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  1. Dialatech

    Apex legends

    Your Geo-filter is two small i would say. I would say widen the search for servers.
  2. Good Evening I have this headset and its a great headset but i was just wondering if anyone else uses this headset and what EQ settings you use for this headset for gaming? Thanks
  3. Yeah sorry it should be SMB
  4. Dialatech

    Openwrt on xr500

    Who mentioned netgear Software? Last time i looked im sure the XR500 was running DumaOS as the software?
  5. You could try the following things Control Panel / Programs and Features / Turn Windows ON/OFF and make sure DMS 1.0/CIFS File Sharing is ticked Go to Network Connection / Right on the network Adapter you are using / Properties / click on Internet protocol version 4 / Advanced / go to the WINS tab / enable Netbios over TCP/IP Network sharing / Advanced sharing settings / Private / Make sure Network Discovery is on Also what is the version of Windows 10 are you running because older versions of windows did not support SMB3.0
  6. Dialatech

    Openwrt on xr500

    I dont understand why you would want to do that tbh. You buy a router with the best software you could ask for and then you want to wipe it for openwrt.
  7. Dialatech

    XR500 Customers are just un happy

    No issue here with the XR500
  8. Dialatech

    How to get the best ping possible?

    Anti-Bufferbloat is QOS in the DumaOS software. Basically Anti-Bufferbloat is there too help causing congestion on your network. Generally a setting of 70% Download and 70% upload will work but you have to do some testing yourself to get the correct figures for yourself. Ping Assist is currently in a closed Beta for DumaOS at present but basically ping assist you can set a value in Milliseconds and the router will look for any hosts that fall below that value you have set regardless of distance. causing congestion on your network.
  9. Dialatech

    How to do a reserved DHCP address in R1

    im not 100% sure but i think you dont need to put in the full IP address. Just the last set of numbers. Example If your PS4 Pro was going to be on You would put 150 in the Host Number box.
  10. Dialatech

    Netgear notice

    Just FYI really https://kb.netgear.com/000060243/Security-Advisory-for-Pre-Authentication-Stack-Overflow-on-XR500-PSV-2018-0309
  11. Dialatech

    ISP Talk

    I’m really thinking about it but it’s just the drop from 350mbps to 66 mbps. Thats the killer ha ha
  12. Dialatech

    ISP Talk

    Great! I've just been talking to talktalk and there can offer me 80d / 20u and Guaranteed speed of 66mbps with phone for 30 pound per month. Only thing stopping me is the drop from 350mbps to 66mbps 😵
  13. Dialatech

    ISP Talk

    What i have seen of these, There have a bandwidth limit each month so i will have to rule them out but thanks for the recommendation
  14. Dialatech

    ISP Talk

    Great! Do you know if Talktalk cap speed at peak time ? Also do you know if there have a cap on downloads?
  15. Dialatech

    ISP Talk

    Thanks for the advice. Why do you say that talktalk is the best for gaming?