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  1. Yes man, this is quite the same I said two monts ago in other topics. Why the hell, when you find a setting that makes miracles, only work for one or two matches? And then, never in life makes that magic again. It's quite annoying. I also believe that Activision has something to do in all of this, that the same game servers penalizes you somehow, whathever your connection is. There was a member of this forum (can´t remember who was) that make an experiment in wich he played in a new game account, and the game went "misteriously" smoothy and fixed. Something similar happenned to user @East. In "Traffic Prioritization Settings: Modern Warefare (BO4)" topic, page 22, he shows a game play in wich he changed his IP address and this gameplay was wonderfull. I also find it so misterious all well knowed youtubers who upload videos daily, and they always has the best connection you can imagine. Some might tell me that this people only shows his best matches, that when a game doesn´t go smooths, they quit... but even so, I only get that perfect connections once a month if I am lucky, and this people managed to get it every day. More over, we all have a friend who plays the game, and it's nearly always smooth to him, but we are breaking our brains trying to fix a connection that seems impossible to fix at all. That's the main reason why I think that there's any kind of discriminatory factor in connections and matchmaking beyond SBMM. Call it "lag compensation" or whathever you want. I created a topic talking about this a few months ago called "Has Activision a Blacklist?", because I almost think this. For example, this weekend the game got me out of my nerves due to server matchmaking. The game only put me in British servers, witch are, by far, the worst for my gameplay, and if I set my geophilter out of Britain, the game was not able to find a simple lobby in al around Europe, so I though "maybe if I block all british servers, I can force the game to find a server anywhere else", but I blocked one british server, and another, and another, and another... and not only the game did not find a lobby out of England, but there was no end to british servers. On the other hand, a spanish (like me) youtuber who uploads videos daily with a magical connection, once told that the game nearly always put him in Russian servers, but it takes a few minutes to find a game for him. Note: the few times I played in Russian servers, the game was so smooth. About reseting the router like @Squizz said, it don´t works for me. I'm more in the side of @Mobel. It's a total dissaster. Just want to share with you all results of today gameplay after resetting the router. They have been quite annoying and raging. Normally I would quit this kind of games inmediatly, but I stay just to show you how bad is my experience using Netduma, BB, geophilter, @RedBull2k app, and whathever comes in mind. There's no picture of the first game, but the result was 5-10. Of course, I'm not any pro, but man... is the first time that my k/d ratio has never been positive in a CoD game (actually 0,92, and decreasing). I don´t know what you think about this, but I wanted to share all this thoughts with you
  2. @blackfirehawk also believed that there was a huge problem with packet loss after testing with a connection manager program. He said that by douplicating the packets send and received through port 3074 he was getting good results. Maybe is related with your thoughts. I’ve been testing also for a while the same method, but I can not assure is working for me. Need to do further investigation, overall with the network settings. Is quite confusing setting them propperly and I don’t know if I’m doing right
  3. @RedBull2k Manual seems not working... or maybe I don't know how to make it work propperly. I should invest a little longer. The app crashes in Auto. I must be aware of deleting rules in every lobby change to avoid it crashing, because when the lobby change, if I hadn't deleted te previous rule, it shuts down
  4. The problem was not my gameplay, the problem was that the app crashes after 1 play. I’ve been testing for a while this morning and I think I’ve find the reason of crashes. Fortunately is Has easy solution. Everygame I play, the app creates a prio rule i dumaos. If I don’t delete this rule, the app doesn’t find any server on port 3075 at the next match, and then crashes. Just deleting this rule after every match the app continues working. Is helping me a lot in game. O ly one or two players in matches seems to be 1 second ahead of me, and hit registration is nearly perfect. Not enough words in the world to thank you for this @RedBull2k
  5. Somethings not right It has work for just 1 game, and I think it has stopped workind during the game (TDM in Shipment)because I started with a 5 death strike, and at the middle of the game, I was having insta deaths. At the next game it says "no server found on port 3075" and after a fer seconds (15-20 I guess) the app has closed itself. I've ran the app another time and the same: "no server found in port 3075" and it shuts down again. I've tried some more times, but always the same
  6. YEEAAHH!!!! IT'S WORKING!!! Thank you very much!!! I'll let you know how it works
  7. This message "no IP Address To Add"is showed for 2-3 seconds when I click "allow
  8. @RedBull2k, I have the same issue than @Squizz. It simply doesn´t found any server. I'm using your latest update of the app. Don´t know what else can I report. If there's any other way I could help, please tell me
  9. Not working for me too. I noticed that @Squizz, @N3CR0, and myself are playing on Xbox One, and none of them has been able to make the app work Maybe is because the plattform...
  10. That makes me wonder.... I use to have PC and Xbox on DHCP with static IP for each one. But when I connect Xbox through PC, Netduma does not recognize it, just like if I haven't got any console on, just the PC. I though that this was normal because they are only working with PC connection. Should I remove static IP for both?
  11. No, I'm not refering at the ports. I'll try to show you Firts right click on the ethernet port that is giving internet to our console. Then click on Propierties Look for ipv4 configuration and double click on it And finally, it will show you a window like this one. This is the configuration I'm looking for
  12. That's the reason why I would like to see your ipv4 config! Just wanna figure out what kind os setup I must copy to make it work
  13. @N3CR0 Have you been able to make SteelSeries work on Xbox propperly? I have acquired the Arctis Pro Wireless las Christmas. Some say that they are not working on Xbox one, but this is not what is says in its support webpage https://support.steelseries.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002135191-Setup-Xbox-Arctis-Pro-Wireless Actually this method is not working for me, and the only way to hear something with them is by connecting them at the jack audio of xbox gamepad, but it is not using the optical audio at all.
  14. If you have the chance, I would really appreciate if you post a picture of your ip config in your share settings of your PC 😊
  15. Yeah, I don´t mind at all Moderate NAT. I even like it! The problem is still with geophilter that is not working
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