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  1. The XR1000 does not currently support option 61 but it has been requested. Netgear did add option 61 to the XR500 so I would expect it will be added to the XR1000 at some point
  2. You can factory reset using the pin hole on the rear of the router, hold the button for about 30 seconds then set the router up again
  3. Hi, Welcome to the forum. Can you open Command Prompt on your PC, type ipconfig, hit Enter then post the results here please?
  4. The game adds things like processing delay etc, all games have this but not all games show it in the ping calculation
  5. Hi, Welcome to the forum Clear your browser cache & cookies then try accessing the UI again
  6. Do you have ping assist enabled? Can you post a screenshot of your entire geofilter page please?
  7. Clear your browser cahce & cookies then try to access the GUI again
  8. Email [email protected] I’ll also tag @Netduma Fraser & @Netduma Alex
  9. Not at the moment but it is a requested feature so it’s possible we might see it in the future
  10. Everyone’s connection is different so there’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to QoS settings. The best thing to do is experiment with different settings and find what works best for you
  11. This has been requested before so I expect it’s something we’ll see in the future
  12. Clear your browser cache then try to access the GUI again
  13. Good news that you fixed it. I’ll lock this thread.
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