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  1. Hacer esto: Salga de la aplicación / juego / cliente por completo Eliminar dispositivo del Geo-Filter Dar el tipo de dispositivo de PlayStation para PC en el Administrador de dispositivos Volver a sincronizar desde el menú Mapa de filtros geográficos Vuelva a agregar el dispositivo al Geo-Filter con la opción manual Configure el Geo-Filter como desee Espera 2 minutos Arrancar aplicación / juego / cliente
  2. Try this and see if it works: Quit the application/game/client completely Remove device from the Geo-Filter Give PC PlayStation Device Type in the Device Manager (if on PC) Resync from the Geo-Filter Map menu Re-add the device to the Geo-Filter with the manual option Set up the Geo-Filter how you like Wait 2 minutes Boot up application/game/client
  3. That's a good suggestion, I'll add it to our roadmap!
  4. Hey, welcome to the forum! When the issue first occurred was it after upgrading, unplugging, changing settings etc? A factory reset would be the first thing to try, hold the reset button for 30 seconds, release, wait 2 minutes then try to access. If you hold it for any less than that it will just reboot.
  5. Hey, welcome to the forum! It's a really fun game! I'll add it to the list for the team to look into, thanks for the suggestion!
  6. Brilliant, thank you for the information, can you get some more logs for us when you believe it's in that pre-crash state please?
  7. If you have a dynamic IP address then unplugging the ONT for 10 minutes may give you a new IP address. If it is static you'll need to connect BT.
  8. Envoyez un e-mail à [email protected] avec votre numéro de commande et un lien vers ce sujet et nous pourrons examiner un remplacement potentiel
  9. Denies you made today or ones previously made as well? Are they definitely denied in that auto ping brings it up with the name you previously gave it when denied? Ping Assist can allow a server if it the initial ping was under the value set, even if it increases afterwards. That being said, Auto Ping didn't show any rates at all, doesn't look like it went into the game fully, the ping panel also didn't stop when the host did - we you just searching for a game at this point? We are working on an update and it shouldn't be far off now.
  10. Si c'est fini mort maintenant à cause de l'alimentation, je ne suis pas sûr que nous puissions faire quoi que ce soit car nous ne vendons plus la R1
  11. You said you factory reset in the past but did you do so after the update? If not then please do this as it clears low level code from the previous version and will prevent issues. What is the modem/router the R1 is connected to? In DHCP settings set the lease time to 168 hours, then reboot from the interface wait 2 minutes before accessing and see if it is more stable after that.
  12. The speed test you're referring to do you mean Connection Benchmark or the bandwidth speed test on the QoS page? I imagine you may be accessing using routerlogin.net instead of the IP address, if you use the IP address does it stay up properly? Are all devices directly connected to the router or are they going through a switch or AP for example?
  13. Hey, welcome to the forum! No it's not down, this can happen from time to time. Reboot the router from the interface, wait 2 minutes so everything has a chance to load correctly, then access the router and it should be working.
  14. Quand est-ce arrivé? Avez-vous essayé de réinitialiser ou de débrancher pendant la mise à jour ? Débranchez le routeur pendant 10 minutes, branchez-le, attendez 2 minutes et voyez s'il fait la même chose/si vous pouvez y accéder.
  15. I think it is a misreading unless you have missed a required port. You are on a very old version so updating could help potentially: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8z4kcynmo3glplp/DumaOS-R1-3.0.207.sig?dl=0 recommended you factory reset once the upgrade is complete
  16. Connectez-vous via WiFi pour effectuer la mise à jour, attendez 5 minutes pour qu'elle se termine, puis effectuez une réinitialisation d'usine, attendez 2 minutes, connectez-vous à l'interface, terminez l'assistant et voyez si cela fonctionne après cela
  17. En el archivo de configuración VPN que está utilizando es una dirección IP, copie esa IP y luego vaya a la configuración en el enrutador y pegue esa IP en DNS, aplique y luego vea si funciona.
  18. Configure la IP de VPN como el DNS del enrutador y luego vea si funciona, por favor
  19. Not everyone has the issue, of course looking at a support forum you will see it a lot and that's the thing, it hasn't been a basic thing to rectify at all. In fact I believe it's taken one of our developers about 6 months working very closely with a user to find the issue and rectify it so yes it is/will be fixed and will be coming to the next version. I do appreciate it is inconvenient but rest assured we've been hard at work to resolve it.
  20. You can see the tweet chain about it here:
  21. ¿Dónde está comprobando la ubicación / IP pública en la consola? ¿Utilizas el navegador web o la ubicación en el juego?
  22. That's great that it helped, I'd suggest giving devices static/reserved IPs outside the DHCP range, change the range if needed to start at .50 and give devices IPs between .2 and .49 and then it might stay online
  23. Share Excess is enabled by default, if the device doesn't use all its allocation it can give bandwidth to other devices that need it. It's recommended to keep that option enabled. Gaming doesn't use much bandwidth either.
  24. Ha optimizado bien la QoS, por lo que su conexión es muy buena y estable. Puede cambiar la regla de Priorización de tráfico y seleccionar Aplicar a WAN, esto puede brindarle un beneficio adicional. Aparte de eso, sugeriría forzar diferentes servidores incluso si tienen un ping ligeramente más alto, ya que pueden funcionar mejor para usted.
  25. It will take you longer to get games when trying to force servers further away, it is unlikely to get you a game against less skilled players also, we recommend forcing the closest server for the best connection.
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