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  1. loving the new interface, super intuitive. Haven't messed around with router settings basically in years and it took me all of 30 seconds to understand everything. One suggestion I have that is unrelated to R2 itself but more so the in regards Netduma as an ecosystem. I think it would be nice if you have a list of supported/suggested mesh wifi systems or access points. The reason why I mentioned this is that every router I've owned just doesn't run very well as an access point for some reason. I don't know why but just turned xr500 to access point mode and the upload and downloads are just bad now, and this isn't just the xr500 I also have an Asus RT ac87r that performs just as poorly when in access point mode. In a perfect world I would like a duma os mesh wifi system available for purchase but I know it might not be something you guys want to get into. Again great work on R2 and Dumas OS, it's looking great! I'll leave more feedback as I discover any potential issues.
  2. I thought it was good especially for people that aren't familiar with what's going on and also the setup wizard helps a lot too! The less information on the user guide the better for me just enough to get me logged in and check things out and let the wizard do the rest imo. But I am familiar with router interfaces so I might be out of the ordinary. Maybe a little of both, the first page is the quick setup guide and the other pages explain each feature.
  3. @Netduma Fraser seems to be every webpage that has adds, the more adds the slower it loads. At least that what it seems like to me
  4. Just got the R2 and love it thus far, super user friendly. It's amazing how far it's come since the early days of R1! One thing I've noticed though is if I turn addblocker on that webpages load very slowly, the moment I turn it off everything loads up fast again. Just wanted to let you guys know, not sure if anything can be done about this?
  5. @Netduma Fraser I was able to login tonight after selecting which router I was using.
  6. When I try to login in also tells me could not reach server. I'm using iphone 10s not sure what i'm doing wrong if anything
  7. hey guys do you mind sending me a link for the beta too? the one i've seen posted doesn't seem to work
  8. Been a long time since I've been able to log into the forum but finally allowed me to log in for the first time in about a year I'd guess. Just want to see what's up and make sure I'm running the latest and greatest on my xr500? Looks like we have some big updates in the pipeline and looks awesome!
  9. @Od1n we still don't have that on xr500? didn't know that thought it was baked into duma os
  10. I updated to my xr500 the other day and just noticed that I have a red light on ethernet 1 now, not sure why that is. Has anyone had this issue?
  11. Fraser I'd like to test, I use to use the hybrid vpn on the R1, but have Duma OS on the R1 and Netgear right now. I use PIA
  12. If that is a problem perhaps you could click on your device through the device manager tab and see the network activity for that device. Not sure if that's difficult but it could be helpful for renaming/ properly naming devices.
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