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  1. Don't think the MTU is supposed to change unless you change it yourself. Kinda weird. Not heard of that happening before.
  2. I used the R1 for a couple of years but then the wifi died on it. Had an XR500 but had problems with it so sold it.
  3. I don't use a Netduma router but I did all that in my router and still didn't work so I just use it in router mode.
  4. Thats what I was seeing in the alpha and beta too.
  5. When you turn a corner, see someone, shoot them, don't miss a shot with a gun that kills in that range in 4 shots yet you get 10+ hitmarkers and they STILL don't die... Thats not you being potato... thats connection! When you see someone, fire shot after shot into their chest at close range yet get hardly any hitmarkers if any... Thats also not you being potato... thats connection! You sound like that guy who used to post on here that had a 10000GB connection with Cat 73 cables and uses his tv to stable server tick rates and seemly never ever had a single problem with his connection to the game lol. And besides... Swagg is a proven reverse booster, just like his stupid mate KS.
  6. I plan to buy it but most likely when I get an Xbox Series X which won't be this year.
  7. Similar to mine. I have DM200 (not in modem mode, could never get a connection for some reason) Belkin FT (with my consoles ethernet'd to) and Asus RT in AP mode for the wifi.
  8. Really glad I didn't buy it lol.
  9. The game has been out less than 24 hours. Of course its gonna run like crap lol. MW19 did too or at least for me anyways. As did pretty much every CoD game for the first few days. I remember MW3 being so bad I stopped playing til it'd been out about a couple of months.
  10. I had to port forward on my modem then DMZ on my FT router to get open NAT console and CoD.
  11. Quite surprised about that. On my Xbox One X the speeds are up and down so downloads take forever whereas on Steam, the speeds remains pretty stationary.
  12. Wish my hit reg was that good! But I put that down to my line being shite as I've had inconsistent hit reg in every CoD with every router I've owned.
  13. Personally for me, my R1 worked gloriously with IW but every CoD since its been seriously inconsistent. I tried the XR500 with WW2 but that was worse than the R1 which wasn't that great. OpenWRT, Asus Merlin and FreshTomoto have all worked so much better with CoD.
  14. No router can trick SBMM. Its just not possible.
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