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  1. Same ...but to be fair still works fine ,bit odd
  2. I’ll try a static,Nat is secure and everything else is just default
  3. It’s set at 1492 in the router and PS4 ... it’s a bit strange but think it might be the netgear
  4. 1492... tried manual 1492 on PS4 and auto ,my isp is IDNET and that’s what they use over ppoe
  5. I’m getting this message when I set up a new connection on my PS4 pro ....wired ....is this a Netgear issue,everything is set correctly MTU etc
  6. Yep...discovered it’s not possible on Netgear routers, just have to disconnect ,be fine as DSL stats won’t be affected due to modem being on,would just make life easier for screenshots
  7. To be fair don’t see how that would make a difference ,did consider that but concluded that changing the numbers would make no change and would have to reconnect all devices ,I’m actually thinking of using DSL stats software and keep it running ,just a bit annoyed as moved from BT to iDNET and the sync has dropped ,I’ll figure it out ,but need the info to challenge the loss of 14mb
  8. I thought that as well , there’s no IP clash ,XR is 1.1 ,I connect the pc with Wi-fi off on it as well so it does not try connect over Wi-fi
  9. Regarding your modems, do you know what street cab you have ,I use the Dratek Vigor 130 as my cab is ECI also ensure it’s firmware is latest 3.8.4 BT, use this link https://kitz.co.uk/adsl/cabinet-lookup.htm
  10. Vigor130 only has 1 lan to connect to a router which is connected to the XR internet port
  11. And can not connect via a lan plugged into XR500 and pc by typing in modem IP, the only way previous I have done this is by plugging into the vigor 130 and disconnecting the XR which is a bit a pain
  12. If using Asus I can connect to it via Wi-fi on my iPad but not with xr500, I’m currently in the process of monitoring sync speeds since changing isp as they have dropped.
  13. Is it possible in the near future to be able to access a modem via its own ip,I use draytek vigor 130 and when using an Asus router by just typing it’s ip it can be accessed on any device, not sure why this is not possible on Netgear thanks
  14. go on portforward.com.... they do list most games on that website 😉
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