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Major NETDUMA Upgrade (Preview) - Coming February 2016

Netduma Fraser

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In this video we show the main changes we've made in the next free upgrade of the NETDUMA R1 Gaming Router. 
Full list of changes:
  • Implemented profiles
  • Implemented temporary server ban
  • Implemented hyper traffic lane
  • Improved backend device prioritisation system
  • Fixed device prioritisation bug with turbo mode
  • Created more user tours
  • Decoupled download and upload device prioritisation
  • Updated UI to consistently notify user with dialog boxes
  • Implemented generic dialog for better user input and error handling
  • Added scroll bar to GF service selection for multi-device homes
  • Fixed bottom page scrolling bug in misc section
  • Implemented loading screen for misc & other pages as confusing otherwise
  • Implemented auto-setup when user sets bandwidth
  • Moved Geo-Filer enable to checkbox and added loading screen
  • Removed unsupported Wireless mode from menu
  • Fixed ping-assist for PPPoE connections
  • Cleaned up missing page titles and favicons
  • Added service for Halo 5
  • Updated upgrade page including link to wiki with latest firmware
  • Intro tour automatically updates speed settings for user
  • Warn user that congestion control is disabled when super turbo is enabled
  • Updated wifi-workaround & bleeding edge factory reset parameters
  • Updated default speed to 100/10 it's 2016!
  • Removed internal log output from wan and lan.sh
  • Fixed WAN update bugs
  • Implemented more tours
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Looks epic , awesome to see stuff we suggested being implemented, thanks for listening to the community :)
I personally think it deserves a more attractive firmware number , like firmware 4.0 since it's so jam packed with content


Great job and keep up the fantastic work netduma team!

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Thanks for the update ! The hyper traffic sounds wicked  B)

Looks like you've put a lot of hard work into this fw even though the anti-jitter (2.0 ? I forget) is considered the next major release.


Well done Duma Army !!


Sooner or later the sceptics are gonna realize they're already pissing in the wind  :lol:

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