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  1. It was an idea for dedi games only. OK then if we can allow (for dedi games only on a dedicated server profile a wild card system for IP ranges) Then no dedis would be allowed as the wild card would be the first two sections 86.234 say of a range of IP from and ISP that my friends IP always starts with say. This wouldn't cause an issue with P2P because it is a dedi based profile and you are only wild carding your friends ISP range.
  2. I was thinking about this today, the majority of people have a dynamic IP. Our team of friends have to re add each other to the allow list a lot because of a dropped line or say a modem reboot. If we could have two geo circles one for the filtering and one for friends so we can cover say the German dedi with the filtering circle and cover the UK with the allow to connect circle. The allow to connect circle only allowing for peer connections and black lists dedis. Another thought was if we could select filtering areas, say the UK by clicking on the map and the UK light up, then maybe click France and Germany and they light up to, instead of a circle geo. That way if we like a dedi in southern Europe also we can miss out country's so the filtering is not as restrictive.
  3. You are correct use traffic priority so your packets leave and enter the queue first. Every packet queues even if there is only a little bandwidth being used by another user on the network, this will form a queue. Having your gaming packets prioritised means it will drop the other packets for **ms and lets yours through then tp will resend the other devices packets there after.
  4. Good to learn about everything you use or own, I learned this from other people on other forums, it is hand-me-down knowledge
  5. Non of the above have modems so no. People use wireshark to pull their details so they can use a standalone non sky modem or modem/router. You would need a MER capable modem or DMZ any Netduma/Netgear router into the Sky modem/router. I would suggest DMZ on the Sky router you already own for ease.
  6. 12.7db Downstream SNR 16.0dB Upstream SNR You are close to the cabinet with a Max Attainable Data Rate of 92.934 Mb/s / 26.636 Mb/s You have an higher SNRM than many because you are so close to the cabinet giving you more headroom. Yes DLM will raise the SNRM on a user that is further away from the cabinet to give stability for noise issues that bite into the ratio, you have a high SNR already but DLM does not work case by case but a flat rate for all. DLM has put an 8ms Download 5ms upload interleaving on the line. Like you say 0/0 is fast path. The signal is fine for the attenuation.
  7. Yes to this, dizzeespellz have you set up congestion control correctly? How to Congestion Control
  8. Unusual for a HH to spike, it would be handy if you download and run PingPlotter so we can see what is happening as it may be something else that is the cause and buying a new modem might not solve it. If it is a router issue I would first check what cabinet type you are on, scroll down to the bottom of the page to find yours Cabinet types Below are modem suggestion you would need to plug it into your Netduma product to get routing. The buy a modem with a matching chipset for the best compatibility My cabinet is a Hauwei (Broadcom chipset) I use the Hauwei HG612 (there are other Broadcom modems) For an ECI cabinet that uses the Lantiq chipset there is an ECI modem or the Draytek Vigor 130
  9. I use chromes desktop site option on my mobile or tablet. Click the three dots top right of chrome scroll down and tick the desktop site box.
  10. It sounds like the Windows 10 QoS was messed up. What is QoS Packet Scheduler in Windows 10 and How to Configure it
  11. Using the Netduma congestion control is the much better option.
  12. Ah WISP, the spikes will be because it is wireless based. For it being wireless based the plot is good and the best you will get on WiFI so forget my suggestion above about cables and routers etc.
  13. Those two spikes are very high and during a game you would probably skip or lag for 200ms or so. The rest of the plot is fine but the spikes are high there. Sometimes these spikes can be a failing filter, a failing RJ11 cable, an Ethernet cable or a flaky ISP modem/router.
  14. As you can see the difference from idle to in high use with congestion control on is very little so CC is doing its job well. You do have the odd high ping spike from your ISP but it is only twice in 10 minutes.
  15. You would need to post a plot of your line idle to diagnose. Do not worry about the IP's on show non of them are your WAN IP.
  16. Purchasing an XR router in Jingdong is a problem as they do not have them there. Paypal / Payoneer is not supported if he buys it outside of Jingdong.
  17. Check this site from the devices https://www.dnsleaktest.com/ And this will show if you are connected to cloudflare.
  18. Have you used wireshark to find the user name and password from your sky router to enable you to use third party modems / routers ?
  19. Have you you been playing with the light fittings again, what have you been told 😋
  20. It is if you think a year and a half of use is worth it before the next gen lands 🤔
  21. Yes loading times are quicker as standard and ive got an SSD drive so it is very fast. I always select my specialist or hero before anyone else in the game. I have had mine since day one release and it is the best console I have ever owned the graphics are amazing I can not wait to see what next gen can bring as I am amazed every time I play now
  22. From MS When you set your console resolution to 4K UHD, everything on the console—Home, games, and apps—will display at 4K. On Xbox One X, 4K content is displayed in its native 4K resolution, and other content (like games encoded for 1080p) is upscaled to 4K. https://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-one/console/4k-on-xbox-one So Nah old titles look good no matter what
  23. You think the PS4 Pro hardware is better than the Xbox One X, errr Xbox all the way for me, where the real sweats hang out haha.
  24. Yeah, thanks Iain ive got you now, I did not realize it would need voice channel to be effective.
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