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  1. I don't blame you for that, it's not a very good response, they should have provided more suggestions at the very least. Have you been able to try my adapter suggestion?
  2. It would be connected unless you were doing it when it wasn't, I want to see what information is shown for lease obtained/when it expires e.g.
  3. Could you remove the USB device from the router you're using before? I've seen previously that this can sometimes cause an issue.
  4. This was when the issue occurs correct? You've changed the LAN IP of the R1 to If you connect via ethernet when the issue occurs do you get the same result?
  5. Have you changed any settings in Advanced WiFi Settings? Are you using Smart Connect for WiFi?
  6. Just to clarify, have you done a factory reset? When the issue occurs do ipconfig in command prompt on a Windows PC and then post the results here please, as well as doing a ping to the LAN IP address of the router.
  7. Hey, welcome to the forum! Sorry to hear you're having this issue. As you've given your devices static/reserved IP addresses in LAN Settings could you disable the DHCP server please. If as I suspect it is DHCP related as would suggest by your logs then this should eliminate that issue completely. If it does work then you would have to give any new devices you want to connect a static IP on the device itself.
  8. Could you provide a screenshot of the System Information page on the XR500 and a screenshot of the connected devices page on the hub please? No not anything that I am aware of.
  9. I'm not sure what you mean, the hub doesn't show the XR WAN IP as a connected device?
  10. Do you experience this with any other wireless devices or just this one?
  11. Thanks for clarifying, I'll check to see if we're aware of PPPoE affecting UPnP functionality.
  12. He likely renamed it after comparing the WAN IP on the XR300 System Information page and comparing it with the connected devices IP on the hub.
  13. Sorry I should have been clearer, I meant the network as in the ISP network/game network due to what is going on at the moment they are throttling services/experiencing heavy load. Everything on your end is likely fine, I've experienced it myself when I haven't before.
  14. You're welcome! The way that Fortnite works is that it will only attempt to connect to the server once you're actually loading into a game so if it blocks a server you'll face a wait before it kicks you back to the lobby. Most people use Spectating Mode for Fortnite and watch the Geo-Filter to see what server they are put on, if it's a bad one they'll leave and research etc until they get the one they want - this can often be faster than waiting to be booted each time.
  15. I responded to your post here: I''ll close this topic so we can continue there if needed.
  16. There is a much higher ping from the XR to the modem than I would have expected, it should be minimal consistently. Could you connect the XR to the modem with a new (not a spare) ethernet cable and see if it makes any difference?
  17. I mean if you use another router to handle PPPoE with the XR connected to that so it isn't using PPPoE does UPnP still work? Plex is a Netgear feature so we don't maintain that - I have no reason to believe that it won't continue to be available.
  18. The bandwidth allocation option would be the best free way to do this without severely limiting all your other devices.
  19. That makes sense as it will be the time where the most packets are being sent/when it relies on a quick response and so if there is increased latency generally on the network as a whole this is when you would feel it the most vs when you're just running around.
  20. You will need to put the XR500 WAN IP (found in System Information) into the BT Hub DMZ in order to resolve the double NAT. DHCP is enabled by default, do not disable this as it will result in your devices being unable to connect to the router without assigning them each a static IP. I would recommend taking a look at our optimals settings guides and then if you have any further questions we'll be happy to help: http://support.netduma.com/en/support/solutions/folders/16000090646
  21. Connect the XR500 to the R700P then go through the Setup Wizard in Settings and see if you can get it to detect the connection that way.
  22. You've got some good advice here. I would always recommend using ethernet cables for gaming so either use the one you have or upgrade it to cat 6 so you can get your full speeds as well for when you download games/updates. Otherwise if you don't want to get a new cable then you could use 5GHz for downloading and it'll likely be faster.
  23. Hey, welcome to the forum! Have you tried with QoS on but just DumaOS Classified Games disabled as previously suggested? As that is most likely the QoS feature that would be affecting it.
  24. You could test it using the DMZ, by public networks they just mean connecting to WiFi at a coffee shop where many different people are connected to the same network. First try disabling QoS completely in Anti-Bufferbloats 3 line option menu and see if it allows it through then.
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