects every 5 mins, previous firmware was about one in 20 mins which didn't bother me much which now i have reverted back to. I'm going to try Micbot's hopeful remedy a try over the weekend and see how it goes. Sounds promising until a fix can be found.
  10. sncjez

    ISP Talk

    I'm on TT no speed cap on the right package 75d 17u, been gaming for years using different isp's when my TT contract is up i will be renewing and that's not often.
  11. My PC is set for xbox live in geo, when in BO4 dashboard pc or console i will reboot the R1. This has worked for me so far a straight start up is a non runner atm with the geo, so i need a reboot to kick in when geo settings are set.
  12. Anyone else not able to pick a server? game pretty much says tut tut no no, I know the duma team won't support until full release. Curious.
  13. Was with BT for 4yrs prices getting bumped up for loyal customers when i mentioned this all they offered me was a new crappy router and five quid off a month. Bolted and went to talk talk for a 2 yr contract 22 quid a month saving same speeds no meddling.
  14. https://www.asus.com/uk/Monitors/ROG-SWIFT-PG27UQ/ Will need big lottery win
  15. spiicy... long time no hear and upsetting lobby's as usual
  16. I mainly play Quake live and quake champions and a bit of cod for multiplayer enjoying the latest wolfenstein campaign at the moment.
  17. AD900s had them since MW3 day's never thought about anything else paired with yamaha receiver and usb mic soundcard.
  18. Not gaming related...Quad9 is worth a look i've been using these numbers on console and pc since january a new global dns faster than and more security. https://www.stationx.net/improve-your-security-and-privacy-check-out-the-new-quad9-dns-service/
  19. The beta is having some latency issues at the moment the devs are aware of this also if you cant move press alt and tab this fixes this. When things are good it is a lot of fun.
  20. sncjez


    For anyone still on the fence tesco are doing a deal for £33 by adding a code. To get the deal, you'll need to click the following links and enter the code TDX-PWFG at checkout: Buy Call of Duty WW2 on PS4 for £33 at Tesco Buy Call of Duty WW2 on Xbox for £33 at Tesco
  21. This week https://ironsight.aeriagames.com/news/184563/get-ready-for-the-open-beta
  22. And the second KI26V-X7XNL-EZLVP
  23. Redeem on steam L8XNY-KPIYE-J3GEX
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