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  1. Misallocation is location based not ping based misallocated servers are showing the wrong location not the wrong ping. This is not to cheat lag comp, it is for people who like a server bank that has less packet loss etc. So if the cloud is not up to date and this is happening right now for MW and happened during the life cycle of Blops4. It bares no difference to me if it is implemented or not but to US users I think it would help a great deal.
  2. I am happy on the London server but I can see the use for people who like a certain server say a US user that can pick 40-50 so they get the bank they like even if the cloud is not up to date as circling said bank could lead to misallocated servers being allowed. I think it should have been put into development a long time ago with more of my ideas
  3. I asked for this a good while back, hopefully if more people ask we may see it.
  4. Then use Ethernet capture. https://wiki.wireshark.org/CaptureSetup/Ethernet
  5. Make an informed choice from this well made list
  6. Please can there be a standard theme to select if you go ahead as snow falling etc hogs CPU
  7. If for some reason it can not start on a dedicated server, region, line quality etc it may start a P2P game.
  8. Listen servers are used to host the lobby through a player in a P2P fashion then once everyone is collected and the game starts it moves to a dedicated server.
  9. You can not make a server receive or send data higher than its cap as proved by only yourself seeing the higher rate and non of your party.
  10. And the fear of being sacked 😁
  11. Fraser, Alex and ND Admin are the real deal, I just loiter about now 😁
  12. A suggestion for a tool tip. When you first use the geo filter in future firmware revisions maybe have a tool tip pop out that tells users about cod servers and to reboot the game after you make a change.
  13. 1080p has the lowest input lag. 120Hz has a faster scan out time resulting in lower input lag even though the source is around the 60fps. 1080p 120Hz and VRR results in the lowest input lag, the last factor is the input lag times of your monitor. As Bert says the image at 1080p on a 1440p display will be softer than the native resolution.
  14. He's a top flight cod player end of.
  15. Use chrome as your browser login to DumaOS. Top right of chrome click on the three dots. Scroll down to Desktop Site and make a tick in the box. Zoom the screen with a two fingered swipe if you need a closer zoom.
  16. Did you reboot the console after the cloud flush? I would try that next.
  17. Zennon

    Cancel Order

    @Netduma Alex can you deal with this order that needs cancelled please?
  18. A full picture of the ping plotter program is needed please.
  19. That is good news that that they can see a fault, some folk go on for years with no resolution because of intermittent faults. Good luck with it all.
  20. Try this set up. Congestion control set to always 70% each slider. Under bandwidth allocation for for download update and reset distribution For upload update and reset distribution At the bottom of the same page under traffic prioritisation. Untick DumaOs prioritised games. Add you console manually by clicking add device. Reboot from the GUI.
  21. Reboot from the the DumaOS software GUI, not a turn off and on from the plug. If that has no change, unplug the XR500 for 5 minutes and try again.
  22. Here in the UK we have a test socket behind the master socket faceplate. You place a filter in the test socket then connect the modem/router to it via an RJ11 cable the you can test with ping plotter directly from the modem/router. I do not know about the US etc so I would test directly from your ISP modem/router via Ethernet to a computer running ping plotter. Run a test on PP using twitter.com using no other bandwidth (use on an idle line) If there is still an issue buy new cables from the wall to the modem/router and new Ethernet. If there is still an issue contact your ISP
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