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  1. No expirience with this, but 69 miles might be too low or you have the wrong home location. Because if you connect from console 1 to console 2, the geolocation might not necessarily be reported in that area. This depends on the ISP entirely. If I go to https://www.iplocation.net/ and enter my IP, I get 3 different locations that by itself are more than 69 miles apart. That's also why the thing with setting both in a circle in the arctic won't work as console 2 won't be reported to be in that location when console 1 is trying to match.
  2. Well it goes two ways. If they made a good game everybody would be happy for two years. This one I think I would rather have a new one every year since I am already bored with it. Just came back to Europe today and had to redownload the game. And would you believe it I get the stats reset bug. Ugh.
  3. Do you restrict your bandwidth with anti bufferbloat? If you only have 2mbit upload and you're not even getting that, leave upload at 100%. To have a certain download speed, you need a certain amount of upload. For every TCP packet you download, the PC will send a acknowlage packet to the server. So one can't work without the other.
  4. It's not the same. Bridge mode passes through your ISP router and that's why you need to enter your PPPoE details. A bridge essentially bypasses the routing completely. DMZ is used when you can't bridge, so you set the XR500 in DMZ and that automaticly forwards all ports to the XR500. In this case you don't need PPPoE details as this is handled by your ISP router.
  5. Is this about private lobbies? Usually the one who starts the lobby / is lobby or party leader gets host. Then my answer from the other topic is even more relevant. In a private game the host receives a artificial latency penalty that is dependent on the latency of the other players in the lobby. So one high latency player can severely mess you up as host. If you play in a private lobby against local players you are usually best off avoiding being host.
  6. A lot of people fool around with their connection on purpose. Trying to throttle bandwith, saturate the connection on purpose or other gimmicks. Could be that he's doing one of those, or just plays on shitty wifi.
  7. It runs about the same for me. I think there really isn't any difference, only when you play in parties open NAT is something to worry about. Back in the days where there was no dedicated servers this was way more important.
  8. Could be that he's throttling his connection. There is some form of latency balancing in the game. When I see Chinese/Japanese names or Arab names in the lobby I am almost guaranteed to have a more laggy game then usual.
  9. I think that you can actually with a XR500, under settings / advanced / VLAN/Bridge settings. As far as I see it allows you to create a bridged port. The caveat however is that you would need to have access to multiple public IP addresses. That makes this function kind of useless as when in bridged mode you won't be benefiting from any of the QoS aspects of the router. So you might as well hook up a switch before your router and plug into that. I don't think R1 DumaOS lets you do this but there is some times where this would be attractive. Say you have a home router. You place your R1 at the desk with your PC, laptop, PS4 etc. You can let your PC and PS4 make use of the R1's geofiltering capacity while the laptop that isn't used for games could use a bridged pass through port and connect straight to your main router, giving it a speed advantage since the R1 is limited when operating in a Gigabit environment. Without a bridged mode you would need a switch to connect the laptop and R1 separately. Bridging is only useful for akward setups. Most home networks follow the star topology with the router in the center so most of the time this is of no use.
  10. From my home testing with R1. I max out at about 420 Mbit with turbo mode on and QoS on. When I enable super turbo mode and disable QoS I am able to reach connection max, 580mbit. But I have read somewhere that even with that it will max at 700ish mbit. Realisticly speaking though it you have a 1Gbit connection I would just get another router that works ok with gigabit speeds. R1 is outdated and for example the wifi throughput is too slow to be used with a 1Gbit fiber line. What you can use your R1 for is use it as a standalone geofilter for a PS4 etc. What you do is connect your new router to the modem. Connect the R1 to your new router and set it in DMZ to avoid double NAT. Then configure the R1 in super turbo mode, set bandwidths to 1000/1000 100%. Connect your console to that. Leave wifi active so you can alter the geofilter by your phone or use a loopback cable from your new router to the R1 so you can reach it that way.
  11. Can you add me to the list too? Can test both R1 and XR500 if needed.
  12. Actually no need to reset the console, just close and restart the game.
  13. 33-6 on shoothouse TDM today, one death due to a clumsy RPG suicide LOL. A bit campy when I was getting my helicopter and my enemies weren't he best obviously.
  14. There can be many reasons for this, especially if it's peer hosted. One is that when DumaOS pings the server you usually don't get a reply from the server, as these don't respond to ICMP ping. So it's reporting the hub just before that. Two is that same as one, the peer that you ping might not respond to ICMP requests and especially on crappy DSL / Cable connections it takes ping of a ISP hub and real latency to the host is much higher. Third is that not only you will have higer latency on wifi, but the host might also be playing on wifi and thus further increasing latency. Forth is that DumaOS measures actual ICMP ping where the game calculates latency via UDP traffic. So these don't necessarily return the same value due to congestion issues etc.
  15. I can only say that I haven't noticed this. My uptime at the moment 4 days 8 hours. Upload prioritized 1.30M Upload background 10.44M Download prioritized 1.27M Download background 20.58M The prioritized counters run up a bit when CoD sits idling in the menu but they seem to be equal going in and out. Only rule I am using is SRC 3074:3074 DST 30.000-45.000. See what happens when I leave it for a good while.
  16. You can leave MTU on auto in your PS4. MTU works by auto discovery, if one link between you or the server is below 1500 then this will get corrected automaticly. I would make a IP reservation for your PS4 if you need a fixed IP for something, like port forwarding etc. I did that anyway even though I don't use port forwarding at the moment.
  17. You will always see a difference in data rate coming from the server, in a game like CoD for example you are only sending your own player data but you are receiving data from 11 other players and yourself. So the packets coming from the host are bigger. That said. I do remember something that the option DumaOS Classified games only prioritizes packets below a certain amount of bytes. (Not sure of this, devs would have to confim) So maybe it's a programming issue where it just doesn't tag traffic like you said. On the other hand, if you divide the 2 figures it would mean you have a 6% packetloss. Not an implausible figure. One other thing is also that CoD sends data to the backend servers alongside game data. Things like stats are uploaded realtime. In my case this stream is also coming off port 3074 together with game traffic from 3074. This is also why QoS stays active when you sit idle in the menu. Since you have 57344 as source port this might not be the case for you. When I change my setup to where I go through my PC, the source port changes but for some reason backend communication stays at 3074. And the other thing is your game needs to have symmetrical tickrates. WW2, BO4 and MW have 60Hz servers so 60 packets per seconds up and down. But games prior to that didn't necessarily follow that scheme. IW for example had a 100Hz client tickrate but a 20Hz host tickrate. So you would be sending 5 times as much packets as downloading. And last thing, you have 2 rules in your QoS setting. I find that if you set for example SRC 3074:3074 to 30000-45000 it works in both directions. So there is no need for the inverse rule. You might actually be tagging other traffic for QoS that's not game related. Not saying you are not on to something by the way, but there is other possibilities as to why it seems this way.
  18. There is one thing with this though, you cannot really duplicate packets you didn't receive in the first place.
  19. Doesn't need to be, it can be in the middle as well. Like the issue I always have with the Japan serverfarm. During peak hours I get huge fluctuations and a lot of in game jitter, while netduma shows a rock solid ping graph. It's because my UDP traffic is being buffered & dropped somewhere along the route. The closer you are to the server the less likely you will have these issues though.
  20. It's a bit different for everybody. I can't really tell the difference between manual port ranges, a single port like the tool does or simply adding the console setting. Even if I do away with QoS altogether it still works fine for me. I plan to do a heap of tests in a week or so when I am back in Europe. My connection there has lower ping but is far more demanding on QoS due to the low upload. Then I can also see what it is that makes the tool not work in MW for me. Because I think it connects to a different backend server in Europe and USA. Agree though it would be awesome if it was a R-App. Or even if we had a R-App that just shows you which ports are used, or even integrate this in the Autoping screen next to all the other host data.
  21. Bert


    This SQM is incredibly CPU intensive as far as I know. On edgerouters, the X model tops out between 100-200mbit and your basicly need the Edgerouter 4 or 6 model to achieve anything close to 500Mbit. That's probably why your speeds are so low.
  22. You can try. But really if you connect through internet sharing your Netduma should not recognize your console. To the netduma it appears that the traffic is coming from your PC. That's why you need to set your PC as gaming console in DumaOS.
  23. I have auto for these settings, let DHCP on XR500 supply those. But they should not be having any influence on your geofilter.
  24. This would actually be a great addition. For some reason when I go through my PC I get the game data stream on some port around 62.000 instead of 3074. Using your own port would be very beneficial.
  25. I did just play a game of BO4 and it works flawless in that game. Packetcount and everything checks out. It won't actually detect a server until the game starts and the IP in the tool matches the server IP in DumaOS. It's only MW where it isn't working right for me. I think it's purely the fact that we don't have a backend server in Singapore in BO4, In MW it confuses the tool somehow having 2 different datastreams coming off port 3074.
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