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  1. Aright... first you plug the cable into xr500 WAN port... then the other side on Bell LAN1... plug your pc in lan1 of the xr500... go in web browser... ( type routerlogin.com to access XR500 or to enter Bell as you already know 😛 ) first go on Bell and factory reset it (if internet don't work after it reboots it's not alarming but simply indicate a problem with the hh3000 so just do another factory reset by holding the button on the right side of hh3000 for like 20 some seconds (just look at the display on the hh3000 until it says you can release after the factory reset counter drop to zero aka around 20 seconds holding that reset button) then it should work and if you have a mess on the hh3000 display saying internet is not configured then just enter and set bell with your ppp0e credentials aka B1..... and password and then the line will work oh and if you also have the gaming package 1,5\1gbps your password might have change so if that happen just call them and they'll give you the new password)... when it's back On you disable wifi... disable upnp... allow only one devices address (will be the ip adress of the xr500... reserve that ip to the xr500... put xr500 in dmz BUT DON'T ENABLE ADVANCED DMZ... disable dlna, wps option and sip alg ... reboot HH3000 then open another tab and close the HH3000 one... on new tab enter routerlogin.com and do a factory reset (you have to start that factory reset before the hh3000 finish to reboot so if you're not super fast you might simply unplug the lan cable from only behind hh3000 (after you started the HH3000 reboot process) to give you enough time to start the factory reset of xr500 ) then when you start factory reset on xr500 just close the web browser !!! On lower right corner of windows you should have your network icon showing network status (if it's not there just go in windows network and internet settings) reset your network so it will clear old infos and ip's ... restart pc !!! Plug back the cable behind the HH3000 into same LAN1 port !!! Now when windows start wait a lil bit until NEW NETWORK bar appear on right side of screen and select Private network ! Not long after that an automatic command should start a web browser directly on Duma Os setup page...so wait like 1 to 2min max for that to happen and if nothing pop up by itself then just go in a web browser and type routerlogin.net (.net is for first setup and .com is for general usage) and you'll start the basic setup of Duma Os. Normaly if you did everything like i said it will automatically detect a ppp0e line and ask you for your ppp0e creds (b1 code from Bell and password) if not you'll have to select manual installation then select ppp0e and then enter your bell credentials ! Do change the LOGIN password for the XR500 but don't change anything else like wifi (very important) name or password... just next next next and no need to register with netgear at last step... just close the web browser at that point !!! Open the same or another browser (because if the auto install script did start it start with EDGE so after the initial setup you can use whatever browser you want) and this time type routerlogin.com ... go in internet settings and under your ppp0e credentials you'll see Connection Mode being set as Dial On Demand... set that to ALWAYS (very important if you don't want to manually recconnect internet everytime a drop occurs or an ip lease change ect ect ect) then you go on Wan setup : If you have 2 or more devices playing simultaneously (togheter or not) like in COD and want them both Full Open ingame then set NAT at OPEN... if not then let it at secured. Should Disable sip alg except if you reaaaally need it !!! Now go in LAN : change the ip adress to something you like but just the two last part of ip like to so only the last two part you want to change and the last part don't use the same end like the modem use and\or anything lower like example: modem bell is so don't use 1 for the xr500 as you want to prevent problems so choose from .2 and up ! Now Starting IP adress and Ending IP adress you have to change both last parts... so if you changed ip adress to then change Starting adresses to .6 and up and Ending IP adresses to fit the number of devices you hook to that router... like if you have 25 devices to hook then your starting can be let's say and you add your 25 devices so Ending IP adresses would be and up if you want to have open waiting ports for when another device will want to hook on your setup... or like me set it straight and when needed just add number of devices you want to the Ending IP adresses so that will give internet access to these new devices !!! APPLY !!! When it comes back reserve an adress to your pc and Apply again !!! Now you can go set WIFI !!! We use manual channels iinstead of auto because way less connection problems 😛 so 6 and up for 2.4g and 153 for 5ghz or try by yourself to see wich channel performs better as for output quality and efficiency while streaming 4k netflix !!! If there's not a lot of wifi networks around you or live in a huuuuge house then you should disable 20\40hz co-existence ! We never use the guest network so we untick both Enable SSID broadcast. Administration : firmware update- disable auto-update. We don't plug USB hard drive on the XR routers so we disable media server and readyshare... if you use that then set them as you want ! Advanced Settings Advanced Wireless : We Disable Enable wmm on 5ghz only (because i find overall of xr500 is better when 5ghz WMM is Disabled). We also disable Pin access because we don't use that so it's up to you ! Then in Led Control Settings we disable blinking lights but also is subjective ! Now top right corner of duma os...click the 3dots then Advanced then Timezone and select your proper timezone there (the timezone option in Administration is not working good) but this one does and have more timezone choices ! Reboot XR500 and pc !!! Now it<s time to add devices to xr500 but you need to know... XR500 is Not Stable when playing if you don't do my trick..! The trick consist in using only 1 device on the 5ghz channel to comunicate over internet and then disconnecting that device from internet will push the XR500 to become stable at 120hz tickrate while playing COD and any games except the output for other games might be different than 120hz... like NFS Heat will play at 15hz to 30hz without my trick but will play at 45hz to 60hz with my trick ! So my trick won<t make XR500 push 120hz tickrate if the game is not playing at that tickrate ! My trick will simply make the XR500 play at max tickrate possible and stable vs without my trick !!! Also that<s why i always tell people to use a wifi 2.4g device to manage every Duma Os routers... because there is restrictions on Lan ports while none on wifi so we actually see the REAL OUTPUT via a wifi device like a phone !!! To test that just start playing a game and enter in duma os via a lan pc... take COD Warzone and while in a match your auto ping will show your tickrate and the dedis tickrate... both max at 60hz via Lan !!! Close that PC browser and then log in duma os on a phone (always via web browser and NEVER via apps) and your auto ping will show your real output live while still in same game... it fluctuate like crazy from 60hz to 120hz while you play and it<s like that since day1 of XR500 !!! Then use your tv...connect tv to 5ghz wifi (while NO OTHER DEVICE IS CONNECTED TO 5GHZ and it doesn<t matter how many devices are on the 2.4 ghz ... just NONE on the 5ghz) and enter in netflix (usually it:s fast once already signed in previously 😛 ) just scroll on 2 or 3 preview to see the previews start playing (that:s comunication over internet) then just flip tv back on console~pc your playing on and then disconnect tv from internet via the tv itself ! Now in from 30seconds to 1 minute your tickrates will stay at the highest it can and you'll see way less fluctuations aka more stable !!! At that time you should start tweaking your upload slidder to optimise your setup and yes we optimise while playing to get accurate results !!! Then to test if it really makes a difference... after you adjjusted your upload slidder and auto ping still show stable 120hz via wifi... just close that web browser on phone and open a web broswer via Lan device and enter Duma Os... you'll see it at 60hz still !!! Close that browser and go back on a wifi browser...duma os and should be at 120hz still stable !!! Then since you want to confirm if it makes a difference... start a match and play for like a minute then connect your tv on internet 5ghz...no need to do anything else... look duma os auto ping stats and boom it's unstable again so continue playing and see the difference !!! There is a huge difference even on a 0-1ms ftth gaming line from Bell Canada and it's more perceptible with other types of lines like cable\dsl\vdsl and\or when your ping base is higher !!! DON'T ENABLE IPV6...DON'T TOUCH IPV6...DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IPV6... until someone like me confirm it's now perfectly working and not breaking anything !!! So if youu want to test that you should add every wifi devices on 2.4ghz except for the tv (might work with another device type) and if let's say you have other tvs on setup that might watch netflix youtube ect while you game... then you hook them on 2.4ghz and still only the main tv on the 5ghz that you won't look at while gaming !!! So each time you add a device you should reserve it an ip... so add one and reserve its ip...then add second and reserve ip ect until all added then you apply the reservations (you might want to apply after adding 4-5 devices then add more then apply again then add more ect) Once all your setup devices are hooked and ips reserved... Reboot XR500 !!! You should then power off every devices hooked except pc to finish last steps... Devices manager : Make sure every devices have proper icon and consoles\pc should all be set as either PLAYSTATION or XBOX but not as game consoles even if we set prio and geo filter as game consoles... if you don't game on pc and don't need to prioritize its traffic then leave pc as PC or as Game console !!! Qos: top left...burger icon... set bandwidth... enter proper bandwidth for both upload\download and apply. If already done via initial setup so already showing proper bandwidths... change it anyways as it might show you something but the real output is not correlating this infos aka like a speedtest not giving same bandwidth as shown in Qos !!! Once applied just refresh page and on right side of slidders you'll see proper bandwidths. Now go on Bandwidth Allocation... click on burger icon and set it at DEVICES instead of apps... now untick both share excess and it auto save when you tick\untick them... once both are disabled refresh the page !!! Now you'll see your devices around that ring instead of apps types .... that mean changes have been properly applied ! Now down there in Traffic Prioritization... disable the only one there aka duma os classified games... add your gaming consoles\pc\devices as Gaming Consoles !!! Refresh page and confirm they all there as gaming consoles !!! If you also play on a pc and there is no Gaming Consoles options it's because the pc device type in devices manager is set as pc... so set pc as xbox instead then go add it back in Traffic Prio as Game Consoles... refresh page and confirm !!! Now up there in Congestion Control... set that to Always... put both slidders at below 9 number... you can simply type the number on right side of slidders instead of dragging slidders approx.... so set both at like 6... refresh page... now set it at auto... refresh page... now set both slidders at 70\70 and put in Always mode... refresh page !!! All done so last step... Geo filter: Set home location in water and drop radius to lowest aka 111km... refresh page.... depending on your ping and location you have to set auto ping... i run 2 setups... one is bell 0-1ms and other is cable 10ms... on 10ms line from Montreal,Qc the best i get is 18ms to 21ms on closest COD dedis aka Providence,Rhodes Islands and New Jersey... so i set my auto ping at 23ms on both setup !!! If we would only play on bell we could drop auto ping to 15ms !!! So go a bit higher but not by that much and after a couple of matches you should know what is best dedis ping for you on your setup and then lower auto ping to better fit the type of dedis you want to play on !!! You now can test that via Ping Heatmap... ping Modern Warfare as it's the most accurate for us in Americas... ping 2-3 times in a row and take the best ping you get... add couple of ms to it and voilà it's your perfect auto ping setting !!! Anyways if you want to adjust and\or test you always can change those settings !!! Now just add gaming devices up there as Choose Manually and then Filtering !!! Once they all added just refresh page...!!! Top right...burger icon...REBOOT XR500 !!! Power off pc !!! Once XR500 is rebooted you can start every devices you want and start enjoying your gaming !!! As of right now if you did everything... your XR500 is perfect and ready to go... i always disable both share excess before every gaming sessions... i disable them then reboot Duma Os routers and start playing.... when gaming is done i re enable both share excess !!! You can play while both share excess are enabled but it will never be flawlessly stable like when disabled so it's up to you !!! Also you shhould test gaming while in Always mode vs while in Auto Mode but without changing slidders... that mean you have to stabilise your xr500 to handle stable 120hz tickrate...then adjust upload slidder until bullets perfectly register.like alllllways 😛 ... don't put download higher than 70 so you can lower it but not go higher...and no need to do that seriously so let download at 70... except if your line really struggle then you might try to lower download !!! Always higher or lower by +2 -2 ...!!! When insanely optimised... then you can try to switch qos in auto mode vs always mode.... but for best accurate results... when you change that qos mode... you should always reboot router before testing it !!! Please note that rebooting Duma Os routers also UPDATE CLOUD so it's the OPTIMAL PRACTICE to do before gaming sessions !!! Don't forget you now know how to stabilise the XR500 and you now also know how to PROPERLY setup your setup !!! So don't forget you always have to re-do my optimisation trick to stabilise xr500 before every gaming session except if you didn't rebooted\hook a 5ghz wifi device on xr500 like you took a break to eat and shits then get back to gaming...then it should still be stable..! But if you stop playing...put back both share excess... enjoyed netflix on 5ghz tv... then you'll need to re-do my trick !!! My trick is doable so easily and takes like 20seconds to do... you just need to enter in the game you want to play... hook tv...make it communicate...disconnect tv... start gaming !!! Just always confirm via wifi device used to manage Duma Os... that you are stable at highest tickrate possible !!! If for whatever reason it destabilise or it didn't work first shot... just do it again !!! You might have to adjust Upload slidder on a daily basis but most likely it will be like a +2 or +4 difference on the upload slidder... might be a bigger difference when changing firmware on router and or depending on game's download updates like some updates modify huge things that impact your experience... also possible isp updates !!! So if bullets are not registering properly... make sure it's still tickrate stable...then adjust upload slidder !!! We also can set xr500 in simple dhcp with hh3000 but it's not performing good compared to when in ppp0e... so that's why we opt for ppp0e on duma os routers on Bell lines... on cable line it's dhcp but on previous vdsl2 fttn i was also in ppp0e because way better like that !!! Ppp0e makes you bypass the hh3000 by giving 100% access to Duma Os !!! Enjoy... take care... Peeeaace !!! DMC51450
  2. Nothing to change in Wan except if you are making voip calls or video calls and you have problems like interferences\lag\calls cut ect or if your wifi devices don't receive notifications like emails ect... for both the solution is to Disable SIP ALG !!! But as right now there is no problem on theses sides with xr1000 while on xr500 we have to disable it !!! Second thing is NAT... on xr500 if you have 2 consoles \ pc playing simultaneously and you want them both full open then the solution is to set Nat at OPEN ... but it's not working on xr1000 so let it at SECURED !!! For trafic prio like i told you... your playstation 4\5 should appear as Playstation in Devices Manager... if not just change it to Playstation... then in qos devices prio... you disable classified thing... you add a new device... select your Ps5 or any console you're adding... select game consoles (even if it's a PC)... select GAMING\VOICE (Only on XR1000 as of right now)... it's done !!! And like i told ya... 70\70... enter in any COD... open a web browser on a wifi device and go in duma os qos... start playing and raise by +2 your upload until every bullets perfectly register and normaly when that happen you also able to react when you get shot so you have a chance to stay alive instead of never having a chance as soon as 1 bullet hit ya !!! max is 98... never 100... if you raise till 98 and see no change then go down... !!! Ps: If you use pppoe... set Connection Mode (under your pppoe creds) at ALWAYS !!! I always disable both share excess before my gaming sessions ... it's really the only way to really maximise the potential of Duma Os !!! It stays way more stable and your tuning is more powerful that way... because when share excess is enabled... it share bandwidth everytime a device access internet, even if in background... so everytime the router try to give it the more bandwidth as it can so that impact the overall stability of your setup !!! When share excess are disabled the router just share equally and the left over of your bandwidth is really left aside so the real ''Less congestion'' on your setup happen !!! My pleasure homie !!! Take care... Peeeaace !!! DMC
  3. Homie there is a new firmware since yesterday aka .52 and they finally fixed the major problem of ''connection benchmark'' (NETDUMA: it's the first time since DumaOs 3.0 that the Connection Benchmark (especially the stress test) properly work on any Duma Os router so you guys should see the change on this firmware to properly fix these connection benchmarks problems we face since day 1 of connection benchmark release into duma os 3.0 ....and then apply this one to every other duma os firmwares like URGENT !!!) my false results for last months were telling me my line was struggling at +50ms while my line is 10ms and lower .... since yesterday i'm under 10ms while stress test and from begin to end of the test, while until yesterday the upload was spiking at 100ms first then was dropping between 10 and 20ms !!! Also my xr500 on same line still spike as today and my download still pretend being over 50ms while stress...but switching on xr1000 with yesterday's new firmware aka .52 all 3 stress tests are under 10ms from start to finish !!! As for you homie... listen to this as i won't repeat... you can't setup your XR1000 via pc or it will never work properly !!! Only like that on XR1000 and since day 1 i got it aka months before public release !!! So only for the XR1000 you absolutely need to use a wireless device with the netgear nighthawk app just to do the initial setup... here's the steps i do: firrst you should go download the .52 firmware on netgear's site and then update the xr1000 via WIRED device like pc\laptop... impossible to tftp the xr1000 sadly so just update it via duma os control panel... let the xr1000 reboot by itself... then, still via wired pc... (also possible via wireless for that part) go in duma os advanced settings to start a factory reset of duma os, as soon as you see the lights closing on the xr1000 you should rapidly reset pc internet connection and erase cookies from web browser then shut pc off... like it all need to be done before the xr1000 fully reboot. So now your pc is off and your xr1000 have rebooted... factory reset the modem\aio to prevent a lot of conflicts between modem and xr1000... wait till modem lights are all on and steady... meanwhile you should start nighthawk app on wireless device (i use my phone) start the basic instal with it... ''WARNING'' don't change wifi name or password while in the first setup, NEVER !!! Just change the admin and password credentials but not the wifi creds !!! Once you select the wifi,entered admin and password, let wifi infos untouched, then it will start enabling the shitty forced anti-virus but it won't activate it (it needs to be enabled only and via the app is the only way to properly enabling it so that's why we have to use the nighthawk app just for the basic setup) then the instal will finish and ya'll be back normaly in the nighthawk app... from there you just go on setttings and select Reboot... once the reboot has started you close the app and power off that wifi device !!! So now your xr1000 have rebooted... just start wired pc and go on first to enter into duma os... then change wifi creds and lan adress aka your xr1000 adress (not forced but it help) then reserve ip addresses to pc... start and connect every devices you have but 1 by 1 only...and name them properly and reserve them an ip... at least do the devices you have with you... you want to do every devices that hook to router before going further... if you can't add them all then i'll tell you soon what to do when you'll add another device later on !!! Aright so you changed wifi creds and added every devices to your setup plus you reserved them individual ip's .... now go on device manager... change the type of devices accordingly to what the device is... except for pc... pc NEED TO BE SET AS XBOX !!! Normally pc is detected as pc...change it to xbox then apply then refresh webpage... the pc will automatically change to consoles... it's not good we don't want that but it's normal... just change it again for xbox then apply and refresh webpage... not it should stay as xbox with a controller as logo !!! Once they all properly set... go down on that page and disable DUMA OS CLASSIFIED GAMES... add your consoles\pc\devices that you want to prioritize...one by one and as consoles (WARNING WARNING WARNING --- Only on the xr1000 we now have more options in device prioritization but they all broken... the one and only you can use as right now is GAMING\VOICE and DON'T TICK WAN !!!) it's broken as fuck and seems that they mixed wireless into device prio so that cause so many problems like you can't join any of your friends ect !!! Refresh the webpage... then press on RESET DISTRIBUTION... once it's done just refresh webpage... now click on the burger logo beside Bandwidth Allocation... click on DEVICES instead of apps... NEVER USE APPS...NEVER !!! Once you selected Devices you close that burger icon and you want to press on UPDATE DISTRIBUTION which will be on download... once it's done click on Upload and also UPDATE DISTRIBUTION... so it result in you apply new distribution to both download and upload... when both update distribution are done you then can refresh webpage and go check to confirm your settings are applied properly (they'll stay exactly as you set them, if they don't that's most likely because you took too much time so the xr1000 will need a confirmation that you are the admin still... if that happen just re do the exact steps but a bit faster ) now upper left of that qos page... Congestion Control burger logo... select SET BANDWIDTH SPEEDS and enter the bandwidth of your line... aka download and upload ''speed''(it's not speed it's bandwidth... speeed is latency aka ms !!!) then Apply and close that shit... refresh webpage... now you can confirm your bandwidth you just set by looking at right side of those 2 slidders... if these numbers ain't the numbers you just set then you didn't apply so re do it... if it's ok then next step !!! Set congestion control at ALWAYS... then set both slidders at under 10 so 1 to 9... you'll get a warning saying you set slidders under recommended bla bla bla... just tick the DO NOT SHOW case... now you're on always and both slidders are under 10... just select AUTO-ENABLE... it will pop the same warning... close it... then select NEVER... you'll also have a warning... but now you passed every warning there and have properly enabled the qos... just select AUTO-ENABLE or ALWAYS depending on what you prefer !!! Now last thing ... set both slidders at 70 so 70/70 !!! Refresh webpage !!! Now qos is fully done... go on Geofilter and set your home closer as you can from your real world location... set radius to lowest aka 111km... set ping assist to just a couple more ms than your lowest dedis ping.... you can use ping heatmap to ping the dedis on the game you play and then let's say your 2 lowest pings are 19ms and 21ms... then set your ping assist to 23ms or 24ms !!! Make sure you add your console upthere on top of geofilter page... set it at CHOOSE MANUALLY and FILTERING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It won't be available if your device type is not in consoles so that's why i said if you play on a pc you need to set it as xbox and not consoles or pc (the logo of that device)so if that's the case then just change the device's icon in devices manager to xbox or playstation... for pc i strongly recommend xbox and not playstashit !!! Since you have a ps5 then it should be set as playstation !!! So you just added your console to geo filter !!! Reboot xr1000 and now you can start enjoying it without any major problems !!! Here's how to optimise your setup... while you play you should use a wifi device to manage your duma os... i use and reccomend phone... never use the nighthawk app again except for next firmware after a factory reset... instead to manage duma os you want to use a web browser on a wifi device (because no restrictions on wifi but so many on lan so that impact the real stats) so while you play... you want to be on qos page and chnge the slidders by increments/decrements of 2 so +2 -2 .... you almost never have to touch the download side but if you have to it should be for lowering it because download bandwidth is almost always higher than upload. The optimal is to achieve a perfect balance between download and upload so that result in the best compression possible (like a motor need perfect ratio between gaz and air) so on internet lines you want to play with the upload to elevate it a bit !!! So download should stay at 70 and you should raise the upload by +2...then refresh the webpage (if changes you just made disappear it's because you took too much time between changes so xr1000 needs authentification again... just refresh and re enter latest settings then apply and refresh page again to confirm the changes are applied) when changes are properly applied you should test for seconds to a minute and raising it again until every bullets hits and register like you on steroids 😛 ah ah ah The max you can bring the upload is 98... don't go higher !!! If you add another +2 and then bullets registers a bit less then try another +2 ... if still not properly registering then lower by -4 since it was your last best spot... don't forget to refresh webpage to confirm any changes you made... bullets should be back as ultra registering... at that exact spot you should let it and enjoy your gaming session !!! Please note that really often... changes are made via downloads\updates and\or via SILENT updates in background of either duma os or the games... also from your isp... so you can be lucky and playing for a week at same exact slidders settings but then boom it plays like shit again... just re-calibrate aka re optimise your slidders until you find the new sweet spot !!! Still by increments\decrements of +2 -2 !!! Last thing... if you add new devices... either you add a bunch of devices or 1 by 1 at different times.... you have to reserve an ip adress to every devices... on any duma os router... ALWAYS !!! After reserving ip's you go on qos... RESET DISTRIBUTION then right after you UPDATE DISTRIBUTION ON BOTH DOWNLOAD AND UPLOAD then you refresh the webpage... once done you reboot the router and then you can use your setup properly !!! Same if you remove a device... reset distribution and apply update distribution to both then reboot router !!! That will make sure the router equally divide the bandwidth to the proper number of devices hooked to it !!! DON'T ACTIVATE\ENABLE IPV6... DON'T TOUCH IT AT ALL UNTIL SOMEONE LIKE ME PROPERLY CONFIRM IT'S NOW PERFECTLY WORKING... it's been broken for months now and it takes a bit of time to re factory and re-do every setttings... you can if you properly understand everything i'm saying and if you have a big brain and free time to spare on fixing things 😛 !!! If you enable ipv6 and it doesn't properly work...disable it,,, then go in qos and disable qos via the burger icon top left of qos page... once done just refresh the page... 2 things can happen... router is broken so nothing will show after the page reloads and so ya'll see the qos is not disbled... if that's the case... just reboot router and then enter in qos and go disabling it again and refresh webpage !!! The other outcomes and the desired one... also what would happen if the first time the qos did not disble properly so you would reboot router and go back into qos... disable it then refresh the page and BOOM a WARNING message saying that QOS is disabled.... THAT'S WHAT WE WANT... just reboot the router again... reboot devices also like the wired pc ect !!! Once rebooted go back in qos and enable it... refresh the webpage and voilà no more warning saying qos is disabled... now reboot for the last time and then you'll be able to enjoy your setup as it will have fixed the qos !!! LAST IMPORTANT THING... i do that everyday and be reccomendiing it for years to everybody... including here in the duma army... i ALWAYS reboot router before gaming sessions aka once a day at least !!! First reason is to prevent congestions and left overs problems ect... but NOW there's an even more important reason... they secretely added an auto cloud update while the router boot.... so by just rebooting your router before gaming session you free it from the jobs it was holding... and you update the cloud at same time so you'll always have the proper and latest dedicated servers list from the netduma cloud (and if you don't know our gaming sessions extremely depends on their so broken cloud) and if midgame you feel the gameplay have suddenly changed without you changing slidders ect... or if the game specifically tells you that an update needs to restart the game or whatever some in thoses lines... then just power off your console and reboot your router to make sure changes are been properly applied everywhere... then start playing again... if from there your bullets are not registering like before... just optimise your setup via the upload slidder like i told ya !!! ps: if you have factory your modem\aio... depending on what it is... like modem you have nothing to do... but aio (modem and wifi combo from isp's) you might need to properly set it too (like if you have creds to enter it or if it's a pppoe line !!! Also if your line is pppoe the best is to set xr as pppoe so it will bypass the aio(making the aio work as a passtrough) but you first need to enter the aio to disbled wifi... then you switch to the xr and you then set xr as pppoe with your isp credentials !!! And factory reset the aio\modem is because strangely... only on xr1000... sometimes you can't find internet at all while initial setup... so that's when you absolutely need to factory reset the modem\aio so you can finish the initial setup via that crappy nighthawk app !!! I personally always factory reset it when switching routers or updating\downgrading firmwares (i have R1...some xr500's...xr1000) so there is no conflict into that modem\aio and the router i use !!! Sorry it was long but i need to make sure everything is clear and understandable for everyones who will read so they also can fix their routers !!! That setup technique is working the same on any and every duma os routers except that only xr1000 need the initial setup via nighthawk app !!! For other duma os routers it's the same steps but via wired pc and with them you still never change wifi creds... you only change admin and passord to enter the router but not wifi settings... also the speedtest will never apply properly even if it shows your proper actual bandwhidth so no need to do it again and again until proper speed shows... you'll still need to change it in qos !!! Take care... enjoy your gaming sessions while the holidays guys... Peeeaace !!! DMC
  4. Oh and A2AD....C2C7 with ip 173.199.65.some is Montreal,Qc while A4AD....C2C7 with ip 173.199.67.some is London,Uk So as you can see they almost look identical but are 2 different continent !!! Ok enough 😛... and sorry again for having to put that much infos... at least you can see that someone not getting paid is putting that much hours and efforts to sort out the cloud stuff for ya !!! 👽🍻✌
  5. What's up Alex !!! Hope ya doin good !!! I passed a lot of hours since Friday testing the cloud and found mislocated dedis but also other things !!! First i have a huge question... Have you done something on the cloud on Friday ??? I ask because i started recording my vid on how to everything and i found out that some magic happened in the day aka the dedis tickrate were always stables at higher than 120hz without having to do my stabilisation trick !!! I was amazed !!! I rebooted my xr500 8 times in a row...getting 8 different ips and same exact stability on every dedis !!! I then stopped the recording and enjoyed a bit more power than usual aka it was a bit more powerful vs when i have to Stabilise it !!! I tried while tv was comunicating on the 5ghz and pc was streaming and downloading simultaneously...2 ps4 hooked and playing simultaneously... on more than 30 different dedis and always stable at 120hz and up !!! The dream stopped on Sunday so some changes happened again on Sunday !!! So i found out that you can put or remove a location from your map !!! There is new locations but on your map they all mislocated and they can't appear at proper location until you add them on your map !!! The best example is the new MW location aka in Providence,Us !!! It is located at around 385km from Montreal,Qc so it's between Montreal and New Jersey !!! I found 4 different batch in that new location and only one dedis of the four batch appear at New Jersey location !!! It's not the proper physical location as like i explained its between Montreal and New Jersey so it should appear alone between them and not at New Jersey... but at least i can connect to it once in a while !!! All the others Providence,Us dedis appear at the only Australia location but they don't always show in Filtering !!! I had to put in spectating to ping and search all of them !!! (Ps: i just saw a post where you also see it on the guy pictures he posted...you see he is hooked on New Jersey dedis...you see his two teamates on the left of NJ....and on the right side of the map you see the Providence,Us dedis showing at exact Australia location !!!) Second thing... its really rare but i happened to see an Ontario Canada dedis poppin... i successfully ping it this morning and took screenshots of it... it's a London,UK dedis showing in Ontario,Ca extremely rare but i knew i wasn't that much insane 😂😂😂 !!! Third thing... i happened to test all 6 dedis locations for NFS Heat !!! First i'm convinced that there is locations missing like Canadian dedis !!! Second thing is.... your cloud so break our experience with that game but also the game itself is breaking itself !!! The game itself is because even without geo filter it doesn't manage online properly aka it try to put you in faaaaar away dedis instead of the closest one !!! Also they only use shitty amazonaws dedis and they are so unstable !!! I almost forgot...their shitty dedis only run at max 45hz !!! Not only that...they don't do like everybody else aka getting a batch of dedis at each locations (giving the same begin and ending ids also as the same first3batch of ip adresses...confirming the same physical location of thoses dedis) nope instead they stupidly have over 20 exact same physical location dedis with different ids and ips !!! The cloud is... it won't put you on Allowed dedis aka i passed 4 consecutives hours just restarting the game and pinging dedis allowing and denying ect because the online experience is horrible !!! Well even after Allowing over 20 different same location dedis... the cloud won't show them anymore and won't make you play on them !!! It still try to put me on Brazil(144ms) or Portland,Us(85ms) instead of the closest NA East dedis located in Virginia,Us(21ms) and even if i Allowed over 20 different dedis and confirmed all of them real world locations !!! I found out that NFS Heat use...this part is complex to explain... 2 different batch of dedis... first batch is to locate the player and second batch are for playing online !!! At first it doesnt look like a problem right ??? Ah ah ah check this... only on the first batch aka when you start and enter the game... manual ping the locations... i ping Brazil at 8ms and 16ms... well if i select online multiplayer it will then put me on Second batch of dedis aka the playable dedis...the same Brazil dedis ping at.... 144ms... all of them for playing but not the first batch aka the detection ones !!! Same on 6 locations !!! So that's why it try to put me on Brazil dedis to race because it thinks that all Brazil dedis would ping the same as the detection dedis...but it's not the case !!! Same thing on NFS than on COD MW.... the Allowed dedis never pop or extremely rare !!! It mostly takes a couple of game restarts to be able to play...why that...because even if you Allowed over 20 dedis with decent pings... even if they in your radius... the games don't see them like they should so we rarely play on the Allowed dedis !!! I also found weird other things... Like some dedis showing up only once in a while !!! On every games !!! Like i said i saw Ontario couple of times but never succeeded in gettin it...until this mornin...but...right after i saw it (already after so many game restarts) i had to restart MW 9 times in a row to finaly see it again !!! This is the London,UK showin in Ontario... and i found out why it's detected in Ontario,Ca... your cloud use a not good and up to date database of geolocations !!! As you'll see on one of the pics i'll add here...not long ago it was an ip in Ontario but now is in London,Uk !!! I found a lot of dedis not showing on proper locations and being wrongly detected by not updated databases !!! Some dedis are hard to find sometimes because if you only have one of the same batch then you can't confirm it's location....but when you have more than 3 same location dedis with same begin and ending of ids and same first 3batch of ips...then you can confirm their locations also as which databases seems to be the more accurate !!! Sadly none of the databases are perfectly accurate so there always will be wrong located dedis...but if you use the databases that are more often accurate than others...then the cloud will be way less messed up !!! As i've mentionned so many time (first and only exception to date for me is NFS Heat with shitty amazon dedis) all same location dedis should have the same 4 first digits and same 4 last digits !!! They also all have the same first 3 batch of ip adresses...only the 4th batch of ips change...yes like a router only change the last batch of ip of every hooked devices !!! That's really the optimal way of finding same location dedis and where they really supposed to be located on the map !!! I do that on a daily basis since 4 years now and still work the same as today !!! Take a deep look at my pics.... i took like 9 consecutives hours in the night of Friday to Saturday just to clean find fix locate ect every dedis for both MW and NFS Heat !!! Also after i took all pics i refreshed the page and everthing is messed up aka nothing stays like i putted them aka dedis don't stay in numeric order or alphanumeric order...there is no understandable logic in how it work...but lucky you i found that a while ago so i managed to screenshots all batch of dedis before it messed up 😎😉 !!! As you will see... every same location COD dedis have the exact infos i told aka first 4 and last same digits and first 3 batch of ips !!! Also as you'll see... and its another reason why i can confirmed that someone have really removed some locations from the map... Plus it's also the reason why i don't accept the idea that COD have removed Canadian dedis and know it's netduma cloud related... Montreal,Qc COD WW2 have 3 dedis and they still runs !!! So nobody can tell me that they would let Montreal dedis run on 2years old WW2 while they removed them from BO4 and MW only !!! That doesn't make any sens as they would still pay for these dedis running a dead game instead of using them on the latest game they made !!! Anyways you will see that they still runs and all have same infos over 2 years later !!! So that also confirm that they have been removed only in netduma's cloud and why we now have Montreal people showing in water (by the way its not under south africa...its directly on the Equator line in the water on the left of South Africa) or home location set in Montreal moving away like there is no Montreal anymore !!! At least without getting again in the details... in past like in WW2 betas or BO4 betas we were able to play on new dedis for the new game but also on previous CODs dedis... so is that feasible again ??? Like can you at least take the 3 available Montreal,Qc COD dedis and make them available to play on MW ??? I found a lot of unpignabled dedis on the map...in USA and UK mostly but everywhere on the map !!! Like you can select it and wait for an hour and it will still never ping...select another one and it takes less than 9seconds to ping (as long as still active) !!! So you should do like i did and simply start MW and trying to ping them all...ya'll find the not pinging ones easily !!! I happened in last 3 days to find a lot of uk dedis everywhere on the map !!! And of course they don't always show up sadly !!! Exactly like the new batch of COD dedis located in Providence,Us with 99% of them showing in Australia location when in spectating mode !!! So normaly if you simply find all dedis with same 4 first and last id digits and starting with same first 3 batch of ips...they will all ping the same and from there you can search where they really go !!! That's what i did so start with that it will ease up things and ya'll find the way to put the majority to their proper locations !!! Because when you confirm the ids and ips... i think you then only have to tell your cloud where they go on the map and add new physical locations if needed like now in MW with new physical dedis location in Providence,Us !!! You already know but... i'm in Longueuil,Qc aka south side of Montreal,Qc Base ping... 7ms Always COD or NFS !!! I ping: Montreal 7-8ms New Jersey 18-21ms Portland 85ms Brazil 144ms UK 105-120ms New Providence,Us dedis at 15-16ms (all of them aka the only one of the 3rd batch showing in New Jersey and all others showing in Australia) Australia South Korea ect +165ms Rest of settings really dont matter as i've tested with every settings to confirm things !!! By the way i still confirm that ping assist don't work !!! And since Sunday i have better gaming sessions when share excesses are enabled vs before Sunday.... BUTT 😂.... still play more flawlessly while both share excess are disabled !!! Keep up the good work Alex !!! Yes you can !!! 👽🍻✌
  6. Oh shit...sorry to hear that man !!! I started to rec a vid on Friday but as a huge surprise the dedis where all stables at 120hz and up without doing anything 😮 so i stopped the recording after starting the game and finding the new stable tickrates and being amazed !!! Sadly some changes happened Friday and triggered the tickrates stability by itself...and Sunday other changes happened and boom no more automatic full stability 😱😞😞😞... so i'll do the video today !!! I also passed over 15hours strictly on cloud problems and dedis for MW and NFS Heat and i had to finish confirming my findings to be able to help Alex fixing the cloud before doing the video because i'll show that it work and then i'll factory reset live in the vid...then i'll setup and test while trying to not forget any infos 😂 !!! And sorry because i need time to help my health sometimes so i try to remove stress and lessons at those times !!! Even live i did log in just to post the cloud infos for Alex and i saw stuff i couldn't resist to jump in 😛 so i'll do the cloud post and take a look at my messages and notifications... if you think you just miss 1 or 2 lil adjustments then ask me by message please and i'll try to answer fastest as i can !!! 👽🍻✌
  7. Alex is right !!! Download is what happen in game and upload is what You do in game !!! So download reports all the lobby while upload reports only what You do !!! Now the reason why you are a step behind... do you use Auto Ping and do you look at Auto Ping stats while playing ??? Do you manage your duma os via wifi or via Lan ??? You need to manage Duma Os via wifi 2.4ghz like a phone...tablet or laptop !!! Use a web browser like chrome to access and manage your duma os !!! While in a game you want to look at Auto Ping stats on geo filter page !!! So you need to enable auto ping !!! First thing that matter is Tickrate and second thing is Ping !!! So first you want to look at both tickrate... they have to always be at minimum 120hz and bouncing upper like to 180hz 200hz but never down !!! If you see both tickrates going down at 60hz then you are unstable so you'll have to stabilise your duma os router !!! I have explained how to do on other posts and i'll do a video today showing and explaining everything (i started to rec the video on Friday but somethin weird happened so i stopped it...but now everything is like it was before Friday so i'll do it today) and i'll upload it here on the forum !!! After you confirmed that your tickrates are stable at higher than 120hz...the second thing is the Ping...so from there you'll have to find the best dedis location near you !!! All that is done by manually pinging desired dedis when you start MW... to do that you need to disable auto ping.... then you start the game you want and enter it so it will make detection of available dedis for that game...then press on one of the dedis or fake peer showing on the map (closest to you is the best normaly) and ping as many dedis location you want (by always restarting the game after each ping detection) until you find the best or bests dedis available near you !!! Then adjust your radius to only cover the dedis locations you want... restart your router still via duma os control panel...then start the console and game....enjoy !!! Always take a look at duma os auto ping stats on wifi 2.4ghz while you play to confirm that tickrates stay higher than 120hz and that you still on the desired dedis by confirming with ping (like if you choose only one dedis location and you ping them at 3ms...well each properly located dedis there would ping at the same 3ms...so if you happen to fall on a mislocated dedis at that location...pinging higher than 3ms then that would confirm it's a mislocated dedis !!!) from there you would only have to deny it and screenshot it so you'll be able to report it here on the proper section of the forum !!! 👽🍻✌
  8. There have been an update on chrome mobile days ago and things are fucked up since then with Duma Os... don't worry it's Google chrome problem !!! Missing json appears after the browser felt asleep... just refresh the page or close chrome and open it again !!!
  9. And flushed cloud again today and now seeing way more mislocated dedis on New Jersey only as its the closest for us...so only in NJ there is a lot of new ids and ips...at higher than 20ms while NJ pings between 13 to 18ms... average 15-17ms !!!
  10. You welcome but as you stated my Dedication to techs...gaming and definitly to Netduma and the Army is Extreme !!! I already do way too much and i only start to get recognized and thanked as a real... let's say Helpful Man !!! I'm not complaining but it take hours just to write everything in second language plus finding new ways to explain things so everbody can understand how things works so they finaly can enjoy flawless gaming sessions too...just like i do on a daily basis...!!! I gave a gigantic amount of infos but it never helped since i wasn't recognised and that affected me negatively since i do everthing just to help team Netduma and the Army... with proofs...explanations...and even sharing every tricks i find that give real advantage over everything !!! All that after i pass gigantic amount of hours messing with settings and steps on how to and ect... it's what you can call Passion !!! Sadly for now i want to enjoy my gaming sessions and for that but also for All COD community since everybody suffers from a lot of problems like unstable COD dedis bouncing by 10ms on stable lines...well for that i have to continue fighting against Activishit alone like Pac so it's Me against the world right now !!! I fight hard with proofs so they'll finaly understand what really affect us negatively so they'll be able to fix !!! Things like the fact they removed Canadian dedis days after BO4 launch...in fact it happen at the exact same time you guys made changes in cloud after UK guys complaining against our Montreal,Qc dedis....since then the previous COD games all still run Canadian dedis but not BO4 anymore and now not MW !!! That's really weird as if they would remove Canadian dedis...they would remove them on every COD...especially old versions like WW2...well WW2 still runs at 7ms on Montreal,Qc dedis !!! So is it really Activishit that have remove Canadian dedis knowing that they been there since the begining of COD and still are there on old CODs ??? Or is it sadly an impact of the changes you guys made days after BO4 launch....causing my home location to move away from Montreal like there's no Montreal anymore ??? Fuckin huge dilemna and questions...right 😁 !!! But there is a problem and sadly i'm alone to fight against everybody... now it seems that the fight necessity with Netduma is ended so it will start to move foward in a positive way and that may give me more free time to enjoy gaming instead of everything i have to do for myself and the Army plus Netduma team !!! As you saw my dilemna...you surely understood and made the link as to why i'm asking you to reset or change the map ...as it would be the first basic thing to do to first confirm if things goes better for most people and after that to confirm if they really removed Canadian dedis like Montreal,Qc aka the City of Cinema (that's why you often see Quebec in movies generic like in almost, if not, every Marvel movies) aka we big players in a lot of domains so that don't make any sens (just like the fact WW2 and previous CODs still run Canadian dedis) so from there our home location would stay at exact same spot we set it and i would have more proofs to fight against them so they'll bring us back our COD Canadian dedis !!! As soon as the geo filter map will be fixed so my home location doesnt move away from Montreal... i'll do further tests to still help you the team and the army and also i'll share mislocated dedis where you want !!! Till then i'll just focus on regaining health as i won health fights but i actually have other health fight and that takes a lot of energy...without talkin the energy i put here and everywhere so it can help huge amount of people on earth !!! Hope you guys understand...if not it's sad but it's now been over a year since i'm sad after the changes Netduma made on map/cloud because that negatively impact us here on a daily basis ... so im also dealing with daily deceptions !!! That's why i try to figure every causes possible for theses problems... and as always i don't want to blame anybody at all... just want things to help you team Netduma fixing the lil problems that cause us gamers huge problems !!! Sorry again a long text... i have to let pressure go away now...im fuckin exhausted 😞... Oh and yesterday i talked here about ping stats not showing on duma os...after it was back and i also told it... well it always do it.... if lucky i'll get it for a match...comolete match...but since they kick us out of lobbies after match...well the ping disapear and hardly come back even with pc mode On Off and reboots and cookies clearing ect ect ect and tested it on 2 browsers and same behaviour so not sure it's a browser related problem.... Its geo filter or game online !!! Take care... Peace !! 👽🍻✌
  11. I just post an answer for you while you were doin this one ah ah ah nice coincidence i made it homie !!! Enjoy !!!
  12. By lowering both slidders guys you lower your total line bandwith so every devices will suffer from that and that will cause instability issues on your setup !!! Let the max bandwith available after finetuning like i explained... then reset both share and lower only console bandwith... LOWER not higher !!! On both download and upload and save both independently since that's how it works....like if you change bandwith download to ps4 and then just switch to upload to change bandwith to ps4 and then save while on upload tab.... you just saved the upload so even if you set download at 1kbps on ps4 it will still give you the previous download bandwith in speedtest !!! So save download then switch to upload...set console bandwith and again save !!! I also always refresh webpage after changing settings so it apply properly or if not then i know it right away so i can aplly the setting i didn't applied properly before the refresh !!! Sometimes that happen with both OG Os and Duma Os...you do a setting you save but it don't apply properly so you don't enjoy what you supposed to enjoy !!! You always want to confirm that changes have applied properly... wich is why i always remember everybody to reboot devices often so it clears old shits and properly apply new changes !!! 👽🍻✌
  13. Read my last answer... you do it wrong !!! Sliders at 70 70... reset both share and only lower both bandwith you allow to only your console... your console can be open in the network settings to test after each time you apply both share settings you made !!! And keep both share excess disabled !!! 👽🍻✌
  14. No you can't do the trick on R1 as R1 is already stable and don't need anything to be stable !!! Also the R1 don't have 5ghz wifi...only 2.4ghz !!! Keep in mind that...like i explained... the difference between R1 and XRseries is that maximum tickrate the R1 handle as stable is around 100hz while the XRseries handle over 120hz when stabilised !!! I succeeded in stabilising the R1 for over a minute at 120hz and it was even more perfect ingame !!! So yes you can play around with same mentality that my tricks but i didn't had enough time to do more tests !!! Aright guys i'll say it again... Throtle : To throtle your line you want to lower the console bandwith to minimum possible aka 150kbps on both download and upload !!! You have to understand that... We started throtling years ago with OG Os on R1 !!! The "hyperlane" now called Traffic Prioritization (you welcomed) was perfect and wasn't interfering with other settings...so that means you are able to properly set console bandwith to get around 300kbps ingame bandwith in every COD !!! At that time it was freakin flawless !!! But things have changed a lot with Duma Os so now we can't do that anymore.... Except if... 😁... you disable "hyperlane" aka Traffic Prioritisation by removing your manualy set console and ofcourse keep dumaos classified games disabled !!! 😉🍻 That's because now the Traffic prioritisation aka "hyperlane" affect other settings aka it bypass qos sliders so it always will give you the bandwith the game needs aka COD need around 4117-4118kbps aka 4mb !!! So whatever where you put your sliders you'll always get 4mb ingame !!! Everything i say you guys can test 😎 and ya'll see !!! I tried it days ago and it was flawless for a minute or two then it became unstable...reason is that since you need to disable device prio aka hyperlane then every device on network can comunicate before your console or at same time so it cause issues like latency spikes...lags ect !!! So trust me when i say... It's best with the settings i use and shared !!! But i do want you guys to test it as like always it might work better for someone on earth... and even if it only work for couple of dudes then i'll be happy since they'll also enjoy better gaming sessions than what they deal with right now !!! 🍻 If you do it... Put both sliders at 70 !!! Then lower only your console...nothing else !!! Do speedtests till your console gets around 300kbps !!! As always you have to Disable Both Share Excess before starting the game and better if before starting console !!! Don't change these settings while ingame and if you do then restart console !!! You don't want the game to think different than the console aka console think there is 50mbs bandwith then you throttle and start the game so the game think you have only 1mbs bandwith !!! All things i share is for Real Optimal Stability and Performance guys...nothin more nothin less !!! If both console and game think the same then you removed this as a cause for the multitude of problems you may encounter !!! Test and give your feedbacks guys !!! Take care... Peeeaace !!! Oh i almost forgot... last night was playin very good but now it plays like shit.... dedis ping bounce by 10ms so that's Angrily Unstable !!! Don't blame yourselves 😉 !!! And also about me raising +2 last night... i was seeing weird shits so i took my controller and played couple of match...yep MW as always... and i lowered it to what it was aka 78/98 !!! It's better a bit less but flawless registrations vs a bit more easily registrations added with weird shits sometimes 😉 !!! Aright enough i'm done... Peeeaace !!! 👽🍻✌
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