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  1. 💯 Not , Frazer always done a good job and helpful in my experience think the person above is just frustrated.Netgear are crap
  2. And also to add , I’ve been on this forum since the R1 and Frazer has always tried to be helpful so to be fair it’s not his fault . Hopefully you get the firmware in near future
  3. I feel your frustration and also it is bad that the R700 has been left in the wilds, I would say mainly due to fact it was a very expensive router to buy and hailed as there flagship product, people paid good money and now discover it’s not supported anymore , it still works and does as intended to a point also Netgear don’t give a flying hoop , they want everyone to buy the 1000 . On the Netduma side of things I was under the impression they update there software and it’s approved by netgear but also netgear have to update the firmware that’s under duma OS , hence it’s time to go back to Asus , it least there’s a choice to use Merlins fimware , he has no issues getting his released .
  4. I agree , complete let down and your post just triggered me to sell mine on eBay and move to Asus Ax86u , I’m done with Netgear , no where near as good as Asus in supporting there products , just blow smoke
  5. This router is now forgotten about , mine works ok so gave up with the question
  6. Any idea what this error is on the Qos page,comes up on chrome and edge browsers, .38 firmware in use , Thanks
  7. Any idea when the .36 beta will arrive - stayed on .34 as wanted to check out 3.0 and the Duma app which all seems good .thanks
  8. So is it update to .36 then 3.0 ,not touched mine and still on .34 which is solid .thanks
  9. If magic wands could be used I’m sure Netduma would , I myself swapped to the XR700 from 500 and to be honest mine works perfectly ,so basically I do not see what the big issue is with 3.0 as I bet most XR700 users routers work fine.
  10. Hi,is there a link for setting it up with virgin hub,just sold my xr500 so want to help the guy out ,did point him in this direction as well.
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