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  1. Actually it was working fine. But somehow I think qos in linksys perform better, so i wanr to use linksys qos and netduma geofilter
  2. Hi, I am currently using Modem --> Linksys WRT32x Gaming router with Killer QoS --> Netduma R2 DCHP with QoS disabled I can feel a bit milli-second delay when I shoot some guys in CoD games. Hit detection would be bit delay. Compared to when I only use Linksys. Hit detection is instant. I need Geo-Filter because modern warfare often put me in japanese/australian servers based on their non sense SBMM. While I also need Linksys QoS because it is very good one. Is there any way to decrease hop delay in this scenario? I tried putting netduma R2 on pppoe and hooked up with Linksys but result didn't go so well (Geo filter would not work and Linksys QoS act funny)
  3. I’d recommend you to do custom rule, this would make your targeted ports on first queue. you will not instantly die. If you do, just lower your bandwidth.
  4. Not sure if I should call this a guideline, but This is what I have found out about settings so far. since we all can’t have same nice things everyone is required to go try for themselves. There is no ‘ultimate setting’ that you can just enable it and enjoy the rest of your fps gaming life. Each game will have specific netcode, engine lag, server location, not to mention player skill ceiling. So I will call it like ‘how to maximize your gaming router 101’ then. It is what have been working for me and I am sure it will for you guys as long as you guys understand what each function is and why it exists also this can be applied to any router that have qos in the world. Not just netduma when you first initiate access to your router. See the below checklist: 1. Port forwarding / upnp - turn it on - this will make sure your router opens your gaming port. You can always look it up in google for what ports each game use. Or do the lazy way, just enable upnp, it will auto portforward for you. Don’t open both because your router would act weird 2. Port prioritization find ports and go for it - this function always put targeted port first in queue. 3. Bandwidth - any qos will have some kind of bandwidth control, some are in form of percentage, some can be filled in directly, some are flower graph, you have to find your right spot. Each can be different depending on your ping/server/isp This is the hardest part, find it where you dont get instant death and you get instant hit detection. Find your balance. For me I set overall bandwidth to about 37/4 and then i give download to my ps4 for like 99% and upload for 1% with share excess on 4. The last one. Only one device cannot maximize qos otherwise it will become pointless. If you are alone in your house. Let some devices streaming twitch or youtube endlessly. You will notice better gaming performance. But this is for high spec router
  5. Nvm, i got it working now. Just mess something in my asus router
  6. cheers, I didnt look into that section, Stupid me! I'm using DHCP (DMZ from main router) Qos is enabled. I have been using this setting with no issue for few days. suddently when I switch my port prioritized device from ps4 to pc, it bugged
  7. @Netduma FraserI think I might need factory version firmware of this. because this firmware is soo buggy
  8. I tested by lower sliders all the way to 1%. Which should be around 3.8/3.4 mbps right? When I go to the speedtest and fast. here is result Also when I use port checker tool, it says my port is closed
  9. Yes, I have Asus RT-AC88u doing PPPOE with qos off! and give dmz ip to my netduma r2. I would prefer doing PPPOE on my r2 only so that I don't have extra hop.
  10. Yes, for now in short summary, I have 2 issues 1. Auto Setting QOS suggested me to use 100/100% in CC slider. In default FW, 100/47 2. PPPoE setting will give me no CC slider control. no matter how low or even 1%/1%, Speed test result will always be at full speed. But if I use dmz from my main router, it worked (Only for Stock FW that came with the router, havent tried with this uploaded dropbox FW yet. Should I try it?) Edit: I havent tried PPPoE setting with the dropbox firmware.
  11. try this setting: Port Forwarding manually: 1-65535 UDP/TCP Turn off UPNP Traffic Prioritisation: 1-65535 UDP/TCP both source and destination Congestion Control: Always Bandwidth Percentage: this varies to your bandwidth. try 70/70% should be fine as suggested by Netduma Team Share Excess: On
  12. This fw suggested me to use 100/100 which i find it make no sense anyway, i will be waiting for the new firmware. I hope it fixes pppoe as well (speed cannot be throttled)
  13. Cheers, would you know when will new fw out? Is it possible to send me through inbox? I really really want to use it.
  14. Hi netduma team. I have got my r2 for 2 days. So far I am happy with it. Also so excited about the auto qos thing. I have tested the auto qos and here is my result. it suggested me to use 100% download and 48% upload. My bandwidth is around 381mbps download 241 mbps upload. I am okay with suggested 48% upload so far. But 100% download? Afaik, 100% in qos setting would make qos not function. So I am not sure if auto qos is currently buggy or not. would need some clarification. cheers
  15. Does it fix the issue? For this firmware
  16. I just got mine shipped. Is the auto cc function currently bug? and what is your connection method? Pppoe or dmz? I heard pppoe is currently bugged on download.
  17. Cheers, I just ordered the R2 !!! Hint: check the (ONLY) incoming order from Thailand XD Order Number: 2XX74
  18. thanks!! hope your wifi issue get sorted out soon. Anyway would you mind sharing your r2 setting? and what is your ping? and how fast is your ISP bandwidth. Cheers
  19. That sucks to hear. How about experience about gaming when wired? Shoot first die first? What game do you play?
  20. I am still on the fence to buy r2. I would like to know your r2 experience comparing to r1. Does it actually improve your game connection and lag compensation when you playing video games? Or it is the same? I am a long-time r1 users but I also have Asus rt-ac88u gaming router. I am not sure if it is worth to buy one extra gaming router
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