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  1. Is that a case of putting the geo filter in the middle of the ocean and making it tiny ?
  2. Here are some pictures This first image it connected me to a US Server even tho im in the UK https://imgur.com/PCgMhfq both of the pictures below were taken after i was kicked from the game and i could not get back in the game. https://imgur.com/x5ipmnu https://imgur.com/stcFD6r https://imgur.com/NvAJGvT
  3. Last night it connected me to a server in US with a ping of 152ms...This was deffo not in my Radius ha ha. I have a few screenshots so i will get them upload to the site tonight.
  4. So i have tried this the last few nights. so my findings are below It will connect to a dedicated server, I will get 1 game and then it will disconnect me after every game and i have to reconnect to a server every time. Some times this can take up to 20 minutes to connect even tho i can see dedicated servers showing up on the Geo-filter and inside my radius. Last night i was getting quite annoy with this game, on one occasion i waited almost 45 minutes to connect to a server and once connected, the game was working i could see the server was located in Germany but straight after the game it disconnected me and would not reconnect to a server. Apex legend data centre server selection tool does not work at all. I have picked London and i have never connect to this server yet. I even tried putting the Geo-filter radius only covering the UK and that would just refuse to connect to any server at all. It was like the London was offline. I also tried putting my radius in the middle of the ocean and set ping assist to 30ms ..This refused to connect to any server aswell. Spectate mode obviously works fine Overall i think apex is a poor networked optimised game
  5. I have just noticed from the screenshots, you are playing on PC and you are using the DS4Windows software. Is the button delay not coming from this software? I used to use my PS4 controller on PC and use this software and the button delay was unplayable. so i had to buy a wired xbox controller.
  6. Yeah I have flushed the cloud aswell. Last night i even tried adding the server i get connected it all the time to the deny list and it still connected me to server inside my radius but not the london one. @Sol0flyerz are you playing on PC?
  7. Yeah im aware of this but regardless if i pick London or not i will still get connected to a server in France
  8. i have allowed that ID aswell but after every game i get kicked and i have to connect again
  9. Really like the sound of this idea. It would be great to have a two settings one for normal running and one for gaming.
  10. Yeah the game i generally get is in the radius im in when using filtered mode.
  11. I have an issue with apex aswell. So if i have my Geo filter on filtered mode and i have my radius around 1200KM from my home location which is the north east of england. I cannot get into any games at all. Its just stays at the first loading screen and tries to connect. I can see there is servers within my radius but it still fails to connect to these servers. If i switch the geo filter to Spectating mode, I get a game straight away without any issue at all. Any help would be appreciated
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