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  1. I updated to my xr500 the other day and just noticed that I have a red light on ethernet 1 now, not sure why that is. Has anyone had this issue?
  2. Fraser I'd like to test, I use to use the hybrid vpn on the R1, but have Duma OS on the R1 and Netgear right now. I use PIA
  3. If that is a problem perhaps you could click on your device through the device manager tab and see the network activity for that device. Not sure if that's difficult but it could be helpful for renaming/ properly naming devices.
  4. Just was thinking of something I think could be really helpful in the future. It would be great if from the network monitor you could rename devices, sometimes I mis label a device and look through the network monitor to see what is currently most active so that I can rename it, but it would be great if I could do that straight from the network monitor tab rather than having to go back to device manager.
  5. Fraser is this the one click vpn being tested or something else?
  6. Hi Iain, It's so cool to finally see DumaOS in action, it has lived up to my expectations thus far, and honestly exceeded them in terms of ease of use. Certainly has came a long way since I first got the R1 in December 2014! As far as the PPPoe I did a factory reset and everything went through ok the second time, not sure why. But I'll DM you on twitter for my email in case you want to CC me. It might have been an add block issue, this time around I disabled it.
  7. Hi guys, I'm absolutely loving Duma OS. That said I did / do have a few issues. -I had a really hard time setting up, it took about 20 minutes. It got stuck trying to detect my internet type (PPPoe), and then it got stuck once I entered in my isp username and password. I think you may have already addressed this with the current firmware but just wanted to let you know. -In the geofilter you can see all of the ip addresses you connect to, is that an issue? I thought on the r1 the ip's were masked intentionally because of potential abuse. -When I pin the ping from the geofilter to my dashboard, it doesn't seem to ever update the host information. So even if the host changes from game to game, it doesn't update on the dashboard. It does update on the geo-filter page though. Few other things that I hope get added in the future and some of which I've seen mentioned on a few other threads... - One click VPN and more VPN support - Ping assist - Hopefully once it's ready to be released anti jitter and anti spike! - Share excess button added in case I'm not feeling very sharing Can't think of anything else right now, but I'll add more if I think of them. Favorite features so far... - Everything is so clean and easy to use. It's honestly amazing. - Dashboard is awesome - Love how everything auto apply's and remembers your settings - Automatically prioritizing game traffic - Network monitoring is exactly what I requeseted for the r1 a few years back! Honestly I could go on and on! Here's how I have my dashboard setup, simple but it's got what I need!
  8. This game is just not meant for rushing. Primary issues holding this game back imo... Connection (the worst for me since mw3) Create a Class (should have stuck with pick 10) The guns don't feel right (unless its one of the rifles or sniper rifles) Sprint out time is to slow (should match ads time and should stack with quickdraw) To much flinch Other lesser issues Maps (all of them are average at best, also F*ck Gustav Cannon) The menu system (everything is harder and takes longer than it use to thanks to headquarters) Supply drops (the biggest cancer in cod history, but hasn't affected gameplay in this cod yet) Hard to notice map voting (can't skip Gustav) Killstreaks suck imo (I don't even bother with higher killstreaks any more) Needs unlimited sprint or longer sprint than what is currently in the game Screen shake from friendly explosives (makes it impossible to see what your shooting) There are more, but this is all I've got off the top of my head
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