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  1. It starts with <15ms searching for a game
  2. This game just sucks big time at hosting was playing 2 days ago at a friend's house he have the same ISP and internet package as me and also a good line. But when I was playing at his house the game play was just normal almost no shoot first die first scenarios just the way the game should be.
  3. I get between 16(0) and 28(0)ms in-game and around 12ms on DumaOs, but still the past week gameplay been very bad for me 9 out of 10 lobbies it is the whole time shoot first die first for me even though i get connected the whole time on servers within 20 miles of my location. So they really have to change something in the net code it is really bad for players with a good stable and fast internet connection.
  4. I know what u mean but just give it a try, I played a few games with the AUG on first levels it melts people already really accurate and the mobility also very good. 30-3 and a 36-5 with the AUG on level 10 or sum. (See picture)
  5. Okay but the m13 have some good potential i think also. I fall in love with the AUG I am unlocking the attachments for it, so accurate and fast I think it is a real competitor for the MP5. Did u check the AUG already ?
  6. Yes same problem here, have to change to spectating mode then get out of the chatparty and rejoin that chatparty again everytime somebody gets in the chatparty.
  7. It is different per host some show directly the ping and some the whole game nothing
  8. Yes is good i will do that the next time it pop up
  9. No i have tried it only on .20 latest. And sometimes all of a sudden the ping appears like in mid-game
  10. It says nothing in front of it and like a open padlock so i think it is http
  11. I login from, no differences at all
  12. Yeah he is right. I get also sometimes on MW only tickrates, kbps send/receive, host address but not the ping to the host.
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