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  1. In game. If I get a BS death... I drop my silders down by 1% until no more 'shoot first die first'. Thats all I've ever done for the last 4 CoD games, always worked for me.
  2. I had more 'shoot first, die first' and sponging than any other CoD with Black Ops 3. It was unplayable for me. Infinite Warfare so way better for me.
  3. The netcode in Black Ops 4 and 3 was no better, they weren't IW games
  4. When I used to use the geo back when I had a 7ms base ping, I used to put ping assist on either 15 or 20ms. 10ms is too low imho.
  5. No. No router can disable something thats built into the game.
  6. He does live stream. Maybe not on YT anymore (although I saw him live stream on YT only a few weeks ago but was BOps4) but he'll be doing it somewhere. Theres many many streaming sites nowadays and alot have left YT and Twitch for other platforms. Regardless, even with the same ping as him, its unlikely you're gonna get a crisp, flawless connection like he does. He will be paying ALOT of money for a perfect line, thats how the big stars are getting such great connections to CoD games.
  7. Its highly unlikely you're gonnabe able to get a connection to the game as good as his. He's in a different part of the world for starters. Also, CoD is his job, he most likely has a very expensive line, with probably 0 jitter. Also, KS does stream live... seen his live streams many times on Youtube so you're not looking very hard.
  8. Used to have 20mb for upload but BT decided to take it away I'm about 150m from the cab so on my FTTC line I get the full 55/10... until interleaving kicks in of course *rolls eyes*
  9. I'm glad it doesn't work tbh. I only have 10mb upload so if I had to throttle that hard, I wouldn't be able to stream ever again.
  10. Its all about finding slider settings that the game likes... not what makes your line better imho. I just start at 99% and work my way down until I stop getting BS deaths and leave it on that. Worked for me on BOps3, IW and BOps4. WW2 was seriously inconsistent for me but the other games worked perfectly once I found that sweet spot. 99% of the time I'm the only one using my line when I play yet without QoS, the game plays like utter crap... unlike Battlefield V which I played over wifi on an interleaved line with no QoS and got 0 BS deaths or bullet sponges. Anyways, I've tried throttling til your bandwidth is next to nothing many a time... never worked out well, not once. I even tried (bar the 'stabilising trick') the 'tricks' DMC has been banging on about and again, no workie.
  11. 0ms was not real. I remember YT'bers saying about how the pings in the beta were completely faked. No doubt KS has a brilliant line... since its his job to play CoD, he needs to have the very best connection money can buy.
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