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  1. Since latest update, i have seen that there has been many premade port prioritization profiles such as unreal engine, source engine, etc i have been wondering what port do those engines use? May be dev could breakdown a lil bit for this? thanks
  2. @shiddy have you been on qos? I found it inconsistent with qos and decided to turn it off. Been months with no problem. Everything has been consistent as ever. For coldwar specifically, having qos is very inconsistent. Have been like thise since black ops game.
  3. Interesting method as well. I would try that too. my method only worked with cod though. Tried it on pc game called Ironsight. It was horrible that i have to turn on qos with standard setting. I’d guess each one has unique working method. Just gotta find it out.
  4. QoS is not stable unless you have organization-broadband-level which can be too expensive. Right it works for some games and it is stil a hit-or-miss. As result, I turned them off all. and just use port forward(or upnp, your choice!) However, my method is still tricky and some might find it not worth trying. I always use netduma for geofilter and WRT54GL with cfw Freshtomato installed. and here is my trick - I throttled my bandwidth to about 21/0.5 mbps. (read next below!) - I open youtube on my pc (both pc and ps5 must connected to the same router which is WRT54GL) I let it stream any long-length video with 480p) of course QoS disabled - As soon as I start my first match, I just turn off Bandwith Limiter. let my BW at full speed. And I still let YouTube streaming - You would feel something different there. MY KD is 3.69 because of this. Edit. My MTU is set to 1452 on PS5
  5. Try throttling to as low as u can. And then bounce back to normal speed when actually play the game. You should gain advantage for tricking cod to favor lag compensation for u
  6. try to reinstall the game. may be it helps
  7. its the game. happened to every ps5s. It is unplayable right now
  8. Sry, i have never used openwrt. I have only used asus, asus merlin, netduna, gargoyle, fresh tomato and wrt32x fw
  9. If you use merlin, in qos, there will be algorithm to choose, fq_codel for instance. that's when QoS is enable even you choose to use BW limiter. Here is what you need to do: - Use Asus Stock FW. - You can enable QoS, but choose BW limiter and limit BW to your console, In my case, I used 100/100 (My ISP speed is 200/200) And that's it. Here is result data. I tried Asus on 12 Dec 2020
  10. Go to network setting. I don't remember the name of interface because my UI is all in Thai. and there will be option to adjust it. you go to MTU section and change it to manual. but MTU thing is optional though. it still has been on debate given that it is still myth
  11. After the patch, I have experience exactly the same as you. Connection was stuttering, I had to raise up max upload to 1000 instead of 500. MY apology for not updating. You might wanna raise upload value a little bit. The key is still to have QoS disable. I have been playing only Cyberpunk 2077 lately so I haven't played the game yet
  12. Did you disable QoS and do some throttling ?
  13. Guys, I have tested with different routers, Asus and Tomato, Netduma Included! It is perfectly safe to say that QoS is not good on Black Ops Coldwar. QOS IS NOT GOOD ON COLD WAR Other than that its based on each's preference. You can throttle all you want, you can use wifi. But never ever use QoS on this game specifically. I tried on Netduma, worked with QoS Disabled, Congestion control set to never. BW limit value is not much important. On asus, I set it to 100/100, on Tomato I set it to 21/0.5-1 I see no different between Asus and Tomato, Netduma was slight worse because on newer version, once QoS disabled, everything on QoS Page will not be function. on the other hand, older fw you can still mess around with bw on flower graph
  14. Here is screenshot of my tomato setting
  15. I think it's just slight different interface
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