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  1. Spoczywaj w spokoju dobry kolego, niech po tamtej stronie będzie ci lepeij niż po tej.
  2. Thanks Buddy... Long time no see.... How are things with you?
  3. Grate new.. Congratulations buddy. Keep on grate work.....unconditional lov...
  4. no worries buddy i am not the rageing mod. Heheh thanks buddy.
  5. Thank you Major sounds like a rank does in it?
  6. Again thank you guys for those kind words... One lov.
  7. Again guys I would love to thank all of you each face to face for those kind words i received in this thread. Unfortunetly thats not possible. But again thank all of you these has been a bright point in this crazy day i had today. If i missed somebody then I am really sorry Again Thank you #DUMAARMY
  8. I absolutely love your Profile picture Thats the beauty about these ARMY not like any other ARMY here everyone is a CAPT and General as we stand equally
  9. Now this was a very nice surprise on a stressful day at work. Be cerfule because the Polish M.O.B is on his way. LOL just kidding guys that really appreciated for the bottom of my dark self. One thing i wanna add its that the DUMAARMY Logo its a joined effort of mine and our DUMA member http://forum.netduma.com/user/2701-quickfaith/
  10. Congrats to the mod max team
  11. For me it was no. 4 those eyes.....
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