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  1. Unless you in Australia and the same ISP as me then i doubt its the same issue but you never know. But if it helps, apparently new IPv4 numbers are getting expensive and the amount of numbers avail is getting low. My ISP did something that converts or alters IPv4 to IPv6 but this adds an additional ISP nat layer causing my issue. Once i was removed from this new IPv6 system they have, im now back to Nat 2.
  2. Yes mate. It doesn't matter anyway as i found and fixed the issue, was a service provider problem.
  3. Here is my setup, for PS4 Nat3 that i cant remove Netcomm NF10WV>XR500>devices No matter what i do i get Nat 3. Yes the XR is DMZ on the Netcomm, yes ive tried numerous DMZ, UnPn settings, nothing works. Got my fuzzy brain all jumbled up.
  4. All good it is what it is, but i had mentioned many moons ago early during R1 launch not being able to boot devices was a thing without a restart, yet here we are.
  5. But if you PC is behind the Duma and the Internet is in front, how does blocking it not allow UI access. We access the UI before the net is connected on a fresh install. I'm confused as always. Anyways, yes options should be avail, if i want 1 of the kids devices off my home network so he cant sit up all night watching movies off a h/drive, then i should be able to boot him off. He gets the idea when i reboot and his movie stops. I pray he doesn't learn to restart his device and gets reconnected.
  6. There is your issue. Ive found over many many hrs and years fiddling with modems etc you cant fix it yourself as the game balances the connection against all players. Its the games stupid hybrid netcode bro. whilst 2ms is great you are so far ahead of everyone else in your lobby the game lags you out to match others. And you get the results that you get. Seems to hard for the devs too match people into lobbies of similar ping, they just stick whoever where ever. Try to force another server if you can and it should in theory be better. At least try and expand your geo range, you may not be directly connected to the server, your game data could bounce through another player before is reaches the server. If this player is out of your geo range then you will either drop the lobby or have a very miserable connection. My only server has to deal with a massive space. Look on a map and just gaze at the surface area from New Zealand to Perth Western Australia then up as high as Japan, anywhere in that triangle are players i can be in a lobby with. Japan is normally only very late night or early morning but it happens, peak hour is generally a little better but not by much.
  7. With a low player base, sbmm and hybrid net code that is plausible. It has become quite the abomination. I hadn't played COD in months, fired it up and yep still people bouncing around the place, still shoot first die first. So closed it and haven't been back yet, doubt i will either.
  8. If people had auto update ticked and the router for what ever reason did an update big or small would that cause these issues. Reason i ask is i went to update to this version only to realize i already have it, yet i didn't install it.
  9. I'm not doing it intentionally if that what you mean. And i highly doubt anyone else altered anything. I cant pin point whats changed other then Ive had a few electricians (power off at the mains) offer the last few days and that's when i noticed the latest problems. But this didnt happen the other times. I'm static now where as i wasn't before so we will see what happens now.
  10. My Geo is stuffed again. 3rd time in as many months. I always rename my playstation to something else (as there are 3 connected) and it always goes back to default "Playstation" when the geo (or what ever is causing this issue) stuffs up.
  11. Apologies i didn't do it correctly. Its working now.
  12. Funny im seeing this post now as im getting the exact same but its not time limited, will be fine for a few hrs then dead, cant even get into the menu. And that is for all users.
  13. I haven't seen the OS software to know but in the original R1 it in Settings>DHCP Lease. You can assign ip's to mac address's in there. i cant imagine it would be all that different on the OS.
  14. Thanks Jack. I never suspected the Duma but you never know these days.
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