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  1. Yo.. that seems pretty sweat.. gonna check this out.. thx for the link
  2. People they promised an update for the R1 almost 2 years ago. We stayed with them pumped up the company and got screwed. If really they are removing old post then, There you have it. We were used as pawns for the the bigger fish (netgear)
  3. They are not going to give an update they already tried that. They want people to go out and buy the netgear. Giving us the update anytime now is not in their plans, sooner people realize this the sooner they know we’re they stand. Again.... don’t expect it anytime soon. If your on YouTube and social media. Let them know what’s going on.
  4. Interesting.. I find it funny how we got screwed in the update. Let’s be clear, we were told netduma was working on a new update that would replace the current version. This is the kicker, people took that to heart and made video, told their freinds and blasted on social media for 2 years (I’m being nice in the years) so with all that hype along came the partnership with netgear and now the LOYAL customer got Screw and we were put in the back of the bus. I remember a time when another company tried to copy the R1 interface and many of us went to bat for you guys. but hey money floats people boats these days. I see on social media how they promote the people that currently have the netgear router. I stay quite but I’m really piss off becuase I was not expecting to get F like this. You might as well ban me from here but I don’t give a flying F. Being real all.
  5. If you want results, you need to demand it (you know who you are, original R1 owners). If your on YouTube or social media, you need to voice your concerns and frustration. I’ve waited long enough and hate to be pushed to the side just because you decided to release it on a newer hardware. You should of took care of your loyal customers. Now I’m not apologizing I’m very disappointed in the lack of transparency.
  6. Before I start, I will not comment after I write this. Its a simple post on my feelings that was long over due. So as an OG to R1. I wanted to take some time to see what develop before making any comments to the R1 update/non update. Ive been with netduma since the original launch and been very content with the product and technical suoport. I watched over time users become moderators, the making of brilliant developers, Tester and the tech support is superb. Now.. I totally understand the business part of it to bring a product concept to manufacturing and to be know, used and loved by the masses. Making money and keeping people employed is YUGE IMO But... something is missing or lacking and (IN MY OPINION) this release push back to R1 owners is not right.- SORRY Ive seen YOUTUBE commentators, pro-gamers who can move to buy (Because they have the money) or even be supported for FREE a new Netgear Router. - Brilliant. But what about the 3 years that we've been promise and waited for a new software for the R1. Now... I would of gladly paid for this update if this meant to support the NETDUMA ARMY, company and FAMILY. I felt like I was part of the team, so when I heard that "it was a mistake on your part for not designing backward compatibility" I need to call you on it, because once again, i consider you people very intelligent or maybe you were more interested in the netgear that you overlook the R1 AND LISTEN TO THIS... THE USERS. - Possible. Anyways.. I will continue to wait for the update, and maybe in the near future get to enjoy the new operating system for my R1. Take care and GOD Bless Peace
  7. I haven't use this feature for a while but I wanted to enable it to see if my gaming would improve When I select Geo-Filter it will not load. I upgraded to 1.03.6J and still have the same problem. All other GUI area work. I tried on a mac and pc ​I tried multiple browsers - clearing cache and history.. no luck Anyone else having this problem?
  8. I would hate to find out that they pushed the release date for the R1 so that the Netgear can get a few more weeks of purchase(s) before dropping the update for LOYAL R1 owners. Just Saying
  9. Question for Verizon fios customer only? I'm still having trouble with my R1.. even with the new update I feel that my r1 router is not opening the ports correctly behind my verizon combo. I have since disconnect it and added my cheap netgear router and low and behold. Hit detection was pretty much spot on. I mostly play battlefield 4, starwars, hardline and bo3 when Im a good lobbly. (i've looked at ALL the online information) Im just wondering if someone else is seeing the same thing and what they possibly did to fix. Its a shame that I have not gotten the same experience as others that post youtube videos. Ive gone as far as I can go with no luck.
  10. psn aoj2101 Ps4 75 up and down Verizon Boston, Ma
  11. nice.. i wish this would also work for my fios tv. Don't think channels will show up.
  12. Can we also change their title to the mod squad? That would sound official.
  13. Can we also change their title to the mod squad? That would sound official.
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