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  1. Happens to me as well. Many times, especially during peak hours the servers underperform. Try connecting to a different server to see you experience the same problem.
  2. If possible along with Open VPN protocol, also provide option for IKEv2. It seems to be just as reliable as open VPN.
  3. The AWS Bahrain server was fully active and functional in MW beta, I always connected to it, the server performance was good, nice 60Hz tick rate, stable ping, smooth gameplay. In BO4 it only pops up in Geo Filter. In all likelihood the AWS server would be used at MW launch.
  4. Thank you for the suggestions, I will do as advised.
  5. Just did a testing using ping plotter. Turns out the jitter is worse than the stock ISP connection. Its particularly bad in peak hours, so that should answer my question, but I still think the VPN tunneling and encryption might have a part to play
  6. Thanks Alex, that clarifies a lot. But ExpressVPN is top notch, and surprisingly I din't see any increase in ping times. But does the data encryption cause any issues in on line multiplayer games, like hit registration in your experience?
  7. I see. But the problem was the Geo filter showing 2 dedicated servers on the map, in that case I suppose I should check the ping to confirm what server I actually am connected to, right? things are better in second week of beta, but in the first week, I would connect to a Japanese server and Geo filter would ping Singapore server. Fortunately in second week that problem does not exist. Also I have an off topic question here. My ISP had horrible routeing, so I am using ExpressVPN. But the hit registration seems to suffer, more so while using TCP protocol. I have a separate router just for VPN processing and Duma as secondary connected to PS4. Could you shed some light as to whether VPN does affect the network performance in online FPS games, or it's just me trying to excuse myself for being trash in the game.
  8. it's set on spectating mode.
  9. As You can see I a was actually connected to the Middle east server, but the Geo filter also popped out the EU server (Incorrectly mapped in US). This happened throughout the game. I have a question regarding the ping. Is it possible to track the IP address of the server in allow/ deny list so that I can manually ping it?
  10. Yes that's correct, I am using Duma OS. I actually did not switch tabs or leave it running in the background. I just keep the geo filter tab open and monitor it while playing. And I am using chrome as recommended. The problem is ONLY while running MW. Yesterday during the beta, the Geo filter was showing me connected to Middle east server, and halfway through the game, it indicated I was connected to the Singapore server. It's not uncommon for geo filter to show me connected to 2 dedis at once as well. I am sorry if u guys feel I've hijacked the topic, it was unintentional.
  11. I am using the R1. It's not actually a problem, I can easily tell that the ping number is displayed incorrectly. Refreshing does solve the problem, and it only happens in MW, not in BO4 or other COD's/ BF series.
  12. The server south of Sweden is actually a Middle East server hosted by i3d.net. I've already completed a google document and submitted somewhere in the forum for incorrect server location.
  13. In MW the pings were not showing correctly, the ping numbers were erratic like 995 ms or something like that, I would then just refresh the page, the geo filter would then go back to showing correct pings.
  14. It has been around ever since the launch of BO4, and now on MW. On a side note, the network infrastructure of MW seems to be same as BO4, atleast the beta.
  15. Just for my information, these ports have to be both UDP and TCP right?
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