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  1. In game bullet velocity makes a difference between “no help from attachments” to “up to 100% from attachments”, Driftor and others have a YouTube video on it.
  2. That’s sbmm and it’s pathetic algorithm nothing you can do about it.
  3. Yes they are as its an old patent for a start, PVE doesn't need a patent as EVERY DAM GAME already has PVE as its gore. Why the hell you need a patent for that, im better there are follow up patents that tap into this ideology that Timmy no thumbs deserves a chance at every ones else's expense.
  4. IP address details Santiago, Santiago Metropolitan, Chile Duma saying this is in NSW, Australia for COD cold war. At 470ms Chile sounds better then NSW, Australia.
  5. Can we get the form updated to include new titles and platforms.
  6. 8c252ef9c22beff4 Says Peer but its hosting lobbies, IP owned by Blizzard.
  7. Last time i tried 3.0 it bricked the router, no thanks. Not going through that again
  8. Why it works for some and not all i dont know but you should not need to forward ports with a Duma device.
  9. Been there done it all before, nothing last. Why it happens to some and not all is a mystery to me. Couple of console screen shots for those that know what it all means.
  10. Ill chime in first but you should try a factory reset first, set your stuff up again and see how you go.
  11. My Beta 3.0 bricked itself, its not stable at all for me. Happens eventually to all beta users? im not sure but there's a few of us. I would think beta testing is for testing to see if functions work as described, a full brick is something i would of thought was found, dealt with and retested during alpha builds. Oh and fwiw build .56 still doesn't work right for me. Might go back to Asus for a while and try duma again sometime next year.
  12. I’m in same vote came from work and it dead, multiple resets nothing works. And sure as shit I’m not doing All that crap listed in that link.
  13. Doubt that will have the latest update on it. update check function in setting will tell you if it’s up to date. 3.0 is avail in beta form. You could sign up for that and wait to be excepted.
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