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  1. Hi,is there a link for setting it up with virgin hub,just sold my xr500 so want to help the guy out ,did point him in this direction as well.
  2. I have the same thoughts ,mine currently works great
  3. I see , ok no probs , good old desktop when needed , cheers
  4. So is this app for 3.0 only as that’s what it say when trying to use with XR700, if so strange decision
  5. Same as the one you created when setting up first time,so if you left it at default then use that.
  6. Well done guys ,been a long wait but there ...cheers, and I’ll give the closed beta for XR700 a spin when it’s available.thanks
  7. I`m going to wait untill its full release for my XR700... seems to work great but will be good once 3.0 gets to it.
  8. This is like just copy and paste ,I have just got got the XR700 and is working fine ,Netduma are not very good now days I must say ,same answers
  9. Think I dropped a ball there then,guess I will see,cheers mate
  10. What’s the ongoing problem as I have one on its way to me
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