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  1. I encourage you to ditch Netduma...................does this forum even have mods anymore? SMH
  2. Have you read this guide? http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000076587-dumaos-optimal-settings-guide-open-nat
  3. It’s an excellent router. I use UPnP rather than port forwarding & don’t have any NAT type issues. Having the Geo Filter on can give a false NAT type reading, recommend that you load the game with the Geo in Spectate mode & only turn it on when you’re in the multiplayer menu, that should stop any NAT issues.
  4. That’s the best set-up for Virgin Media, when you place the Superhub into modem mode you can’t alter any other settings on it. I use VM & this is what I do for my XR700.
  5. I'm not sure what the forum rules are, but surely you can see that you're basically promoting an Asus router on here which is disrespectful to the Netduma team.
  6. Why post non-Netduma gameplay on a Netduma forum?
  7. Nothing special, just put CC sliders to 80% & set to always. Currently not using Geofilter or changing anything else.
  8. Nothing special, just put CC sliders to 80% & set to always. Currently not using Geofilter or changing anything else.
  9. They were bad, extremely difficult to get a 30 kill streak against good players, any nuke you see on YT will be against bad players.
  10. As you say it's rare to get a nuke against good players, especially now that it's a 30 kill streak rather than the usual 25 in IW games. Correct on the attachments, I also run the short barrel, think it's called the SWAT. I'm aware of the SoH bonus, but can't wait until then unfortunately to unlock it as I hate to play without it & I run it on every class set-up, thanks for the tip though.
  11. There’s no need to reverse boost to find easier lobbies, just check the scoreboard after each game & look to see the players who have done badly. Then go to the recent players list & try & join their session. Apparently another way is to purchase micro-transactions from the in-game store although I can’t confirm this.
  12. Check out Nate Gibson, PC gamer & an amazing player
  13. I've used both & I prefer Scuf sticks but I think it comes down to personal preference, I like to use Scuf short domed sticks.
  14. Hi Alex, Thanks for your response. I have been attempted to set them up as brand new & I've also tried to use their hotspot but didn't have any success as it was constantly searching for a WIFI network but just couldn't see it. However last night I had a breakthrough, I found that if I disabled Bluetooth on my phone it then gave you the option of setting up by using their hotspot which allowed be connect to my WIFI. Still no joy with the Nest Cam though, I'm going to try that again after work tonight.
  15. Help! Recently changed my XR700 SSID & WIFI password. Since doing so I haven't been able to connect my 2 Google Home Minis & my Google Nest Indoor IQ Cam to my WIFI network. All 3 devices were working perfectly fine prior to the change & following the change every other device in my home has connected without a problem. Since discovering the issue I've completed the following: turned the 3 devices on & off multiple times factory reset them multiple times Tried connecting them via both 2.4Ghz & 5G Deleted my Google Home app & reinstalled it on my iPhone Deleted my home in the Google Home app & created a new one Checked I'm using the latest Google Home app software Rebooted my XR700 numerous times Contacted Google Nest Support on Twitter, they've only advised me to try things that I've already done Been tempted to throw all 3 devices against the nearest wall Has anyone else had the same issue? I would appreciate any suggestions that might resolve it, thanks.
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