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  1. Been a long time since I've been able to log into the forum but finally allowed me to log in for the first time in about a year I'd guess. Just want to see what's up and make sure I'm running the latest and greatest on my xr500? Looks like we have some big updates in the pipeline and looks awesome!
  2. @Od1n we still don't have that on xr500? didn't know that thought it was baked into duma os
  3. I updated to my xr500 the other day and just noticed that I have a red light on ethernet 1 now, not sure why that is. Has anyone had this issue?
  4. Fraser I'd like to test, I use to use the hybrid vpn on the R1, but have Duma OS on the R1 and Netgear right now. I use PIA
  5. If that is a problem perhaps you could click on your device through the device manager tab and see the network activity for that device. Not sure if that's difficult but it could be helpful for renaming/ properly naming devices.
  6. Just was thinking of something I think could be really helpful in the future. It would be great if from the network monitor you could rename devices, sometimes I mis label a device and look through the network monitor to see what is currently most active so that I can rename it, but it would be great if I could do that straight from the network monitor tab rather than having to go back to device manager.
  7. Fraser is this the one click vpn being tested or something else?
  8. Hi Iain, It's so cool to finally see DumaOS in action, it has lived up to my expectations thus far, and honestly exceeded them in terms of ease of use. Certainly has came a long way since I first got the R1 in December 2014! As far as the PPPoe I did a factory reset and everything went through ok the second time, not sure why. But I'll DM you on twitter for my email in case you want to CC me. It might have been an add block issue, this time around I disabled it.
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