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  1. Everyone’s connection is different so there’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to QoS settings. The best thing to do is experiment with different settings and find what works best for you
  2. This has been requested before so I expect it’s something we’ll see in the future
  3. Clear your browser cache then try to access the GUI again
  4. Good news that you fixed it. I’ll lock this thread.
  5. Hi, Welcome to the forum Sorry to hear you are having problems ordering, Ill tag @Netduma Alex & @Netduma Fraser so they see this post however, as its the weekend you may not get a reply until Monday
  6. Share excess options are found by clicking the bandwidth allocation burger menu
  7. Do you know if your isp uses PPPoE? It may be that you have to enter PPPoE details into your Netduma. Could you let us know more about your physical setup please, are you using a standalone modem or is it a modem/router combo and what Netduma router are you using?
  8. Make sure you disable the geofilter when running the NAT test as having it enabled can sometimes cause this issue
  9. To be honest mate as long as the console NAT is open I wouldn’t worry to much about the game showing Moderate, the in game NAT seems to change at random whenever it wants no matter what you do on your end
  10. No date has been announced as of yet, keep an eye on the forums for any info
  11. Could you give us more details on what game you are playing and on what device please, also include a screenshot of your entire geofilter page if possible
  12. What do you have the interval set at? If it’s set lower than 2.5 seconds it can sometime falsely show packet loss at hop 1 I would recommend running a test directly from your modem, ping twitter.com then run exactly the same test from your R2. Post both sets of results here and we can help you out
  13. There is a button to turn the wifi on/off on the router. If memory serves me its the second button from the right, hold it for a about 2 seconds and the wifi leds should come back on.
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