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  1. In WAN Settings do you have NAT set to Open? I've seen a few people report it filters better when secure is selected.
  2. You're not on the latest beta so it would be worth upgrading to that and then doing a factory reset: https://community.netgear.com/t5/Nighthawk-Pro-Gaming-DumaOS-3-0/New-Firmware-v2-3-2-108-XR500/m-p/2040949
  3. Right that definitely indicates that something is handling DHCP either the switch itself (if managed) or somewhere else upstream and that is the reason you can't get your NAT open. Does the switch belong to the ISP? It has to be connected to something. Is this something you could talk to the ISP about? If you do then DO NOT mention that you're using a router behind the switch, they will blame it immediately regardless of the evidence to the contrary.
  4. He respondido a tu tema aquí: https://forum.netduma.com/topic/34457-4g/
  5. Netduma Fraser


    ¡Hola bienvenido al foro! Siempre que conecte el R2 al puerto LAN en el enrutador 4G, entonces sí, funcionará. Obviamente, la calidad de la conexión será mejor con la banda ancha tradicional, pero si eso es a lo que tiene acceso, entonces el R2 lo ayudará a aprovecharlo al máximo.
  6. Do you have a moderate NAT direct to the switch? No you don't need to change that to static
  7. Are the devices definitely matching up with their settings and the device manager? It's usually either that or the above that needs to be done with this kind of issue. Do you have Armor enabled by any chance?
  8. Is it plugged directly into a wall outlet or an extender? What surface is it on, a carpet or a surface? How hot is the router on the underside? I think a replacement will probably be the way to go though.
  9. Page 14 of this guide should help you get sorted with that: https://www.downloads.netgear.com/files/GDC/EX7700/EX7700_UM_EN.pdf
  10. Thanks for the information, @altsai could you take a look at this and confirm whether this is expected behavior or not?
  11. How long do you hold the reset button in usually? Where do you reboot from, settings or the top right hand corner? How do you usually access the interface, via routerlogin.net or the LAN IP? Does it make a difference which one you use?
  12. Ah I see, that's not a correct representation of your actual speeds. Prioritizing the console supersedes QoS so that's why it appears not to be working there. If speedtest.net shows slower speeds then it is working.
  13. Unplug the router from the power entirely for 10 minutes - this lets any residual power drain. Then re-connect it to the power, does the WiFi appear or are you able to connect to the interface then? We don't have that kind of support unfortunately as we're a small team.
  14. Did you load up the game after you had changed all your Geo-Filter settings? If so do this please: Quit the game and client completely - make sure it's not active in the system tray Remove the device from the Geo-Filter Flush the cloud Re-add the device to the Geo-Filter Setup your settings with 0 Ping Assist Wait 2 minutes Boot up the game Then see if they appear when searching.
  15. What router are you using and what is your firmware version? If you reboot the router does that stop happening?
  16. Can you post the rules you've made for Traffic Controller please? It might just be a simple change that needs to be made. When you post the rules (screenshot preferably) please also indicate what you expected each rule to do.
  17. Are you actually playing a game at the time and if so, does DumaOS Classified Games show that it is prioritizing traffic?
  18. Yes it will only work when Traffic Prioritization is used. It's likely re-establishing the connection after the two resets, there should be no need to factory reset the modem. Are you connecting to the interface using the LAN IP or DumaOS?
  19. No you won't, Ping Heatmap is a special feature that pings all the available servers, that's not how the Geo-Filter works. You will only see servers on the Geo-Filter when these two scenarios happen: You may see all servers on the map similar to Ping Heatmap when you first boot up the game, after that: You will only see some servers - not all - when you are actually searching for a game in matchmaking - usually only those blocked outside the radius and the eventual server that is allowed within the radius.
  20. Reduce your radius so it just covers the server you want, make sure ping assist is set to 0. Quit the game to the console dashboard then wait 2 minutes and boot it up again, it should force you onto that server.
  21. I just tried that as well and it isn't working for me either so you didn't do anything wrong there. Go to the adapter options, right click > properties, click on IPv4 in the list, then click properties and you should be able to enter it there instead.
  22. Okay great so that has worked now. The one in the EU is the authentication server and it looks like that one within your radius is the game server so all appears good now!
  23. Have you got any Traffic Prioritization settings applied? You need to in order for Auto Enable to work. When do you get that disconnection issue, after a reboot?
  24. That server may be offline when you're trying to force it. Can you provide a screenshot of your whole Geo-Filter page please?
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