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  1. The game being what it is and the difficulties Duma has with this netcode/match making im surprised anyone can find games let alone decent ones.
  2. This is the one thing i haven't done yet. Ill give it crack tonight although im not expecting anything.
  3. Nothing I tried or found online fixed it using the latest firmware. had to roll back to another version and it’s been fine ever since
  4. Got in eventually. Had to factory reset the dam thing.
  5. So using ipconfig it says Duma should be either or The PC is definitely plugged in right.
  6. I’ll try that Fraser when I get home. I’ll also double triple check my cabling as well. im 99% sure it’s correct thou.
  7. Definitely pc to lan not wan. no wifi on my pc.
  8. Kids been mucking around with cables and now i cant access gui via cable. Yes i checked im connected from pc directly to the xr500. Can access via wifi thou. Via cable i get this page: https://www.netgear.com/home/products/networking/routerlogincom.html?cache=0#com.netdumasoftware.desktop Yes i tried all suggestions on that page so far nothing. What am i missing?
  9. I have to concur with demonchine on this 1. With nothing in Geofilter its way faster finding lobbies when im hosting a party or im in a party.
  10. The game uses many ports for many different things. 3074 port is purely used for the profile, match making, update info etc etc. 3074 is not the port used for games.
  11. Ill be stuffed if im paying $400 odd for another one.
  12. If its happening on your current firmware nothing will fix it. Ive tried everything on my XR500 and the only thing that helped was going back to a firmware till it stopped doing it.
  13. Yes. Ideally you would use the Geo Filter set at your location, or at a location of the server you want to connect too and have it as filtered. The should only allow connections within the circle. Next option would be to have the Geo Filter as spectate and use the ping assist set to a desired timing, 50ms for example. This should only allow connections up to 50ms.
  14. I think geo filter and ping assist should be used seperate to each other, not at same time. Try geo filter on and ping assist off first and see if it improves. Have a read through the section at other peoples attempts to clean up their online experience.
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