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  1. First thing I noticed, I was wondering if the SSID had been changed and the duplicates were still hanging there but thought that should not really happen.... strange amount of devices
  2. Factory reset may be best option,that’s a crazy amount of devices ,I would factory and just re connect the devices in use
  3. Is this news coming this week Alex, like maybe tomorrow as interseted to read...thanks
  4. Might have to look at that myself to be honest ,how was the RAX120,see netgear are advertising them now
  5. Shame Voxel can’t do anything with it, that guy should work at Netgear, he is still supporting R7800 to this day I believe,sold mine unfortunately,might get another though and put Voxel firmware on it again
  6. It’s clear that people are getting slightly annoyed as they purchased a hardware product BUT mainly the software that runs on it is the defining factor here, I personally do not think Netduma lie or would or will give out false information, I have been with the R1 from the beginning but left and went back to ASUS due to hardware of R1 ,I was happy when better hardware was running with duma OS on and decided to move back leaving the Rog Rapture behind,however before I did that I posed the question in a forum thread ,will this product be fully supported ,answer was yes as this was a new partnership ,I do think it will come through at the end but find a need for a little more transparency is required and a definitive answer to a firmware ,such as yes we see the issues and we are hoping but not guaranteed that a firmware will be available in a said month ,that’s were the frustration from users is coming from and the fact it was December the last one was released excluding the hotfix which to be fair is a one issue fix.so maybe Ian as the CTO of the company might want to look at this as it does have the potential to tarnish a reputation of a company ,not just on forums but via word of mouth ,I do hope that this software and hardware is supported still, in my opinion I was said netduma should have their own router but realise that’s easier said than done.lets hope for some positives with this one ☝️
  7. I’ve not had it often but daughters have ,anyway aside from that the point is firmware releases are not forthcoming,I’ll wait but not forever,I chose this router purely based on support having previously owned both Rog raptures AX and GT which are very capable.hopefully something will drop sooner rather than later
  8. I’m in agreement here ,it’s the 15th July and amazon prime day ,might be some router deals to go for ,I’ve never had a router that does not get supported after it’s been released and initially firmware got bugs mostly resolved, the timeline of updates is very poor and also NetDuma seem to be distancing themselves away from this thread , I was told when I decided to move from ASUS Rog rapture to XR500 that the product would be fully supported moving forward,this was over a year ago now and I kind of feel let down that people are seeing some issues and firmware release is poor, understand Netgear but when I owned R7800 they did at least throw out firmware, so really the question is ,has the XR500 now been put to one side in favour of the newer AX models,Netgear still advertisers XR on Facebook ,one more month and I’m done if no firmware, getting on my nerves family members asking why the iOS device keeps disconnecting.Back to ASUS I think 🤔
  9. If you use the nighthawk app you can turn on and off internet as you like per device but obviously it’s manual and not scheduled, but may help
  10. Ok cheers, I was kind of thinking that
  11. This is immediately after I cleared the logs ...weird
  12. Just checked and both are disabled , also I’m on .40 ,find it a bit strange these are showing
  13. My logs are filling up constantly with lan access from remote IP addresses ,what’s this all about,constant ,not to mention devices dropping in and out ,I get a notification on my iPad if I join BT Wi-fi which I have seen happen 12 times today alone ,which tells me my iPad has disconnected from XR500 and then re connected ,very strange and my daughter has told me hers does the same ,this router needs a firmware update fast.
  14. I agree, when I was about to purchase the XR500 on it`s release I was using Asus Rog rapture GT and was assured that updates and support for this product would be continous as it evolved, I kind of get the feeling ,like you say that this hardware is being left in the dark slightly over Netgears AX routers.I understand that Netgear control the firmware but maybe a hint of something coming may please.
  15. No,WAN ,seems to be running OK at the moment I`ve been away working for 2 weeks and no one has mentioned no internet.
  16. This is very true, I have mine running the best it can ,however I still get random disconnects even got them on the firmware that was a fix and ended up going back to .40, I think Netduma would do well if they introduced there own newer router,even a 100 unit trial would let them see how the market responds which I think it would do well.
  17. Cheers. mate good to know and will lokk into them.Thanks
  18. Off Topic,whats IDNet like for gaming if you have that package,I have been looking at leetline by Trunk networks which offer similar to ID but a bit cheaper...Thanks
  19. Looks like a few of us want a link to it...Yes please me to...
  20. Is there any plans for a Duma only router (R2) or is this not allowed due to conflicting interest due to partnership with Netgear, reason I ask is because fimwares could be released faster than currently
  21. Killhippie ,I just had the Asus Rog Rapture GT Ax , and they have it implemented so well with devices in the the network map ,even Amazon logo shows on them, all others are are really good as well and shows what the device is once connected ,so hope Netgear implement something similar
  22. Seems to have settled its self down again after having it unplugged for a few days, I tested the New Rog Rapture GT AX 11000 ,but sent it back ,great piece of equipment but prefer the duma software ,what year is there a new firmware coming out ...lol
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