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  1. Check this site from the devices https://www.dnsleaktest.com/ And this will show if you are connected to cloudflare.
  2. Have you used wireshark to find the user name and password from your sky router to enable you to use third party modems / routers ?
  3. Have you you been playing with the light fittings again, what have you been told 😋
  4. It is if you think a year and a half of use is worth it before the next gen lands 🤔
  5. Yes loading times are quicker as standard and ive got an SSD drive so it is very fast. I always select my specialist or hero before anyone else in the game. I have had mine since day one release and it is the best console I have ever owned the graphics are amazing I can not wait to see what next gen can bring as I am amazed every time I play now
  6. From MS When you set your console resolution to 4K UHD, everything on the console—Home, games, and apps—will display at 4K. On Xbox One X, 4K content is displayed in its native 4K resolution, and other content (like games encoded for 1080p) is upscaled to 4K. https://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-one/console/4k-on-xbox-one So Nah old titles look good no matter what
  7. You think the PS4 Pro hardware is better than the Xbox One X, errr Xbox all the way for me, where the real sweats hang out haha.
  8. Yeah, thanks Iain ive got you now, I did not realize it would need voice channel to be effective.
  9. I would mention that your neighbours are having the same problem and you expect the issue to be outside the property's.
  10. To add to your suggestion. Temp ban only ban's one IP from a bank of possible hundreds in a server bank. to ban the whole server it would need a wild card system to look something like this 35.566.*.*
  11. If next door has this issue then it has to be either an issue with the cables to / in the Virgin cabinet or somewhere from their backbone to the cabinet.
  12. Hub 3s are notoriously bad but this is something else, as you have had two hub 3s with the same issue. The packet loss starts from the hubs first hop. I would not attempt gaming with this issue you need Virgin to fix this problem. get them back out and show the engineer the plot you have showed us. Have you changed out the cable from the hub to the wall? Have they done any checks to the network outside your property?
  13. I might be missing something here but what does a mic have to do with this? Can you only ping peers with mic's enabled? On the original R1 fw there was a chart for players in your lobby, I use the og FW a lot and when all the players have round about the same ping times give or take around 20ms cod plays in-sync. When there is somebody in with a 80-120 sometimes its higher it throws the sync out. I can manually do this by using the old FW and checking the chart, I was asking for DumaOS to plot peer pings and to boot me auto from a lobby if they are over the threshold, what has this to do with mic's Iain? like I say I dont want to hear people with that high a ping I want to auto back out the lobby
  14. Just clearing up the Google flooded with pings comment just in case somebody reading the thread thought that was true
  15. The 8th hop is comcast not responding to ICMP pings Zippy.
  16. You should be the party leader if you are geo filtering.
  17. Maybe not but you are an integral part of the the Netduma machine and an asset :)
  18. When I think about this, if a player backs out then a new one enters with a ping higher than my selected players max acceptable ping it would either kick me or have to allow then until the match ended or it would be a wide spread kicking evening of fun lol.
  19. But I was talking about a player max ping lobby check, so If they are over a max ms I set then it kicks me back out to search again. So I would not need to hear them as they would be in a lobby with a ping higher than my selected so I did not want to play in said lobby anyway. In a cod game if all the players have a ping that is comparable it is a fair and balanced as soon as a few high ms ping players enter the sync goes way off especially in Blops4 it just can not sync well between wide ping ranges. I never use anything but party chat with my privacy set to friends only.
  20. Are the chat servers on say xbox live not white listed? so party chat would work.
  21. It would be quality, I have asked before on twitter but hopefully somebody's taking notes this time 😛 🤗
  22. Is there a way that you can see the pings of the players in a lobby before the game starts and we can set a max player ping per lobby, so if it at a range of say a max of 60ms and a player was connected at 75ms to that lobby it would kick us back so we can search again. High ping players are the bain of cod it throws the sync right out of the window, this feature would be a god send to me.
  23. Stick that on the to do list cheers
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