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  1. Ziltoid Racer

    DNS override + pi hole.

    i will try this once i can get to the R1, cannot access it at mo as we are having work done on house...
  2. Just the otherday i got myself a Raspberry pi 3 and i have set up pi hole on it to block ads for any devices on my network. I have it all set up and if i set any device manually to use the Pi Hole dns ip's it works great no problems. The problem comes when setting Dns Override in network settings to the 2 internal ip's that Pi Hole uses as dns, so that any device connecting to my R1 via ethernet or wifi has ads blocked automatically. When DNS override is set to these internal ip's it defaults to my ISP dns on numerous tests, if i set Dns override to google dns or any other dns ip's they work great so now i'm assuming it's dumaos not allowing internal ip's to be used in DNS override, is this right? thanks.
  3. Ziltoid Racer

    Ziltoid Racer

  4. Ziltoid Racer

    Pingplotter virgin vs sky

    hub 3 by any chance?
  5. Ziltoid Racer

    New Member of Development Team

    hello and welcome Joseph. congrats on the new job
  6. Sweet, installed flawlessly. fantastic job ppl.
  7. Ziltoid Racer

    GTSport livery images

    Thought i would post a link to some images of the liveries i have made in GTSport, there is a mix of Netduma/DumaOS and others. https://postimg.cc/gallery/288vph6uk
  8. Ziltoid Racer

    Great nights gaming

    i am DR B & SR S. i was DR A but this update and it's lovely bugs meant i lost DR lol
  9. Ziltoid Racer

    Great nights gaming

    congrats bud a good gaming session makes all the bad sessions an old memory. by the way whats your DR/SR in GTSport?
  10. Ziltoid Racer

    VPN Users Required

    thought i had posted in here but obviously not lol. i have an R1 and use sigavpn.
  11. Ziltoid Racer

    GT Sport glitch

    i hope so too, it's killing my DR lolol.
  12. Ziltoid Racer

    GT Sport glitch

    i did race c @ suzuka last night with this happening
  13. Ziltoid Racer

    GT Sport glitch

    seems there is always a downside to the GTSport updates in sport mode. i have not yet played sport mode since update but have seen many vids like yours
  14. Ziltoid Racer

    Ps4 has two up addresses in device manager

    your ps4 has 2 connection ports, wired ethernet and wifi same as my xbox one so yes any device with ethernet and wifi will have 2 addresses if both have been used at some point.
  15. Ziltoid Racer

    Free VPN

    try this https://sigavpn.com/index.html