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  1. Hola, bienvenida(o) al foro! Solo para verificar, ¿te has registrado aquí primero? - Hello, welcome to the forum! Just to double check, have you signed up here first? https://netduma.com/r1-dumaos/
  2. Hey, welcome to the forum! It should be much more stable as well as allowing us to deliver targeted fixes/updates much quicker. That's also why we're doing a beta so we can get peoples feedback on any issues they may have.
  3. Il est plus probable que ce soient les ports qui sont défectueux, malheureusement.
  4. Are you checking the NAT status via the game? I'd suggest removing all the ports and switching NAT to Open in WAN Settings and you should have no problem.
  5. What are you trying to open ports for specifically/why is it needed? It's not a good idea to port forward 80 or 443. Also the external ports may not be the same as the internal ports which makes it tricky to get perfect.
  6. Something like this: https://uk.pcmag.com/cellular-modems-hotspots/92610/nighthawk-lte-mobile-hotspot-router-att It connects to a mobile network and has an ethernet port which would then allow you to plug the R1 into it.
  7. How exactly are you determining whether ports are opened? The UPnP has an issue where it doesn't show the ports all the time even when opening ports.
  8. Did anything on the network change or did you make any changes on the interfaces prior to the issue occurring? Did you try and use the DMZ for example on the hub but put in the XR LAN IP instead of WAN IP? Reboot the router first, wait for that to boot then reboot the modem. Sometimes they can be finicky about how they're booted.
  9. The hop results don't make sense, how is the 4th hop only 2.3 etc? I'd highly suggest you use PingPlotter to do this instead and ping a normal server/website and see what you get then.
  10. Would definitely suggest going through the optimal settings guides and then if you want to after that fine tune your percentages/Geo-Filter etc.
  11. Not heard of it before now, is it an extension of the Crytek Warface game? Do let us know how it performs with the Geo-Filter please when you get a chance!
  12. You can sign up for the beta here: http://www.netgearinnovation.com/dumaos-beta/index.html
  13. Esas configuraciones suenan bien siempre que eliminen cualquier congestión local. Pruebe con los puertos y díganos cómo le va. - Those settings sound good as long as it is eliminating any local congestion. Try with the ports and let us know how you get on.
  14. Yes you can leave those rules in, if you have an open NAT then no need to change anything.
  15. I'd suggest Spectating for the moment while we do some cloud updates and select the server in game and monitor the connection on the Geo-Filter.
  16. It's just a sign up so you'll be contacted when/if you have been selected to take part in the beta. Even if you don't get selected in the first round doesn't mean you won't be able to take part. The beta hasn't been released to testers yet.
  17. If you're using the Geo-Filter for the device with the app then the above still applies yes.
  18. I'd suggest going for the first option as it makes the network less open to the internet. DMZ only applies to one device so it wouldn't apply to everything/other games.
  19. It's likely a bot on the internet scanning for potential open networks. Put the Fritzbox in router mode, put the WAN IP of the XR router found in System Information into the fritzbox DMZ. Then DMZ on the XR will work correctly. You won't have a virus but hypothetically if there was one then yes it would clear it.
  20. That's right, opening ports is not the same as prioritizing them so input them into Traffic Prio. Disable DumaOS Classified Games and then nothing else is needed.
  21. Hey, welcome to the forum! Spectating Mode does no filtering at all so the radius/ping assist does nothing. You will connect to whatever server the game decides/the one chosen on Apex. Filtering Mode is where the radius/Ping assist applies.
  22. These are the ports required for MW PC: TCP: 3074,27014-27050 UDP: 3074,3478,4379-4380,27000-27031,27036
  23. You can disable automatic updates from the firmware update page in Settings if you want to prevent that happening. You are essentially opening a device up to the internet by placing in the DMZ but you are still protected so I wouldn't worry about that entry too much. What is your physical setup exactly?
  24. Sonne certainement que les ports sont défectueux dans ce cas, malheureusement. Depuis combien de temps avez-vous acheté le routeur? Si elle dure plus d'un an, vous serez hors garantie. - Definitely sounds like the ports are faulty in that case unfortunately. How long ago did you purchase the router? If it is longer than a year you'll be out of warranty.
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