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  1. Any tricks to this update? Mine is staying on upgrade in progress and doesn't go any farther.
  2. The Polygon was just for the question. I usually keep small areas around the best server pings. I live in Pennsylvania and get better pings from Washington state across the county then a state beside me. Pics are in order from 50%, 75% and last one is 100% QOS.
  3. Tried several closer targets and I get packet loss mostly on the 1st hop around 60%, but end results is only about 10%. Nothing else I do stops those ping spikes. Anything lower then 100% QOS makes it worse. On a side note why doesn't the device manager stay up to date with devices on the network? I could be streaming on a firestick and it is showing offline in device manager. I am also confused on server connection on COD warzone. Does it show connected to a player instead of a server?
  4. 100% QOS. Everything else is a lot worse. Congestion control is set to always.
  5. Netgear cm 1000 modem, ethernet, tried using always and never.
  6. So now I am not sure about any of this. No matter what I change there is a ping spike about once every 10 mins on ping plotter. It doesn't matter what I change and how much I saturate the network it looks the same on ping plotter. Tried everything from 100% (which almost seems the best) to 10% on congestion control. I even tried disabling QOS completely.
  7. I have done increments of 5 the whole way and that ping spike is always there, Any other ideas? I have Comcast business class 200 down 20 up.
  8. Thanks for the reply. Does everything else look optimal from this screenshot?
  9. What does it take to get an A+ on ping test? I can get my speed test and ping under load A+ but not ping. My average ping is 23ms.
  10. Is there any timeline or news on testing the beta firmware? I haven't heard much since a lot of us threw our name in the hat to test.
  11. Please add me to the list. I have the R1, XR500 and the XR700.
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