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  1. As above unfortunately, it's been mentioned before but I don't think this will change - it is standard across all their products.
  2. Hold the "RES" button in the back of the router down for 30 seconds and let go, it should beep to indicate it has worked, then wait a few minutes and try to access the interface again. Yes you will lose your settings.
  3. It depends on what your router is, if it is a Netgear router it does have the option to recover the password/reset it but the easiest way is to do a factory reset regardless of the router using the button at the back.
  4. Yes it's likely referring to their built in one located in seconds that is a blanket VPN as opposed to more customisable like the Hybrid VPN.
  5. No it doesn't currently, it may do in future but we don't have any details on that as it would be up to Netgear to decide.
  6. I would do the direct to modem test and then immediately after the same one with the router, these tests are 10 hours apart so could be variance i.e. more people are likely to be using the internet at 8pm rather than 10am.
  7. Okay thanks, sounds like it is timing out and the closest message to relaying that is the R-App loading message but if you can close the box and the Geo-Filter still works then I think that is a specific problem to the host. It would also be hard to reproduce that I think. How often are you playing on that server? i.e. how annoying does it get?
  8. Also no need to create a new topic as your previous was still open once you post here again I'll merge the two topics so you know where to find it. Direct to modem is the correct suggestion, let us know how you get on.
  9. Okay thanks for trying, we may need to update our classification to ensure this doesn't get detected. Could you try port 1023 please and see if that stops it from being prioritized?
  10. That kind of makes sense with the login request but still quite strange, unfortunately no way we can disable that but perhaps maybe something we could do with how it affects the browser / interface. Thanks this is really helpful, the team will look over it and see if they can find any correlations.
  11. Hey, welcome to the forum! Could you first disable uTp on the torrent software please and also find out the port it is using, it should tell you on the program.
  12. It might be that it is related to another panel being pinned which is what we've seen when this has presented itself before. I don't think it would affect other websites at all as it's self contained but let us know if you see anything related.
  13. It might be that it just didn't finish a connection that is required when gaming, what are your bandwidth speeds? Are you using QoS? You can select to open an incognito/private window on Firefox, does that resolve the issue at all?
  14. I meant so you find a percentage that works at all times but a good idea to first test if the variance is due to external factors or just the percentage used
  15. Yes out of the ones provided, I think more experimentation needs to be done with other percentages as you may be able to get it more stable.
  16. Great to hear that, yes I would connect using that for now. The routerlogin.net issue may be an issue on Netgears side, so I would continue to check it. If it keeps happening over a long period of time, say a week let us know and we can look into it further. For example, it could also be extensions on your browser causing the issue.
  17. Ciao, benvenuto nel forum! Quale router stai usando e la versione del firmware? Qual è il problema che stai avendo in particolare con PPPoE? Qual è la tua configurazione fisica? Stai usando il profilo Destiny sul Geo-Filter? -- Hello, welcome to the forum! What router are you using and the firmware version? What is the issue you're having specifically with PPPoE? What is your physical setup? Are you using the Destiny profile on the Geo-Filter?
  18. Considering the variance on the graphs for the same target it could be variances on their end or it could be to do with peak times for your ISP. I would try with Google.com and also try doing it in quiet times say late in the evening and see how the plots differ.
  19. The LAN IP of the router is the address that you can access the router interface with. It may have shown you this in the setup wizard, by default it is so enter that where you would normally type routerlogin.net and hit enter
  20. What are your paid for/expected speeds? What is your exact physical setup? Do you have your correct speeds entered into Anti-Bufferbloat options? Are you using QoS? Are you using WiFi or ethernet when this happens?
  21. Hey, welcome to the forum! Could you try connecting via routerlogin.net and the LAN IP of the router and see if it happens on both please?
  22. We don't have that information unfortunately, it is up to Netgear but hopefully won't be too much longer.
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