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  1. @bbursley Playing on PS4 and don't know what servers... got my geo over 5 EU dedis.
  2. With reactive and turbo mode, yeah iirc.
  3. In fact, I even got full 220/50 speeds when I was on Virgin Cable thru the R1.
  4. Creating a whole new engine would be an idea. Why are they still using the same one from CoD2??? That was almost 15 years ago ffs.
  5. Can say that on R1OS, I have always gotten full 55/10 speeds and also when I had 73/20 I had full speeds too.
  6. Not for me they weren't. I actually stopped playing that game after a guy set off my claymore and as he was stunned I put 3 shots of a shotgun at point blank range at him and he just one shot me! The claymore should've killed him, nevermind my shooting him. But back then I duno how good my internet was. I didn't monitor anything back then. CoD4 and Ghosts for me was by far the best for connection. Don't think I ever had shoot first die first in either of them games. No gaming monitor, no gaming router, no fancy controllers or KF's. Then AW came out and it all seemed to go backwards connection wise and seemed to only get worse with every CoD after until I got my Duma R1.
  7. The amount of times I've seen 2-3 players in Dom sitting on a flag not facing me and thought easy double/triple... Its 50/50 if I even kill one of them. I remember back in MW3, I could mow down 5-6 players sitting on a flag with an LMG. Wish I still could lol.
  8. He's said in many videos that the server is basically in his back garden. I'm assuming he has FTTP 1g/1g and his base ping is 1-2ms. I thought I once heard him say he uses a Netduma R1. I could be wrong though. Also, you say Netduma is causing inconsistency but EliteShot uses one and seems to have little trouble getting consistent matches.
  9. I'm not saying they don't have advantage due to connection. I'm saying that skill is still involved. You can have the best connection in the world but if you can't aim for shit and your reactions are rubbish, you're not gonna get anywhere. I don't even know how I ever played CoD without Kontrol Freaks. My aim is still not that great but the difference between using KF's and not is night and day.
  10. MarkofJ is a bullet sponge. Quite often I see in his videos he's getting shot by more than one player at the same time yet their bullets do little damage to him.
  11. SeanEDawgs was a great player, had hundreds of nukes on IW and I saw him play on some of the shittiest, laggiest internet and still get nukes. Skill still comes into it. Excellent connection or not, if I ran at the enemies spawn, I would be lucky to kill one player, let alone 3-4 like TMem does.
  12. Would the hardware in the R1 even be good enough?
  13. Around 2.2... Actual, not EKIA. Point is I don't go on high kill runs that often, only hit 70 twice in hundreds of matches. If I played against alot of these YTers, I'd get destroyed! I don't have good reactions or reflexes.