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  1. did you try another ethernet cable ??
  2. UPNP should open your port to get open Nat, did you DMZ your R2 in your ISP modem ? What is your setup ? ISP --->DMZ --->R2, upnp on ---> PS4
  3. Wich one ?? its gonna be interesting
  4. I have tried 1, 2.5, 5, 10, 15 ..... till full speed 250 for me and I cant see any difference. but when I played on some server, of course when the game run well, I do not check my geofiltre. I can get very good fair game., I think the key is, find your best server, I'm working on it.
  5. a few times, i got a moderate NAT on PS4, it's bizard because i didn't make any parameter change in my router. I close the console and go back to open NAT. I haven't enabled UPNP, I port forward the ports I need.
  6. Hello, I'm looking to buy a wifi range extenders to get better wifi outside on my deck. they are many kind and many price. what is the spec i need to check to get good one, AC750 is cheap, 40$ RBS50Y is expensif, 350$ i wait to your recommandation
  7. I'll give you some mislocated server from Warzone in north america. actually I'm working on a list, but I don't know how I will do to show you
  8. DanyKTM

    QOS R2

    as-tu essayer un autre cable ethernet ? peut-être que sa pourrait aider
  9. DanyKTM

    QOS R2

    @Netduma Fraser Merci encore pour votre travaille !! 😁😁
  10. i tried and I cant see any difference, if you do, you should get port conflit.
  11. DanyKTM

    QOS R2

    Je reboot assez souvent, J'ai souvent des problème de geo filter. comme j'ai déjà partager, ou bien je ne suis pas capable de loader la page Sa fais 2 jours que j'ai pas rebooter, généralement je ne passe pas 3 jours sans avoir un problème. il y a 2 jours j'ai dû faire un factory reset. et du coup, je n'ai faite aucune configuration a part QOS et ajouter ma consol en Geo filter. je vais voir comment sa se passe. Aussi mon QOS se réinitial quand je change de device to appli mais bon, ils le savent déjà et travaille à réparer tous sa
  12. I fell your pain, sometime i won 3 or 4 gun fight in a row in warzone, and I meet one guy and he destroyed me easilly... I hit him many time and he hit me 2 times and i'm down. like I said, if you check youtuber like Teepee, dougisraw or even nickmersh, they never lose a single 1 vs 1 gun fight, many time the other player start shooting first but they destroyed him. i know this guys are pro player but the connection help ... or I dont know
  13. you should play on monitor or tv with less than 1 ms, UPNP or port forward, no difference for me, good HDMI cable and Good ethernet cable should help you. You can give a call to your ISP and ask for they can check the road of your connection, sometime they can change the route and help a little bit
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