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  1. Have you disabled good put by any chance? Is there any difference between wired/wireless devices? Are you on the .29 firmware? Have you put your expected speeds in Bandwidth settings? Have you used whole figures or have you used decimals, if decimals remove those. Reset Device Prioritization and reset as well. Have you tested after a reboot or reset?
  2. Thanks for clarifying. Have you added any manual rules to Traffic Prio? If so remove them and re-test, if not disable Classified Games and re-test as well.
  3. You should put the XR700 in the DMZ of your hub/box if box doesn't have modem mode. You don't need to put console into XR700 DMZ if you have an open NAT already.
  4. Are you using the VPN Hybrid or the VPN Service in the Netgear Settings? Is this config on the phone itself?
  5. That's unfortunate, it's possible. Lets keep that on the back burner as a potential reason for now while we investigate other suggestions. When you're doing these tests are any other devices/applications/services being used? If so does stopping this make any difference to the test? Are you using speedtest.net to test or another site?
  6. Sorry to hear that, totally understand you don't want to miss the return window. Hopefully the cause of this will be discovered, I hope you continue to follow what we're up to and maybe consider us again in the future.
  7. They've changed the way party leader works then, unfortunately there isn't anything we can do about that. It may just be because it is an older game and so the population is smaller so they just want to make it easy as possible to get into games.
  8. Interesting because your first post was from an IPv6 based address - Is it enabled on your ISP hub? If so could you turn it off or enable 6to4 tunnel on the hub and see if that performs better please.
  9. Hey, welcome to the forum! Are you using the exact same settings as before? Could you provide a screenshot of the entire Geo-Filter page please when you get this server outside of your radius? Please make sure the map is zoomed out for the screenshot.
  10. Ahh I see, could you use TUN instead of TAP please and see if that resolves the issue. iOS doesn't seem to support TAP Protocols.
  11. Unless I've misunderstood I think that is fine as a tunnel has been created, are you having an issue of the VPN not changing your public IP address?
  12. Disabling DHCP and setting Static IPs isn't viable/doesn't work either correct? Do you have a spare router by any chance that you could use in AP mode behind the XR500 and connect devices to those and see if that stops the issues? That way you could still use the XR500 features and have no disconnects.
  13. Beta is such a popular term nowadays that its' true meaning has been lost. Take for example the MW Beta, it isn't really a beta because the game is being launched next month, I'd say it's more like a demo and test for things that can be changed quickly such as gametypes, weapon characteristics etc. Betas are usually semi early versions of software etc that is being tested and there is usually much longer than a month between the end of a beta and a release. Of course it can vary from company to company, beta is just a very marketable term these days that gets people excited. Beta vs demo I know what sounds better to me.
  14. Could you provide the config file you're using please so we can take a look?
  15. When you go to play a game is the game client e.g. Steam/Origin etc already loaded on the PC or do you start it fresh every time? Start it fresh if you can before playing and see if that has an impact.
  16. I assume it may be that they've changed it in that when there are other players in your lobby that it does not rely on what the host can connect to. When they disconnect I assume they get put into a game and you don't?
  17. Does it still work in this scenario? We'll continue to investigate but I can't think of anything else to possibly suggest at the moment.
  18. Could you disable the WiFi, reboot then enable the WiFi and reboot again please and see if that helps.
  19. Disabling SIP ALG can help with some chat applications so it's possible it helps in this situation
  20. Is there any difference if you access using routerlogin.net or the LAN IP? Are you able to do a factory reset through the interface? If not, when you reset using the button did you hold it for 30 seconds? If you didn't then the router would have just rebooted so try resetting again.
  21. Are you saying the mobile gets that IP or that is the gateway IP it shows?
  22. Could you disable IPv6 please and see if that resolves it.
  23. Hey, welcome to the forum! I can't speak for lilukas but I imagine it's PS4 as there seem to be more sports players on PS than Xbox.
  24. Thanks for the update, frustrating that it's not working but hopefully they can help. Do let us know what happens.
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