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  1. The game uses many ports for many different things. 3074 port is purely used for the profile, match making, update info etc etc. 3074 is not the port used for games.
  2. Ill be stuffed if im paying $400 odd for another one.
  3. If its happening on your current firmware nothing will fix it. Ive tried everything on my XR500 and the only thing that helped was going back to a firmware till it stopped doing it.
  4. Yes. Ideally you would use the Geo Filter set at your location, or at a location of the server you want to connect too and have it as filtered. The should only allow connections within the circle. Next option would be to have the Geo Filter as spectate and use the ping assist set to a desired timing, 50ms for example. This should only allow connections up to 50ms.
  5. I think geo filter and ping assist should be used seperate to each other, not at same time. Try geo filter on and ping assist off first and see if it improves. Have a read through the section at other peoples attempts to clean up their online experience.
  6. I had asked for this way back in the early early R1 days.
  7. First game of the day. 1 be10-546.bng1.vdc01.syd.aussiebb.net ( 11.005 ms 8.784 ms 4.529 ms 2 HundredGigE0-0-0-8.core1.vdc01.syd.aussiebb.net ( 1.949 ms 1.212 ms 1.747 ms 3 HundredGigE0-0-0-8.core1.vdc01.syd.aussiebb.net ( 0.601 ms 0.568 ms 0.422 ms 4 as55497.nsw.ix.asn.au ( 1.045 ms 1.134 ms 1.118 ms 5 ( 246.675 ms 167.335 ms 164.084 ms 6 ge-0-0-5-br02-eqty2.as57976.net ( 164.265 ms 164.280 ms 164.241 ms 7 xe-0-0-0-0-br02-lgpy1.as57976.net ( 165.116 ms 165.257 ms 165.772 ms 8 et-0-0-67-pe1-lgpy1.as57976.net.84.221.137.in-addr.arpa ( 204.492 ms 164.363 ms 165.170 ms 9 icn-lgpy1-ia-bons-01.as57976.net ( 164.429 ms icn-lgpy1-ia-bons-02.as57976.net ( 165.134 ms icn-lgpy1-ia-bons-01.as57976.net ( 164.430 ms 10 ( 164.587 ms ( 164.084 ms 164.265 ms 11 ( 164.370 ms 164.397 ms 164.370 ms
  8. Definitely not local congestion that i can see. Happens with crossplay on or off. Just hoped on and i will see what the first search is today.
  9. I question the very same thoughts. Almost like the game knows we are Duma users and screws us sideways.
  10. Looks the same as mine. I just changed my 4 rules to tcp and udp, cant say i noticed any difference yet.
  11. Kinel has the 4 rules above but I think (and happy to be corrected) you don’t enter these into port forward or trigger. Enter only in traffic prioritise. I've never done anything with tcp rules but I’m trying a few shortly to see if that helps. I’m not expecting anything thou. but definitely the 4 rules help with hit reg.
  12. I have no idea why. I don’t block anything. sometimes a Duma reboot helps sometimes it doesn’t. sometimes I find a 5-6ms lobby sometimes it’s 160ms+, even had a 380-400ms lobby once. How the game even allows that is beyond me. Not like it starts at 15ms and builds up, its just straight 174ms. I only get 3 numbers, 15ms, 108ms and 174ms. i did try the latest firmware but it’s so slow and doesnt load pages I went back to a .40 firmware. if I had to guess and that’s all it is, I’d say if you have cross play off then psn uses their servers, Xbox use their own and same as pc, but if you enable cross play then god knows what happens, likely uses blizzard servers in god knows what country, because sure as shit isn’t ping first.
  13. Something definitely isnt right. First game search yesterday and again today, searching for lobby 174ms.
  14. Yep thats what i meant. What ranges you using?
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