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  1. Oh and A2AD....C2C7 with ip 173.199.65.some is Montreal,Qc while A4AD....C2C7 with ip 173.199.67.some is London,Uk So as you can see they almost look identical but are 2 different continent !!! Ok enough 😛... and sorry again for having to put that much infos... at least you can see that someone not getting paid is putting that much hours and efforts to sort out the cloud stuff for ya !!! 👽🍻✌
  2. What's up Alex !!! Hope ya doin good !!! I passed a lot of hours since Friday testing the cloud and found mislocated dedis but also other things !!! First i have a huge question... Have you done something on the cloud on Friday ??? I ask because i started recording my vid on how to everything and i found out that some magic happened in the day aka the dedis tickrate were always stables at higher than 120hz without having to do my stabilisation trick !!! I was amazed !!! I rebooted my xr500 8 times in a row...getting 8 different ips and same exact stability on every dedis !!! I then stopped the recording and enjoyed a bit more power than usual aka it was a bit more powerful vs when i have to Stabilise it !!! I tried while tv was comunicating on the 5ghz and pc was streaming and downloading simultaneously...2 ps4 hooked and playing simultaneously... on more than 30 different dedis and always stable at 120hz and up !!! The dream stopped on Sunday so some changes happened again on Sunday !!! So i found out that you can put or remove a location from your map !!! There is new locations but on your map they all mislocated and they can't appear at proper location until you add them on your map !!! The best example is the new MW location aka in Providence,Us !!! It is located at around 385km from Montreal,Qc so it's between Montreal and New Jersey !!! I found 4 different batch in that new location and only one dedis of the four batch appear at New Jersey location !!! It's not the proper physical location as like i explained its between Montreal and New Jersey so it should appear alone between them and not at New Jersey... but at least i can connect to it once in a while !!! All the others Providence,Us dedis appear at the only Australia location but they don't always show in Filtering !!! I had to put in spectating to ping and search all of them !!! (Ps: i just saw a post where you also see it on the guy pictures he posted...you see he is hooked on New Jersey dedis...you see his two teamates on the left of NJ....and on the right side of the map you see the Providence,Us dedis showing at exact Australia location !!!) Second thing... its really rare but i happened to see an Ontario Canada dedis poppin... i successfully ping it this morning and took screenshots of it... it's a London,UK dedis showing in Ontario,Ca extremely rare but i knew i wasn't that much insane 😂😂😂 !!! Third thing... i happened to test all 6 dedis locations for NFS Heat !!! First i'm convinced that there is locations missing like Canadian dedis !!! Second thing is.... your cloud so break our experience with that game but also the game itself is breaking itself !!! The game itself is because even without geo filter it doesn't manage online properly aka it try to put you in faaaaar away dedis instead of the closest one !!! Also they only use shitty amazonaws dedis and they are so unstable !!! I almost forgot...their shitty dedis only run at max 45hz !!! Not only that...they don't do like everybody else aka getting a batch of dedis at each locations (giving the same begin and ending ids also as the same first3batch of ip adresses...confirming the same physical location of thoses dedis) nope instead they stupidly have over 20 exact same physical location dedis with different ids and ips !!! The cloud is... it won't put you on Allowed dedis aka i passed 4 consecutives hours just restarting the game and pinging dedis allowing and denying ect because the online experience is horrible !!! Well even after Allowing over 20 different same location dedis... the cloud won't show them anymore and won't make you play on them !!! It still try to put me on Brazil(144ms) or Portland,Us(85ms) instead of the closest NA East dedis located in Virginia,Us(21ms) and even if i Allowed over 20 different dedis and confirmed all of them real world locations !!! I found out that NFS Heat use...this part is complex to explain... 2 different batch of dedis... first batch is to locate the player and second batch are for playing online !!! At first it doesnt look like a problem right ??? Ah ah ah check this... only on the first batch aka when you start and enter the game... manual ping the locations... i ping Brazil at 8ms and 16ms... well if i select online multiplayer it will then put me on Second batch of dedis aka the playable dedis...the same Brazil dedis ping at.... 144ms... all of them for playing but not the first batch aka the detection ones !!! Same on 6 locations !!! So that's why it try to put me on Brazil dedis to race because it thinks that all Brazil dedis would ping the same as the detection dedis...but it's not the case !!! Same thing on NFS than on COD MW.... the Allowed dedis never pop or extremely rare !!! It mostly takes a couple of game restarts to be able to play...why that...because even if you Allowed over 20 dedis with decent pings... even if they in your radius... the games don't see them like they should so we rarely play on the Allowed dedis !!! I also found weird other things... Like some dedis showing up only once in a while !!! On every games !!! Like i said i saw Ontario couple of times but never succeeded in gettin it...until this mornin...but...right after i saw it (already after so many game restarts) i had to restart MW 9 times in a row to finaly see it again !!! This is the London,UK showin in Ontario... and i found out why it's detected in Ontario,Ca... your cloud use a not good and up to date database of geolocations !!! As you'll see on one of the pics i'll add here...not long ago it was an ip in Ontario but now is in London,Uk !!! I found a lot of dedis not showing on proper locations and being wrongly detected by not updated databases !!! Some dedis are hard to find sometimes because if you only have one of the same batch then you can't confirm it's location....but when you have more than 3 same location dedis with same begin and ending of ids and same first 3batch of ips...then you can confirm their locations also as which databases seems to be the more accurate !!! Sadly none of the databases are perfectly accurate so there always will be wrong located dedis...but if you use the databases that are more often accurate than others...then the cloud will be way less messed up !!! As i've mentionned so many time (first and only exception to date for me is NFS Heat with shitty amazon dedis) all same location dedis should have the same 4 first digits and same 4 last digits !!! They also all have the same first 3 batch of ip adresses...only the 4th batch of ips change...yes like a router only change the last batch of ip of every hooked devices !!! That's really the optimal way of finding same location dedis and where they really supposed to be located on the map !!! I do that on a daily basis since 4 years now and still work the same as today !!! Take a deep look at my pics.... i took like 9 consecutives hours in the night of Friday to Saturday just to clean find fix locate ect every dedis for both MW and NFS Heat !!! Also after i took all pics i refreshed the page and everthing is messed up aka nothing stays like i putted them aka dedis don't stay in numeric order or alphanumeric order...there is no understandable logic in how it work...but lucky you i found that a while ago so i managed to screenshots all batch of dedis before it messed up 😎😉 !!! As you will see... every same location COD dedis have the exact infos i told aka first 4 and last same digits and first 3 batch of ips !!! Also as you'll see... and its another reason why i can confirmed that someone have really removed some locations from the map... Plus it's also the reason why i don't accept the idea that COD have removed Canadian dedis and know it's netduma cloud related... Montreal,Qc COD WW2 have 3 dedis and they still runs !!! So nobody can tell me that they would let Montreal dedis run on 2years old WW2 while they removed them from BO4 and MW only !!! That doesn't make any sens as they would still pay for these dedis running a dead game instead of using them on the latest game they made !!! Anyways you will see that they still runs and all have same infos over 2 years later !!! So that also confirm that they have been removed only in netduma's cloud and why we now have Montreal people showing in water (by the way its not under south africa...its directly on the Equator line in the water on the left of South Africa) or home location set in Montreal moving away like there is no Montreal anymore !!! At least without getting again in the details... in past like in WW2 betas or BO4 betas we were able to play on new dedis for the new game but also on previous CODs dedis... so is that feasible again ??? Like can you at least take the 3 available Montreal,Qc COD dedis and make them available to play on MW ??? I found a lot of unpignabled dedis on the map...in USA and UK mostly but everywhere on the map !!! Like you can select it and wait for an hour and it will still never ping...select another one and it takes less than 9seconds to ping (as long as still active) !!! So you should do like i did and simply start MW and trying to ping them all...ya'll find the not pinging ones easily !!! I happened in last 3 days to find a lot of uk dedis everywhere on the map !!! And of course they don't always show up sadly !!! Exactly like the new batch of COD dedis located in Providence,Us with 99% of them showing in Australia location when in spectating mode !!! So normaly if you simply find all dedis with same 4 first and last id digits and starting with same first 3 batch of ips...they will all ping the same and from there you can search where they really go !!! That's what i did so start with that it will ease up things and ya'll find the way to put the majority to their proper locations !!! Because when you confirm the ids and ips... i think you then only have to tell your cloud where they go on the map and add new physical locations if needed like now in MW with new physical dedis location in Providence,Us !!! You already know but... i'm in Longueuil,Qc aka south side of Montreal,Qc Base ping... 7ms Always COD or NFS !!! I ping: Montreal 7-8ms New Jersey 18-21ms Portland 85ms Brazil 144ms UK 105-120ms New Providence,Us dedis at 15-16ms (all of them aka the only one of the 3rd batch showing in New Jersey and all others showing in Australia) Australia South Korea ect +165ms Rest of settings really dont matter as i've tested with every settings to confirm things !!! By the way i still confirm that ping assist don't work !!! And since Sunday i have better gaming sessions when share excesses are enabled vs before Sunday.... BUTT 😂.... still play more flawlessly while both share excess are disabled !!! Keep up the good work Alex !!! Yes you can !!! 👽🍻✌
  3. Oh shit...sorry to hear that man !!! I started to rec a vid on Friday but as a huge surprise the dedis where all stables at 120hz and up without doing anything 😮 so i stopped the recording after starting the game and finding the new stable tickrates and being amazed !!! Sadly some changes happened Friday and triggered the tickrates stability by itself...and Sunday other changes happened and boom no more automatic full stability 😱😞😞😞... so i'll do the video today !!! I also passed over 15hours strictly on cloud problems and dedis for MW and NFS Heat and i had to finish confirming my findings to be able to help Alex fixing the cloud before doing the video because i'll show that it work and then i'll factory reset live in the vid...then i'll setup and test while trying to not forget any infos 😂 !!! And sorry because i need time to help my health sometimes so i try to remove stress and lessons at those times !!! Even live i did log in just to post the cloud infos for Alex and i saw stuff i couldn't resist to jump in 😛 so i'll do the cloud post and take a look at my messages and notifications... if you think you just miss 1 or 2 lil adjustments then ask me by message please and i'll try to answer fastest as i can !!! 👽🍻✌
  4. Alex is right !!! Download is what happen in game and upload is what You do in game !!! So download reports all the lobby while upload reports only what You do !!! Now the reason why you are a step behind... do you use Auto Ping and do you look at Auto Ping stats while playing ??? Do you manage your duma os via wifi or via Lan ??? You need to manage Duma Os via wifi 2.4ghz like a phone...tablet or laptop !!! Use a web browser like chrome to access and manage your duma os !!! While in a game you want to look at Auto Ping stats on geo filter page !!! So you need to enable auto ping !!! First thing that matter is Tickrate and second thing is Ping !!! So first you want to look at both tickrate... they have to always be at minimum 120hz and bouncing upper like to 180hz 200hz but never down !!! If you see both tickrates going down at 60hz then you are unstable so you'll have to stabilise your duma os router !!! I have explained how to do on other posts and i'll do a video today showing and explaining everything (i started to rec the video on Friday but somethin weird happened so i stopped it...but now everything is like it was before Friday so i'll do it today) and i'll upload it here on the forum !!! After you confirmed that your tickrates are stable at higher than 120hz...the second thing is the Ping...so from there you'll have to find the best dedis location near you !!! All that is done by manually pinging desired dedis when you start MW... to do that you need to disable auto ping.... then you start the game you want and enter it so it will make detection of available dedis for that game...then press on one of the dedis or fake peer showing on the map (closest to you is the best normaly) and ping as many dedis location you want (by always restarting the game after each ping detection) until you find the best or bests dedis available near you !!! Then adjust your radius to only cover the dedis locations you want... restart your router still via duma os control panel...then start the console and game....enjoy !!! Always take a look at duma os auto ping stats on wifi 2.4ghz while you play to confirm that tickrates stay higher than 120hz and that you still on the desired dedis by confirming with ping (like if you choose only one dedis location and you ping them at 3ms...well each properly located dedis there would ping at the same 3ms...so if you happen to fall on a mislocated dedis at that location...pinging higher than 3ms then that would confirm it's a mislocated dedis !!!) from there you would only have to deny it and screenshot it so you'll be able to report it here on the proper section of the forum !!! 👽🍻✌
  5. There have been an update on chrome mobile days ago and things are fucked up since then with Duma Os... don't worry it's Google chrome problem !!! Missing json appears after the browser felt asleep... just refresh the page or close chrome and open it again !!!
  6. And flushed cloud again today and now seeing way more mislocated dedis on New Jersey only as its the closest for us...so only in NJ there is a lot of new ids and ips...at higher than 20ms while NJ pings between 13 to 18ms... average 15-17ms !!!
  7. You welcome but as you stated my Dedication to techs...gaming and definitly to Netduma and the Army is Extreme !!! I already do way too much and i only start to get recognized and thanked as a real... let's say Helpful Man !!! I'm not complaining but it take hours just to write everything in second language plus finding new ways to explain things so everbody can understand how things works so they finaly can enjoy flawless gaming sessions too...just like i do on a daily basis...!!! I gave a gigantic amount of infos but it never helped since i wasn't recognised and that affected me negatively since i do everthing just to help team Netduma and the Army... with proofs...explanations...and even sharing every tricks i find that give real advantage over everything !!! All that after i pass gigantic amount of hours messing with settings and steps on how to and ect... it's what you can call Passion !!! Sadly for now i want to enjoy my gaming sessions and for that but also for All COD community since everybody suffers from a lot of problems like unstable COD dedis bouncing by 10ms on stable lines...well for that i have to continue fighting against Activishit alone like Pac so it's Me against the world right now !!! I fight hard with proofs so they'll finaly understand what really affect us negatively so they'll be able to fix !!! Things like the fact they removed Canadian dedis days after BO4 launch...in fact it happen at the exact same time you guys made changes in cloud after UK guys complaining against our Montreal,Qc dedis....since then the previous COD games all still run Canadian dedis but not BO4 anymore and now not MW !!! That's really weird as if they would remove Canadian dedis...they would remove them on every COD...especially old versions like WW2...well WW2 still runs at 7ms on Montreal,Qc dedis !!! So is it really Activishit that have remove Canadian dedis knowing that they been there since the begining of COD and still are there on old CODs ??? Or is it sadly an impact of the changes you guys made days after BO4 launch....causing my home location to move away from Montreal like there's no Montreal anymore ??? Fuckin huge dilemna and questions...right 😁 !!! But there is a problem and sadly i'm alone to fight against everybody... now it seems that the fight necessity with Netduma is ended so it will start to move foward in a positive way and that may give me more free time to enjoy gaming instead of everything i have to do for myself and the Army plus Netduma team !!! As you saw my dilemna...you surely understood and made the link as to why i'm asking you to reset or change the map ...as it would be the first basic thing to do to first confirm if things goes better for most people and after that to confirm if they really removed Canadian dedis like Montreal,Qc aka the City of Cinema (that's why you often see Quebec in movies generic like in almost, if not, every Marvel movies) aka we big players in a lot of domains so that don't make any sens (just like the fact WW2 and previous CODs still run Canadian dedis) so from there our home location would stay at exact same spot we set it and i would have more proofs to fight against them so they'll bring us back our COD Canadian dedis !!! As soon as the geo filter map will be fixed so my home location doesnt move away from Montreal... i'll do further tests to still help you the team and the army and also i'll share mislocated dedis where you want !!! Till then i'll just focus on regaining health as i won health fights but i actually have other health fight and that takes a lot of energy...without talkin the energy i put here and everywhere so it can help huge amount of people on earth !!! Hope you guys understand...if not it's sad but it's now been over a year since i'm sad after the changes Netduma made on map/cloud because that negatively impact us here on a daily basis ... so im also dealing with daily deceptions !!! That's why i try to figure every causes possible for theses problems... and as always i don't want to blame anybody at all... just want things to help you team Netduma fixing the lil problems that cause us gamers huge problems !!! Sorry again a long text... i have to let pressure go away now...im fuckin exhausted 😞... Oh and yesterday i talked here about ping stats not showing on duma os...after it was back and i also told it... well it always do it.... if lucky i'll get it for a match...comolete match...but since they kick us out of lobbies after match...well the ping disapear and hardly come back even with pc mode On Off and reboots and cookies clearing ect ect ect and tested it on 2 browsers and same behaviour so not sure it's a browser related problem.... Its geo filter or game online !!! Take care... Peace !! 👽🍻✌
  8. I just post an answer for you while you were doin this one ah ah ah nice coincidence i made it homie !!! Enjoy !!!
  9. By lowering both slidders guys you lower your total line bandwith so every devices will suffer from that and that will cause instability issues on your setup !!! Let the max bandwith available after finetuning like i explained... then reset both share and lower only console bandwith... LOWER not higher !!! On both download and upload and save both independently since that's how it works....like if you change bandwith download to ps4 and then just switch to upload to change bandwith to ps4 and then save while on upload tab.... you just saved the upload so even if you set download at 1kbps on ps4 it will still give you the previous download bandwith in speedtest !!! So save download then switch to upload...set console bandwith and again save !!! I also always refresh webpage after changing settings so it apply properly or if not then i know it right away so i can aplly the setting i didn't applied properly before the refresh !!! Sometimes that happen with both OG Os and Duma Os...you do a setting you save but it don't apply properly so you don't enjoy what you supposed to enjoy !!! You always want to confirm that changes have applied properly... wich is why i always remember everybody to reboot devices often so it clears old shits and properly apply new changes !!! 👽🍻✌
  10. Read my last answer... you do it wrong !!! Sliders at 70 70... reset both share and only lower both bandwith you allow to only your console... your console can be open in the network settings to test after each time you apply both share settings you made !!! And keep both share excess disabled !!! 👽🍻✌
  11. No you can't do the trick on R1 as R1 is already stable and don't need anything to be stable !!! Also the R1 don't have 5ghz wifi...only 2.4ghz !!! Keep in mind that...like i explained... the difference between R1 and XRseries is that maximum tickrate the R1 handle as stable is around 100hz while the XRseries handle over 120hz when stabilised !!! I succeeded in stabilising the R1 for over a minute at 120hz and it was even more perfect ingame !!! So yes you can play around with same mentality that my tricks but i didn't had enough time to do more tests !!! Aright guys i'll say it again... Throtle : To throtle your line you want to lower the console bandwith to minimum possible aka 150kbps on both download and upload !!! You have to understand that... We started throtling years ago with OG Os on R1 !!! The "hyperlane" now called Traffic Prioritization (you welcomed) was perfect and wasn't interfering with other settings...so that means you are able to properly set console bandwith to get around 300kbps ingame bandwith in every COD !!! At that time it was freakin flawless !!! But things have changed a lot with Duma Os so now we can't do that anymore.... Except if... 😁... you disable "hyperlane" aka Traffic Prioritisation by removing your manualy set console and ofcourse keep dumaos classified games disabled !!! 😉🍻 That's because now the Traffic prioritisation aka "hyperlane" affect other settings aka it bypass qos sliders so it always will give you the bandwith the game needs aka COD need around 4117-4118kbps aka 4mb !!! So whatever where you put your sliders you'll always get 4mb ingame !!! Everything i say you guys can test 😎 and ya'll see !!! I tried it days ago and it was flawless for a minute or two then it became unstable...reason is that since you need to disable device prio aka hyperlane then every device on network can comunicate before your console or at same time so it cause issues like latency spikes...lags ect !!! So trust me when i say... It's best with the settings i use and shared !!! But i do want you guys to test it as like always it might work better for someone on earth... and even if it only work for couple of dudes then i'll be happy since they'll also enjoy better gaming sessions than what they deal with right now !!! 🍻 If you do it... Put both sliders at 70 !!! Then lower only your console...nothing else !!! Do speedtests till your console gets around 300kbps !!! As always you have to Disable Both Share Excess before starting the game and better if before starting console !!! Don't change these settings while ingame and if you do then restart console !!! You don't want the game to think different than the console aka console think there is 50mbs bandwith then you throttle and start the game so the game think you have only 1mbs bandwith !!! All things i share is for Real Optimal Stability and Performance guys...nothin more nothin less !!! If both console and game think the same then you removed this as a cause for the multitude of problems you may encounter !!! Test and give your feedbacks guys !!! Take care... Peeeaace !!! Oh i almost forgot... last night was playin very good but now it plays like shit.... dedis ping bounce by 10ms so that's Angrily Unstable !!! Don't blame yourselves 😉 !!! And also about me raising +2 last night... i was seeing weird shits so i took my controller and played couple of match...yep MW as always... and i lowered it to what it was aka 78/98 !!! It's better a bit less but flawless registrations vs a bit more easily registrations added with weird shits sometimes 😉 !!! Aright enough i'm done... Peeeaace !!! 👽🍻✌
  12. Guys i had to adjust sliders again... tried lowering upload but not effective so came back to 98 and then played with download... had to raise it a bit so +2 !!! So now my download is at 80 and Upload is at 98 !!! So if you found a sweet spot you might want to test a lil +2 or two 😉 !!! Aright enjoy 👽🍻✌
  13. Weird... i did disabled pc mode from chrome browser...then re erase cookies...start again and boom now ping is showing !!! I also retried enabling pc mode and it now show ping...but after 2-3 seconds !!! So it might be a browser problem except if someone else have ping not showing or if it start again to not show..on my side !!! Other problems i mentionned are still there still 😂😂😂 ah ah ah 👽🍻✌
  14. Modern Warfare... i always talk about COD 😂 and when i don't it's Need 4 Speed... and i'll specify 😂 since soon Heat is commin !!! I share some gameplays sometimes on twitter and youtube... both DMC51450 !!! But right now it's my girl playin since i take time for our Army 😁😉 !!! I'll let her a couple of match to set herself with the new gameplay feel and maybe we'll share some... but if not...tomorow we'll bring second setup and we'll play so for sure i'll share some vids of it !!!
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