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  1. BO4 and the Treyarch Devs are to blame for the bad gameplay. I deleted the game and am playing BO3. This game plays waaaaay better than BO4. DumaOS works just the game devs who are lazy.
  2. Alex49H

    People connecting outside my radius

    That's the result of Ping Assist set at 15 and enabling Fast Search.
  3. Yeah that is a good question. I have a Motorola MB8600.
  4. No worries, I will figure it out somehow or just return the module.
  5. I did but it didn't work.
  6. It didn't work for some reason. I got this message: Error cable isn't connected
  7. I couldn’t get it to work. Do I plug it into the SFP port of the router?
  8. Ok so reboot both modem and router. Thanks.
  9. You just inserted the adapter and in the XR700 what setting did you change?
  10. Alex49H

    Modem question??

    I have the 7610, but I thought it could handle up to 343 mbps down. I'd stick to that.
  11. Alex49H

    Cod bo4 lag

    The lag that I have noticed is Activision putting people from around the world onto my local server in Los Angeles. Today I played against a team of Brazilians. Obrigado Activision and Treyarch.
  12. Alex49H

    UPnP on/off?

    I think they know about this one. It's on the bug list to get fixed.
  13. Alex49H

    unplugged the duma r1 for black ops 4

    I've notice it drop for me. With the R1 it shows anywhere from 3700 - 3900. If I reboot the game (BO4), 1730. With previous games like WW2 and BO3 it would show 4100 to 4300.
  14. Alex49H

    I cant find any lobbies and if I do its P2P help...

    Treyarch and Activision are up to no good. Trying to keep the Casual Gamer down.
  15. Alex49H

    I cant find any lobbies and if I do its P2P help...

    This is an Activision / Treyarch issue. I am in the same boat.