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  1. Some VPN's like Hide.me VPN have UPNP function, so its possible to have open NAT even with some VPN's. @TODDzillaInLA NoLag VPN works with hybrid VPN setup on Netduma. Edit: hide.me VPN instead of nolag vpn
  2. And don't forget to buy the $20 waifu bundle put by Activision after you finished blasting.
  3. Duma OS does help me get around SBMM. As @Bert said, even I play modes like kill confirmed and control. Tryhards normally prefer Damination, TDM, hardpoint. Without Netduma, the game connects me to higher ping lobbies with players of similar skill level. But with geo filter I force the game to look for a match on just one region server. It works pretty well, but takes time to find a match. I would rather wait to join a game then play with a bunch of G fuel guzzling prestige master tryhards 24 x 7.
  4. Also If you are doing cloud gaming like Gforce now, or google stadia, enabling QOS would give you a consistent gameplay since cloud gaming required lot of bandwidth
  5. On PS4 I get open. Using port forwarding
  6. Thanks Fraser. This was very informative.
  7. Its really comforting to know that the double NAT situation won't affect my situation. I have spent hundreds of dollars recently (Gaming switches/ Open WRT routers with cake QOS in AP mode etc.) to get around this double NAT situation. Now I would just configure ONT>R2>PS4 and call it a day. Thanks for confirming this. Surprisingly port forwarding and UPNP (when PS4 connected directly to ONT) give me Open NAT in game. FYI this is the case with most CG NAT ISP's that force their ONT and have no bridge mode. The only thing that does not work is DMZ, as I still get moderate NAT. Netduma Liam already answered my question satisfactorily, but I wanted your opinion as well. Would it hurt if I simultaneously have DMZ and Port forward R2's IP on ONT, and PS4 IP DMZ on R2? I heard that DMZ only forwards unused ports , but Liam said DMZ + Port forward could cause connectivity issues. Thanks again for your time.
  8. I mean I enable UPNP or DMZ on R2, but it seems R2 is not sending request to the ISP router's UPNP to open desired ports. So the UPNP table on the ISP router is blank, but I can see UPNP ports on R2. Maybe manual port forwarding is the way to go? Pardon me if I am being annoying, but do you mean my hit registration/ lag/gameplay smoothness etc. would suffer to a small degree? (the TOO MUCH part in your sentence got me confused) I am a solo player and dont really indulge in party chat. host P2P games, etc.
  9. Thanks Fraser. I was thinking that port forwarding would be a better option since upnp confuses the ISP router. That won't be necessary right? My ISP uses CGNAT and DMZ does not work on my ISP router. Only UPNP and Port forwarding work. Does double NAT actually cause issues related to hit detection or smooth gameplay? Or it just affects some online functions like voice chat and matchmaking in P2P lobbies? My next question is about getting UPNP to work on my ISP router (ISP router>R2>PS4 setup). Can that be achieved or I have to connect directly to ISP router for its UPNP to work?
  10. Hello. My ISP uses a modem router. My setup is ISP router modem>R2>PS4. I have upnp enabled on R2. The list of ports I see are 9308 and 3074 UDP in internal/ external while I play Cold war. But when I connect PS4 straight to ISP router modem and enable UPNP, I see a whole lot of ports as you can see in the image below. is the IP address of my PS4 on my ISP router. I am actually confused, since most of these external ports are not even mentioned in the official support page of activision. Could anyone please clarify?
  11. Just simple port forwarding gets me an Open NAT. But since you mentioned there might be some problems to use port forward and DMZ at the same time, I would leave DMZ disabled.
  12. I don't mean to rush you but do you have anything to say about my comment above? would it be counterproductive to have port forwarding and DMZ at the same time?
  13. I read in one of the posts by Fraser that I need to disable upnp incase I use DMZ. My ISP uses CG-NAT, but I still get open NAT with port forwarding in ONT with ONT -> R2 -> PS4 setup. With Upnp in ONT I get open NAT only with ONT -> PS4 setup. With DMZ alone, I've never been able to get open NAT. So would there be any issues if I use port forwarding in combination with DMZ in ONT?
  14. I have another question about using R2 in bridge mode, just as a switch without wifi capabilities, very similar to This. Would geo filter, qos, traffic prioritization work in this case? I plan to accomplish this by connecting the LAN cable from my ONT to the R2's LAN port instead of WAN port, disabling the R2 DHCP and wifi. Another reason for me doing this is I don't want to connect PS4 behind two firewalls (ONT and R2). I want to use R2 as a switch with gaming capabilities, and use a router with better WiFi capabilities in AP mode connected to R2. The WiFi of ONT would also be disabled.
  15. Hello My ISP has a pretty locked up ONT router. It only allocates one block of /64, so when I connect the ONT to R2's WAN, only the WAN side of R2 receives IPv6, and not the LAN. So I can't obtain ipv6 addresses when I connect devices to R2 LAN. The ONT router does not even have a bridge mode, else I could have obtained IPv6 through R2 itself. So is it possible you implement a IPV6 passthrough feature for people who face such situations? This feature is available in Netgear, Asus, TP link routers as far as I know. I know IPv6 passthrough would actually put R2 in bridge mode for IPv6 by bridging the WAN to the LAN, but it would be wonderful if QOS and bandwidth throttling could also be applied to that, although it seems unlikely. I had a discussion about my IPv6 issues here, but its nothing to do with R2, its just the way my ISP handles ipv6.
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