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  1. I've tried ExpressVPN's open VPN UDP config, the R1 Duma OS dint handle it well, likely due to hardware limitations, the internet was very unstable. I then used a Netgear Nighthawk R7000 and flashed it with ExpressVPN firmware and use it as primary, and R1 as secondary for using Geo Filter, it works wonderfully, although I get max 90% of internet speed
  2. I set mine in middle of the ocean, radius minimum, and then the desired ping assist. That works for me
  3. Also the dedi is within his geo filter range. So anything in the geo filter will connect regardless of the ping assist value set. Anything outside the geo filter will connect only if its ping is less than 30ms
  4. Sorry for all the trouble guys, changing the Ethernet cable resolved the problem for me. Here is the trace. Just wanted to point to you guys that the even the 'faulty' ethernet cables I was using before did not cause bad ping graphs using the other router, so I did not suspect this was the case. Only when those ethernet cables were connected to Netduma I got bad graphs. Any Idea why it might be happening? Anyways, thanks for the help guys.
  5. You want me to try connecting from my D link router to R1? In bridge mode?
  6. Here is the ping plot directly to I do not have a modem. The Ethernet cable from ISP goes straight to my router.
  7. Greetings people, I've not been getting a stable ping graph using R1 (Duma OS) as you can see in the image below, I've tried the same test at by just plugging the ISP cable straight to my laptop at around the same time, my ISP does not use a modem. I use a PPPoE, no IPv6. MTU, DNS set to automatic, no MAC address cloning. But I had changed the MAC address of my laptop on connecting the Ethernet cable for authentication purpose. I also have a low end D link router lying around, and it gives me a stable graph. The IP address is of Amazon India.
  8. One question, Does the Allow/deny work even if the router is in spectating mode?
  9. Server location on the map: Singapore Host Type: Dedicated ID: 24125f2aafc38388 Domain: ec2-18-136-195-42.ap-southeast-1.compute.amazonaws.com Ping : 62ms My location: India Server location on the map: Somewhere in middle east Host Type: Peer ID: 3c5f743ffcdbacb1 Domain: Ping : 162 ms Server location on the map: Gulf of Guinea Host Type: Peer ID: 24125f2aafc38388 Domain: Ping : 250ms I actually get a ping of 63 ms (in game) when I connect to the server in Gulf of Guinea, and it is actually located in the Middle east, also the ID keeps changing. I've also noted 991f4c17bc387f84, 991f3b06bc387f84 and 991f531ebc387f84 previously, and domain name (when connected to server).
  10. I can confirm the location of Middle East server in the Geo Filter is to the west of Gulf of Guinea in the South Atlantic ocean. I've noted the ID's as 991f4c17bc387f84, 991f3b06bc387f84 and 991f531ebc387f84 so far, even the icon is that of a peer, and not a dedicated server. On setting my radius on middle east with strict mode, I end up in P2P connection, but on setting it to west of GoG in South Atlantic ocean on strict mode, I always connect to the dedicated server. Could you please shed some light as to why the actual ping to the server is far lesser than the in game reported ping to the same server?
  11. Great, just a quick update, singapore server is showing as normal since the last 2 days, although the middle east server is not visible .
  12. Thank you Fraser, that worked. I would like to point out that for Black Ops 4, the Singapore and Middle East servers are showing as Peers. I am assuming that the numbers in the 'network version' suffixed by 'E' means a dedicated server, like in black ops 3.
  13. Hello guys, I've landed in some kind of trouble with my R1. I had this beta OS installed and running, but realized I would need the ping assist anyways, so I started the procedure of reinstalling, but the update still shows to be in progress (been more then few hours), and '404 not found' greets me on typing Also the internet is working, and I still haven't plugged the router. Kindly help me resolve this.
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