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  1. Well this is News to me that Qos and PPPoE does not work Optimally with the XR500,think he just dropped a bomb right there,think I will turn mine off then.... roll on 2020 when hopefully this router gets the better support it was promised on numerous of occasions, can`t even get devices listed,maybe look at how Asus do it.... this router is like Battlefield 5.... LOL
  2. Looks like I know what I`m going back to when I get home after 3 weeks graft.... the XR500 may now be a conspiracy ....lol
  3. Also is there any update on any apps or seeing as Netgear use there Nighthawk app would there be a conflict between the two which leads me to believe that there would be,shame Dumo side could not be added to Night hawk app but saying that the app controls more than the XR range.
  4. Great response...... and in all fairness seems like your back is up with the way you have used your english grammer and emphasis on had..... a simple not sure if this will be getting implemented would suffice.
  5. This was asked for a very long time ago along with the app, in fact is there actually any progress with the app as that was also mentioned over a year ago.Thxs
  6. Personally if the HG612 works well and meets your line requirements I would stick with it,plus it`s unlocked so obviously you have acees to line stats if needed.
  7. https://forum.kitz.co.uk/index.php?board=5.0 Have a look on here the Zyxel VMG8924-B10A and B
  8. The 200 is also Lantiq in case you are not aware , if you go on kitz forum they think certain Zyxel modems work very well on Broadcom
  9. Make sure draytek firmware is up to date and check it`s sync ( also it uses lantiq chipset,I use this modem as cabinet is ECI, if you have the nighthawk app you can see the throughput between the modem and router, this is a good starting point. I find that 130 will sync @ 70000 and see a throughput of 67,its drppoed since I moved from BT so going back,but generally they do work well together.however that drop is weird. You could maybe try a 30-30-30 reset of the router to complete clear it`s setting and start again
  10. Same ...but to be fair still works fine ,bit odd
  11. I’ll try a static,Nat is secure and everything else is just default
  12. It’s set at 1492 in the router and PS4 ... it’s a bit strange but think it might be the netgear
  13. 1492... tried manual 1492 on PS4 and auto ,my isp is IDNET and that’s what they use over ppoe
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