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  1. If so, why have we not seen anything come out for a long time. I have been here on this forum from the beginning of the R1 and you know that. I wished you guys would have stayed on your own instead of teaming up with Netgear . That way you would be in control to do want you want to do. All you guys needed was to have your own line of routers and more staff to carry it out.
  2. AnnonymouS


  3. Happy to hear that, feel free to send me that link at your convenience.Thank you
  4. Long time tester, I have all platforms but would like to test it on the XR700
  5. They know this, there hasn't been an update for a very long time. This is there MO. A waste of money. Netgear is the same way, they brag about their product but don't back it' up. These too companies are the same.
  6. a bunch of BS.............Guys. the company is not what it use to be. 9 out 10 you will get a good connection with out Duma.
  7. I have done this maybe 10 times, and still the same problem. this is been going on for sometime. I have been playing without it, just been waiting for the next update hoping this would be fixed.
  8. Takes forever to load or it freeze. I agree with Donovan. Same problem here. I to reset for 30 sec and still the same results I have to re-fresh browser for some of the things to load. reset twice no difference.
  9. I also had to down grade to .8, I was having the same problems
  10. Not working properly, it takes a long time for browser to load up. On all pages. Also removed all settings, LAN connection is stable.
  11. You have to use the 10gig port, the wan port on this update is broken.
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