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  1. But in duma os, you are forced to put in range value. so it could be from 1-65535? or just 65535-65535
  2. f Set Port Prioritization to Destination Only. It only works on r1 fw
  3. Is it compatible with asus acrt88u router? Im currently have it combo with standard ddwrt with netduma dmz method
  4. I know setting varies and work differently for you all. So I think why don’t we share our setting here. Also I think it would be of better if you I make you guys a form for it to make it more simple and easy-to-look please copy this form in your reply with ur answers Your setup method (bridge/dmz): your download speed: your upload speed: anti bufferbloat apply when: anti bufferbloat percentage(dl &ul) how many devices in your QoS (radar graph): how do you allocate devices in radar graph: Do you use share excess: Do you enable port prioritization(that red light thing): Do you use Upnp: Do you use port forward: Do you enable ipv6: wifi or wired to your ps4: your cod Mw kd: anything else to add: Thank you
  5. It doesn’t always have sg server from the beginning of ww2 launch. back when i was playing, i put radius in around middle east region, india and SEA. If you lucky, you should connect to peer servers with ping around 130-170ms it was playable though. I ended up maintain kd of 2.71 there
  6. I also have tried it. I think it might has something to do with how stable each mobile operator has. For me instance, it was a no go because service area is poor in where i live. Only 2 bars. however, i have been using same setting that was working back before patch. Only difference was that I used wifi instead of lan. And it seemed like cod cater those ppl with lower quality internet. So I supposed wifi may be the key to give better experience. I have around 2.72 dl / ul bandwidth set from netduma with share excess off and no port prioritization enabled. my weekly kd has gone up from 3.1 to 3.6 today and i almost got nuke 2 times you guys might wanna nerf your connection a bit. I use netduma r1 though so wifi is not the best. For those who uses xr500, i think you should use 2.4ghz wifi instead of 5ghz because it is too good and you wont be able to have good experience there
  7. It was different game. You might wanna try with mw. I have recently been teaming up with one amazing cod player who has average kill of 30. Turned out he has been using mobile hotspot all day long
  8. How To Make MW Playable, My Sad Conclusion Before everyone comes in guns blazing, hear me out. I've spent years and hundreds upon hundreds dollars trying to optimize my gameplay. Higher bandwidth internet (200/20) top of the line modems (SB6183, SB8200, CM1000) high end routers (X4S, Netduma R1, X6S) expensive lan cables, and of course monitors, scufs, headsets. Way too much money to summarize. Nothing was helping. One day the game is enjoyable, the next I feel like a day one noob. Some days the connection feels solid, the next I feel like im on dial up. Until one day I thought about what's making my gameplay bad APART from SBMM. Lag comp. We definitely need it to make real time, online PVP work, obviously. But the servers cater to poor connection quality a little too much. It gets worse and worse each year. So i had the thought: How about I reduce my upload speed! The server will take pity one me! .... This was snake oil. One game the gameplay feel super smooth, like what it should be. The next, i felt like trash. Lol. So throttling didnt work... Or at least, was highly inconsistent. Then I tried the unthinkable. Play on my phone's wifi hotspot. I thought the gameplay would be jittery, extremely laggy, with possible disconnects. I. WAS. WRONG. I set my hotspot to a 5G bandwidth, restarted my phone to clear the cache and free up RAM. Disabled a few apps running in the background and closed a few more. I connected it to my xbox then started up MW. You will have a Strict NAT, there is no way around that. You will only be able to connect to Open NAT players. But the biggest difference I noticed: The Gameplay. I went from the little timmy with the reaction time of a snail to seeing people first and being able to react to people. And my bullets were hitting, better than my cable connection. Lol. Long story short, I made an alternate account to strictly play on my hotspot account, a legit account. My SPM double and my KD was higher. I rush nonstop so I do die a lot but gunfights felt even. Im dropping 30 kills a game, roughly. Not the best pubstomper but the game is enjoyable! Conclusion: Don't waste hundreds of your hard earned money buying modems, routers, and various other equipment to make a game play better. Especially when the game DOES NOT care about ping, jitter, or bandwidth. Hook up to your phone's hotspot and join the side Activision seems to care about more - The Lag Comp Crew. Side note - there are apps you can disable to free up RAM, and a few settings to change on your phone to make the gameplay ultra smoother. I usually have 2.7 gigs free without optimizing. After, 3.8 gigs of RAM free. I might make a YT video showcasing my gameplay for proof. copied from one guy from reddit
  9. How do u turn it off? put it to spectator mode? or remove device from geofilter at all?
  10. More of my stats for those who wanna dig down: https://cod.tracker.gg/modern-warfare/profile/psn/Arc_TJX/mp/matches I have been using this setting for hours. and the result is good so I wanna share this. at first you need to configure your QoS on DDWRT. Please see the following Use 25% of your ISP Speed Package. I have 1000/100 package, so I throttle total bandwidth to about 250/25 Now use this formula Total Throttled BW / Number of Devices connected to DDWRT (BW divided by no. of devices, both lan and wireless) In my case, it is 250/17 = about 13-14mb download and 25/17 = about 1.4 upload. Now you have to set each device to have X download and Upload (Based on formula above) for me I don't bother setting each device because i have 14 devices connected to my DDWRT. So I just have 'Enable per user default Units' box checked. So ideally each devices at my house will have bandwidth of 14/1.4 speed And that's it for QOS setting for DDWRT Now you go to make sure UPNP is enabled in DDWRT ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Now for Netduma, since I need its Geo-Filter feature, so in its QOS page, do as following - UPNP Off - Disable QoS - If you do this, anti bufferbloat, flower graph and traffic prioritization will not be working anymore. And that's it Emjoy 'Shoot First Kill First moments'
  11. Updated, it have done flushing cloud. Still no luck. This is when the game boot up. however with this setting, radius over southeast asia. With strict mode on and 0 ping assist. it seems to work because i have been getting Singapore server constantly not sure if it is the icon bug that made sg server invisible on geo map. Hope u sort it out soon thank you netduma team
  12. Should i do flush cloud or anything? Because currently Singapore server is still mislocated in east US
  13. I dont have concrete evidence to prove my point. But it feel like if your internet is too good, upnp and port forward will make yourself too instantly obvious to enemy. but good thing is that it will make your hit detection better though. also u will likely to die fast like instantly
  14. Just want to update, Now I have been back and forth between your low bandwidth setting and 75%/75% anti bufferbloat setting. because here is what I assume, if you have low bandwidth and you are put up against high ping players, you would be likely to lose gunfights because enemy has higher ping = more lag compensate. On the other hand, if in a lobby that filled with low ping players, this low bandwidth setting should work like a charm. to fix this, you will have to notice enemy ping, by their name, by their connection icon (spectate their killcam when they kill you, if they have yellow icon) or if you suspect that you lose too many gunfight that it shouldn't have been. just switch to medium bandwidth and you should be fine. I knew because once in few matches, I had like 5 dead streaks using mp5. So i switch to normal setting and start to get back and finally for VTOL
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