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  1. No , I’m using Openreach modem as draytek Vigor 130 was giving me the dhcp issue ,modem stays connected ,there’s nothing that can be done and will have to wait for next firmware if my patience can withstand it .
  2. Complete disconnect from the internet ,the logs above show that and keeps happening
  3. Also why is my logs full of marking device when there is no devices on my network with that IP address
  4. I would like to know WHY mine is now disconnecting with these logs,which is clearly something to do Duma software ,just when I thought I had sorted out the dhcp issue this now keeps happening ,4 times last night when gaming ,what’s the pot of gaming router that disconnects you from your game...unreal
  5. Not an option to go full wireless, I`m not bad with networking and have tried all sorts of fixes,putting devices to static IP does not solve the issue,the router DC`s with orange light so that tells you something,also looking back on netgear forums this issue was present in 2018 so clearly it`s netgear the firmware running behind Doma OS, I`ll wait as it`s not the end of the world but if 3.0 does nothing I`m off back to Asus or TP links new AX spider.
  6. I’m currently living with this annoyance, putting devices into a static is a pain , especially as the XR500 does not identify all devices so you have to go to each device and get it’s IP , also this does not solve the issue of dhcp , I’m close to binning this router now , one more month and I’m done , I had Netflix disconnect 4 times in 1.2 hours due to the router having a dhcp fit ... the future does not look good and Netgear are not interested.
  7. This looks like your problem,of which a few people are getting the same including myself , there seems to be no fix though I have not tried downgrading the firmware so hopefully that will work for you
  8. Ok cheers , I will factory reset when I get home I’m a few weeks
  9. So this is still happening, Fraser can you confirm this is a Netgear issue and not related to Duma software ,also if so I take it that the 3.0 update will not resolve this . thanks
  10. I get similar ,I use draytek Vigor 130 as a modem ,after research I the dhcp is active within the Vigor ,I’ll find out tomorrow when I’m home but you could also checked to see if your modem has this enabled
  11. Won’t work it’s got a built in modem ,I’ll have to get my tech head on a figure this out
  12. To be fair it’s not the devices ,the router is disconnecting from the net ,as you can see in the image the router has lost its internet connection so it’s not devices but the router
  13. Always on ,discovery that when I had the R7800 few years back 😂
  14. It’s on PPPoE dynamic as using BT ,will switching to static not confuse the BT connection as they are not static IPs thanks
  15. Yes respond to ping is unticked ,also it’s connected to a Vigor 130 modem ,I’m convinced the DHCP lease is causing the issue
  16. Also my Lan is getting bombarded with these remote lan access still
  17. So why is the lease changing DC the router also why is the lease change so frequent
  18. And it’s done it again ,modem still connected but XR DC any ideas
  19. I’ve just disabled remote management, see if they go away ,just bit odd with internet DC
  20. I do have remote access enabled via the Nighthawk app ,not using though at the moment and the disconnects have started over the last week once a day which is weird ,the router loses internet so therefore all devices ,however the Vigor 130 was still connect I believe ,think when it happens again I will check the modem ,also why are those lan access there if I’m not accessing ...cheers
  21. Why is this XR500 randomly disconnecting from the internet ,just happened whilst watching Netflix ,also yesterday did the same but noticed that was a dhcp lease renewal at a stupid time of 20.21 ,also what’s all this crap in the logs and another also is this router dead in the water as there has been no updates for over a year.Talk about be duped
  22. I can help you with this.Just give up thinking about it and when or if any firmwares come out then it will be a amazing surprise.Thats my thought process but totally agree with what you said.
  23. Well this is News to me that Qos and PPPoE does not work Optimally with the XR500,think he just dropped a bomb right there,think I will turn mine off then.... roll on 2020 when hopefully this router gets the better support it was promised on numerous of occasions, can`t even get devices listed,maybe look at how Asus do it.... this router is like Battlefield 5.... LOL
  24. Looks like I know what I`m going back to when I get home after 3 weeks graft.... the XR500 may now be a conspiracy ....lol
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