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  1. You'd just be prioritizing more ports than needed really, if anything were to use those ports then they'd be prioritized as well but as its on console you're fine to do that.
  2. Yes so you can do four rules: Source: 1 - 65535 Destination: 1935 - 1935 Protocol: TCP Source: 1 - 65535 Destination: 3074 - 3074 Protocol: UDP Source: 1 - 65535 Destination: 5730 - 5740 Protocol: UDP Source: 1 - 65535 Destination: 3478 - 3480 Protocol: TCP/UDP
  3. Hey, welcome to the forum! Can you connect to the interface using a wired device? For WiFi follow the password conversion method here and that should get you connected http://support.netduma.com/en/support/solutions/articles/16000117883-i-ve-received-the-r2-but-the-wifi-password-doesn-t-work You may need to go through the setup wizard again. Doing a factory reset while the router is upgrading can cause the router to become bricked.
  4. If you really want to use ports I'd suggest you look up the ports the game requires and enter them as destination, for source do 1024-65535 but ports are not needed. DumaOS Classified Games will prioritize it - disable it if using ports. What do you mean by tpc?
  5. DumaOS Classified Games will prioritize it automatically so there is no need to manually select ports!
  6. Great to hear that, thanks for the update! I close this topic now as it is resolved, feel free to start another if needed and we'll be happy to help.
  7. Nous y travaillons en ce moment, la mise à jour R2 arrivera probablement en premier, mais nous pourrons ensuite l'obtenir sur le R1
  8. That's very odd, when was the last time you performed a factory reset? Did you perform one after upgrading to the firmware you're on now?
  9. The latest beta firmware is .120 released earlier this year, we're working on the next one currently. It doesn't use any different QoS algorithms. If Congestion Control is set to never then Traffic Prioritization will still work, if you disable QoS completely from the Congestion Control menu then it will disable all the features on the QoS page
  10. I don't think that's enough really to be causing it, are you using Armor?
  11. I haven't heard anything, I've chased them and will get back to you
  12. Okay thanks, that would be helpful! On the applicable devices iOS/Windows can you disable Random/Private MAC addresses and see if they're able to keep a connection?
  13. Thanks for that, your IP does seem to be changing quite a lot from what I can see, at least once a day from what I can see, even went to IPv6 at one point. I've sent you a PM.
  14. Seremos capaces de solucionarlo, estoy seguro, todavía no hemos solucionado demasiados problemas.
  15. In theory I suppose that could cause RAM to be used up when using the Geo - how many entries are we talking?
  16. Thanks for that, on the Network Settings page, go to WAN > DHCP then just click apply at the bottom of the page, after that you should have a connection. It just needs to re-establish that connection and it will be fine, there isn't anything specifically preventing it, a reboot should even do it again, sometimes the order matters so connecting modem to router, rebooting the modem, waiting 2 minutes or however long it takes to boot, then rebooting the router. We don't do live support like that unfortunately and we're also based in the UK so will be back in 12 hours - reboots should fix it even if it takes a few tries - now you've rebooted from the interface after changing settings they will be preserved it you choose to unplug to reboot.
  17. Thanks for the detailed information. Is it possible the R2 lost power between turning the PC off and then on? If you go to the System Information page on the R2 does it show an IP address at all or is it
  18. As in you unplugged it during the setup wizard? What is the modem/router the R2 is connected to? Did you follow the Geo-Filter tour? - That goes through how you change your location on the map (click the icon above the polygon mode toggle then click on the map)
  19. I previously suggested you make a new topic for your issues, if you do that then we can help you. If that's what seems to work for you then great but I am 99% positive if everything is set up correctly you'll have a better experience with it on. Changing the QoS protocol is not a guarantee of connection quality.
  20. Hey, welcome to the forum! Have you been unplugging the router from power a lot since you received it? That would be why you're receiving some of these issues. Reboot the router from the interface, wait 2 minutes before you access it, then it should load correctly. Make your settings changes and then the next time you want to reboot it do it from the interface
  21. What issues are you having on PC compared to console? What settings on QoS and Geo are you using for PC?
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