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  1. This would be amazing! I would love to have this feature on the router
  2. i have the same issue now for the last 3 days. I have cleared the cache on my browser and now factory reset and still cannot access the config page
  3. Have you heard or seen a cloud update being applied to Apex Legend ?
  4. If you are connecting to a server close to yourself and you are getting a low ping.. I would say you are on the best connection that is possible. The issue with Apex is that the Sever Tickrate is not great and it always prefers the shooter. So if there started shooting you first there would get priority over you.
  5. Yeah, I have the exact same experience with filtering mode switched on. It's extremely frustrating.. Especially when its been working fine for 30-45 minutes and then all of sudden it just gives you the middle finger haha
  6. How often does Netduma do a cloud update on server locations?
  7. Yeah I think that would be a very useful feature to add to this great gaming routers
  8. Yeah right so the Solid ring with the square in the middle is just an Authentication Server?
  9. Yeah it was a Solid white ring with a square in the middle.. Deny was completed greyed out.
  10. ID - ab6d400b0a4a767b This ID is showing in the US but i get a ping of 24ms. I'm in the UK....
  11. There is another player that said the following This explains why if I am from Ecuador I have been playing with a squad of Spanish Players..
  12. There seems to be quite alot of people getting the same issue we are having. There was a guy on reddit saying he loves in Brazil but he gets matched with players from Russia
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