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  1. seem to be a good one, 200 $ not to bad
  2. have you put your Xr500 in DMZ from your ATT ISP ?? or bridge mode
  3. Mais sur le XR nous ne pouvons pas revenir sur la version précédent... Mais on continu de chercher et chercher encore lol
  4. sure, but it is not recommand. Why do you want to do dmz ?
  5. I feel your pain.... but so far I got my better game play with MY XR500 but my worst too. It is not consistant. when I do a simple reboot, I got good gameplay for a least 2 or 3 hours, after that, nothing, I loose every gun fight....
  6. I'm glad for you if your settup works !! but for me, the geofilter it not a better thing cause I leave far from the server, If I try to force the server just next to me, I not anjoy the game like I play with only MS. I put the circle of the middle of the ocean and I set to 30ms, it is very good in black ops 4 but for MW I do not find a good setting because this game is very unplayable for me. My appologie for my english, my first langue is French 😅
  7. Thank you all, I made one more factory reset, I means by the pinhole in the back, and now, all good. I get the red back screen an usual. I was little bit confused, but the map in black n white was pretty nice no ?? lol
  8. faut que tu fasse l'option dans Wan je crois, Wizard. Et pour le reste il y a pas 2 formules pareilles, il faut faire des tests
  9. i'm looking to flash my R7000, do you suggest to use advanced tomato, open WRT or DD-Wrt ?
  10. ha oui, pourtant avant je l'avais j'étais capable d'avoir A+ partout....je vais essayer se soir sur mon PC, Merci
  11. Se soir je débranche mon XR500 et essaie un R7000 pour voir, je pense que l'antibufferbloat de mon XR500 est brisé. même avec DSL report je n'ai pas de LETTRE sur antibufferbloat. même pas un D ....
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