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  1. And flushed cloud again today and now seeing way more mislocated dedis on New Jersey only as its the closest for us...so only in NJ there is a lot of new ids and ips...at higher than 20ms while NJ pings between 13 to 18ms... average 15-17ms !!!
  2. You welcome but as you stated my Dedication to techs...gaming and definitly to Netduma and the Army is Extreme !!! I already do way too much and i only start to get recognized and thanked as a real... let's say Helpful Man !!! I'm not complaining but it take hours just to write everything in second language plus finding new ways to explain things so everbody can understand how things works so they finaly can enjoy flawless gaming sessions too...just like i do on a daily basis...!!! I gave a gigantic amount of infos but it never helped since i wasn't recognised and that affected me negatively since i do everthing just to help team Netduma and the Army... with proofs...explanations...and even sharing every tricks i find that give real advantage over everything !!! All that after i pass gigantic amount of hours messing with settings and steps on how to and ect... it's what you can call Passion !!! Sadly for now i want to enjoy my gaming sessions and for that but also for All COD community since everybody suffers from a lot of problems like unstable COD dedis bouncing by 10ms on stable lines...well for that i have to continue fighting against Activishit alone like Pac so it's Me against the world right now !!! I fight hard with proofs so they'll finaly understand what really affect us negatively so they'll be able to fix !!! Things like the fact they removed Canadian dedis days after BO4 launch...in fact it happen at the exact same time you guys made changes in cloud after UK guys complaining against our Montreal,Qc dedis....since then the previous COD games all still run Canadian dedis but not BO4 anymore and now not MW !!! That's really weird as if they would remove Canadian dedis...they would remove them on every COD...especially old versions like WW2...well WW2 still runs at 7ms on Montreal,Qc dedis !!! So is it really Activishit that have remove Canadian dedis knowing that they been there since the begining of COD and still are there on old CODs ??? Or is it sadly an impact of the changes you guys made days after BO4 launch....causing my home location to move away from Montreal like there's no Montreal anymore ??? Fuckin huge dilemna and questions...right 😁 !!! But there is a problem and sadly i'm alone to fight against everybody... now it seems that the fight necessity with Netduma is ended so it will start to move foward in a positive way and that may give me more free time to enjoy gaming instead of everything i have to do for myself and the Army plus Netduma team !!! As you saw my dilemna...you surely understood and made the link as to why i'm asking you to reset or change the map ...as it would be the first basic thing to do to first confirm if things goes better for most people and after that to confirm if they really removed Canadian dedis like Montreal,Qc aka the City of Cinema (that's why you often see Quebec in movies generic like in almost, if not, every Marvel movies) aka we big players in a lot of domains so that don't make any sens (just like the fact WW2 and previous CODs still run Canadian dedis) so from there our home location would stay at exact same spot we set it and i would have more proofs to fight against them so they'll bring us back our COD Canadian dedis !!! As soon as the geo filter map will be fixed so my home location doesnt move away from Montreal... i'll do further tests to still help you the team and the army and also i'll share mislocated dedis where you want !!! Till then i'll just focus on regaining health as i won health fights but i actually have other health fight and that takes a lot of energy...without talkin the energy i put here and everywhere so it can help huge amount of people on earth !!! Hope you guys understand...if not it's sad but it's now been over a year since i'm sad after the changes Netduma made on map/cloud because that negatively impact us here on a daily basis ... so im also dealing with daily deceptions !!! That's why i try to figure every causes possible for theses problems... and as always i don't want to blame anybody at all... just want things to help you team Netduma fixing the lil problems that cause us gamers huge problems !!! Sorry again a long text... i have to let pressure go away now...im fuckin exhausted 😞... Oh and yesterday i talked here about ping stats not showing on duma os...after it was back and i also told it... well it always do it.... if lucky i'll get it for a match...comolete match...but since they kick us out of lobbies after match...well the ping disapear and hardly come back even with pc mode On Off and reboots and cookies clearing ect ect ect and tested it on 2 browsers and same behaviour so not sure it's a browser related problem.... Its geo filter or game online !!! Take care... Peace !! 👽🍻✌
  3. I just post an answer for you while you were doin this one ah ah ah nice coincidence i made it homie !!! Enjoy !!!
  4. By lowering both slidders guys you lower your total line bandwith so every devices will suffer from that and that will cause instability issues on your setup !!! Let the max bandwith available after finetuning like i explained... then reset both share and lower only console bandwith... LOWER not higher !!! On both download and upload and save both independently since that's how it works....like if you change bandwith download to ps4 and then just switch to upload to change bandwith to ps4 and then save while on upload tab.... you just saved the upload so even if you set download at 1kbps on ps4 it will still give you the previous download bandwith in speedtest !!! So save download then switch to upload...set console bandwith and again save !!! I also always refresh webpage after changing settings so it apply properly or if not then i know it right away so i can aplly the setting i didn't applied properly before the refresh !!! Sometimes that happen with both OG Os and Duma Os...you do a setting you save but it don't apply properly so you don't enjoy what you supposed to enjoy !!! You always want to confirm that changes have applied properly... wich is why i always remember everybody to reboot devices often so it clears old shits and properly apply new changes !!! 👽🍻✌
  5. Read my last answer... you do it wrong !!! Sliders at 70 70... reset both share and only lower both bandwith you allow to only your console... your console can be open in the network settings to test after each time you apply both share settings you made !!! And keep both share excess disabled !!! 👽🍻✌
  6. No you can't do the trick on R1 as R1 is already stable and don't need anything to be stable !!! Also the R1 don't have 5ghz wifi...only 2.4ghz !!! Keep in mind that...like i explained... the difference between R1 and XRseries is that maximum tickrate the R1 handle as stable is around 100hz while the XRseries handle over 120hz when stabilised !!! I succeeded in stabilising the R1 for over a minute at 120hz and it was even more perfect ingame !!! So yes you can play around with same mentality that my tricks but i didn't had enough time to do more tests !!! Aright guys i'll say it again... Throtle : To throtle your line you want to lower the console bandwith to minimum possible aka 150kbps on both download and upload !!! You have to understand that... We started throtling years ago with OG Os on R1 !!! The "hyperlane" now called Traffic Prioritization (you welcomed) was perfect and wasn't interfering with other settings...so that means you are able to properly set console bandwith to get around 300kbps ingame bandwith in every COD !!! At that time it was freakin flawless !!! But things have changed a lot with Duma Os so now we can't do that anymore.... Except if... 😁... you disable "hyperlane" aka Traffic Prioritisation by removing your manualy set console and ofcourse keep dumaos classified games disabled !!! 😉🍻 That's because now the Traffic prioritisation aka "hyperlane" affect other settings aka it bypass qos sliders so it always will give you the bandwith the game needs aka COD need around 4117-4118kbps aka 4mb !!! So whatever where you put your sliders you'll always get 4mb ingame !!! Everything i say you guys can test 😎 and ya'll see !!! I tried it days ago and it was flawless for a minute or two then it became unstable...reason is that since you need to disable device prio aka hyperlane then every device on network can comunicate before your console or at same time so it cause issues like latency spikes...lags ect !!! So trust me when i say... It's best with the settings i use and shared !!! But i do want you guys to test it as like always it might work better for someone on earth... and even if it only work for couple of dudes then i'll be happy since they'll also enjoy better gaming sessions than what they deal with right now !!! 🍻 If you do it... Put both sliders at 70 !!! Then lower only your console...nothing else !!! Do speedtests till your console gets around 300kbps !!! As always you have to Disable Both Share Excess before starting the game and better if before starting console !!! Don't change these settings while ingame and if you do then restart console !!! You don't want the game to think different than the console aka console think there is 50mbs bandwith then you throttle and start the game so the game think you have only 1mbs bandwith !!! All things i share is for Real Optimal Stability and Performance guys...nothin more nothin less !!! If both console and game think the same then you removed this as a cause for the multitude of problems you may encounter !!! Test and give your feedbacks guys !!! Take care... Peeeaace !!! Oh i almost forgot... last night was playin very good but now it plays like shit.... dedis ping bounce by 10ms so that's Angrily Unstable !!! Don't blame yourselves 😉 !!! And also about me raising +2 last night... i was seeing weird shits so i took my controller and played couple of match...yep MW as always... and i lowered it to what it was aka 78/98 !!! It's better a bit less but flawless registrations vs a bit more easily registrations added with weird shits sometimes 😉 !!! Aright enough i'm done... Peeeaace !!! 👽🍻✌
  7. Guys i had to adjust sliders again... tried lowering upload but not effective so came back to 98 and then played with download... had to raise it a bit so +2 !!! So now my download is at 80 and Upload is at 98 !!! So if you found a sweet spot you might want to test a lil +2 or two 😉 !!! Aright enjoy 👽🍻✌
  8. Weird... i did disabled pc mode from chrome browser...then re erase cookies...start again and boom now ping is showing !!! I also retried enabling pc mode and it now show ping...but after 2-3 seconds !!! So it might be a browser problem except if someone else have ping not showing or if it start again to not show..on my side !!! Other problems i mentionned are still there still 😂😂😂 ah ah ah 👽🍻✌
  9. Modern Warfare... i always talk about COD 😂 and when i don't it's Need 4 Speed... and i'll specify 😂 since soon Heat is commin !!! I share some gameplays sometimes on twitter and youtube... both DMC51450 !!! But right now it's my girl playin since i take time for our Army 😁😉 !!! I'll let her a couple of match to set herself with the new gameplay feel and maybe we'll share some... but if not...tomorow we'll bring second setup and we'll play so for sure i'll share some vids of it !!!
  10. Dawm... i took a look ingame... 1120ms !!! Even if only 112ms and forgot i explain that every same location have the same ids and ips... well it still means that it's not a New Jersey dedis so is Mislocated 😛 here is another screenshot but not of ingame since my phone felt in water and camera stopped working 😂
  11. Oh and Fraser or team Netduma ... it been 2 days since auto ping have problem showing ping of dedis... it shows tickrates etc but just no ping is showing... even the word ping beside the numbers is not there...like all the Ping line is not showing on XR500 !!! I just took a screenshot for you as of live... 👽🍻✌
  12. OMG guyyys they updated ingame today and wow it feels real flawless right now 😍 when stabilised 😋 !!! 👽🍻Have fun... Peeeaace !!!
  13. Oh homie i almost forgot... even if your router would already be stable... the 3 factory resets will elevate your router to the state it was meant to be !!! Like i said for XR500 you want the .40hotfix...it's THE best for XR500 yet !!! For XR700 i can't say... but if you follow my thinking you'll easily find out if the firmware is stable or not and if you ain't sure but totally want to be sure...then 3 factorey resets and only downgrade to previous firmware...3 more factory resets and set everything ....then test with 5ghz trick ect !!! After a day or two playing while stable...then you can upgrade followed by 3 factory resets and then set everything ect !!! As always... ALWAYS upgrade/downgrade firmwares via LAN cable !!! Peeeaace !!!
  14. AWESOME !!! Good job Ghost !!! Fuckin proud of you and thanks for confirming it work like i said since a while now 😛 i really appreciate as it will also help others doing the proper things and understanding things the proper way so they'll also start to fully enjoy their gaming sessions from there on !!! Aright so from there... first thing would be to find the best dedis location possible... but to do that i suggest you use BO4 as it's more stable compared to MW right now... MW will become good real soon...till then go in example BO4 and find the lowest ping dedis around you...normally the closest one should be the best !!! To do that disable auto ping so ya'll be able to manualy ping them... once you find it... lower your radius so it only cover that choosed dedis... now close console and other devices..enable auto ping and.reboot router !!! Start everything again and console...start BO4 again and make your 5ghz device communicate...disconnect it... now search match and while in match you'll finetune your upload by increments of 2 so 72 74 76 78.... until every bullets flawlessly register... but even a bit more than flawlessly register like if at 94 it's perfect... try a bit more... if too much it will act the same as not enough...like sometimes it won't register properly !!! When it happen you know you crossed the limit so come back !!! Like i played BO4 at 76/94 for months until i had to finetune again...but at that time... if i raised to 76/96 then not a lot of time but sometimes bullets wouldn't register properly so was killed weird way... so 94 was the max but was also flawless at 92...90 was not enough and was acting like at 96 !!! And then things changed so i had to finetune again after factory resets and downgrade/upgrade of both AIO + XR500 😛 so i started at 70/70 again and raised by +2 until my now 78/98 !!! If i happen to find out after an update of the game or even ingame...then i'll finetune by lowering until a find the new best spot !!! In my early days i was incrementing/decreasing by 5 but it's not enough so by +2 you'll hit the right spot... and like i said once you find the perfect spot...after updates the perfect spot will still be around the one right now so no worries and no need to always start from 70... only start from 70 the first time after a factory reset !!! So now every bullets register flawlessly since your router is Stabilised 😛 so you'll raise your download... download affect lower body so you will feel lighter and run lighter... you want the download to allow you to fly between bullets like left right while shooting them and being the survivor one !!! So it really takes less than upload... on my second setup...the 1ms ftth 1,5gb/1gb is set at 70/70 on the R1 !!! My main 7ms vdsl2 fttn 50mb/10mb run by XR500 is at 78/98 !!! So depending on a lot of lil things... everybody just have to finetune by +2/-2 like i said until the perfect spot is found !!! If you raise download too high it will negatively impact your upload so really start at 70 and raise depending of your line's bandwith like i can raise my main setup but the second setup will have to be lowered to finetune it like my XR500 !!! From there i can almost ''say'' that if you have 1gb/1gb and up you should start to lower from 70/70 😛 but then again i would really recommend everybody to raise from 70 until maximum 98... if not good get back at 70 and lower if you feel you can get more from your line... but as soon as every bullets register(UPLOAD) and you can fly between bullets(DOWNLOAD) more often than dying from the enemy ...well you ARE already enjoying flawless gaming !!! MASTER BRAINIAC trick: I can finetune only by looking at the game !!! So ask someone that is good to play while you finetune if you see that person shoot first die first then raise Upload or lower a bit if near 98 !!! From there you'll finetune the download a bit... like you ask the person who play how it feels when changing settings... you want them to feel lighter while running and then like i said you want them winning almost every gunfight like if flying between bullets !!! Once it's done try it yourself... trick #2 : if from there You want the very best spot... look and or screenshot to keep the sliders setting... then set both at 70 and play a minute or two...then raise them directly to the previously settings you made and from there raise a bit and lower a bit on both sliders...but not at same time as you won't feel the direct effect of each individual settings !!! You do that until you find it flawless for you !!! After that it will always stay at the same settings and like i said if an update change how a game react online...then just increment or decrement until you find the new best spot...again by +2 or -2 but it will be really close to the previous best spot !!! trick #3 : Already mentioned this too but first is to disable both share excess to always have the more stable gaming sessions... but you should also find the best dns from your isp !!! Like every isp give at least 2 dns servers... 1 of them will perform a bit better than the other !!! To test them you need to write them on a paper or take a pic or a screemshot of them... then select manual via router... enter the same for both and save...after save you reboot router still from the duma os panel !!! Now you can use any of your devices to open a web browser and go on ipleak.net and see... you supposed to see only one dns server there...if not it means you didn't saved or your modem/AIO is wrongly set so it bypass your router(if that's your case just read earlier answers i made in this same post where i explain how to set Aio properly ...) !!! Dns servers should always be managed via router... if you set both the same then save and reboot then ipleak.net you only should see the one you manualy set in duma os !!! So if you properly set everything and now confirm only one dns via ipleak.net .... then start console and game... 5ghz stabilisation trick... play 2-3 match... close console...change both dns in duma os...save and reboot...confirm and then start console and game...5ghz trick...play 2-3 games !!!! With the same settings everywhere else you will feel the difference... if no difference at all is perceived (i would be extremely surprised but that can happen) then you have choice of wich one you want to use !!! But i don't recommend having more than one dns server for gaming as it may change between 2 match so it won't react the same even on the same exact dedis you were playing on !!! THat's it for now...(like if it wasn't enough 😛 ah ah ah ) Ah and me too i want to know what device you used on the 5ghz 😛 Peeeaace !!!
  15. Wow !!! CONGRATS FRASER !!! You fuckin grown up and i'm proud of you !!! Yes i'm really proud of you !!! You aknowledge while never you did it before so Huuuuge Big up to you man !!! Aright so now you understood properly...take notes that i did understand the same things and that's what i explain everywhere !!! The mislocated ones is not important that much if the majority of proper location dedis are showing at their proper location... so that let us enjoy a batch of already properly located dedis so the fact that a lil new batch for that location is somewhere else then doesn't matter since we still can play without big waiting times !!! So that's why i told you we don't care if it takes time for mislocated ones appear to proper location...but as soon as the rest is top notch at their respective locations !!! So that means that in our case here in Montreal,Qc we are missing a chunk and like i explained Fraser it's not just because some dedis pop in water under South Africa.... it's also and definitly confirmed by the fact that just before you did the big changes after some UK dudes have complaints against our Montreal dedis (they wasnt even supposed to complaint on dedis far away from them but anyways) then from there i continued makin factory resets like on a monthly basis at least... so right after i saw missing dedis from Montreal...i then did it again...factory reset and set everything again.... Boom thats the first time it happen and still happen till today after way over 100 proper factory resets ect so that clearly confirm a chunk is missing cause if not my location would stay at the same place like before and i also tested it a bit further on the map... would you really be surprised if i tell you my location don't change by itself when set somewhere else ??? Even in water it stays at exact location we set home... just not in Montreal anymore !!! That's why i asked for over a year now to fix the map... not to remove every mislocated dedis...i dont care that as long as everthing else works properly like setting my home in Montreal where i am and then refreshing webpage and it stays there exactly where i set it....!!! So just to make sure its clear on how to trigger that... Find Montreal on the map... Set home there... Take a screenshot or picture of it.... now refresh webpage and look again...... it will have moved by itself outside Montreal !!! Try the same ssomewhere else and it supposed to stay at exact same location you set it !!! Tomorow i'll work on my pc so ill find the proper pics to further show that once again 😛😂 ah ah ah Same shit happen on XR500 and on R1 on both setups and tried them both on other setups and still do the same so its not locked to XRseries...its really a cloud map problem !!! I really think a map reset can help as at least everywhere on earth will appear at real world location... and from there we will deal with some mislocated dedis and that won't really matter anymore since most places will already be at proper locations !!! I proposed reseting the map like that's something you should be easily able to do... but if for any reason you guys can't reset the map... Pleaaaase can you just update it with a newer map that will be accurate and won't miss chunks of cities ??? Like i said i dont care about some mislocated dedis... The problem here is way worst than that !!! Thanks and once again i'm fuckin proud of you Fraser !!!
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