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  1. Also refresh the DumaOs page if u in QOS tab then u will see that it prioritize the right port
  2. @Squizz i used this one it was the only one working for me press on the "I think i got it this time" that is the link of the latest one. And you can change the ports 3074 is working for me but I am on PS4 so you could try 3075 if that doesn't work.
  3. But I see nothing in DumaOs. But my high priority packets do go up the numbers.
  4. No i got the app from Redbull2k finally working I am testing it now
  5. I see already now 4 lobbies we connecting to have Port range between 30000-33000
  6. It is working for me as well and picks the ports within a few seconds when searching a lobby before the game starts i see the ports already. Within 6 seconds it shows me which ports the lobby is using.
  7. No differences in ping but really gameplay is very noticeably different
  8. I be online in a bit then i let you know which one works for me @RedBull2k
  9. Yesterday i played 2 hours after reboot, was the same problems over and over again. Today didn't play yet, zo all the device are connected home to the router i leave it like that when i am home and see how it plays
  10. No after I do a reboot I have only the PS4 and the laptop connected to the router and no other devices. Straight away I restart the PS4 when the connection comes back up.
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