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  1. Okay thanks. Hopefully we will get something very soon.
  2. Any response from the team... Its been 13 working days since you replied to this thread.
  3. Any news yet on a new update to fix the DHCP issue. I'm now having this issue around 4-5 per day. Only thing to get it back is to switch the router off and then back on again.
  4. Like Fraser says it does not matter if someone has a gigabit connection or a 10 gigabit connection...If there are in the US and there are connecting to a EU server. There ping will be in the 100+ MS range regardless of there connection speed.
  5. I have decided to use a different router due to the issue with Netgear. I will give Netgear a few months to resolve the issue and then I will just go and buy a Unifi Dream Machine Router.
  6. Any chance you could find out a rough time frame when a fix may be able?
  7. Been working from home today and the router stopped sending out IP address around 8 times today. Every time needing a reboot the router to fix the issue. I dont want to leave the netduma family but I think I have a choice here. nothing i try fixes the issue.
  8. Yes i have all that information and i already have it in the XR
  9. There is no info on lease time I get the following details Hub 3.0 device information The information below shows current status of this Hub 3.0. Standard specification compliant : DOCSIS 3.0 Hardware version : 11 Software version : 9.1.1912.302 Cable MAC address : Removed Cable modem serial number : Removed System up time : 2h:51m:32s Network access : Allowed
  10. Yeah i have used a few different connections to post in this forum over the past few years. 217. is my mam's ip address.
  11. My public IP is a static IP address - It has not changed in around 5 years.
  12. I'm back again! So over the last few nights. it gets around 3am and the router deny's DHCP requests and drops the connection. restarting the router fixes the issue but it should not have this issue to start with. Any suggestions?
  13. No drops at all and Geo-Filter is now working a dream
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