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  2. That's strange, I could connect to Singapore servers till mid July, it was mislocated in Japan, and seemed to be using Coopa, not AWS. Since the last 10-15 days, I could never connect to Singapore servers, only middle east servers were an option for me. Does the game automatically connect you to Singapore, or you have to implement Geo filter? Thanks Fraser, that would be helpful. I have already pre ordered R2 by the way, had I known I would have ordered XR500 instead.
  3. Thanks for the reply. So I will use my main Router as primary access for PPPoE login and use R2 for its geo filter. If there was a 'service name' field, then I would have instead got the XR500 because of its better tech. specs, and dumped my primary router. My R1 just died and I realize how much I miss the Geo FIlter. MW is throwing me on servers across the world. Luckily there's no server on Mars, else the game might have forced me there too. And to add to the pain, I just cant seem to connect to the Singapore server anymore, the Middle east servers seem to be the only choice for me.
  4. Hello, I wanted some information about the PPPoE login fields for DumaOS 3.0. Does The Duma OS 3.0 have Login name/ Password/ Service name for PPPoE? or Just the user name and password? My ISP requires all three fields for logging in.
  5. So should I now assume that my router is dead for good?
  6. Din't work for me. Just to confirm, isn't the default username/ password admin/password on DumaOS? I can't access the DumaOS UI using those credentials. When I tried as was suggested in the link, nothing came up. On trying, I am stuck on username/password part.
  7. No, I did not make any changes (I put the geo-filter to filtering mode, but I don't think that matters). I use another router to handle the PPPoE and use DHCP on R1. For resetting the router, I followed the procedure in the knowledge base. I pressed the button until the LED turned on/off, released, waited for beep, and tried logging into router after 1 min.
  8. Since the last 2 days, I've been unable to access the R1 router interface and kept getting the 'R1 app is not loaded yet'. So I decided to reset the router using the pin hole button in the router. But the router is not resetting, it retains all the information eg. the WiFi credentials, and I am still not able to access the router dashboard. I've tried resetting the router multiple times. After my latest reset, when I use the browser to access the router, it keeps asking for username/password, although I input correct information (default). I would appreciate any help.
  9. Will this be using the UDP protocol for testing (which really matters for gaming), or just the ICMP.
  10. Yesterday I could connect to the Singapore servers. It's mislocated in US. Also it seems Singapore servers are no longer hosted by Amazon.
  11. Have you connected to the Singapore server recently? Since the last few days I could not connect to the Singapore server, Only the MIddle East server. I think they might have turned it off for Multiplayer and only enabled for Warzone?
  12. Perhaps you are playing Warzone? The servers are just incapable to efficiently run games with high player count. Does it happens in 6 v 6 as well? Atleast in battlefield 5, I struggle connecting to online services and get booted around 20% matches.
  13. No, my ping stays steady even if the game indicates about 10% packet loss. Yeah, seems to be the case, makes sense. Thanks for the information. Is there any way to measure UDP packet loss? Edit: If UDP traffic is all that matters for gaming, why even bother checking IMCP packets using ping plotter?
  14. Hello all, Since the last few days I've been experiencing heavy packet losses in BF5 games, anywhere between 5%-10% throughout the day. I've tried switching servers and also tried Fortnight that has a packet loss indicator, and the packet losses are really absurdly high. What confuses me is that when I run ping plotter on and the BF5 amazon server IP addresses, the graph indicates no packet losses or latency spikes at all, and I can't present the ISP with any proof of the horrible connection quality. I would also like to add that this connection problem is very recent ever since my area is almost in a lockdown due to corona virus. Perhaps the load on ISP servers might cause the issue in that case since everyone is at their homes, but why does it not indicate on the pingplotter results?
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