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  1. Unplug the router from the power completely for 24 hours, that will let any residual power drain and it can help with issues like this. Then let us know what happens please.
  2. It should have worked on automatic but try with these details: IP - Subnet - Gateway -
  3. As I said, I've updated the ticket, so they will need to take a look first as this is the very latest firmware at the moment.
  4. You can always screenshot the settings from the F2000 and post them here then we can direct.
  5. Are you playing on PC? Look up the ports required for the game online, then choose Only VPN these services and make a manual port rule.
  6. As above. If you require VLAN then that is located in Advanced Settings
  7. If you try netinstall I am pretty positive that you will not be able to reinstall DumaOS on to it and you would then have to put RouterOS on it to make it usable. If I was you I'd accept the coupon or just use it as is with no features being used really.
  8. Okay thanks I've requested that for you. We don't have VLAN implemented yet or even connection profiles like that implemented so unlikely to be faster at this stage.
  9. Well done for getting it working. The speeds will be reduced when using it through the router. Therefore it is best to choose the specific services/applications you want to be behind the VPN so that other services/applications don't lose speed unnecessarily.
  10. When it gets to this point just click next. It's just failing because it is trying to connect to the netgear website to get you to register the router. Once you've pressed next you'll be on the interface.
  11. Don't use the Auto Setup, it isn't optimized yet. Once you did a factory reset what settings did you change? What QoS settings got you those benchmark results?
  12. The IP address in that file is a local IP address so it's not possible for you to connect to a VPN provider with that IP. Not sure why they would provide that, you'll need to get another file for whichever server it is you want to connect to.
  13. If you don't need PPPoE then you can do DHCP 60 in the internet setup but not PPPoE at the same time. As far as I understand it if you were going to do VLAN then you would do it like below. If what that person said is true then it isn't currently possible. I can request the profile be made by Netgear but I couldn't say when that would be done.
  14. Yes I should think it would work when changing back. Yes even when connected to the R1 you will be able to access the ISP modem interface using the 192.168.2.x LAN IP.
  15. Hey, welcome to the forum! Sorry to hear you're having this issue. Could you provide the config file you're using please?
  16. Okay so as far as I've understood it, enable VLAN, select tag group, edit the existing rule, change to ID 6, disable the port you want the TV on. Make another rule with ID 4 just to the port where you will connect the TV. Enter PPPoE details in Internet setup and you should be good to go. May need a reboot after all that.
  17. You need UPnP enabled on the R2 really, if that isn't helping then either the DMZ or manual port forwarding is the only way to get an Open NAT.
  18. Hey, welcome to the forum! Are you connected to a router that is running DumaOS 3.0? If not then you will need that before using the app.
  19. It is connected to another router that has the IP 192.168.2.x is that right then? If so then that is your issue and why you can't access the interface. It cannot be in that same range, it will already have a WAN IP in the 2.x range.
  20. You can connect to the router interface without it being connected to the internet by using the LAN IP - by default
  21. That feature is ever evolving so we're still working on it, at the moment it is too aggressive. For now just adjust your Congestion Control percentages manually.
  22. Connect the previous router how it usually is, then access its interface and find the Internet/WAN Settings, take some screenshots and then disconnect it, connect the XR, access the XR and try to put the settings in. If you post the screenshots here we can help direct you as well.
  23. Are you seeing anything appear on the map at all when you use it in this way?
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