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  1. Seriously this doesn’t do anything This is just a BS I have every single router you guys have And none of them do things for the FIFA Spent so much money For what
  2. Hey buddy I have a question which one router I should use xr700 or 1000 I’m using 1000 right now and gave me hell for Fifa 21 It’s killing me I’m so pissed please help but I have xr 700 too
  3. Are we going to get adblocker on xr1000 This router has a really really good Wi-Fi i have r1,r2 xr 500 xr 700 but xr1000 is top Notch
  4. I tried google chrome ,safari clean cooked rest update, nothing works Try on Mac iPhone iPads still don’t work
  5. My geo filter never loads up and ping and Qos Any ideas please on xr1000
  6. What route is better xr 700 or xr 1000 ?
  7. I have r1 , xr300 , r2 and xr700 but Xr 700 is top notch I would like more support for this router please
  8. soon soon soon when we pay Too much money for this router
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