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Found mislocated servers? Let us know here!

Netduma Alex

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Ever connected to a server that the Geo-Filter says is thousands of miles away, but the ping is only 15ms? Well, that server is probably mislocated!

We do frequent updates to the Geo-Filter cloud which contain the latest information about server locations, but sometimes a few servers might be missed.

If you find a server which seems suspiciously out of place, you can submit the information into the form below. We'll figure out where the server is supposed to be, and we'll move it in the next update!

Thanks so much for helping to make the Geo-Filter as accurate as possible!

UPDATE: I have removed the restrictions on the Server ID field, DumaOS 4 customers can now submit server mislocations.


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  • 2 weeks later...

What's up Alex !!! Hope ya doin good !!! I passed a lot of hours since Friday testing the cloud and found mislocated dedis but also other things !!! 

First i have a huge question... Have you done something on the cloud on Friday ??? 

I ask because i started recording my vid on how to everything and i found out that some magic happened in the day aka the dedis tickrate were always stables at higher than 120hz without having to do my stabilisation trick !!! I was amazed !!! I rebooted my xr500 8 times in a row...getting 8 different ips and same exact stability on every dedis !!! I then stopped the recording and enjoyed a bit more power than usual aka it was a bit more powerful vs when i have to Stabilise it !!! I tried while tv was comunicating on the 5ghz and pc was streaming and downloading simultaneously...2 ps4 hooked and playing simultaneously... on more than 30 different dedis and always stable at 120hz and up !!! The dream stopped on Sunday so some changes happened again on Sunday !!! 


So i found out that you can put or remove a location from your map !!! There is new locations but on your map they all mislocated and they can't appear at proper location until you add them on your map !!! The best example is the new MW location aka in Providence,Us !!! It is located at around 385km from Montreal,Qc so it's between Montreal and New Jersey !!! 

I found 4 different batch in that new location and only one dedis of the four batch appear at New Jersey location !!! It's not the proper physical location as like i explained its between Montreal and New Jersey so it should appear alone between them and not at New Jersey... but at least i can connect to it once in a while !!! All the others Providence,Us dedis appear at the only Australia location but they don't always show in Filtering !!! I had to put in spectating to ping and search all of them !!! (Ps: i just saw a post where you also see it on the guy pictures he posted...you see he is hooked on New Jersey dedis...you see his two teamates on the left of NJ....and on the right side of the map you see the Providence,Us dedis showing at exact Australia location !!!)

Second thing... its really rare but i happened to see an Ontario Canada dedis poppin... i successfully ping it this morning and took screenshots of it... it's a London,UK dedis showing in Ontario,Ca extremely rare but i knew i wasn't that much insane 😂😂😂 !!! 

Third thing... i happened to test all 6 dedis locations for NFS Heat !!! First i'm convinced that there is locations missing like Canadian dedis !!! Second thing is.... your cloud so break our experience with that game but also the game itself is breaking itself !!! The game itself is because even without geo filter it doesn't manage online properly aka it try to put you in faaaaar away dedis instead of the closest one !!! Also they only use shitty amazonaws dedis and they are so unstable !!! I almost forgot...their shitty dedis only run at max 45hz !!! Not only that...they don't do like everybody else aka getting a batch of dedis at each locations (giving the same begin and ending ids also as the same first3batch of ip adresses...confirming the same physical location of thoses dedis) nope instead they stupidly have over 20 exact same physical location dedis with different ids and ips !!!

 The cloud is... it won't put you on Allowed dedis aka i passed 4 consecutives hours just restarting the game and pinging dedis allowing and denying ect because the online experience is horrible !!! Well even after Allowing over 20 different same location dedis... the cloud won't show them anymore and won't make you play on them !!! It still try to put me on Brazil(144ms) or Portland,Us(85ms) instead of the closest NA East dedis located in Virginia,Us(21ms) and even if i Allowed over 20 different dedis and confirmed all of them real world locations !!! 

I found out that NFS Heat use...this part is complex to explain... 2 different batch of dedis... first batch is to locate the player and second batch are for playing online !!! At first it doesnt look like a problem right ??? Ah ah ah check this... only on the first batch aka when you start and enter the game... manual ping the locations... i ping Brazil at 8ms and 16ms... well if i select online multiplayer it will then put me on Second batch of dedis aka the playable dedis...the same Brazil dedis ping at.... 144ms... all of them for playing but not the first batch aka the detection ones !!! Same on 6 locations !!! So that's why it try to put me on Brazil dedis to race because it thinks that all Brazil dedis would ping the same as the detection dedis...but it's not the case !!! 

Same thing on NFS than on COD MW.... the Allowed dedis never pop or extremely rare !!! It mostly takes a couple of game restarts to be able to play...why that...because even if you Allowed over 20 dedis with decent pings... even if they in your radius... the games don't see them like they should so we rarely play on the Allowed dedis !!!


I also found weird other things...

Like some dedis showing up only once in a while !!! On every games !!! Like i said i saw Ontario couple of times but never succeeded in gettin it...until this mornin...but...right after i saw it (already after so many game restarts) i had to restart MW 9 times in a row to finaly see it again !!! This is the London,UK showin in Ontario... and i found out why it's detected in Ontario,Ca... your cloud use a not good and up to date database of geolocations !!! As you'll see on one of the pics i'll add here...not long ago it was an ip in Ontario but now is in London,Uk !!! I found a lot of dedis not showing on proper locations and being wrongly detected by not updated databases !!! Some dedis are hard to find sometimes because if you only have one of the same batch then you can't confirm it's location....but when you have more than 3 same location dedis with same begin and ending of ids and same first 3batch of ips...then you can confirm their locations also as which databases seems to be the more accurate !!! Sadly none of the databases are perfectly accurate so there always will be wrong located dedis...but if you use the databases that are more often accurate than others...then the cloud will be way less messed up !!! 

As i've mentionned so many time (first and only exception to date for me is NFS Heat with shitty amazon dedis) all same location dedis should have the same 4 first digits and same 4 last digits !!! They also all have the same first 3 batch of ip adresses...only the 4th batch of ips change...yes like a router only change the last batch of ip of every hooked devices !!! That's really the optimal way of finding same location dedis and where they really supposed to be located on the map !!! I do that on a daily basis since 4 years now and still work the same as today !!!

Take a deep look at my pics.... i took like 9 consecutives hours in the night of Friday to Saturday just to clean find fix locate ect every dedis for both MW and NFS Heat !!! Also after i took all pics i refreshed the page and everthing is messed up aka nothing stays like i putted them aka dedis don't stay in numeric order or alphanumeric order...there is no understandable logic in how it work...but lucky you i found that a while ago so i managed to screenshots all batch of dedis before it messed up 😎😉 !!! 

As you will see... every same location COD dedis have the exact infos i told aka first 4 and last same digits and first 3 batch of ips !!! Also as you'll see... and its another reason why i can confirmed that someone have really removed some locations from the map... Plus it's also the reason why i don't accept the idea that COD have removed Canadian dedis and know it's netduma cloud related... Montreal,Qc COD WW2 have  3 dedis and they still runs !!! So nobody can tell me that they would let Montreal dedis run on 2years old WW2 while they removed them from BO4 and MW only !!! That doesn't make any sens as they would still pay for these dedis running a dead game instead of using them on the latest game they made !!! Anyways you will see that they still runs and all have same infos over 2 years later !!! So that also confirm that they have been removed only in netduma's cloud and why we now have Montreal people showing in water (by the way its not under south africa...its directly on the Equator line in the water on the left of South Africa) or home location set in Montreal moving away like there is no Montreal anymore !!! At least without getting again in the details... in past like in WW2 betas or BO4 betas we were able to play on new dedis for the new game but also on previous CODs dedis... so is that feasible again ??? Like can you at least take the 3 available Montreal,Qc COD dedis and make them available to play on MW ??? 


I found a lot of unpignabled dedis on the map...in USA and UK mostly but everywhere on the map !!! Like you can select it and wait for an hour and it will still never ping...select another one and it takes less than 9seconds to ping (as long as still active) !!! So you should do like i did and simply start MW and trying to ping them all...ya'll find the not pinging ones easily !!! 

I happened in last 3 days to find a lot of uk dedis everywhere on the map !!! And of course they don't always show up sadly !!! Exactly like the new batch of COD dedis located in Providence,Us with 99% of them showing in Australia location when in spectating mode !!! 

So normaly if you simply find all dedis with same 4 first and last id digits and starting with same first 3 batch of ips...they will all ping the same and from there you can search where they really go !!! That's what i did so start with that it will ease up things and ya'll find the way to put the majority to their proper locations !!! Because when you confirm the ids and ips... i think you then only have to tell your cloud where they go on the map and add new physical locations if needed like now in MW with new physical dedis location in Providence,Us !!!

You already know but... i'm in Longueuil,Qc aka south side of Montreal,Qc

Base ping... 7ms

Always COD or NFS !!!

I ping: Montreal 7-8ms

New Jersey 18-21ms

Portland 85ms

Brazil 144ms

UK 105-120ms

New Providence,Us dedis at 15-16ms (all of them aka the only one of the 3rd batch showing in New Jersey and all others showing in Australia)

Australia South Korea ect +165ms

Rest of settings really dont matter as i've tested with every settings to confirm things !!! By the way i still confirm that ping assist don't work !!! And since Sunday i have better gaming sessions when share excesses are enabled vs before Sunday.... BUTT 😂.... still play more flawlessly while both share excess are disabled !!!

Keep up the good work Alex !!! Yes you can !!! 👽🍻























































































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Oh and A2AD....C2C7 with ip 173.199.65.some is Montreal,Qc while

A4AD....C2C7 with ip 173.199.67.some is London,Uk 

So as you can see they almost look identical but are 2 different continent !!!

Ok enough 😛... and sorry again for having to put that much infos... at least you can see that someone not getting paid is putting that much hours and efforts to sort out the cloud stuff for ya !!! 👽🍻

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  • Administrators

I'll let Alex respond to this properly tomorrow as he is working on the cloud. Appreciate the effort you've gone into! I don't think Alex did a cloud update on Friday but he'll be able to confirm. I know some of your screenshots are showing different things but for the mislocated ones could you use the form please? We've tried going off screenshots before and it adds a lot of time just trying to digest all the information and make it usable. I think it would also be best if you could zip up your photos in future as it makes the topic really long and hard to tell where you are when going down the pictures.

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Yeah actually I did do a cloud update on Thursday.

My current plan is to try and do at least one cloud update every week.

Thanks for the post DMC... I haven't read the whole thing yet but i'll do it in a bit! I'll finish the rest of my forum posts first.

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  • 1 month later...

I don´t know if this is the right topic to post this. Admins, feel free to correct me if doesn´t.

A couple of days ago I was trying to force a game in USA (I'm from Spain) wich servers gives me no less than 120ms ping. But when I try, aside that it takes a live to find a game, the times it does, it connect me to peers located in USA with 40-45ms ping, and once in game, most of players had European country flags on their tag, so I wasn't playing in the USA.

I also noticed that the further I try to force a game server, the longer it takes to find a lobby. seems that this game only wants me to play in Spanish and Brtitih lobbyes, wich are the worst for me.

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Most likely you weren't connected to the USA with that ping.


The game itself can also refuse you of the server and give you peer hosts instead if it deems your ping to USA is too high.

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  • Administrators

That's definitely a mislocated server, if you could put the details in the form in this topic that would be helpful. Possibly the above but if you've got that mislocated server showing in the US then the game still thinks you're in Europe so will block you from the US games so try forcing where that server isn't and you may find a game faster. Also would suggest you try forcing the East Coast.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I dont know what has changed in the last cloud update but I used my geo-filter yesterday (because I was playing last weeks almost always on spectating mode) but I noticed after going to filtering mode I couldn't go online on MW it couldn't connect to the authentication server in Ireland (it came up as a triangle) I never had that before, i had to add it to my allow list so i could play MW.

Please dont mess up the whitelisted authentication servers for MW, dont want to go same way as the PS4 chat servers that still don't work.

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  • Administrators

We won't have touched the whitelist servers recently that I'm aware of, the next we're doing is incorrect server locations. Do you have the ID/IP for that server? It may be a new one that we need to add as we won't have changed that one.

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I went in to filtering mode and couldn't connect to the game (MW), the authentication server in Ireand got a triangle.

ccb9b580566b1d22 this was the id i allowed to my list (i still have it on my allow list).

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  • Administrators
4 hours ago, Mobel said:

I went in to filtering mode and couldn't connect to the game (MW), the authentication server in Ireand got a triangle.

ccb9b580566b1d22 this was the id i allowed to my list (i still have it on my allow list).

Could you add it to the form here please and if you see any more of them which you likely will as they cluster could you add them also and we'll get out another cloud asap.


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  • 4 weeks later...
  • Administrators

The first one is an authentication server so that is fine. For the second one that is mislocated as you've found so if you could put that in the form it would be really helpful. If you zoom out on the map do you see it elsewhere at all?

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So we from Europe dont get connected to the authentication server in Ireland any more ? 

Yes I did put it in the form yesterday already, no i did saw the mislocated server icon right on my home place Amsterdam the Netherlands, that was the only location where the mislocated server popped up.

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  • 1 month later...

Singapore server is mislocated. Normally when I booted up a game, it will appear all the server location in the world map. Turned out singapore server is missing. and always put me in somewhere in US.


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Have you connected to the Singapore server recently? Since the last few days I could not connect to the Singapore server, Only the MIddle East server. I think they might have turned it off for Multiplayer and only enabled for Warzone?

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  • Netduma Admin changed the title to Found mislocated servers? Let us know here!

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