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  1. For the love of god, please remove the ability for geo filter map to be zoomed in and out with the mouse scroll button. Every time I try to scroll the page so I can see the host information, I get stuck on the map zooming all over the place. What makes this issue worse is the fact that the geo map takes up 95% of my 4k screen. This is absolutely unnecessary. I should be able to see the entire UI of a given page in Netduma without having to scroll at all with my 4k monitor. Please do something about this.
  2. Unfortunately that's the first and only time I've ever seen that. I don't even remember what I did. I think I had it on geo filter while I was active on other tabs for some time, and when I went back to make a change to the filter, the page refreshed into that error. I basically keep my tabs open all the time and force Chrome to reopen them if I ever close my browser so Chrome eventually times them out and has to reload them when I reactivate. Hope that helps.
  3. So I just got a new error I've never seen on the Geofilter after trying to disable it (using regular mode not poly).
  4. Will do. On a side note just checking to make sure I understood the instructions, I inspected the element of the geofilter page itself and see a number of errors. Should I be concerned?
  5. Honestly I haven't paid enough attention to know if it is an issue only with Poly or not. It usually takes a while for it to surface for me. The last time I had this was weeks ago. So it seems like the issue takes some time to build or something. After restarting the router, the issue goes away entirely, regardless of mode. I just went back into poly mode (with 32 points remaining) and it's currently not erroring out. Were the logs I provided sufficient or are you looking for something else/more?
  6. I have this issue from time to time as well. This is really annoying. I've been using polygon mode for a few weeks now. On latest firmware. If I'm fast enough it'll let me change away from polygon mode but the error keeps popping up every few seconds. Unfortunately it won't save as if I leave Geo and come back, Poly is still enabled. I was able to even remove my filter points by working so quickly and now my filter is totally gone but no matter what Poly stays enabled and the error persists. I restarted the router and it started in Poly mode with no filter, but no error. I was able to turn poly off and it is now saving again. Guess I won't be using this mode anymore.
  7. I keep having persistent issues with my R2, like apparently many others. This is getting beyond frustrating. In an attempt to fix previous issues I was having I updated firmware to the latest. This did not resolve my issues. Thinking it may be due to not factory resetting as suggested with the new firmware, I did just that. Now, I have a completely NEW issue. Sigh. Now, half the RAPPS never load. I just get prompted with the generic "the operation is taking longer than expected. Please briefly wait before using this Rapp.". Even for Rapps that do load, attempting to do anything in them (e.g. set my home location in geo filter), it starts to apply settings then the dreaded message appears. It doesn't matter how long I wait. It doesn't matter if I restart the R2 (done several times). Like seriously, what is wrong with this thing? What do I do now? If you say power cycle it one more time, I'm going to throw a tantrum (LOL) because that causes one of my MAIN issues, where the damn R2 never pulls it's WAN IP from my cable modem (bridge mode).
  8. Sorry for the delay in response. Once I got it working I stopped messing with it as I don't have the time or patience to test further. At any rate, I just upgraded to .205 and upgrade went well. Still has the WAN IP, though again I'm not willing to reset or do anything else that may trigger the issue again at this time. Hopefully your other user having same problem can help you identify with their testing.
  9. FINALLY! After reboot number 10. I dont understand this nonsense.
  10. Ever since I got my R2 it's had issues pulling a WAN IP from my ISP/Modem. Sometimes after several reboots of both devices it will finally get it. Most of the time the dashboard says WAN disconnected or oddly sometimes it pulls a WAN IP of an internal network, 192.168.100.x. I have no clue where it would pull such an IP from. The modem is just a modem, not a router. Plugging my computer into the modem pulls the external ISP IP without issue with a simple ipconfig /renew. Why is the R2 having so many problems in this area? I'm at a point now where I want to throw this POS away because I've spent over an hour now trying to get back online to no avail.
  11. With respect, I spent over 5 minutes actively troubleshooting the issue, including shutdowns and restarts of the game. All connections using ping assist were new connections each time.
  12. I did have ping assist enabled prior. I then turned it back to 0 but the R2 ignored that setting. I tried even disabling and re-enabling geo filter and even restarted the game, but none of that had any effect. It wasn't until the R2 itself was rebooted that it recognized the setting was changed to 0. I think it's pretty clear the R2 is having difficulty here.
  13. It works for any activity where you don't want interference from others. Strikes, NF, free roam, hell even tower (sometimes I forget to turn it off and wonder where everyone is lol. Basically you get your own server. After rebooting the R2 it started working again.
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