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  1. Ah sorry I had not seen your other posts about testing with PingPlotter. Did you see the packet loss while testing with PP? if so then you could show your ISP if you have not already.
  2. My suggestion would be to download PingPlotter. Use only your ISP router while you run a plot to twitter.com using PingPlotter so we can diagnose if you have a line fault first. I suggest this as you mention you have packet loss. PingPlotter Guide
  3. Absolutely nothing to worry about, that hops is set to not always respond to ICMP pings it is not an ISP issue. The plot is very stable.
  4. Yep I quoted incorrectly I have made the correct adjustments adding VRR times. I quoted that from memory which at 7am failed, I have now pulled the times from Rtings like I should have in the first place.
  5. Xbox One X Samsung 1TB external SSD. Elite Controller wired, Scuff Paddles add on. Astro Mix Amp 2013 / Sennheiser HD800 / ModMic or Zalman Mic. LG C9 0.2ms Response time / 13.5 ms input lag @ 60Hz / 6.8 ms of input lag at 120Hz Viewsonic XG2402 1ms "best case" Response time. Input lag 8.8ms @ 60Hz input lag 4.1ms @ 144Hz The LG is most responsive due to nearly instantaneous response time. Duma 70% CC each way / Console in traffic priority manually. Then compete with the SBMM that is in every game I play Overwatch, BFV, SWBFII, Paladins and the Cods 😁
  6. Congestion control stops other devices on my network from causing ping jitter. My consoles packets processing is prioritised dropping other devices packets while my packets go first. If I want too I can camp a server with the geo filter. I can search for matches by the lowest ping I wish. All this goes to making my gaming experience the best it can be whether its cod, bf or ow.
  7. If you are using headphones do not worry it is pseudo-surround anyhow. The best is the default Dolby imo.
  8. I do not mind that is is a lossy format at all. I have Mp3 albums, Flac and DSD, I enjoy them all. I can not believe how well my old Mixamp 2013 sounds to this day and I like hi-end amps and headphones.
  9. I use the Sennheiser HD800 headphones at the moment with the mixamp. Personally I find that the best is bitstream out / Dolby digital with the Dolby button on the mixamp on. Reasons, Atmos and Sonic fake depth by muffling sounds that are further away giving a depth to the stage. It sounds amazing but for Cod where you need every nuance to be heard it is a no go for me. The soundstage using standard Dobly is more realistic too.
  10. You are not going to get better than 1ms.
  11. Any switch usually adds about 1ms to the overall latency of your network.
  12. Make sure you are running 2.5 interval on ping plotter if that is what you mean by connecting it from my geo. You may be checking from CMD running a ping command if so forget the above. If you have a modem check the ping directly from it to a PC/Laptop to see if the Modem is causing the spikes. If the spikes are non existant from the modem directly change Ethernet cables from the modem to the router.
  13. Misallocation is location based not ping based misallocated servers are showing the wrong location not the wrong ping. This is not to cheat lag comp, it is for people who like a server bank that has less packet loss etc. So if the cloud is not up to date and this is happening right now for MW and happened during the life cycle of Blops4. It bares no difference to me if it is implemented or not but to US users I think it would help a great deal.
  14. I am happy on the London server but I can see the use for people who like a certain server say a US user that can pick 40-50 so they get the bank they like even if the cloud is not up to date as circling said bank could lead to misallocated servers being allowed. I think it should have been put into development a long time ago with more of my ideas
  15. I asked for this a good while back, hopefully if more people ask we may see it.
  16. Then use Ethernet capture. https://wiki.wireshark.org/CaptureSetup/Ethernet
  17. Make an informed choice from this well made list
  18. Please can there be a standard theme to select if you go ahead as snow falling etc hogs CPU
  19. If for some reason it can not start on a dedicated server, region, line quality etc it may start a P2P game.
  20. Listen servers are used to host the lobby through a player in a P2P fashion then once everyone is collected and the game starts it moves to a dedicated server.
  21. You can not make a server receive or send data higher than its cap as proved by only yourself seeing the higher rate and non of your party.
  22. And the fear of being sacked 😁
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