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  1. Hello, i would like to ask 1. What is your total bandwidth speed? (Download/upload) 2. What is your netduma setting, to be specific, everything you have made change in anti-bufferbloat page thanks in advance
  2. As my Asus QoS is far more superior than Netduma's it has better algorithms and better consistency in Black Ops 4, I would like to use Qos function provided by Asus RT-AC88u. But I also want to keep such unique Geo-Filter feature from Netduma with Anti-Bufferbloat turned off. Is there anyway to do this ? does dmz method help? Thank you
  3. Thanks all for the info. I always have it on 'when high priority traffic detected' Unfortunately, I'm not at home right now so I think I will have to test it tomorrow will let you guys know
  4. Whenever I download a game, patch that have big file size. My internet access on laptop and other device will not work. From my speculation, it happens 100% every times. And when I go back to PS4 to pause my download, internet connection will go back to work as normal Any fix for this? I have 100/100 and it seems to be router issue to me
  5. as the topic says, I have experienced this every time I download something in any device in home network, internet won't work in other device(both Lan and Cable) I'm sure it's something to do with Netduma because normal router wouldn't have this problem.
  6. Sry for having been disappearing. I have been having great time with new dumaos’s cloud update. I don’t have much issue finding lobby. It connect me to SG about 95% of time I play. For the current setting I have been using was still 98/98. But here I have find more variables to get good connection, at least for me well my bandwidth is 100/40 I set my download bandwidth to 6% which is equal to 6mb and upload bandwidth to 4%. I also have ‘when high priority traffic detected’ ticked however this is kind of endless test because this method is not 100% guaranteed that you will have good time with no lag compensation issue. That’s why I have backup method. It also depends on weapon fire rate as well. Let’s call this the ‘method 1. When method 1 doesn’t work, I go to method 2. And if it doesn’t work, I go to method 3 and 4. Below are lists of method I found Method 1: 6% / 4% equal to 6mb download and 1.6mb upload. With ‘when high priority traffic deteced’ anti bufferbloat apply Method 2: 6% / 4%. With ‘never’ ticked. And yes, that would turn off bufferbloat completely with 6mb and 1.4 ul bandwidth. For some reason anti-bufferbloat make your hit slight delay to. This is obvious when you use very low rate of fire gun and it has delay hit that u have to lead your aim in order to register your hit. Method 3: Go back to 98%/98% bandwidth. Which equal to 98mb download and 39.2mb upload Method 4: 98/98 and turn off anti bufferbloat
  7. I just reverted back from DumaOS to 1.03.6j, I can play everything in normal, only my NAT type show failed when I test connection in ps4 setting menu. This result me unable to play with friend as NAT type has failed. Any solution?
  8. I've tried the DumaOS, it worked for hour, then I couldn't find any lobby again
  9. Oh really, i’m sure i will test it when i get back
  10. I always put it on 98/98 and it works great, make sure u on preemtive algorithm
  11. Guys I have found my new best setting. Give it a try! I have edited original post. See you in page 1!!
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