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  1. Nice. I've been using a Asus VP28UQG for the last couple of years.
  2. Thats why I asked. Surely it'd give you the same or a little less. I've been playing on 1440p for months on my Xbox One X since CoD only runs @ 30fps with 4k. Would much rather play on my laptop, was getting 100-110fps average in 1080p on my 17ins 144hz screen but since the game ignores my QoS rules, the connections trash so no point in playing.
  3. Cable internet won't be helping tbh. Its not good for gaming.
  4. Duno about you guys but I've found Warzone on PC completely ignores my QoS settings so theres no point in even playing it. I've deleted it. I can tell because the in game 'speed test' number never changes... it does on my Xbox and PS4... its how I know the settings are active. I can nerf my speed down to nothing at all and it still says I have 6Mb. The amount of shoot first die first I get when playing on PC... its pointless getting into gunfights.
  5. I don't use a Netduma router so no geo filter. Just trying to find a QoS setting that the game actually likes, not what makes my connection better. For me, CoD has always liked a bit of bufferbloat. I defeat that and the game runs like total crap. I always test in game.
  6. I know ya didn't and thats not what I was thinking. Just thought I'd try it as I've been having alot of problems getting Warzone to work properly. MP works beautifully but Warzone I have real problems with bullet reg and my shots doing hardly any damage yet I'm dropping super fast. Thought I'd give it a try, willing to try anything at this point.
  7. Nah, no one else online when I play. The game just doesn't like these settings is all.
  8. @ONEovFOUR Tried out 3d 3u on Warzone. I'm dropping like I have no plates and doing sod all damage to the other guy. Defo not working for me.
  9. UK. The other you're seeing I believe is the authentication server.
  10. MS servers suck though. I download games on Steam alot faster than I do on Xbox. I downloaded 85Gb Warzone via Battle.net on my laptop in about the same time I download a 25Gb update on Xbox.
  11. I recently put a 2Tb SSD in my Xbox One X and I can't say its changed my CoD experience. Everything loads alot faster but thats about it.
  12. I changed my console to 1440p ages ago. 4k looks prettier but halves your fps.
  13. The game only runs @ 30fps in 4k whereas 60fps in 1080p, duno if you meant you changed your console or not.
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