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  1. Maybe but if he was earning enough to put himself through uni so mummy and daddy didn't have to... they should've defo been supporting him for that reason alone.
  2. True but thats different. He was also at uni so had other things going on. Also, his family didn't support his YT career, they thought it was stupid and pointless despite him making a good amount of money from it. Again, probably not helping his mental state.
  3. I didn't hear anything like that. If it was him, I probably would've as I watched his vids all the time. After a quick Google search, nothing about him cheating has come up. I know he was having mental problems and thats probably why he stopped doing YT. He also really hated playing WW2 but was forcing himself to play it for channel content... doing something every day you don't enjoy, probably just added to his mental state. Just noticed he hasn't posted anything on Twitter since last year. Just noticed that he got Dark Matter on BOps4 just 72 hours after the game came out and everyone called him a cheat and booster. Maybe thats what you heard about?
  4. Off. Just means your not using a custom setting
  5. Ah yeah. Think that was one of the mistakes I made when setting up mine.
  6. What was the solution?
  7. I hear ya mate. I tried a few setups I found online and nothing worked. The guy I bought the router off, he said in his ad on eBay, any problems I give free support so I contacted him and he said try these settings, they should work and bam, they did. If you were on BT, I give you the settings I'm using but since you're not, chances are they wouldn't work anyways.
  8. You 'may' not have it setup correctly. I had a few problems setting mine up properly too. I ended up having the wrong settings in WAN.
  9. I have a BT HH5 with OpenWRT. Port forwarding didn't work the first time I tried it, but about a month later I tried again and it worked. Not much help but just thought I'd share what little I know haha.
  10. Surprise, surprise... Its been 4 months with no problems but now after many disconnects/resyncs this morning, my ping has tripled. Heres my line stats. The reason for this post is mainly regarding my Noise Margin (SNR) I'm guessing the 16db is noise and 12.7db is signal? Or is it downstream / upstream? Usually its showing around 18 / 20. IF is signal / noise then surely noise is far too high and signal is too weak? Latency is usually 0.0 / 0.0 but now is showing 8ms / 5ms. Crackling on the voice line too so I know its a problem outside that they won't fix, just like the last hundred times this has happened.
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