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  1. Aside from just aim, acceleration maybe? Idk... I'm not 100% on all of the potential variables. He doesn't use any special settings.
  2. He snaps to target because he's a very high sens player with a ton of experience, while with his old setup and the desk he used he was forced to run 4k dpi and high sens with his mouse on his keyboard shelf as his keyboard covered half of his small mouse pad. Actually he's halved his sens since moving from MW3 to MW because he's got a new setup lol. I hope the video clip I'm attaching from my phone files goes through because it shows that old setup he had to git gud with after upgrading from a laptop. He was shadow banned because the system is automated and dependent on how many noobs report you. Infinity Ward contacted him, watched his streams and videos, and readded him to regular matchmaking rather than hardware banning him because there was nothing fishy found. In fact he was shadow banned again less than three hours after being contacted by them only because of this ridiculous report system LOL He had the wired G502 himself for years but Logitech sponsored him to try out the "cut the cord" challenge with the Lightspeed and he agrees there's little, if any, difference between the two MW3_PC_2016_24_Youre_better_than_Nate_Gibson_-_Desert_Eagle_Moab_Commentary.mp4
  3. Yeah this typically only used to be an issue when I forwarded ports manually to a specific IP, and then of course an IP change would affect the NAT. But I can't explain why it happens on UPnP too lol. Surely it should refresh and release depending on which IP needs said ports? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ UPnP has been buggy on DumaOS though so I went back to old firmware after a while.
  4. Hey just a heads up: I only ever saw a ton of random ports with an external port something other than 3074 if I was using WiFi and my wired IP had already "occupied" that 3074-3074 connection. Were you accidentally using WiFi at the time? 😅 I should clarify that's why I would get an open NAT when wired but if forgot to get off WiFi when booting up the game it'd always be moderate for that reason. UPnP would seemingly never be able to "release" that 3074-3074 connection unless I rebooted the router to wipe the UPnP list and then restarted the game.
  5. I haven't been here on the forum for a while but I received a PM asking for help and linked to this thread, so it's funny to see talk about TGD on here. Not sure what you're referring to when you say most difficult (surely not the firecap) but here you go he's been beasting since he played MW3 on a laptop. All of his "proof cams" are used live on stream and he's been doing them since MW3, but he gets a lot more hackusations now he's starting to become more known. He's easily a top 5 player worldwide.
  6. @Jack or whoever else might be handling emails... I replied to that email regarding the replacement R1 five days ago. Any chance someone could check it please?
  7. Saying what alongside the link to this thread mate?
  8. Mine just started messing up again... back on the old firmware. Had to swap over to my TP Link WiFi for the umpteenth time as I either drop out repeatedly or get stuck with <0.25Mb bandwidth and 100ms ping/1000ms jitter instead of the usual 75/20Mb and 6ms/0ms.
  9. I haven't really played BO4 because of connection issues but the game seems a laggy mess either way. The menus are even worse than BO3's... I tried to play on a fairly new PS4 Pro with a brand new Samsung 860 SSD and the menus are disgusting, it takes forever to pull up the share menu to save a clip and my PS4 sounds like a jet trying to take off. I don't see any of those issues in other games... Maybe your fan could use a clean though. I cleaned my PS4 Pro out (I think the method for accessing the fan is a little different) and because there was only a little dust inside, it didn't seem to make much difference. That could be your problem if the console hasn't been cleaned out after five years. Edit: sorry, I was sleep deprived and failed to notice you'd already done that LOL
  10. I've only had mine 18 months, if that...
  11. A fix for this absurdity would be marvellous 😂
  12. R1 is on one again, which is just typical after I decided to put my modem/router behind it back into bridge mode. Woke up and the WiFi symbol is visible but no Internet (cross symbol). Took 45 minutes to reconnect, and then I changed the WiFi channel. 5 minutes later it's out again for another 2 hours. Reconnected itself, changed the channel again, and then it started disconnecting and reconnecting every 30 seconds for about an hour. Changed back to the default channel (7) and it's stayed online for the last hour or so. I'm gonna sling it in a cupboard if it drops out again tbh. I had enough of this on old firmware and thought DumaOS fixed it, but suddenly it's randomly dropping out again 🤔
  13. Alright cheers. Please post here when you have any updates so I get the notification.
  14. None of those apply to me already plugged directly into the wall, no other devices near it, out in the open (signal is fine when it's actually working, better than my TalkTalk hub) and nowhere near a microwave lol
  15. Yup, it just started again. Only difference is there's now zero internet access instead of it coming and going with 0.1Mb
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