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  1. Bandwidth can still be an issue even if there are two of you, it depends what speeds you have, what are they? If you're on the east coast that is fairly high if that is measured through the Geo-Filter. Have you done any port forwarding or any other changes on the XR?
  2. A reboot shouldn't make a difference, if anything it should make it better usually. Do you notice any difference in ping after a reboot?
  3. Eh bien, c'est un très bon ping et si vous l'avez stable, cela ne vous causera pas de retard. Je vous suggère d'essayer de forcer les différents serveurs un peu plus loin pour voir s'ils fonctionnent mieux pour vous. - Well that is a very good ping and if you have it stable then that won't be causing you lag. I'd suggest you try forcing different servers slightly further away to see if they play any better for you.
  4. I mean what is your R1 connected to? Is it a modem or modem/router - the one your ISP provided you with and what is the model? How do you have the R1 setup with the ISP hub - is it in modem, bridge mode or using the DMZ? I don't see how there can be an MTU issue if this hasn't been changed. How is your console connected - is it via WiFi? If so how far away is the console from the router? Would it be possible to connect via ethernet or vice versa to see if the issue is still present?
  5. Leave it for 15 minutes after a reboot and then see how it plays. How long after a reboot does it usually go back to normal?
  6. So it could be that your ping is so high that it's preventing you from getting a game, potentially a local congestion issue. What is the average ping you're getting and are you measuring it through the Geo-Filter or in the game? Are you using QoS and if so what settings are you using there?
  7. Great thank you, will be interested to see your results. There shouldn't be any difference after a reboot, how soon after a reboot do you play? It could be all the devices coming back online at the same time causing it. If you wait say 15-30mins after does that make a difference?
  8. Hey, welcome to the forum! If the PC version is anything to go by then the game population may not be as big as it once was, especially with MW. How wide do you have your radius set? We usually recommend at least 1000km. Have you tried any other servers around the middle of the country to see if you get games faster?
  9. You're probably correct, there are usually clusters of servers in one location. We'll be looking into this now but if you find any more keep allowing them and also let us know please.
  10. You need to check the IP on the Device Manager that the XR router has given the N600 and then put that IP in the DMZ.
  11. Quel est le ping réel que vous obtenez comme indiqué par le géofiltre, rencontrez-vous un retard ou s'agit-il simplement de la détection de hit? Je vous recommande de suivre ce guide tout en saturant votre connexion (en faisant des téléchargements, des flux, etc.) et en ajustant votre pourcentage Anti-Bufferbloat jusqu'à ce que le ping soit aussi bas et stable que possible. - What is the actual ping you're getting as shown by the Geo-Filter, are you experiencing lag or is it just the hit detection? I would recommend you follow this guide while saturating your connection (doing downloads, streams etc) and adjusting your Anti-Bufferbloat percentage until the ping is as low and stable as possible. http://support.netduma.com/en/support/solutions/articles/16000074717-how-to-test-your-internet-ping
  12. That's very strange, does the Geo-Filter actually show any icons at all regardless of the mode when you're trying to play? Could you flush the cloud please before you have the console on and then try again.
  13. Hey, welcome to the forum! So you've manually pinged those far away servers and that is what the ping shows? I would recommend you disable ping assist completely for Destiny, as it is a server/p2p hybrid you should get a better experience using the radius with strict mode off.
  14. Thanks for the list, has allowing these meant you can use party chat?
  15. There is likely a LAN IP conflict between the two routers, as it's Netgear the default IP will be the same. I would factory reset the N600 and then it setup it should assign a different LAN IP so you can access them both and yes you'd put the N600 WAN IP in the XR500 DMZ.
  16. No that's not currently possible but I have added it to our ideas list. I don't think that would work though as if you're using the Geo-Filter to block that range entirely anyway then blocking them using the deny list would have the same affect. I've asked the team for an update on Apex and hopefully this can be resolved with a simple cloud update. It might be the case that you just have to select the server in game and then monitor the game using the Geo-Filter in Spectating Mode instead.
  17. Copying and pasting my response to your other topic as it's relevant.
  18. Some very good advice here, you would need to plug the XR router into one of the LAN ports on your modem/router.
  19. Your plots look perfect, fairly high base ping of 30ms so game ping would probably be around 40-50ms but that shouldn't cause you to lag. No packet loss, jitter or spikes so it can't be the connection on your side. @Mobel have you tried a previous firmware to see if it works better for you like Daniele said?
  20. Thanks for confirming, we'll take a look and get this sorted.
  21. That's very strange, when it has been added to the Geo-Filter does it show 'Console' underneath it? E.g. Demonchine PS4 Console
  22. Pourriez-vous expliquer plus précisément les problèmes que vous rencontrez, s'il vous plaît? Avez-vous également suivi nos guides de paramètres optimaux auparavant? Ils sont en anglais mais vous pouvez les traduire en utilisant le menu déroulant en haut à droite. - Could you explain more specifically regarding the issues you are having please? Also have you followed our optimal settings guides before? They're in english but you can translate them using the drop down in the top right. http://support.netduma.com/en/support/solutions/folders/16000090646
  23. Hey, welcome to the forum! What is the model of your modem? Is it definitely a modem and not a modem/router? Have you changed any MTU settings on the console or the router at all? Do you have the Geo-Filter enabled when doing the test? If you do try disabling this and see if the test passes.
  24. Have you added your friends to your allow list? If they're mislocated on the map then it won't matter if they're physically located within the radius you'll still need to add them. If you have done that and still have the issue do you see anything blocked on the map? If you do you'll need to allow this as well and that should work. Then could you give us the ID of that server please and we can add it to our whitelist.
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