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  1. Hi, I was wandering if the receive rate it is better higher or lower I'm getting more than 240.. thanks in advance 😁
  2. I'm from Costa Rica connections in Latin America aren't bad at all, for example in Costa Rica we have fiber optic ftth connections... also docsis 3.0 and vdsl the thing is our internet is provided by USA... every single country is connected to Miami..... Mexico, central America and south America we aren't interconnect, I'm going to provide an example, if I send a message to someone in Colombia that message goes first to Miami and then is routed to Colombia is the same way if that person respond back to me, the only country that connects to a different place than Miami is Mexico they connects also to Texas I hope this post explain a little bit better how the connections works in Latin America.
  3. If I have dumaos on the R1 already..do I need to subscribe again? or you guys will send the next link?
  4. All those features are going to be available on the R1?
  5. Hi, I subscribed on Wednesday last week but I haven't received the link yet I'm one of the first owners of the r1 I'm from Costa Rica Is there anyway to get it sooner?
  6. Hi fraser, I have already sent you a PM, thanks mate!
  7. Hi, in my case I work for a company that has the servers in USA, so this server provide an US ip, but my original ip is in costa rica, can you guys make a list to add that info "additional ips", in that case you guys will have a database regarding ips.
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