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  1. Same problem here since last week, I've reset several times with the reset button but nothing just appear a loading wheel , I've turned off and I will try tomorrow, clear cookies etc. . Also try with 3 different laptops
  2. It´s OK now, clean cookies again but now I've signed out from the Chrome, thank you for the help
  3. Firmware / DumaOs 1.3.29, rare to hapen , usually after rebooting or factory reset stays OK
  4. Same here since yesterday, factory reset , clean cache and nothing , Google Chrome
  5. Good morning to all, I received my firmware email yesterday and everything run flawless with the upgrade and with the settings, I've made some experiences like change the details , factory reset and was Ok, I notest a little difference on the speed tests ( I have 200 Down and 20 Up ) but I thing was the congestion time and, early morning today was better , goog games on WW2 and Bops4 . Thank you Duma Team
  6. You need to upgrade from the R1 page , go to upgrade and select the downloaded file... still waiting for the email
  7. Same here in Portugal, early morning even with the geo filter off I don't find any games tdm/dom
  8. Like this , waiting with patience, keep calm and enjoy the R1
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