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  1. Tried that before. It was awful, I teleport all over the map and get hardly any hit reg.
  2. I don't use a Netduma router but basically I just throttled my download to around 1mb and not touched the upload. Got the console in DMZ. It wasn't perfect but I only had 3 hours to play and didn't wanna spend too long messing with my settings.
  3. Upgraded version of Black Ops III engine using tools from the IW 8.0 engine that ran MW19. Basically every CoD game since CoD 2 has used the same engine, just modified for each game. The devs for MW19 claimed it was a brand new engine they'd been working on the 5 years... that was a lie.
  4. Been confirmed that snipers were OP on purpose and will be nerfed for the upcoming beta.
  5. I was using the same QoS settings I use on MW. Worked just fine.
  6. LOL. Cronus Zen cannot aimbot! Not everyone who has amazing aim is cheating...
  7. No one was camping in any of the games I had yesturday, I played for 3 hours... Except snipers in the dunes on Satellite which is to be expected really. I also see some of you are saying about poor visibilty. I've not had any problems with it. MW... visibilty was poor as fuck on that game.
  8. Oct 15-16 if preordered, 17-19 open to everyone.
  9. Well, after 3 hours of playing, I see peeps be tryharding already lol. Had some really shitty games where I went negative and my team were useless. That Satellite map needs some work... 99% of my matches on it my team were spawn trapped. Spy plane spam is rather annoying as well, espc. if like me you're a flanker... get just behind the enemy and bam... a spy plane goes up. Oh well, was the same in BOps4 too, just have to deal with it. Managed a 24 streak in one game though which was nice Got a few gameplays I'll be uploading in a few days. Lets see if they change anything tomorrow.
  10. These are the only ones my FreshTomato router picked up after 3 hours of playing...
  11. Happened to me a fair bit too tbh. It wouldn't be CoD without that BS lol. Think it was Drift0r who said in one of his vids that the lag comp in CW seems pretty strong.
  12. We know. I posted it in the chatbox before you did 😛
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