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  1. Try clearing your browser cache then try accessing the interface again.
  2. The login address for netgear routers is routerlogin.net
  3. If I remember rightly you are using wisp? That will be likely be the cause of the ping fluctuations
  4. Have you tried clearing your browsers cache then tried accessing the UI again? If you type ipconfig into a command prompt what do you see next to default gateway?
  5. Your welcome. I’ll lock this thread now. Feel free to make a new post if you have anything else you need help with
  6. Firstly clear your browsers cache then try and access the UI again.
  7. Yes, that’s the correct place to report incorrectly located servers.
  8. You can’t turn R-Apps off at the moment, I think this is on the roadmap so we should see this feature added at some point.
  9. The servers you see in the Middle East and USA are just incorrectly located in Netduma’s cloud, the servers are actually in the UK. if you post the details of any incorrectly located servers you find in this thread then they can be updated in the cloud.
  10. That server has been found by ping assist. If you only want servers within your radius set ping assist to 0. What ping are you getting to that server? I expect that the sever is actually in Singapore but is incorrectly located in Netduma’s cloud so I would advise leaving ping assist enabled.
  11. It’s not possible to access the Vigor 130 stats unless you use a Draytek router.
  12. What value do you have ping assist set to when you disable fast search? What game are you trying to play?
  13. You need to disable fast search, that is why you’ve connected to a higher ping server. If your base ping is 12-14 then you need to set ping assist value to higher than your base ping for it to work correctly, setting it to 5ms when your base ping is 12-14ms won’t work you can read about ping assist here: http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000087579--dumaos-optimal-settings-guide-ping-assist
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