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  1. Never had any problems with Cloudfare. I'd recommend.
  2. Was the same during the last free trial 3 months ago LOL.
  3. The hit reg in CW is total ass! I'm playing the free trial and the amount of times I've clearly missed all my shots but still killed the guy LOL. Never known a CoD game like this.
  4. I believe its the direct ping to the server (so no processing time like you have on the in game ping) so yeah, the same as the Duma would show. My nearest server on CW is showing 24ms... which is the same as my base ping. In game I usually have around 30-40ms.
  5. I wouldn't worry about it. Its not accurate anyways.
  6. I always used to play on Mod NAT on BOps3 and IW and have 0 issues. With MW19, if I use anything but Open (besides struggling to find matches as I play a low playercount gamemode) I have dodgy hit reg and shoot first die first issues.
  7. I've been doing it for years, still here
  8. Funny how I've never prio'd ports nor do I use DSL which I always found inaccurate yet have a much better experience in game than most of the folk on this site seem to. Having said that... everyones connection is different and what works for one may not work for another. I personally would advise to test in game. CoD is an awkward beast that does not work the same as every other game out there. The better I make my connection, the worse the game runs.
  9. I don't use a Netduma router but all I do is cap my console bandwidth at 21d 0.5u and DMZ my console also. I don't port forward (DMZ does that) or prio any ports. Even when I did use a Netduma R1, I would test in game, just move the sliders down from 100% til the shoot first die first and me getting one shot disappears.
  10. Thats the only way I've ever gotten CoD to play well and I've done alot more testing than I have playing the game which is annoying as I'm sure you'd understand. Good results on DSL have only ever made CoD run like crap for me.
  11. It doesn't. You need to find what works in game, not what makes you're connection the best it can be. We all know CoD favours bad connections.
  12. https://www.twitch.tv/necrog4ming
  13. I never liked that site. The settings that make the best result on there, make the worst experience in game. I've always found CoD likes a little bufferbloat.
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