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  1. Yes i saw it a few months ago already, stopped using geo-filter now i can't even getting games on my location while i am living near a lot cod servers in my hometown Amsterdam (NL). Something went wrong with the cloud update a few months ago because since then i couldnt get in games on my home location i get forced to expand to UK, France or Germany otherwise it won't find a game. Also the server icon won't show up on my geo quite often (the ones that are in the Netherlands) sometimes it will sometimes it won't. I think definitely somebody must straighten things up for the cloud update also still some servers show up that are mislocated for example 1 of the dutch servers appear sometimes on the border of Germany/Switzerland.
  2. I will do it right now and see if it fixed the servers that i was seeing mislocated.
  3. I wasnt using geo-filter for a while but yesterday i turned it on and a lots of servers mislocated i cant get in servers from my hometown (Amsterdam,the Netherlands) because they are appearing in central Poland and a lot of different ones mislocated. It really need a proper update because something is really wrong, with other servers as well making the use of geo-filter totally off.
  4. No, when I go in a game it shows me one of the friends ip address as a server and sometimes it shows the right server of the game but most of the time when I am in a chatparty or in a lobby with friends when we start searching for a game it will show one of them friends ip address.
  5. The latest version, a 100% sure it prioritize ip addresses from friend's that are in a chatparty with me.
  6. Hello guys i am using the previous version of Caddy, because that one doesn't prioritize ports of people in my chatparty or lobby. So there is a difference in latest version of Caddy and the one before. The latest Caddy version prioritize chatparty traffic, but only when u try to search a game.
  7. I had some delay to tell u guys my findings, I be in a few hours home then i will test it extensively.
  8. I be online in a bit and will see what differences i notice between alone in a lobby, only in a chatparty without a game, and game with chatparty. After that i do a few games with previous version of Caddy. And let u guys know.
  9. Your routing is quite odd on the 3rd picture i think why is it making a whole trip around France? i assume u live in the south of France somewhere close to Toulouse ?
  10. So we from Europe dont get connected to the authentication server in Ireland any more ? Yes I did put it in the form yesterday already, no i did saw the mislocated server icon right on my home place Amsterdam the Netherlands, that was the only location where the mislocated server popped up.
  11. I am going to try it right now
  12. Yes the they go both up the high priority packets and the background as well
  13. I deleted geo and in a chatparty now I get this one for 2 matches already, i am playing with 5 friends from the UK and with them in a chatparty as well.
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