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  1. I’ll reply later as it’s nearly 5 am and about to hit the hay, but mostly it’s usual basic settings. 70/70 add a small amount extra to priority location where I am and 35 ms ping assist
  2. Ive tried playing MW with the filter off and on and it makes a world of difference on my connection to have it on. 70/70 plus just standard start out settings work a treat for me. Sorry if their are superior cod players who disagree but these settings work great for me.
  3. TB Elite with the mix amp jobby, set to shooters.
  4. 70/70 up and down, Adjust buffer bloat on dsl reports to the best you can get ping assist to 25-30 ms then just play the game. sometimes you have great games and sometimes bad but for the most part I get decent games. This iteration of cod is different to the last 3 or 4 and a different approach is needed. (imo). a decent set of headphones really does help.
  5. Some games im a god other games it seems fare but for the most part the duma makes things fare, I wouldn't be without it. Ive tried turning stuff off before and doing tests etc, the worst I got was connecting to west Mexico with 800 ms ping from uk wtf. and yes it played like shite. there are some strange results from the latest cod I will admit, but no more than others of recent years and I do not believe that the duma can pre empt the shit that the devs shove out, however I will say that at least I have the best tool to try and circumvent all the bollocks that they do shove out lol
  6. I get 9 to 15 ms ping on duma console.
  7. standard suggestions from Netduma,
  8. I have never been able to use a sniper rifle effectively, I'm just too slow. that's a cool handle though, you should.
  9. You can't lie to a Nun!!!! lol. I always check the pros and cons of each gun attachment before putting any attachment on them. Use mostly the KLO for longer range maps and the M4 for mid range. Trusty Mp5 for close to medium range and a launcher which gets me a lot of points as in most games im the only member of my team shooting stuff out of the sky.
  10. Silencer of some sort, grip and standard rds. Ill check next time I fire up PS4.
  11. I am fifty and my eyes are old and bent. lol
  12. I had to do a double take as I thought he was on my team lol
  13. Im still really enjoying this new Modern Warfare. I have some good games and bad but for the most good. Hit reg on this game seemed to be excellent. 24-3 with 3 captures and 9 defends.
  14. I put out a challenge to players a couple of years ago who were saying they had the magic formula to get great games, lowering upload etc. I asked for any of them to put up a video showing 5 games in a row unbroken to prove their theories. Not 1 taker. the game is what the game is. all you can do is set things to get the best connection and just play. you will have good games and bad games but you will go insane trying to adjust stuff to get good game after good game. far to many variables. Just my honest opinion you understand and my experience.
  15. I have a list of those choopa servers too and it lists them as peers on my connections as well, let me know if you want the list that I have.
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