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  1. It doesn’t give you any difference at all same Do not spend money
  2. I don’t think so it’s the switch because I tried both way keep disconnecting
  3. Oh I know what you Did I did different way I connect my SX then switch I made it 10 GB network connection Sorry
  4. See the first picture I took My Internet never switched But my light on the Xr700. 10gbps blinking Telling me Its connected and I have Axm765 -10000s 10g base-t sft + And the shit It’s expensive
  5. I did all this But does the setting from port 1gbaps switch to 10G lane sfp port switch Or stay the same way I have on the picture
  6. When I connect my Xr700 and sx10 switch Selling never change on xr700 But light on Xr700 It’s blinking Is this how supposed be
  7. Buddy I have a same issue and killing me I’m not sure what to do FIFA 19 it’s killing me it’s ridiculous how much money I spend One night would be so good next day Game would lag It’s ridiculous if you find a way to fix it let me know I would appreciate
  8. Numo36


    You mean the ping assistance change to zero
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