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  1. To those of you who are 10 years playing the CoD saga. For sure you remember those terrorist fom different parts of the world. Here's an interview to them. Think bad, and you will guess the answers 😂😂😂
  2. I don’t even know how to change channels, so no, I haven’t changed any channel. I’ve removed all ethernet cables in the router, and put away wireless headphones, but speedtests gives the same results
  3. No Smart Connect enabled. Havne't touch any advanced setting at all. I've moved the anthems, but speedtest beneath the router gives at maximum only 40 mb down Those are my settings
  4. Recently bought an XR500, but I noticed a very poor performance on Wifi speeds I have my ISP router wifi disabled and the only connection is XR500 wired, with DMZ and static IP. My speed is 300 Mb down and 600 up. When I run a speedtest on my PC wired to the XR500 there's no problem at all, the speeds are good. But when I run a speedtest with my phone next to the router (making sure that no other device is using internet) speeds are 50/100 with 2,4G and 100/200 on 5G. On my bedroom, wich is no further than 7meters from the router, the dowload speed is lower than 20mb, wich causes some problems when watching videos via streaming. On the other hand, if I turn on my ISP router wifi, the speeds are what they should be. I've checked the Wifi settings on the XR500, but haven´t noticed anything unusual Any solution? Thank you very much
  5. Excuse my ignorance, what is tp? Yesterday I played a few matches throtling connection (or whatever it writes), with Caddy and forcing spanish servers. The feelings were not perfect, but neither bad. Of course, there were matches in witch I had to leave because they were totally unplayable, but there were A LOT less than before. I knew that things were not bad because after 1 hour and half of playing, I did not rage. Still don't have the feeling of a fixed connection, but in progress. I want to ask you guys something: noticed that when the game is searching for a lobby and puts me in one in wich I'm all alone and other players begin to enter till the lobby is full, this games plays really bad. Is much better when the game puts me in a lobby that it's almost full, or even the game is started. Do you feel the same?
  6. I haven’t payed so much atention. But I recognize that I have only played the firts day of season 2. That is mainly because I don’t like playing at nights (when I have most of the time) because the game makes me a little nervous and tense, mainly when connection is not good, and then it’s hard to get asleep
  7. I mean something to start with. I’ve never used any open software for routers and i would like to learn how to set it
  8. Oh yes, the Italian servers are worse than cats s**t! 😓 Any idea of how can I solve that rubber-banding issued?
  9. Today I've been playing a few matches on spanish Server and I was having a lot of ping peaks. My ping is under 30, and suddently it raises (just for a few seconds) to 100, 300, or even 999. when this occurs the game returns me to a point in wich I was two seconds before, etc. But I don´t know if this is due to the server, or is my Internet fault, because I'm doing nothing with the connection but playing. Antibufferbloat on, Quos on, etc, etc, etc. I was having a beautiful match in Rust, and the connection has begun to make peaks, and at the end the server kicked me out of the Game. I also have some questions. Now that I'm playing on PC, I can see all pings of the players, and despite having the lowest ping in the lobby, many time I'm "a second behind". Does this happens to any of you? @N3CR0 Where can I find a tutorial to set Open Wrt for Cod? Wich is the difference between Open-Wrt and DD-Wrt?
  10. I would like to know in wich type of NAT are you playing on. In my case I'm playing with moderate nat. No port forwarding, no Upnp, nothing at all. Seems that it-recog works best on moderate nat, but I was wondering if openning only port 3074 UDP will help with Caddy app
  11. So... when geophilter show this, what does it means? I was convinced it was a peer. It says “peer” there indeed :S
  12. Would be possible to add a feature that automatically only allows dedicated servers and reject peers? I think that we all prefer dedicated
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