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  1. Will this be using the UDP protocol for testing (which really matters for gaming), or just the ICMP.
  2. Yesterday I could connect to the Singapore servers. It's mislocated in US. Also it seems Singapore servers are no longer hosted by Amazon.
  3. Have you connected to the Singapore server recently? Since the last few days I could not connect to the Singapore server, Only the MIddle East server. I think they might have turned it off for Multiplayer and only enabled for Warzone?
  4. Perhaps you are playing Warzone? The servers are just incapable to efficiently run games with high player count. Does it happens in 6 v 6 as well? Atleast in battlefield 5, I struggle connecting to online services and get booted around 20% matches.
  5. No, my ping stays steady even if the game indicates about 10% packet loss. Yeah, seems to be the case, makes sense. Thanks for the information. Is there any way to measure UDP packet loss? Edit: If UDP traffic is all that matters for gaming, why even bother checking IMCP packets using ping plotter?
  6. Hello all, Since the last few days I've been experiencing heavy packet losses in BF5 games, anywhere between 5%-10% throughout the day. I've tried switching servers and also tried Fortnight that has a packet loss indicator, and the packet losses are really absurdly high. What confuses me is that when I run ping plotter on and the BF5 amazon server IP addresses, the graph indicates no packet losses or latency spikes at all, and I can't present the ISP with any proof of the horrible connection quality. I would also like to add that this connection problem is very recent ever since my area is almost in a lockdown due to corona virus. Perhaps the load on ISP servers might cause the issue in that case since everyone is at their homes, but why does it not indicate on the pingplotter results?
  7. I agree that SBMM has been around since long, but in this game it is noticeable because of it's strict implementation, it's so damn thick. Hell, even the dev went on record talking about SBMM, and how they want to protect NEW players. This has never happened in previous COD's. The skill gap is already so narrow in this game, and SBMM is the icing on the cake. Just as microtransactions was a hot topic before MW launch (because BO4 messed it up), I think SMBB will be the boiling topic before launch of next COD. (because MW messed it up lol).
  8. Actually it's a feature in almost all the routers, but is either under advanced settings, or is marked as optional. Even while setting up a PPPoE dialer on a PC, there is an option for service name.
  9. Yes. And for this reason I have to use a separate router for Logging into PPPoE using Username/ password/ service name, and then to Netduma router using DHCP. Thanks for the clarification.
  10. I have a request. In the PPPoE connection protocol, is it possible to add an option of 'Service name' along with 'username' and 'password'? Also is it possible to add support for IKEv2 protocol for VPN along with Open VPN?
  11. And why do you think so? That only leaves us with Singapore and Bahrain servers. which country do you stay in Asia?
  12. I can't seem to find it on the activision website, care to share the link?
  13. I've seen other players like Shroud livestream. He pings around 10-11 ms. I've seen most of American Youtubers/ streamers pigs around that range. It's hard to see anyone pinging above 25ms in that region in COD.
  14. Strange, Almost 50% times I connect to Singapore server no problems, although I am using Ping assist method by putting my location in ocean.
  15. Happens to me as well. Many times, especially during peak hours the servers underperform. Try connecting to a different server to see you experience the same problem.
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