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  1. I'd assume you need to mess with the congestion control to try and get it spot on. Mine's always on 70/70 but I don't stream so maybe someone else who does can help you better.
  2. I don't play Overwatch but if it's running on dedi's which I assume a game that popular would be, regardless of whether you set the geo filter to only connect to your local one, you have no control over who else connects to that particular one so you'll probably end up with "autistic sounding 4 year olds" again and again.
  3. Waiting for the "Whens DUMA OS??????" comments... Happy New Year All.
  4. Here - http://forum.netduma.com/topic/21237-dumaos-update-recent-progress/ Saved you "hours" of searching in 60 seconds
  5. That host will just be the dedicated server I imagine, can't really do much in regards to the location other players who are connecting to that server.
  6. Don't use the Geo Filter for this game. This weekend was the first weekend since the game went free so they were most likely under extreme stress, mine was lagging, lightly tilting the right analogue stick would spin me all the way round, couldn't move etc etc. Like i said, most likely server stress
  7. That's normal. Just ignore it. It's because you're rebooting it.
  8. I'm either going to do that or ask BT for a newer Hub, HH3 bit out dated now
  9. I don't unfortunately, I can just buy the Huawei and stick it in as a replacement HH3?
  10. I have yeah, the very first image is the result with the Duma. 1 bar in game and voice cut outs in party chat. The exact same.
  11. I might grab a copy of it on PS4 and see if the same things happening. But the whole starting another 2 characters from scratch is too time consuming
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