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  1. should have came out before the R2 or at the same time, many people spend their money on the R2, going to pass on it. I HAVE AN IDEA , WHY DON'T WE TRY TO FIX ALL THE BUGS IN ALL THE OTHER ROUTERS FIRST BEFORE RELEASING MORE BUGS IN THIS FORUM.
  2. I stand corrected, but there is still a lots of problems with the firmware. And you know it .
  3. Read all the threads pertaining to XR700, and you will see its just more than a factory reset. But why should you have to do a factory reset . And by the way there hasn't been an update for this router since it launched so I don't know what KIKKHIPPIE is taking about. All you have to do is look it up and you will see i'm right. Up to you. cheers mate
  4. yep, sad Netgears flagship router and its been a year. Not even one update to fix the on going problem it has. Hopefully 3.0 will fix it. We will see if it will be supported.
  5. No update since it came out. NETGEAR SUCKS. Almost a year now
  6. Check your jitter, most likely that will go up.
  7. Hi NetDuma , what would be nice is to see the ping heatmap incorporated in our Geo-filter on the same page. It will make thing so much easier to get exact locations with the Polygon. Just a thought.
  8. I tried both Latency and bandwidth same results 0%. Yes for now im using manually sliders. Also it would be nice to see which packets are being used from source ports to destination ports. Just a helpful thing to have. But overall great job on the router and I will keep testing it.
  9. Good morning, just wanted to see if anyone is having the same problem as I Im. QOS---- Went I try to do Auto-Setup to try to find the best ping or Bandwidth it always selects 0% an both upload and download. My internet is 1000 down and 40 up. Dsl report i get A+ . Need some feed back. thanks
  10. I own all of them and im waiting as well. And I have been here from day one as well. Doesn't mean anything.
  11. Hello, still have not received the download link for 3.0. I own R1 , XR500 AND XR700 routers FOR TESTING.
  12. If so, why have we not seen anything come out for a long time. I have been here on this forum from the beginning of the R1 and you know that. I wished you guys would have stayed on your own instead of teaming up with Netgear . That way you would be in control to do want you want to do. All you guys needed was to have your own line of routers and more staff to carry it out.
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