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  1. ok so i have tried wired and it work fine. i also tried connecting my ps4 to wireless and that has the same wifi issues but works fine on ethernet
  2. 200mb and every other devise on ethernet is fine
  3. its wireless as no wired upstairs yeah i tried diabling it and nothing still
  4. i set it to never in the qos settings
  5. it seems to be both. Like theres no connection basically
  6. so im having issues with the wifi but its only affecting the xbox. i have tried restarting everything and turning off QOS etc and nothing seems to work HELP!!
  7. Just wondering if there is any news on an app for the OS. It’s a pain on a mobile!
  8. SOLVED. we have ticked the option in the WAN setup settings. All is well
  9. hi, thanks for the reply. they are also using the duma xr500. any ideas?
  10. im trying to add my frined to my allowed list yet i just the the loading circle any ideas? i can add all my other friends and they and he have added me
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