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  1. So to confirm with QoS off completely this still happens? Do you have a spare modem you can try with in conjunction with the R1/XR300 to see if it performs better? When going through the setup wizard on the XR300 did the speed test report correctly?
  2. Is that with QoS completely disabled? Are you using powerline adapters that is using your home wiring connect the modem to the router in another room by any chance?
  3. Could you disable it in WAN first then try to disable it in LAN please?
  4. Did you try a factory reset on the latest firmware after upgrading to it? It may have been a legacy issue.
  5. Most likely 3074/3075 but hard to say because they don't specify. The congestion you're talking about will not use very much bandwidth at all, not port forwarding them doesn't mean they will be blocked either.
  6. Alex mentioned it was done and fixed it for most people. You shouldn't need to flush the cloud but there is no harm in doing so - if you get the too long message just wait a minute and refresh the page, it will have applied. Have you added your friends to your allow list?
  7. I will ask Alex but I assume he has been busy trying to make CoD as compatibile as possible with the cloud.
  8. Haha no worries! Boot up the game to start with and have a look at the map, you should see where the servers are located. Make a mental note and turn off the game. Then move your location (optional) and adjust your radius so you're just covering the server(s) you want to play on and then boot up the game and enjoy!
  9. Sorry to hear that! Very good way of looking at it. It's still a good idea to follow it when you have time to prevent any potential issues in future, try to force some other servers and see how you get on.
  10. Very good question, I'll have to ask the team on that one and get back to you!
  11. If you NAT is open then don't disable UPnP. If it isn't broken don't fix it afterall!
  12. I'm all good thanks, hope you are too! Hope those personal reasons are all okay now and it wasn't too traumatic whatever it was.
  13. Are you using the original firmware or DumaOS? Two things I would recommend would be to force some slightly further away servers as they may play better and also to optimise your QoS settings by saturating your connection by downloading/streaming etc and then using this guide to help try different Anti-Flood/Bufferbloat percentages to see what lowers your ping the most and keeps it stable. http://support.netduma.com/en/support/solutions/articles/16000074717-how-to-test-your-internet-ping
  14. Great to hear that! I'll close this topic now as it's been resolved. If you have any questions after trying different settings for CoD feel free to make another post and we'll be happy to help
  15. Thanks for this I will pass it on to the team to have a look at as will probably need dev input.
  16. Definitely no need to use QoS with 10gbps, there is no way you'd saturate bandwidth that big if you're just a normal user of the internet.
  17. Bien, eso significa que es posible que no hayas encontrado un porcentaje que funcione mejor para ti. Solo para verificar, ¿la pérdida de paquetes que está viendo son las barras rojas en el gráfico? Si el gráfico no tiene barras rojas, entonces no necesita preocuparse por la pérdida de paquetes en los saltos y, por lo tanto, ese porcentaje si mantiene su ping bajo y estable está bien para usar. - Okay so that means that you may not have found a percentage that works best for you. Just to double check, the packet loss you're seeing is the red bars on the graph? If the graph doesn't have any red bars then you don't need to worry about the packet loss on the hops and so that percentage if keeping your ping low and stable is fine to use.
  18. It wouldn't just set a new username/password, have you ever had interface protection/login enabled before? If so use those details. On the login window is it 100% asking you to login to the IP for the Netduma router? That's not possible unfortunately.
  19. Are you referring to the dashboard feature? You don't have to use that feature if you don't want to but essentially the layout is still the same - left menu and then the individual features are just split up into panels instead of not being split on the original. As I say, it was never optimised for the original firmware either but you can collapse the menu on DumaOS using the 3 line icon at the top of the page which would make it easier. Slow in what way? It should be as fast. Upgrading the firmware wouldn't change the ping, you'll likely need to re-adjust your QoS settings as it doesn't have the algorithms anymore. Both firmwares were an operating system, the original was built on top of one and DumaOS was built for our purposes and was always developed on the R1 so it's perfectly capable of handling the router specs. It's about breathing life into old hardware. I appreciate that it's not your cup of tea so to speak but we're not going to continue developing a firmware that is difficult to develop for that pigeonholes us when we have software that allows us to bring loads of different features never before seen.
  20. Habría comenzado con 70/70 y si tuviera algún problema en línea, usaría PingPlotter (de la guía) y experimentaría con diferentes porcentajes hasta encontrar lo que funcionaba para mí. Cada conexión es diferente, por lo que lo que funciona para mí podría no funcionar para usted, por eso es importante usar la guía para encontrar el valor que funcione para usted. - I would have started with 70/70 and if I came to any issues online then I would use PingPlotter (from the guide) and experiment with different percentages until I found what worked for me. Every connection is different so what works for me might not work for you, that's why using the guide is important to find the value that works for you.
  21. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll pass this on to the devs!
  22. Wow I'm jealous! Realistically we could up the limit yes but is there a practical need to do so, not really due to the reasons above. I will mention it to the team though as assuming they're fine with it im sure its a quick change.
  23. As I said before, the load average may be high but that's fine as long as the CPU Usage isn't running flat out constantly, they'll just be some background processes waiting to run.
  24. As far as I am aware Halo doesn't have any individual ports that it uses outside the Xbox Live ports - probably because it is a Microsoft game. Also even if you were to do that it would not improve the performance, you can turn off notifications on the console but they'll still go through.
  25. Si vous placez Ping Assist suffisamment bas, vous n’obtiendrez pas de serveurs défectueux car cela vous mettrait des serveurs sous votre limite. Oui, nous ferons ces deux choses! - If you put Ping Assist low enough then you won't get any bad servers as it will get you servers under your limit. Yes we'll be doing both of those things!
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