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  1. yeah i love the game too, to the point i just bought a new wheel, stand and chair...... yes you read right it works on Edge on my laptop but all other browsers show the error (Chrome, Firefox, Opera), on my android 8 it works with Chrome but not Firefox. I just installed Maxathon to test and it works ok. I will continue to investigate..... It was only a month ago i reinstalled win 10 on my laptop so it's something after that's causing it.
  2. Sorry for the late reply, i have been racing on GT Sport lol. Note: The Netduma R1 is still doing it's job. I have tried what you said on my laptop and the wife's too with the same error when using chrome, firefox or opera. It does work with edge browser on my laptop and also works with my android phone with chrome but i get the same error with firefox on same phone. Wierd! I am still trying to find the cause so if you have any other idea's. Thanks ZR
  3. I was having problems with my stream going unstable after 5 mins streaming so i opened up my DumaOS dashboard to be greeted by the error ( Uncaught TypeError: b.draggable is not a function ) with an ok button so i click ok and only 1 item shows on any page, so i am unable to checks whats going off. I have factory reset the netduma r1 but it still happens after the reset. Any ideas? PS: i have disabled AV & firewall (Norton) problem is still there, i have also tried chrome and firefox with all extensions disabled and problem still persists.
  4. i will try this once i can get to the R1, cannot access it at mo as we are having work done on house...
  5. Just the otherday i got myself a Raspberry pi 3 and i have set up pi hole on it to block ads for any devices on my network. I have it all set up and if i set any device manually to use the Pi Hole dns ip's it works great no problems. The problem comes when setting Dns Override in network settings to the 2 internal ip's that Pi Hole uses as dns, so that any device connecting to my R1 via ethernet or wifi has ads blocked automatically. When DNS override is set to these internal ip's it defaults to my ISP dns on numerous tests, if i set Dns override to google dns or any other dns ip's they work great so now i'm assuming it's dumaos not allowing internal ip's to be used in DNS override, is this right? thanks.
  6. hello and welcome Joseph. congrats on the new job
  7. Thought i would post a link to some images of the liveries i have made in GTSport, there is a mix of Netduma/DumaOS and others. https://postimg.cc/gallery/288vph6uk
  8. i am DR B & SR S. i was DR A but this update and it's lovely bugs meant i lost DR lol
  9. congrats bud a good gaming session makes all the bad sessions an old memory. by the way whats your DR/SR in GTSport?
  10. thought i had posted in here but obviously not lol. i have an R1 and use sigavpn.
  11. i hope so too, it's killing my DR lolol.
  12. i did race c @ suzuka last night with this happening
  13. seems there is always a downside to the GTSport updates in sport mode. i have not yet played sport mode since update but have seen many vids like yours
  14. your ps4 has 2 connection ports, wired ethernet and wifi same as my xbox one so yes any device with ethernet and wifi will have 2 addresses if both have been used at some point.
  15. Ziltoid Racer

    Free VPN

    try this https://sigavpn.com/index.html
  16. would just like to note that the post text is not readable in the dark theme... all that can be seen are the images.
  17. i signed up 15 mins after receiving the email about DumaOS beta, i got my email with the download link 2 days later. have some patience it will come to you.
  18. you could set a BQM here. this will give you an idea on how your connection looks. i'm guessing you are on a hub 3? what is the software version?
  19. another one to add is the url hover box is the same white on white.
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