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  1. @Netduma Fraser why did the thread got closed that i had opened
  2. @Netduma FraserOn BO Cold War u can change ur location settings while in-game i have noticed the game pings almost after every match all the servers of COD (after the match has finished. Filtering mode does work u get the "unable to join party" because u try connecting only to the servers u have selected so the game will try to connect at that area that you have covered but if all the servers there are full u will get rejected and get the notification. Mine does work on filtering mode even if i have selected only around my city (Amsterdam, NL) with a radius of 100km but sometimes i get the "unable to join party" because the servers are full.
  3. @Knomax what is the best bandwith to give to the game, at what bandwidth do u suggest to throttle (Mbps DL/UL) ? I use a PS4 btw I think u as well, from the 3074-3074 30000-65535 UDP ports that u have been catching from in-game traffic.
  4. I am waiting literally almost half a year for the XR700 beta to come ⌛🪦
  5. I played for more then 5 hours straight testing Black Ops CW on PS4 got everytime Source port 3074 UDP, Destination port between 30000 and 59000 UDP, so I am pretty sure for this game applies the same as COD MW go for traffic prio: Source 3074 3074 UDP - Destination 30000-65535 UDP
  6. I played for more then 5 hours straight Black Ops CW on PS4 got everytime Source port 3074 UDP, Destination port between 30000 and 59000 UDP, so I am pretty sure for this game applies the same as COD MW go for traffic prio: Source 3074 3074 UDP - Destination 30000-65535 UDP
  7. That is not laggy or late bullets. That guy probably heard u already coming he was already ads exactly the place u were coming from while u were running from behind that wall and took ur gun and tried to ads and shoot him he hit u earlier thats why u were dead also.
  8. That server is the Demonware mm server it is popping up for the last 4-5 months.
  9. @Fuzy @Netduma Fraser I will hook up my other router and see which ports Black Ops Cold War really uses while in game. But I am on PS4 and will look if i see a difference when Crossplay is enabled/disabled.
  10. @Netduma Fraser I think they mean when the game connects 3 times to a server outside of your radius (the ones u excluded in Geo-filter) then Black Ops Cold War will give u this error. I will test it also in a bit and will confirm if it happens here as well.
  11. @Killhippie i am gonna keep it short and simple. I am a customer who bought a router that has been released for 2 years so expect at least support for the coming 2-3 years. I bought a Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR700 in 2018 i didnt buy a R9000 in 2016 or "18 so I expect some support for the product that i bought. And about the TV's, 1 u can't compare a tv with a router and 2 tv's get software and firmware updates even years after release. And I had a ASUS GT-11000AX in summer 2019, that WiFi 6 is not so big as u think, there are not even so much devices that support it, back then my Samsung S10 was the only device i had that have WiFi 6 and in my case i use wired connection for gaming.
  12. I didnt buy a 2018 router for €400 to buy another one after 2 years. I strongly doubt it they will stop supporting a 2 years old router (XR700 came out sep/oct 2018) and if so then the train stops here for me because other manufacturers support their products for many years after it comes out.
  13. @Netduma Fraser i didn't mean it bad or harsh in a way i have no problem with the way u phrased it, just want to get this out in the world so maybe NETGEAR wakes up and think, hey there are people aware that we are lacking on our products support. ASUS RT-AC5300 is released end of 2015 i have mine since begin of 2016, sorry my bad NETGEAR XR700 was released 2018. It stays a expensive product that people have bought and they expect frequent updates especially for routers, lots of bugs, security updates and internet connections changing. Dhcp issues, driver updates, get Routed-IPTV working, load some ISP profiles from different regions like if u are W-EU u get only like from those countries main ISP's.
  14. @Netduma Fraser at first i didnt want to reply on the topic as i know u are always willing to help and do your best for us here at the forum but as i feel like your the one we can speak through to Netduma and Netgear i had to say something. 1st of all i dont know a router which firmware got updated and someone had to pay for it (we already paid when we bought the router). 2nd it is totally ridiculous that a router had 6 updates in it's 2-year life (it is as well one of the high end routers of NETGEAR). I compared the updates for my 2015 ASUS RT-AC5300 vs 2018 NETGEAR XR700 the ASUS had 7 firmware updates in 2020 only (and they are working on 386. firmware currently 384. there is a beta running for 386. as well) while the NETGEAR XR700 had only 6 firmware updates since 2018.
  15. @Netduma Fraser @Netduma Alex Any news about XR700 DumaOs 3.0 Beta ??
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