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  1. Here is one in Cold War 11ms ping in Netherlands: aa2d733eca49474c
  2. Here is another in EU: Host Type Peer ID 2a604510fdc9191e Domain Name 96-30-201-16.choopa.net
  3. This one says its's in Europe: Host Type Dedicated ID ef2db27dca8e1b20 Domain Name
  4. Yo he tenido módems con el Puma 6 y te puedo confirmar que causan problemas. Me he desecho de ellos. Mi ISP han intentado trabajar con Arris / Motorola pero eso hace tiempo atrás que intentaron arreglarlo pero no se si han podido ya que no uso o tengo esos Módems.
  5. Oh that’s right. Not really but it pops up when I search for a game. But instead of the UK Authentication server popping up this one has been seen lately.
  6. Has anyone noticed this server in the US now? Have you seen a difference in gameplay? I wonder when they decided to use it? Dedicated ID ccb9b580566b1d22 Domain Name stun.us.demonware.net. I play mostly HC and I have added it to my list of servers. The game seems more of a stable connection but SBMM is still there.
  7. Facts BD and all of that just is to frustrate people and give them one or two good games then a couple of bad games to make you want to play more. Hope you and the family are well amigo.
  8. Ask all the questions you want my friend. Yes leave UPNP enabled. It’s the best way to get an Open NAT.
  9. That is great news! Stick with that if it is working. If you already have an Open NAT in game you do not need to port forward these ports.
  10. You can try it in Warzone. It’s whatever makes the game play better for you. Cold War is not consistent and I have used other ports in TP and honestly this game is broken.
  11. Have you rebooted your router? For me sometimes a reboot is all it needs, sometimes. But it could be the game too.
  12. Puedes subir un screenshot de la pagina de QOS que muestra tus settings por favor?
  13. QOS does not affect the speed test like DSL reports, only Ping Test and Ping Underload.
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