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Announcement: DumaOS Development Milestone 1.3

Netduma Luke

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56 minutes ago, logan_001 said:

How do I sign up for beta testing? I've had netduma since the R1 first came out. I currently run the XR500 and thinking about getting the XR700.


56 minutes ago, Rousey said:

Dont suppose you need anymore beta testers 😀

For the R1, sorry chaps - we obviously want to keep the beta group to the right size. But thank you for showing interest. NETGEAR control their beta test, so you could contact them if you are interested. https://twitter.com/NETGEARgaming

18 minutes ago, Locosano said:

Really interesting Will it be available for xr500? Because soon 11months and still no new feature (if the possibility of blocking servers) 

Both NETGEAR and us will announce when the next XR500 Firmware Release is out. Please wait for that announcement to see what is in it.

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Any chance we'll ever get features such as

- freeform geo filters vs the existing radius centric filter. E.g. I am in FL and want to keep my filter on the U. S. mainland but filter out Caribbean Islands, Mexico, etc. 

- reverse ping assist, i.e. filtering out high ping hosts within our geo filter

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1 hour ago, Netduma Admin said:

Pour la R1, désolé, nous voulons évidemment garder le groupe bêta à la bonne taille. Mais merci de votre intérêt. NETGEAR contrôle leur beta-test, vous pouvez donc les contacter si cela vous intéresse. https://twitter.com/NETGEARgaming

NETGEAR et nous annoncerons la sortie de la prochaine version du micrologiciel XR500. Veuillez attendre cette annonce pour voir ce qu'il y a dedans.

J'attends avec impatience alors  et j'espère que le xr500 ou xr700 ne sera pas abandonné.... 

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Would appreciate if I could receive that Device Manager as soon as possible. It is so much harder to control some devices since if I block one, the Mesh extender will let the same device connect again to my network because of that MAC address issue the extender makes.
Can't wait! :)

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That's great news to hear that you guys have successfully implemented the HybridVPN as well as ping assist utilization. Hopefully when receiving the DumaOS firmware. The 1.3 milestone will be along with it. But if not, it's definitely nice knowing that it will be coming sooner than later. Truly having R-Apps is a step forward, as you guys had gone from taking baby steps to strides and will continue implementing awesome features. Them tick rates, only the Duma team would understand how much that is for the gamers and already steps ahead in getting that process going for the gamers. Thank you Netduma. For bringing fourth a product for the gamers through it all you persevere. Thank you!


- Tray

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