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  1. toby jugs

    sip alg

    you my friend are a star
  2. toby jugs

    sip alg

    hi, 'm working from home using voip to make calls. having a few issues with calls dropping out or going silent and the service provider reckons that sip alg needs to be disabled coz that's what's causing the issues. i'm using a netgear xr300 but cant find that in settings anywhere, is it a thing on my router or not?
  3. all sorted now got isp tech to manually set up as wizard wouldnt work
  4. i phoned the isp, they say all i need to do is changed connection typer to pppoe, enter a name and a password and it should work. i literally cannot find pppoe anywhere, please help!
  5. cheers for prompt reply Fraser it detected internet, went through the motions , let me change passwords and security questions but wont connect to internet even though internet is fine, no idea what wan ip is if the r1 works then the xr300 should
  6. just upgraded my original r1 to a nighthawk xr300 set up installation completed after a dozen attempts but no internet wired, 2.4 or 5g wireless. all lights that need to be white are on. just doesnt make sense, i got frustrated and put the r1 back in and every thing works fine. literally no idea whats wrong please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. toby jugs

    toby jugs

  8. toby jugs


    i watched their live stream the other day, this is bound to upset the industry apple cart, it seems so user friendly and i'm excited by it. being as google has literally thousands of their own servers i reckon connections would actually improve for some , particularly the middle east players who are usually on the euro dedis, this would improve the experience of the whole lobby if this was no longer the case...surely. they reckoned they'd reduce a lot of lag by using more direct routes and less hops, but i didn't buy the controller bit. with 5g around the corner the wifi really wouldn't be an issue anymore would it??? Being as stadia won't need dedicated hardware and the fact it would be so youtuber/streamer friendly, i reckon it will blow up big time very quickly, they won't care about a small % of hardcore fps players not willing to make the leap. fingers crossed they don't want much more than about 30 quid a month for it, i can only hope!
  9. not sure what you mean by port forward to second console but i'll check my sons console in a bit to find out if it says type 2 ,if it does then i'll not worry too much.
  10. my ps4 shows as type 2 on the console settings i assume that's as good as open, havent checked my son's though what do i need to do to set my son's to 3075?
  11. Hi guys, got my son a copy of blops4 last weekend and ever since the Nat type has changed to moderate on both of them. i have a plethora of ports already opened and a static i.p on my ps4 as far i know(havent tried putting a static i.p on his) . it still gets into matches ,maybe not quite as quick though, but i'd really like it have an open Nat if even just for psychological reasons. can anyone give me a heads up on how to remedy this please?
  12. i'm back on dedi's now since the cloud update, and now i can find games within a few seconds again. thanks for fixing this quickly guys
  13. haven't tried to be honest , i saw the thread thinking it was a game issue not a router one
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