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  1. I can also say I have been very lucky to test this incredible software! It is a HUGE improvement over what was an incredible piece of software already. This is well worth the wait and I can confirm the guys have been faster than ever with updates I have had to skip a couple of updates to get to the latest one! Everything we said got took on board! You are all gonna love this!
  2. Location: Greece Host type: peer (apparently, I believe them to be Dedi's) ID: 2d5f8752fcccaeb3 / 2d5f9e69fcccaeb3 / 0d5f4f1afcacaeb3 (I put all 3 here because the rest of the info is identical to each ID) Domain: unsure sorry. Ping: 17ms My location: Gloucester UK
  3. I did think the same as you when the feature first came out a few years ago and asked the same question. But it is mainly used for mis located servers.
  4. Because the ping assist only assist's with pings outside of your filter. So if you have it set at 35 ping then anything outside your radius lower than that will be allowed to connect. Hope that makes sense.
  5. I done this after I read it this morning and it's working brilliantly! Hope your ok mate long time no speak!
  6. I done that but it still will not work unless the router you are using has MER. Shame as I am in desperate need to get rid of the sky modem/router!
  7. OMG I am so sad!! Rip my man!!
  8. I am so excited mate! Can't begin to imagine how good it's gonna be! You da man Iain!... You da man hope your good mate!
  9. Personally i think legal issues is also a massive factor. Maybe the patent hasn't been sorted for the new features just a thought.
  10. There was no such thing as netduma back then. Let alone a beta lad!
  11. Couldn't put it better myself fuzzy. Fraser really does put his all when dealing with customers.
  12. Damn! I am so excited man! delays are bound to happen with a huge over haul like this! Don't feel bad we just appreciate the effort man! roll on that canary testing ;D. Thanks for the update.
  13. I wanna do this boys! UK as you know, speeds 60down 18 up! XBL is Pro Innocence or PSN Pro-Innocence.
  14. Well put! Great idea I support that.
  15. Group H XB1 EU Top 4: Pro Innocence, VkG x VoRtEx, PRICE89, Skender K
  16. I have sent everyone in group H EU XB1 an invite to my game. join .
  17. I think it's all scorestreaks banned and wildcards none, so none are banned. At least that's how I understood it. I May be wrong so would be good for clarification .
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