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  1. Forgive me if I am wrong Fraser, XyZ do you have Auto - enable on in congestion control and classified games ticked in traffic prioritisation? Because if you do when others play games in your property / network their there packets are being prioritised and the ping test will not be, so in affect it will show spikes on the test because the ping test is not prioritised. I use Always / DumaOS Classified Games unticked and my Xbox manually set in traffic priority "who pays the bills round here, ME so I am having priority!" lol.
  2. I am over 400m from my cabinet and I am getting 63/14 on an up to 80/20 package with TalkTalk. Who is your provider? Are you seeing these spikes on an idle line or when people are on your network? If it is when people are using bandwidth, are you using congestion control? If so what settings?
  3. The XR300 does not have it's own modem so it would never work as you thought. You can buy RJ45 to RJ11 cables for modems and it is for that use
  4. Good to see you Yam Yam, nice to see you getting an R2, hope things are well with you.
  5. Congratulations on the announcement to all of the Netduma staff.
  6. Zennon


    Being close to the cabinet does not make your ping lower it will however give you a lot of SNRM headroom. Being close to your ISP and your ISP having good routing will give you the lowest ping.
  7. He has max attainable. So doing the above would not help in this case KH but good for people on longer lines. Lowering the SNR will not increase the bandwidth in Damien uk's case . He has SNR headroom as Damein is close to his cabinet and that is why I did not suggest a thing as it's perfect as is.😁
  8. You are close to your cabinet and have the max attainable sync. Normally 6db is the default noise margin but as you are close you have 7bd because of more headroom. It will just be the speedtests not being that accurate it could be you are using WiFi to run the tests (always use wired with nothing else using the network at the time), others on your line using bandwidth while you test or a little ISP congestion because of everyone being at home across the country. I would be very happy with those stat's.
  9. The Amplify perk allows players to hear dead silenced players at a low than normal footsteps level.
  10. That would have to be an opt in option. You would run into the the misallocated server issues as servers change IP and new servers come online.
  11. If you sign with TT and have any issues then use the website https://community.talktalk.co.uk/ The OCE's are knowledgeable and do not read from scripts. Make a post then wait for a reply as they work on an oldest post format, so if you bump the thread it will push it to a new post again prolonging the wait. It can take a day or more for a reply but it is worth it if you are not tech savy enough not to need support.
  12. I use an HG612 modem > Netduma. It works out the box and no authentication loggin or pass is needed.
  13. Good luck with it and remember that it can take up to 9 days for DLM to make a change 👍
  14. They have no power to change to fast path their side. It can be fixed your side if you have a G.INP enabled cabinet and are using non G.INP compatible gear which will force interleaving. And to say that fast path would make no difference to in game ping is false. You are speaking to one person with their limited knowledge of the protocols their network uses. I have gamed on interleaving and with ping compensation in all games it was fine. Do not put all your eggs in the fast path basket but if I had the choice of the two by running the correct FW on my modem then I choose to have fast path. If you have other issues on your line like EMI, REIN noise or water in a joint ETC then even with G.INP you can be forced onto interleaving.
  15. I run the unlocked version of the HG612 (there is actually no need to have an unlocked version as the stats that are then available are wrong. I was running a version of the FW that was no G.INP compatible which forced me on to interleaving. I went straight to thinkbroadband site the day this happened for a thread on the issue and a link to the new FW and that fixed it. proving that G.INP helps on my line. Though if you do buy an unlocked version it "Should have the latest FW already installed" It may help in your issue. A reminder Dynamic Line Management takes up to 9 days of monitoring your line with low error rates to then lift the interleaving it has applied, so it wont be a quick fix.
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