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  1. I mentioned this not long ago as I read that the ping numbers were coming from a proxy, not from the actual server.
  2. Either that or they laying prone or hiding in a bush lol.
  3. Some crazy camping goes on in BF4. One reason I don't play it that often.
  4. Of course we've all noticed SBMM. Try having a 2.4 k/d, literally I've had matches where I haven't heard any gunfire in 2 mins, seriously! Its coz no one is moving so no one is finding anyone to shoot. I had a match last night of CTF on Grazna Raid... the best guy on the enemy team had 3 kills and no one in the lobby had more than 7 kills... in a 10 minute match! I was in the match for the last 2 mins, I finished 2 - 1, I was running around all over the map, couldn't find anyone to shoot. I spent at least 1 of those mins I was in the match hearing no gunfire, no footsteps... nothing. Another match on Pica, the enemy team sat in their spawn the whole match (10 mins) My team just had to camp outside their spawn and wait for someone to peak... it was so boring! I managed to get an advanced UAV and you could see all the enemy team sitting in corners, pre aiming. They only moved once my chopper gunner came in and destroyed them all.
  5. I did back on Infinite Warfare. Only made things worse, not better.
  6. Don't worry about a missing hop 4. Its the same for me, its not a problem
  7. This. I've never been able to use the same settings for the games lifecycle. Every patch they're changing the netcode, I'm sure of it.
  8. I found the same. UK and french players camp hard... on the Esp server I didn't come across many campers. I always found much less camping happening on the US servers too.
  9. I'd say learn how to fix it yourself... be much easier than having to keep sending it back if it does have problems.
  10. This is why I've never bought a Scuf. Hardly heard anything good said about them.
  11. Whenever I've seen Scump stream, he's always in sub 15ms lobbies.
  12. I hear ya but I have 20+ devices on my network so its needed in my case.
  13. Coincidence I'm afraid. The game puts me in 30ms+ ping lobbies 99% of the time whether I throttle or not.
  14. Throttling your speed will make no difference to your ping.
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