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  1. When I make the geo filter as small as possible and place it over this server it connects me to a game straight away and not showing up any other servers or icons
  2. Not sure I screenshot it from mobile maybe that’s why
  3. Hello can anyone help me with this server I keep getting connected to it am not complaining but just wondering it says peer but I just wanna make sure as it’s always there
  4. Yes filtering mode is on also am on pc dunno if that matter but I’ve tried have pc as console and it’s just the same
  5. I have geo filter set with strict mode on ping Assist at 0 when ever I have a bad experience on a server I leave I go into setting go to auto ping with I have turned on name the connection and click deny then once I re search I get connected to the exact same connection and how I know it’s the same is it has the name I set it too when denying so I double checked it’s definitely in my deny list but it’s still connecting me to the same lobby the game am playing is black ops 4 XR500
  6. Just got a new update for my xr500 .56 any idea what it’s for or what the changes are
  7. How happy would everyone be if for whatever reason (highly unlikely) but nice to hope 👻 duma os 1.3 dropped tomarrow Saturday I’d be straight hope from work and prob up all night can’t wait ping assist v2 and so many more things just gonna be brilliant
  8. Can’t wait we’ll done Netduma will we see this update before Christmas
  9. Any update on when the cloud update will go live ? Thanks for all the work you guys do
  10. Peer f556a46ff3949297 27ms UK my location Ireland Dedicated 4e6cba8509ed383d 35ms France my location Ireland Dedicated 80d109d46e1fd9de 282ms Spain my location Ireland dedicated d72de3aeca763a3f 37ms germany my location Ireland Dedicated a4ad6a354a43c2c7 80ms russia my location Ireland peer 2e5fab76fccdaeb3 24ms greece my location Ireland dedicated d12d17e2ca703a3f 34ms france my location Ireland dedicated ef68aa75058ee9ee 185ms united states my location Ireland peer 865f2cf7fc25888d 47ms Italy my location Ireland Dedicated d1ad6f3a4a70c2c7 33ms United States my location Ireland Peer 9f97a36e343e656a 40ms United States my location Ireland Dedicated 96185621b5356469 33ms United States my location Ireland dedicated c26cab760961383d 49ms spain my location Ireland peer f75610dbf396abb0 26ms uk my location Ireland
  11. How will I know if there’s a cloud update or update in general become available will I get a notification on the router ?
  12. Try admin and password if that’s does not work maybe factory reset using a pin at the back of the router
  13. Sorry guys I’ve been working long hours and not had the time to look or input some uk servers that don’t seem quite right
  14. Funny you say that I just remembered when I make geo filter small to the point where it’s just around Ireland and uk I can’t find a single game not even one lol
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