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  1. Not playing on anything, I don't play CoD anymore. I was testing on the Fast . com site same as a few others here. I was changing the MTU on my main router.
  2. Did some testing this morning, tried many different MTU values and found it made 0 difference to my ping on load. Every single value I tried still gave me 80+ on load. Just my two cents.
  3. I remember experimenting with MTU values back on Infinite Warfare. I found overall it made everything worse. Some gunfights I would just sponge bullets... I could see they were hitting me but doing almost no damage (MarkOfJ style lol) But then more times than not the other player would be the sponge... and at the time that was rare but messing with my MTU made it happen several times a match. Not saying it couldn't possibly work out well at all times for some peoples (we all have different connections afterall)... just stating my experience with it.
  4. Looks like I wasn't wrong with my comment... This years CoD does look like trash in comparison.
  5. Most of us bought this router before stupid peoples on le internetz went around chatting BS about it helping you get better lobbies. Most of us bought this router before SBMM and reverse boosting were even a thing.
  6. I remember being on Virgin Media and playing CoD... Still gives me nightmares.
  7. It is when I try to stream and the jitter that causes makes PingPlotter look horrible and brings up the symbols on CoD.
  8. I'd show mine but my phone line is so fooked, doesn't matter what I do I have lots of bufferbloat.
  9. Can't say I've ever had hit reg. problems in CW. Having said that, I've barely played it, less than 3 days total I think.
  10. Season 4 isn't out yet... Oh, I assume you meant CW? Was thinking you meant WZ.
  11. Possibly. It depends what the routing is like from the ISP. If its bad then you may get a lower ping from a VPN.
  12. Ah, didn't know. I went on their website and it said they didn't support console.
  13. I never said their was... I listed the countries I VPN'd to, not what servers I connected to. Also, I didn't use NoLagVPN as thats only for PC and I play on console.
  14. Looks really good. This years CoD is gonna look like trash in comparison I bet.
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