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  1. 😂 I hate default mode ...We need dark mode to work..Get them told
  2. Yeah ive changed to default and it can see all your replies now... But i hate using default.. DARK MODE FTW!
  3. No same issue with all of the Netduma admin team. I use the Dark theme aswell,
  4. @Netduma Fraser Sorry i have nothing to add to this thread but i was just wondering why every reply from Fraser is all white,even the text. i have changed the theme to default and then back to dark. Link below for reference https://imgur.com/JVHc7rb Little update: Its actually all admins on the forums. Do you guys have different colour/themes set?
  5. Just to let you know apex legends have deployed more servers over the last few days. Just so you can update the server list. Hopefully one day I can come back and enjoy the xr500 and netduma software again!
  6. At the point I think I have lost all faith in Netgear...but we can only hope. When the XR500 works its quite a good router tbh.
  7. tbh I'm a little frustrated the way the XR500 has gone. I've had issue after issue with this router. I've been a network engineer for around 15 years and never had so many issues with a router yet. The dropouts yesterday were that bad I've decided today to put in a cheap TP-link router I had lying around.
  8. Yeah tbh i dont think i will go for it now.. I might just buy the R2 until the XR500 is fixed.
  9. No, If I was to go with the XR2 then I would not bother with the Dream Machine. I'm after the UDM Pro SE.. Ubiquiti told me it was a 2 month wait to get this model. I have tried a few suppliers i use and there have all said you can only get it directly with Ubiquiti.
  10. Yeah ive installed a dream machine for Client before and I agree with the UI being messy. Only reason why I was going to go with the Dream Machine is because everything in my current network is Unifi. 24 Port POE Switch 5 Internal Unifi AP 2 External Unifi AP
  11. Great suggestion but I already have 5 Unifi Access points in my home..
  12. Thanks i might just buy a R2 until netgear get the act together. I was going to order the Unifi dream machine router but ive been told its around 2 month delivery.
  13. Tbh i feel sorry for the Netduma staff. You guys take all the shit from frustrated people. Net gear just sit there and take peoples money without even offering any support. Do Netduma have decent stock of there new R2 Router?
  14. 5 Months now with DHCP issues. One of the main features of a router. Surely there will be a firmware update soon.
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