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  1. might be worth a try. But me and my friend agreed that refresh QoS might do the trick. To simplize, just turn off and turn on QoS at beginning of every matches. While keep whatever setting that work best for you.
  2. - Router doesn't assign IP to me devices. This problem occurs when I try to use multiple routers. Netduma as PPPOE --> Fresh Tomato inksys Router --> PS4 - This problem is most likely to happen when I switch from DCHP to PPPOE mode. or vice versa. (In addition, by switching it caused uncontrolable speed problem, meaning that how hard I throttle, it would always be at same speed) - Factory Reset seems to fix issue temporary. - For now I'm done, switch back to R1, much more stable to be honest. This router is waste of money
  3. lol. I didn't mean to offend anyone. Netduma is still good. its geo-filter is unique feature. it is just I can find better router that can handle bad netcode better.
  4. - Bad Visibility - Bad Team Balance & SBMM; always put me against stacked team - The game require maximum effort in your end to optimize router to be as advantage as possible Fortunately, Netduma Comboing with Freshtomato saved my my experience. >70% gunfight winning rate satisfied me enough. Been maintaining at 2.7-4 KD averagely. One Nuke I encourage you to ditch netduma (I only use it for Geo Filter) and buy cheap router (mine is 8$ Linksys WRT54GL) and boot FreshTomato FW in. and there you go!
  5. it something some of us know already. and it will still be hit or miss. you might feel wow for first few days. and then jerk circle will continue. Network Setting is still the most important nowadays
  6. There are also other settings I havent mentioned as well. I also use custom script to let qos reset every 5 mins to make game as flow as possible. It was my personal finding that when I turn off and turn on qos every time before game starts, will help improve my gaming experience. And there is also specific classification and basic qos setting on tomato that I haven’t mentioned then yet
  7. In tomato, there will be an option to choose on how many udp connection you want it to pass through in per second.
  8. Installed tested fw. But gotta see since i havent connected my linksys to my netduma
  9. My main issue: 1. At some points, my r2 just stop assigning dhcp ip to my linksys router(doesn’t appear on device list. While r1 working like a charm. Solution is too factory reset. 2. Now when this happens, that means my router is bugged. My ps4 wouldn’t get connection as well even though r2 assign ip to my ps4(appear on device list) Let alone another minor issues that I don’t want to talk about it now please launch new firmware already. Now I am forced to use r1 to solve this issues
  10. My setting: R2 + Fresh Tomato on Linksys 54GL with Bandwidth Limited to 3/0.3 and UDP connection limit to 1 connection/second (Netduma cannot do that) gotta say this 8 dollars router knows the drill !!
  11. I always have used 1-65535 both source and destination for UDP. Been working great. Later I am suggested by Netdums Fraser to use 1024-65535 as destination instead as it won't affect much with my other devices. But I have used back and forth between R2 and Freshtomato router. it all depends on games. I have made a log. You can check my sheets may be it is useful for someone https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1BnLu3wCOVgarRHAVN-sPOfqd_vlOYLcwWAcT7tgpzpQ/edit#gid=79190517
  12. No, I removed it = won't work. have to stay like this
  13. I solved it now it has something to do with this
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