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  1. Shame but understandable ☺️ thanks for getting back to me 😎
  2. Thanks prog Tried that, still getting the blocked symbol over the authentication server. Im going to try factory reset one more time
  3. Hi, Since the update this morning (1.09) I can't connect to online services I can see on the geo filter it looks like the normal allowed server has been blocked as I keep seeing the server but when I click on it to allow it won't load so I can allow the server. Everything was working perfectly fine last night so I assume something has changed somewhere. Ive tried rebooting, factory resetting but I am unable to allow what I assume is the authentication server in Ireland. Any other advice would be great. Thanks
  4. Legend thanks mate, I know its only minor in terms of use but hey its festive and I love that stuff πŸ˜‚
  5. Since the holiday season is right around the corner what are the chances of getting the snow theme that was teased last year? 😎
  6. I'm still hoping the elusive snow theme some day drops 😎
  7. Hi guys, Firstly I hope you all had a great Christmas. I got a vpn over the holidays to give a whirl which was Nord. Trying to set it up but ill be honest this is confusing me should have gone with pure for the ease. do you have to change the certificate every time you want to use a difference location ? Is there a way of understanding the process at bit more sorry if that sounds stupid Thanks as always
  8. Is this theme still coming πŸ˜€
  9. Finally got pure vpn now the hybrid is working if beta testers are still needed
  10. Thanks Jack im in no rush whatsoever i understand these things take time just want to try and help out where i can if its actually a help. As always thank you and the rest of the Duma team
  11. Hi i've not had much time to get on the PS this weekend life has been hectic. I had a mess around with the new update and i cant be certain (i'm no wizard) but i noticed since the update when i launch the game it now pings most of the server locations but Spain is completely missing. so i pinged the servers and there is a bunch that look like they are located in Southampton on the map but when you check the IP it is in fact a Spanish server. So long story short is it possible the cloud has now miss located the Spanish servers completely and could that be the reason why when the circle is over Spain it never finds a single game and throws into P2P?
  12. It will literally not find any Spanish servers at all but its now doing it with east coast USA and the German ones i just get lobby not join-able then thrown out to the main menu the only option i have is to run spectating. The Spanish servers always pinged at 40ms which was what i found over the last few years as i used them in WW2 to be the normal range for me
  13. I did put it in the thread some days ago to which it got buried in everyone else's problems so i created my own. Since i can find games with spectating mode on i didn't think it was part of the issue that everyone else is having
  14. Thanks for the replies. I just flushed the cloud again and also I did some testing over the evening and iv'e found the geo filter for some reason keeps picking up my laptop (its showing the ip of it on my network) as a peer in the middle of the sea not even sure why that is happening. My go to servers are always the ones in Spain and i can not get onto them no matter i do its like they don't exist. I changed location to Germany worked fine, changed to Italy worked fine (not great game wise but connected) But trying to get onto the Spanish servers, which is what i always use because for me they give me the best games is just impossible. This might sound stupid and apologies if so but is it possible they've been all completely misplaced because no matter how long i sit in a lobby i just cant get a server when in filtering mode. I know i can put in spectating and join other European ones but the game is just not enjoyable. I literally have no clue on what to do
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