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  1. Yeah, the micro filter, I have connected the tp link via the dsl cable and tried watching some YT vids, and a tutorial using a TP link, but it just refuses to get the internet.
  2. Hi Fraser, We only have 7 devices, it is the R1 that says I have at least 50 devices! ? I will try the putting the R1 in the hub DMZ, see if that redolves the issue. I have a TP link modem, but so far the Sky modem has defied all my efforts to connevt it up! Thanks Fraser
  3. Hi Fraser, I have been using QoS, I haven't put the R1 in the DMZ as I couldn't figure it out . I have tried factory resetting, and it takes forever to boot back up again. On the QoS side as well the R1 shows I have around 50 devices connected, when we have 7 some not always in use. I suspect it is the hub, I unplugged the R1 last night and the internet kept dropping off. I suppose that could be a by product of me turning it on and off so many times! Edit: I have looked at the DMZ, and there ia an option to put in a DNS server, I know on the old OS it used to generate a a number in the blue bacground, never seen that on the new OS. So I am unsure what to put in the DMZ. Is it the Playstation IP you put in? TIA
  4. Not sure, I turned off the wifi on the hub and conneted the duma, it was getting me in games but ping was huge. I did a factory reset and it didn't appear to make any difference.
  5. I tried you you just can't get through to them, because of Covid, lol. To be fair the hub works fine in all other ways, just can't get a game. If I attach the Duma, the green lights are constantly flashing they never go steady, which I never noticed before. The last couple of days if I connect the Duma, it tells me I am connected without internet. Take of the Duma and the internet is fine. Thats why I thought there was something I missed in connecting it up to the Sky hub, but maybe the Duma has gone, is there a way to tell? Thanks for your help Fraser
  6. Hi Fraser, this has been going on since March!. I think ( alas) is the Duma is going to the modem graveyard! But before I ditched I just wanted to see if there something I have not done. Even when I have the Duma connected it is not getting me games within the set parameters, it searches and the ping increases all the time to around 192ms. I also get the little white dots on the screen which I assume is packet loss!
  7. I recently moved home. The current ISP is Sky, which didn't appear to be a problem. I disabled the Sky wireless on the hub when I set up the Netduma, and things seemed to be ok. But I seem to be getting lobbies with 160, 200ms ping which has never happened before. Is there anything else I should do besides turning the wireless of on the sky hub. When I take the Netduma off, and just use the sky hub I can't even get into a game, just says I have been disconnected yada yada yada! Playing BOps MW. Anyone any ideas?
  8. Yeah, I nearly always have a launcher, it's a way of getting cheap points lol. Loving the sniper rifles as well. I suppose I should change my handle to Macca64☠ Lol
  9. Nice play! You have better eyesight than me lol I couldn't see half of what you were shooting at! But then again you are a young whipper snapper!
  10. Not sure will try later on when I game. Played last night and still got kicked but the little message has gone. Got put into lobbies but the game was already in progress.
  11. Yeah Fraser, not that I can see, seems to change from dedi to peer hosts and vice versa
  12. I get kicked after every game, and a little message in the bottom right corner says You have left the game. Then it takes ages to get a new game, at one stage I thought I was never going to get another game! But other than that it's ok, but very repetitious in the maps, and now Realism Mode has gone!
  13. I know I am not the oldest gamer on this forum, but I know I am one of the oldest (64). I have seen a lot of changes in the gaming world, and a lot of them for the betterment of the gamer. With the advent of Google into the arena do people think that the console will drift into obscurity, or will it continue for a few years yet. And do people think they will still be gaming into their 60's and beyond as I hope to do
  14. I know, I just laugh at the inconsistency of it all. As you say you empty your mag into someone who then turns and kills you. But I know that has been me at some point, where I should have been done, but sponged their rounds and killed them. It even seems to me that the server decides who is going to win. I have been in matches where one team is 20 points ahead and then it's like a switch being thrown and you lose the next 30 points to lose 75 -73 74 it's totally weird.
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