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  1. Did you reboot the console after the cloud flush? I would try that next.
  2. Zennon

    Cancel Order

    @Netduma Alex can you deal with this order that needs cancelled please?
  3. A full picture of the ping plotter program is needed please.
  4. That is good news that that they can see a fault, some folk go on for years with no resolution because of intermittent faults. Good luck with it all.
  5. Try this set up. Congestion control set to always 70% each slider. Under bandwidth allocation for for download update and reset distribution For upload update and reset distribution At the bottom of the same page under traffic prioritisation. Untick DumaOs prioritised games. Add you console manually by clicking add device. Reboot from the GUI.
  6. Reboot from the the DumaOS software GUI, not a turn off and on from the plug. If that has no change, unplug the XR500 for 5 minutes and try again.
  7. Here in the UK we have a test socket behind the master socket faceplate. You place a filter in the test socket then connect the modem/router to it via an RJ11 cable the you can test with ping plotter directly from the modem/router. I do not know about the US etc so I would test directly from your ISP modem/router via Ethernet to a computer running ping plotter. Run a test on PP using twitter.com using no other bandwidth (use on an idle line) If there is still an issue buy new cables from the wall to the modem/router and new Ethernet. If there is still an issue contact your ISP
  8. Check if use QoS is ticked in the settings area of congestion control and see if your speeds are reduced using the sliders.
  9. Reboot your XR500 and test to see if the congestion control is then working. I too have this issue now and again, a reboot fixes it.
  10. Bert, It so so good to see someone understanding the variables, its an on line environment, die shrug it off and use your confidence in the next gun fight take you to a kill. Anger at so called bullshit gets you nowhere
  11. Turn the router off for over two minutes and restart it.
  12. I see Bt is having issues with internet https://downdetector.co.uk/status/bt-british-telecom
  13. If that does not help try changing WiFi channel as you may be being affected by neighbours on the same channel. https://www.howtogeek.com/197268/how-to-find-the-best-wi-fi-channel-for-your-router-on-any-operating-system/
  14. Do you have another Ethernet cable that you could run between your modem and the Netgear? to rule out a bad cable.
  15. As Fraser suggests try DNS primary secondary I use these and they are snappy for resolving websites. I would also reboot the XR router.
  16. Maybe connected to 2.4Ghz, you would need to be connected via 5Ghz for higher speeds.
  17. You do not need to pre order. Pre - order PS4 gets early access 12th-13th Open beta PS4 14th-16th Pre - order Xbox 19th-20th & open beta PS4 Open Beta all platforms 21st-23rd
  18. Ah the Activision algorithm, it is so strong in Blops4 .
  19. It is all about the lowest input lag, enough said.
  20. I hate Google more than anyone, underhanded, spying, rogue adverts infecting millions on their scummy web search with their own agenda of an internet. But the GUI uses a lot of a PC's CPU and can hammer a browser. I use chrome for Netduma products with one tab only, they can spy on that if they like. My suggestion is to do the above. (If you do not configure Win 7/8/10 it will do more spying than Google, Apple, Amazon & Huawei combined) so relax about Google (These are my own findings and not of Netduma. I am just a gamer)
  21. The two minutes rule from the og FW does not always work on DumaOS but the above works for me.
  22. Set the ping assist to 0, delete the console from the geo filter. Turn off your console, re add your console to the geo filter. Leaving ping assist at 0, turn on your console.
  23. It was an idea for dedi games only. OK then if we can allow (for dedi games only on a dedicated server profile a wild card system for IP ranges) Then no dedis would be allowed as the wild card would be the first two sections 86.234 say of a range of IP from and ISP that my friends IP always starts with say. This wouldn't cause an issue with P2P because it is a dedi based profile and you are only wild carding your friends ISP range.
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