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  1. But man, something is wrong with this, i mean, as an example at the moment as i told you im in Peru and the only server Warzone has in south america is in Sao Paulo Brazil, so, lets say that I dont force anything using NetDuma and i try to search for a game, it will be naturally connected in few seconds to Sao Paulo, i can see that trough NetDuma, is like 90% of the time in Sao Paulo, but then if i force Sao Paulo it get stuck in queue or find the actual game after a long time or things like that.. Why is this happening? I mean.. I cannot find a explanation in my noobie mind, is like NetDuma blocks something and makes the connection more difficult. It was like this when i was in San Diego CA i tried to force LA and the actual game started after like 3 minutes queue and sometimes it did the error like i was the only one in the lobby i mean, you got me right?
  2. So the issue is, lets say that i want to force a server based in NY City o will circle the area around the city of NY, now the problem is that doing this NetDuma blocks EVERYTHING outide that circle including players so, for example, a guy from lets say Miami in queued in my NY City server NetDuma will refuse that server and put me in the queue again. So, is there a way to only force servers instead of players? For example Right now im in Peru and im trying to force the Warzone server in Kansas City wich I ping 80 of course in that server we have people from all around US so if e restrict the circle to kansas city it wont finda any game because in every single lobby there is at least on guy from outside the circle.. How do i fix that?
  3. That’s smooth you made this 💩 lit
  4. working for me man damn well actually
  5. JoshTheLuz


  6. If someone is reading this topic and wondering the solution it is that basically you simply cannot do it in warzone. Warzone sees that you have high ping and doesnt find any game is impossible to fool. Other games might work such as Fortnite. Consider the topic solved.
  7. So, for my understanding about the QoS, if it is set to AUTO, will be triggered as soon as I start a game lets say on my Xbox Series X. And until this point everything is kinda easy to understand. But my question then is: What will happen if I hybrid Vpn my Xbox Series X? (trough netduma rapp of course) Infact It will create kind of a paradox where the Xbox Series X is routed through Vpn so not recognized by QoS as an Xbox Series X so the Qos wont be triggered making itself useless.. Right? Right??!😰
  8. That’s Y fortnite works but Warzone won’t. Is depending on the game…
  9. I set the hybrid VPN to Saudi Arabia and close the circle around there with ping assist to 0, I just cant find any games. Can you guys be so kind to try yourself to connect to saudi and search for a warzone game? Just to doublecheck that isnt a problem from my end?
  10. i didnt do that because honestly i couldnt find the dns for hide my ass (if you have emm will be much apreciated) but i did solve it basically i just disabled ipv6 and the problem is gone with ipv6 disabled the vpn doesnt leak my real location (still some american dns) if you will be so kind to send me the hide my ass dns this could solve completely the leak...
  11. Hybrid VPN connected to Saudi Arabia but my xbox series x leaks my real IP address
  12. Hi, I have a premium sub with HMA VPN I tried to connect it trough the inbuilt netduma OS page and many servers wont work. Some of them will. They have to be manually updated by you. I know is a pain in the ass but please guys do it ASAP
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