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  1. Okay good so keep that and then use the Geo-Filter as well - use Ping Heatmap if needed to locate where the best servers are and then adjust the Geo-Filter to catch them.
  2. Using the program on your PC just limits you to using the VPN on that device. It also means it applies to the entire device. HybridVPN allows you to apply the VPN to any connected device and also allows you to specify what the VPN applies to, an application, service, ports etc so it's much more powerful in that way.
  3. Hold the reset button for 30 seconds, then wait 2 minutes before accessing the interface, then use those credentials
  4. You probably don't need to enable Congestion Control with your speeds but I think that having Traffic Prioritization enabled would still benefit you by putting it front and center above everything else. Use Normal for wired or Gaming/Voice if it's over WiFi and enable Apply to WAN as if your ISP supports priority tags you could see more performance. Other than that then using the Geo-Filter will be beneficial to get you the lowest ping servers possible.
  5. Ping Heatmap shows it around Dallas but it could be mislocated on the Geo-Filter perhaps, put your location in the ocean then boot up the game and look at the map, it should show all the servers and then you can make your settings based on that
  6. Yes that's all you would need to do, no you can leave MAC cloning as it is
  7. We did release one in November so you may or may not have been here for that: https://forum.netduma.com/topic/38047-new-r2-firmware-30394/
  8. You'll need to add them to your allow list, you can see how to do this at the bottom of this guide: http://support.netduma.com/en/support/solutions/articles/16000077072-dumaos-optimal-settings-guide-geo-filter
  9. ¡Hola bienvenido al foro! Inicie un nuevo tema y háganos saber lo que está viendo cuando intenta acceder.
  10. Glad to hear it's working, hopefully it will stay that way but do keep us posted.
  11. Ahh good so try and force that server, it's just a visual bug on the Geo-Filter Map, we can correct that
  12. Exactly as above, it's enabled by default so if you could try connecting them to 2.4/5GHz specifically and see if they get the same issue
  13. That is likely mislocated and actually located elsewhere, it could even be the Italy server, what ping do you get to it?
  14. Okay so they're around the same really, what are your QoS settings?
  15. Ahh glad to hear the cause may have been found, do keep us updated on what happens!
  16. Okay so you could put that into bridge mode yes. What do you mean medium? There aren't any QoS options like that. Where are you measuring the higher latency and what was it and what is it now?
  17. Try the connection to the game then when it fails immediately get the logs from the System Information page and post it here please, hopefully there will be a clue there.
  18. Are you using iOS 15? Are you using Mirror mode for the WiFi on the R2?
  19. Any fixes/optimizations that can't be done via the cloud would require another firmware version and .58 is the latest currently but shouldn't be too much longer for another version.
  20. What is the modem model? If it is a pure modem it won't have bridge mode and wouldn't be needed. What are your QoS settings set to currently? Where are you measuring the higher latency and what was it and what is it now?
  21. Your radius isn't covering Italy so you would need to cover it to have a chance at connecting to the server. It's also important to note that servers may not always be available and may come online during peak times etc.
  22. I slowed the video down too, its easier to see when you play it at 0.25x speed. There are definitely some shots that miss, at the very least the first 2, in game it feels different because it happens so quickly, it's only when slowed down that you can see how much sway the gun actually has and that's not really a lag issue. I'm in no way doubting your skills as a player, just advising based on what I can see. Do try the suggestions from my previous post: https://forum.netduma.com/topic/38492-shoot-first-die-first-since-3-cods-now/?do=findComment&comment=331447
  23. We can move the servers, if you can give us the IPs/IDs we can move them in the next cloud update
  24. Interesting, not sure why UPnP disabled would actually be causing you to get higher speeds, we usually recommend it be enabled. Glad it has helped but if you do get any odd issues it may be due to that being disabled, keep us posted!
  25. Could you disable your port forwarding rules and see if it works then please. Also have you disabled Share Excess on Bandwidth Allocation?
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