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  1. OK I wouldn't know what tick rate was if I was peeing on it, but mine seems to jump between 50 and 200 all over the place during game, is this an issue and is there anything I can do to sort it out.?
  2. Yes, also if they reboot their router and have a an ISP that gives them a dynamic ip address you will probably have to add them again at a future date. not a massive issue tbh.
  3. 10mb!!! lucky you, best I can get is fttc 28 down and 6 up.
  4. Some people suggest lowering your bandwidth to stupid low levels but I tested this a while back over ten games and it really made no difference. You may see youtube videos showing that people who do this get really good games but I have yet to see a video showing more than 1 game in a row, even challenged people to do it but had no takers. I think the best you can do is get optimal buffer bloat settings and geo filter, make sure your cables and line are good, sort out any local congestion and you should be good to go.
  5. I had that error after getting back from holiday and leaving the router on for 2 weeks. After turning the router off for a minute and then back on it went away, haven't seen it since.
  6. It played well on the beta but not so well now
  7. When I game solo on MW I get connected with an average of 13 ms of ping and the game plays fine, when party up with friends in the USA I get around 130 ms ping and the game still plays fine. since launch I have only rage quit once and that was on ground war and it was awful.
  8. Google how lag comp works, it is needed on online games and there is not a lot you can do about it, the sbmm might be the reason you started to get better results after a while. Also remember that ping is measured in ms, and it takes around 300 ms to blink (I'm old) I was on MW last night with a friend in San Diego with 130 ms ping between us and neither of us really noticed much difference.
  9. If you have whitelisted your friends but still having issues on party chat, try joining in game chat.worked for me.
  10. Please could everybody just take a breath, calm down. I can understand the frustrations of having issues but flaming and swearing on the forum will only antagonise people and lead to one result. Please keep things civil we are all just trying to help.
  11. If you could please be a bit more specific about your set up and issues and anything you have tried to resolve the issues already that would be a start for people to be able to help you, I have owned an R1 from early adopter days and an XR700 for the last month or so. For me the Duma Os does exactly what it says it does and on the few occasions that I have had any issues it has been resolved. Regarding the wifi issues, Im not sure what they are as you have not stated but When I have had them in the past I have changed the channel and all has been good. On the odd occasion I have had OS issues a simple turn it off and on again has solved it. Please let us know in a bit more detail what your problems are and hopefully somebody will be able to assist you. Cheers.
  12. I have the R700, Ive never noticed this either but im guessing if things get too hot it would kick in.
  13. bagsta69


    Do you mean the hardware or software?
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