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  1. If you have an Open NAT with UPNP that is all you need. 👍🏼
  2. Not yet. Still waiting patiently. 👍🏼
  3. Alex49H


    I used that program Benchmark to find the fastest DNS servers closest to me but only use them in my router. Doesn’t make gaming any better putting them in the console, just like Wrath says it will add lag or make it worse. Those vids on YT, don’t believe everything people say or publish.
  4. Yeah I’ve played with NAT type Moderate and it is a nightmare. But YMMV.
  5. MTU doesn’t work (Changing mtu value) and can cause more problems. It’s a myth. Just saying but that is up to you. 😁
  6. No sir, it does not affect or improve gaming or ping. It can cause problems though.
  7. Maybe it's a mislocated server or Putin is a BO4 player.
  8. Ah ok. Xbox or PS4? I’m on PS4 and my GT is C1SCO_K1D_Rocks
  9. Me too. Do you live in So Cal @Burtchnasty?
  10. Hey MOD what is this for?
  11. That could be Activisions servers or a mislocated server.
  12. I think auto detect works for me.
  13. I am a bit late but welcome!
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