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  1. Not all servers are identified in the latest cloud release. What you can do to verify if it's a server is to copy and run a ip to geo tool to investigate. Example: Host Type Peer ID b942d19cdf58252a Domain Name 66-42-88-156.choopa.net So we'll use And then using a website such as https://www.iplocation.net/ we can enter that IP and return the following: IP Address Country Region City United States New Jersey Matawan ISP Organization Latitude Longitude Choopa, LLC GameServers.com 40.4148 -74.2296 So as you'll notice even though it's listed as a "Peer" connection, it's actually a hosted server.
  2. Ping is indeed king... unless of course it's a COD title. 😎 The new firmware looks awesome! Please please please though, we need the ability to use other VPN servers than HMA!. I miss ping assist! The whole ocean geo PA setting is the optimal setup in my opinion.
  3. Not looking good... is there a bypass... or hopefully they've not managed to turn on the dedi's yet.. I've only connected to 1 peer since launch..
  4. After doing some tests and disabling "Goodput" then reenabling it, I get the following message: I'm a little confused on the subject so I'm inquiring him for a little additional info. So, each packet has 40-60 bytes out of 1500.. My Current MTU is 1500 because packets stop fragmenting at 1472 - adding 28 for ip headers - and my MTU should be 1500. With 40-60 bytes out of 1500 that would be a minimum of I'm guessing 1460. Will this affect my MTU packet fragmentation and possible cause lag? I understand it is very important to have correct MTU values in order to stop packets fragmenting.
  5. Public roadmap? Not being rude but I doubt anyone actually believes in any additional "roadmaps" created by the Duma team. No other router company upgrades like your company? Most routers neglect their software? I've never had a router come close to being as buggy as the Netduma, both DumaOS and the R1 software.
  6. I remember reading that manual and some forum posts with official responses stating that it was in earlier versions of DumaOS. As someone that desperately needed a VPN solution in router, and not wanting to accept HMA's horrible service, I opted to downgrade to every single version of DumaOS, risking bricking my Router at each downgrade... and nothing, it never existed. Welcome to DumaOS for the R1 in a whole new perspective... VPN.
  7. Decided to randomly check this morning for update via Administration > Firmware Update and allowed router to update itself. Fast forward to the end of the process while router was rebooting to apply changes and DumaOS informs me that my credentials have been lost (or something along those lines) and that I needed to input my routers serial number. Thinking it was just a bug I refreshed the page, entered my credentials as usual and was able to access the dashboard. But, internet no longer worked. I was able to navigate the dashboard, but anything outside of DumaOS was inaccessible. My solution was to factory reset. After factory resetting, the router took an unbelievably long time detecting that I had an internet connection. Once the process was complete (I decided to allow Netgear to set settings), I allowed it to perform a speedtest - the numbers of course where under my actual numbers. I've got a 1Gbps Up/Down connection, DumaOS speed test pulled like 650 Mbps down and 590 Mbps Up.. Well problem? After doing an actual speedtest I'm only getting 56 Mbps Down and 278 Mbps Up. Something in the QOS was IMO stopping it from reaching full speeds, so after disabling QOS I get the same exact results. Direct connection and previous router version work perfectly fine and are reading 947 Mbps Down. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update: 9/11 @ 7:11 AM Did another factory reset, same results. QOS disabled.. Max Download @ 76 Mbps.. Reverting back to previous firmware. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update: 9/11 @ 7:18 AM Successfully reverted back to, speed test results are back to normal... is broken and I don't recommend any to download it.
  8. Mine has been locking up as well now that I think of it.. Rebooting daily.
  9. I turned the VPN off but it still had PL on first hop... factory reset and it was still there.. resetup my router and now it works... I'm unsure what its doing
  10. I'm using VPN with DUMAOS and getting packet loss on first hop... is this a misconfiguration?
  11. I really need the new VPN feature on my router, dealing with a lot of packet loss in my current setup that only a VPN can fix. HMA is abysmal in terms of quality, I know you guys said it would be released in the next firmware update back in Feb, but it's been 3 updates later and no option still... please
  12. With HMA, how can I make it have a location change. The current "static" server that it pushes on me in the City select element just isn't getting the job done. For example, the fastest/closest server to me is Georgia, Atlanta. However, there are multiple servers that I can select on my PC (LOC1 S1, LOC1 S2, LOC1 S3). The server I believe it automatically selects is "LOC1 S1" which is always overloaded and causes ping never to drop below 100ms. Now by using the speed guide in the HMA VPN Client application, I was able to determine that LOC1 S3 is indeed the fastest server for me. The pings on this server 5.9ms compared to S1's 100+ms results. Before I babble on much longer... I just need to know. How can I change this and force my own selection? Is there an option to use another service? Thanks
  13. I too suffer the same issues and I have a 1 Gbps Up/Down connection with 1ms base ping. I've throttled before with success and decided to try it again, low and behold it helped a lot! DumaOS > Anti-Bufferbloat > Always On Download: 50 || Upload: 10 Sliders at Download: 1% and Upload: 3% Give it a shot
  14. I too experience this issue. Would love to know its being worked on if possible. Thanks.
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