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  1. I moved all the comments from the other topic into this one and it got a little messed up. The XR is more powerful hardware wise which is why it will see higher speeds. I'd actually recommend you try disabling QoS fully from the Congestion Control menu and see if you have a better experience as you're not really getting any under load issues and it's relatively stable. When using the Geo-Filter are you forcing servers that Ping Heatmap has identified as the lowest ping servers? I would assume you are as your base ping is 19 and you're getting games at 19 which is literally the best you can get.
  2. Sie haben es dort gut gemacht, nur der Ping-Assistent sollte auf 0 stehen. Ich würde empfehlen, die nächstgelegenen Server zu erzwingen, um die bestmögliche Erfahrung zu erzielen. Versuchen Sie, einem kompetenten Matchmaking entgegenzuwirken, indem Sie fremde Server erzwingen? - You've done it fine there, just ping assist should be on 0. I would recommend forcing the closest servers possible for the best experience - are you trying to counteract skilled based matchmaking by forcing foreign servers?
  3. Unpin all panels from the dashboard please, then reboot the router from the interface and wait 2 minutes before accessing, does it work better then?
  4. You have a static public IP address though is that right? What is the WAN IP that you get from the R2 System Information page, does it start with 110 or is it something else completely?
  5. Do you have any other wireless/electrical devices in close proximity to the router?
  6. I'm not aware of any workarounds currently unfortunately
  7. We're testing the game now, it may not be possible using the Geo-Filter to go in solo or match against your friends and instead filter servers like other games
  8. Setzen Sie Ping Assist auf 0 und starten Sie das Spiel neu. Außerdem gibt es in Brasilien nur einen Server - Ihr Ping ist sehr hoch und es kann sehr lange dauern, diesen Server zu erzwingen.
  9. I would recommend you move the R2 away from the ISP router if possible or better would be to disable the ISP router WiFi as they could interfere with each other
  10. All DumaOS/Game Optimiser powered modem/routers
  11. It's a cloud update so will apply to all DumaOS/Game Optimizer modem/routers.
  12. Put Ping Assist to 0 and force different servers, you may find some that are further away play a bit better. No they won't clash
  13. Hallo, willkommen im Forum! Es zeigt Ihre Region im Spiel an, da Sie kein VPN verwenden. Dies ist normal und hat keinen Einfluss auf Ihre Geofilterung / die Möglichkeit, Server auszuwählen. Wie haben Sie den Geofilter eingerichtet? Können Sie bitte einen Screenshot bereitstellen?
  14. Cela ne fonctionnera pas en raison de leurs changements de matchmaking, je ne sais pas si nous serons en mesure de le faire pour que vous puissiez y aller en solo, plus probablement en mesure de filtrer les serveurs à la place comme d'autres jeux
  15. Hopefully next week but depends how well testing goes
  16. Those are really decent pings so it sounds like the router is doing its job. Can you provide a screenshot of a completed Connection Benchmark test please?
  17. I've tasked the team with testing this and they'll push a cloud update if needed to fix it
  18. What is your ping as shown by the Geo-Filter and in game? Did you change any settings after the reset or just tried the test immediately?
  19. We are always happy to provide support, if you make a topic with the issues you are facing then we can help.
  20. Lamento escuchar eso porque estoy seguro de que podemos resolverlo. Puede encontrar todos los detalles en netduma.com/terms
  21. Check the IP of your PC on your PCs network settings and compare that to the IP shown for the device you think the PC is on the Device Manager, do they match?
  22. Email [email protected] with a link to this topic and your order number and we can organize a replacement for you
  23. It will be pushed automatically to the router, no need for you to do anything
  24. Hopefully we'll be able to push out a cloud next week so servers can be filtered again but we're still testing
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