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  1. Good luck with it and remember that it can take up to 9 days for DLM to make a change 👍
  2. They have no power to change to fast path their side. It can be fixed your side if you have a G.INP enabled cabinet and are using non G.INP compatible gear which will force interleaving. And to say that fast path would make no difference to in game ping is false. You are speaking to one person with their limited knowledge of the protocols their network uses. I have gamed on interleaving and with ping compensation in all games it was fine. Do not put all your eggs in the fast path basket but if I had the choice of the two by running the correct FW on my modem then I choose to have fast path. If you have other issues on your line like EMI, REIN noise or water in a joint ETC then even with G.INP you can be forced onto interleaving.
  3. I run the unlocked version of the HG612 (there is actually no need to have an unlocked version as the stats that are then available are wrong. I was running a version of the FW that was no G.INP compatible which forced me on to interleaving. I went straight to thinkbroadband site the day this happened for a thread on the issue and a link to the new FW and that fixed it. proving that G.INP helps on my line. Though if you do buy an unlocked version it "Should have the latest FW already installed" It may help in your issue. A reminder Dynamic Line Management takes up to 9 days of monitoring your line with low error rates to then lift the interleaving it has applied, so it wont be a quick fix.
  4. Ah OK that is a modem we own it is called the Huawei HG612 3B. I am with TalkTalk it is just plug and play with the R1 etc, you do not need a user name and pass. This may help with fast path or it may not but they are cheap on eBay. make sure it is the 3B version before you buy. I would also make sure your filtered faceplate or dongle filter is new and get a new RJ11 cable also.
  5. Netduma can not help with line issues if that what your asking.
  6. ISP's unfortunately can not switch to fast path, the cabinets DLM decides. There is ECI and two types of Hauwei cabinets the advice I gave Kinel to buy an HG612 was so that he matched broadcom chipset with his Hauwei cabinet so G.INP that was introduced could be enabled then giving a much higher chance of having fast path as this protocol does error correction on the fly unlike interleaving which needs higher latency permanently to fix errors. The ECI cabinets can do full G.INP unfortunately. If you are on a Huawei cabinet and you have compatible G.INP hardware router/modem and you still have interleaving this maybe because you have noise on the line REIN, EMI etc or a fault, either your home network is not optimised (bad filter / faceplate / bad RJ11 cable etc or you have an outside the property issue. Thanks to https://kitz.co.uk/adsl/fttc-cabinets.htm for the cabinet images. Huawei 288/384HD FTTC cabinet Huawei 96/128 FTTC cabinet ECI 128 256 FTTC cabinet
  7. I understand many people think high speed (bandwidth) is what gives you the edge with online games. A little education showing what latency / ping / routing is in a diagram would be good. Folk love their features
  8. I wonder why you go with the "Fast broadband speeds are a key part of online gaming success" When low latency / low ping / routing is the reality, I am sure if you went with this tag line gamers understand these things. The focusing on the word "speed" which many ISP call bandwidth is what made me ask the questions. Thank you for the clarification.
  9. Better to be on standard for a more lenient DLM as a talktalk user I am on standard. Can DLM force the other profiles like stable or will it just add interleaving and leave it on standard?
  10. That's fair enough killhippie but to say no to what I said is not what you proceeded to then tell me. Thanks for the correct explanation Ghost.
  11. If by this they mean fast path then that is good for gamers but speed (bandwidth) over connection quality is not. They should say ping and not speed if that is what they mean.
  12. I always go for stability over width (speed) as your base ping is the same whatever width you sync at unless DLM puts you on interleaving. So I would be asking the same question as Alex.
  13. Hello do not flash the R1 with the Microtik firmware. Is that the original power supply you are using as mine is not a 90 degree jack. Please wait for a member of Netduma staff to guide you further.
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