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  1. Ok... So recently, I've been encountering 2 annoying issues. 1) Adblock randomly turns off when I turn off the router for around 10 minutes. Note that I say randomly and doesn't happen all the time. But it has happened quite a few times in just 1 week of using it. Also, all device statuses in Adblock will be reset. Meaning I will have to manually disable devices that I don't want Adblock to run on. 2) My PC that is wired directly to the R2 has some weird issues where my download speeds drop even further. All the way down to 700Mbps. When I shut off the router for a while and turn it back on, sometimes, I can get the speeds back up to 890Mbps. But that's when I noticed that Adblock also turns off and I have to manually disable the devices that I don't want it to run on and again, turn on Adblock. But when I enable Adblock, my speeds drop back down to 700Mbps. Is this a bug, I hope there's a solution to fix this. I am fine with losing 50Mbps but 250Mbps is almost the equivalent of me getting a lower tier Fibre broadband plan. Note that in the years since I owned the XR500, there was never even once do I have a situation where my Speedtest speeds will drop below 900Mbps. So only to experience this with the R2 is frustrating none the least. I hope that it can be fixed.
  2. Hi. I was trying to launch Ubisoft Connect launcher on PC but I was stuck with the launcher constantly asking me to allow me to launch the app over and over again. Disabling Adblocker finally got rid of the Windows UAC for Ubisoft Connect constantly bugging me and stopping me from using my PC every time it pops up every 3 seconds until I click pause on the Adblocker in the router. I tried to replicate it again. But it seems the be ok now when launching Ubisoft Connect. I rarely use these apps. But in those instances that I do, the apps are usually trying to run an update to make sure it is updated. Maybe that is why the Adblocker blocked the launcher's connection to the internet? Who knows. I'll tag the spoiler with what advertisement site that Ubisoft Connect was attempting to connect to. PS. These are some of the same sites that Adblocker blocks from websites at times. So I'm not sure it is wise to whitelist them too. Just thought I'd let you guys know that it could cause your game launcher to summon Windows UAC every 3 seconds and stop you from using your PC normally because of it.
  3. Nice option to have a guide in redoing the Wan settings and all without deleting the entire static IP addresses of devices in the process of maybe changing an ISP for example. - Nevertheless, I notice that I can't get the full 940+Mbps on this router. I am hovering around 890Mbps. I tried turning on and off QOS. Not that much improvement. It will hover around 900Mbps. Similarly, Adblocker, turning it off guarantees that the speed will run around 920Mbps Is this because of a weaker CPU on the R2 when compared against the the XR500 or is Adblocker or some other app in the OS slowing the speed down? - Does the XR1000 have the Adblocker feature?
  4. One more question. Any way to turn off the LEDs or at least stop it from flickering on the R2? Also, any way to access the Setup Wizard again without Resetting?
  5. Thanks for the help earlier. I've managed to set up my R2 with the XR500 being the Access Point. However, now I realize that all the wireless devices that are connected to the XR500 are being named as LAN. Thus, I won't be able to tell if they are connected via the 2.4GHz network or the 5GHz one. Is there any way to overcome this? Or am I stuck with all devices being seen as LAN? This was not a problem when the XR500 had to work with the Netgear EX8000 Extender. Also second point, I see no option to backup my settings. Is there an Admin part of the router page that I can access to gain me the same privileges that the XR500 has? Iirc, my R1 had this option to give me more administrative features that I can access. If this is not the optimal route, any suggestion on the optimal layout for using both of these devices?
  6. Hi guys. So my R2 is currently on the way. So my current plan is to use the R2 as a router while I will use the XR500 as an Access Point for WiFi. What I would like to know is since I got too many custom static IP addresses for so many devices, is it possible for me to just upload the backup of the XR500 over to the R2? Will it have any issues? Because after all, the OS is the same, so by right, the same backup can be used on different devices. Hoping to get a good outcome for this. Looking forward to your reply. Thanks again Netduma Team. From your Netduma R1 supporter till now. 😊
  7. Hi Fraser. Can I ask, do you think that using the Netduma R1 with DumaOS 3.0 and using the XR500 in AP Mode will be better since I'll have additional features such as Adblocker and faster fixes and stability to any issues? Or are there some added benefits in the XR500 that makes it a better router than the R1 such as maybe better dealings with simultaneous packets perhaps? And thus, I should stick to making the XR500 the default router instead? If it's the first option, can I give the R1 the Beta 3.0 firmware as well? For some reason, I can no longer access the Coal Mine beta part of the forum anymore.
  8. All my Home Automation have static IP addresses that I input manually on the router to prevent problems with them. I don't think Guest WiFi will work. Because even my PC will be affected by it. It results in my PC's speedtest to become less than 15Mbps for both up and down. And you know... I have a 1Gbps connection. Another interesting point is, when this is happening, I will have issues loading my router page via my wired PC as well! So all my WiFi devices will straight up not have any internet connection while my PC is chugging along web pages not loading but videos via other protocol is trying its best to stream and ultimately fails too. Like I have a super high latency all of a sudden and no pages are loading. So you know it has something to do with the router as opposed to the modem or my ISP's internet connection. It happened when I use the VPN and then turn it off. After that, these problems will start happening. But I am not sure if it's really the main cause. But I hope my description on top will help you guys in tackling the bug. It's been 6 months and this issue still persists. But it's my fault because I forgot to come to the forum to keep you guys updated on this issue. It's been a crazy year. My bad! 😅 Unfortunately, even though I registered for the XR500 DumaOS v3.0 beta very early, I didn't get any messages from them. So I'm out of luck in that regard too. 😅
  9. Hi guys! Am having disconnect issues that can happen multiple times in a day to randomly only happening once every few weeks or months. I realized the fix brings me back to .40 which has a security flaw? Can I know like which version should I opt for to get this issue fixed? Thanks for the assistance as always! 😉
  10. I do hope it will come soon! As I add more Home Automation devices into the network, I notice that there are plenty of disconnection issues with my HA products. It would mean entering into a bathroom at night with the lights not turning on or Alexa just randomly stop playing the radio when the routine for the length of the radio playing isn't over yet. The biggest telltale sign of a loss in connection is with my Broadlink which controls all the non-smart devices in the house. It will show a blue light indicating it lost connection with the internet but is actually just a disconnect with the router as I had no issues streaming videos or gaming at that point of time. It is just so random. Restarting the router might not really solve this issue. I even have an extender, but the HA devices still has issues. Oh yes! I did notice the issue gets worst when I have Hybrid VPN turned on and even when Hybrid VPN is turned off but I have a device saved in Hybrid VPN. Currently, when I have Hybrid VPN turned off and removed devices from it, the issues are somewhat less frequent. Maybe this can help you guys find the root cause of this issue. Thanks!
  11. Yes. I am trying to port one of my devices. There are no devices in DMZ. I've now put the devices in DMZ. Though I would have preferred to use the Port forwarding route. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks Fraser.
  12. Hi guys. Any idea why this is happening to 1 of my devices that I am trying to port forward? As far as I know, I did not set any sort of custom commands to it in the router at all. Error is as follows: says The specified port(s) are being used by other configurations. Please check your configurations of USB Readyshare, Remote Management, Port forwarding, Port Triggering, UPnP Port Mapping table, RIP, and Internet connection type As far as what I can see, Port forwarding and triggering has a completely empty table. USB readyshare has not been used since forever. So how exactly can I solve this issue?
  13. Indeed. It was weird. I tried deleting my PC from the Geo filter to no avail. If you call 100% packet loss when I try to ping the Amazon game servers as dropouts, then this is it. I just thought this Firmware would fix my issue. I have over 50 devices connected to the network. Most being Home Automation (HA) devices thus why I assigned them static IPs to prevent any complications when they are trying to communicate with one another. I am not looking forward to writing the many settings again. And no, I can't use my backup as when after I reset and tried to use a backup file, it broke the Geo-Filter. With the section on top where I add devices to the Geo Filter not loading at all with an error displaying on screen every time I open the Geo-Filter page. And at the same time, this explains why I rarely reboot the router too as it will cause some HA devices to stop working which is a hassle of its own.
  14. Is this related to a problem where if the Router has not been rebooting for weeks, out of nowhere, webpages sometimes start failing to load. Speedtest works fine. But I was having a problem trying to play Overwatch. Getting kicked out all the way to the Start menu where it asks me to log in. And sometimes, it just won't even let me log in at all. Tried the different servers but same issue. In the end, I connected my PC directly to the modem and boom. No issues whatsoever. Geo-filter for PC was set to Spectating mode. Rebooting only seems to solve the website loading issue. But I couldn't connect to the Overwatch Amazon servers that they use here in Singapore. In the end, I had no choice but to save as much settings as I can and did a complete reset and typing out every single static IP addresses and all. Finally issue is gone. But that was truly painstaking. I suspect the issue might be either related to this or because I tried your solution to get Apex Legends to be controlled via Geo-Filter which was to change my PC from Computer to Console. When I switched back to Computer, there were no issues for weeks. Until 3 days ago.
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