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  1. @Netduma Fraser thank you very much. So fw and .38 are not 3.0 beta ? Ye everything is alright at the moment all good.
  2. @Netduma Fraser @Netduma Luke it says on the first post XR700 v1.0.1.46(DumaOs 3.0beta) but that version is not 3.0 beta is it ? No Auto-setup for Qos, no connection benchmark, no polygon on geofilter it looks like the old fw for XR700. What is the last version of DumaOs 3.0 beta for the XR700? I get a bit confused right now. I was not active for a while because of personal circumstances. Happy holidays to y'all.
  3. Keep in mind a lot of the servers are misplaced seen Dutch servers placed in Paris France or London UK on the Geo-filter, and u will always get french, dutch, belgium, english and germans a lot on those servers (UK, Holland, France, Germany.) When i have geofilter off i am from Amsterdam, Holland i play a lot on the UK or France servers (thats when SBMM kicks in)
  4. @Netduma Fraser Can you update the firmware topic for the XR700 ? Because firmware V1.0.1.36 is out. https://www.downloads.netgear.com/files/GDC/XR700/XR700-V1.0.1.36.zip
  5. @Nightwalker U probably have a VDSL or ADSL line and none of the Netduma routers are a xDSL modem/router. So u going to need to buy a xDSL modem/router that can be put in Bridge mode and put the VLAN id out and connect ur R2 behind that. But first u have to find out what connection u have exactly and which VLAN's u need for your specific ISP line, try logging in your ISP modem and look for Status, Line statistics or something similar maybe u find that information there
  6. @stallhagen I have on Geo-filter: Strict mode enabled, Auto-ping enabled Ping assist on 0, Fast search disabled. And set your home as close as possible on your real location on the map.
  7. @doylebl39 Reinstall your game, delete and re-download it fully.
  8. @stallhagen @Newfie It doesnt matter who is hosting when ur geo-filter is working it will not put u in a game outside of the radius u have set. I can confirm this with CoD MW, BO CW and for Warzone i am doing it all the time i set up the geo-filter and let another friend host (with a low kd he has only 1.6 kd on Warzone) 🤣
  9. Yeah Connection Benchmark is not working properly i think the Netduma team are already aware of this problem. I think there is also something not good with Traffic Priorization because DumaOs Classified games doesnt work for me and when the red lights goes on the packet counter goes very slow like literally 1 packet in 3-5 seconds.
  10. If you are better you better, dont want/need no f#**%g game to alter with my skill/aiming because i am in a lobby with new people they get better by time as i did in the old days it took me a few months of getting owned. Thats why it's called skill u have to develop it by trial and error. Activision doing stupid shit by altering with the game i was playing yesterday a few games of Warzone with the CR-56 Amax the last 2 wins where in a row 21 kills and the game after 17 kills and a win. The games after that tried the CR-56 Amax again but it didn't feel like the same gun anymore like the previous games, it was shooting like a totally different gun much more recoil, lots of hitmarkers after blue armor strange stuff.
  11. @Originsjuega Click on all the green servers with low ping 10-20ms and put them to your allow list that way u will always connect to them even if they are out if your radius due to wrong place of the server on the map of geo-filter. I have the same problem i live in the Netherlands and some of the servers from Amsterdam (the city where i live) are appearing in Paris, France and in London, UK.
  12. Try even very low setting of the sliders.
  13. @Netduma Fraser @Zippy I fixed my Geo-filter, i had to delete the PS4 from device manager and geo-filter while it was turned off and re-add it to geo-filter then it worked. Somehow after that i decided to check the tour on QoS tab and then put QoS on enable and it is like it is working on DSLreports did 10 tests and got A+ everytime (see picture) on Bufferbloat ping with the old settings for CC sliders that i always used 🤔 Btw the PS4 was online when doing this 10 tests and as u can see from the pictures it lines up with the test on the R2 and how it always was. Connection Benchmark is not working appropriate still. On Fast.com idle 10ms and under load 12ms with CC enabled Always. (2nd pic)
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