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  1. Already posted in Gamer Talk my friend
  2. Hopefully CoD can get back to its former glory in the future https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2022/01/18/welcoming-activision-blizzard-to-microsoft-gaming/
  3. Only since 3 CoD's? Been happening to me in the last 13. Acti use awful servers, thats a well known fact.
  4. N3CR0

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year guys
  5. N3CR0


    @davemarsden132 Have you downloaded and installed netem to the router? If not, that command will do nothing at all.
  6. No idea, since I don't really play it, I don't bother reading up about patch notes and such. All I know is when I try using the STG, my bullets do close to zero damage whereas with the MP40, I go on streaks.
  7. Krampus... whos dumb idea was that!? Pretty much unkillable. Killed me so many times off spawn. Connections are tripe. I can't buy a kill with the STG... shoot first die first 9/10 with that thing yet when I pull out the MP40 I go on streaks. Downloaded on my Xbox to see what it would play like... deleted after just 3 matches.
  8. Same here. I've tried pretty much everything over the years and the only thing thats ever made a difference for me is throttling my connection with QoS.
  9. Another free weekend starting today. They getting desperate lol.
  10. I've seen quite a few folk 'claiming'... so take with a pinch of salt... that peeps are still successfully using aimbots and such. Also, I just saw XAce tweeting that it appears that the Bloom mechanic has been removed from Warzone.
  11. Was always the same for me on Xbox One X. MW19 and Warzone seemed to run fine but CW seemed like it was running @ 20-30 fps when it was supposed to be 60.
  12. Need to have a read of their dodgy patents... see if it says anything similar to what is happening
  13. One thing I always found is settings that work for one CoD, won't work for others. When a new game came out, I always had to spend weeks fiddling with router settings to find what worked again.
  14. I duno about every CoD game but peakers advantage is built into the games engine. I remember seeing vids on YT showing it in... I think it was Black Ops 4.
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