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  1. that server that shows up around japan is around 30ms ping here, so it's probably in sydney. ping assist enabled between 33-50ms or so usually catches that server group
  2. 1. upnp ports are still 3074 (xbox), and 3075 (bo4), they're the only ports upnp opened on the r1 screen 2. xbox alternate port selection is auto (defaults 3074, then tries high ports if 3074 isn't open to the server check), or port 49000+, and 5 more above that. bo4 complains about nat if the outbound udp xbox 3075 -> remote udp (demonware) 3074 doesn't get the response it's looking for (and keep alive every 15 seconds or so). if there's a way to choose in game what port to use, i haven't seen it manually forwarded to the r1 gets open nat 3075 in game xbox open 3074 as normal after around 2 games (game 2 went 1024, game 3 did it last time) of blackout after a fresh reboot of r1 and console, the outbound port starts/started using 1024 to game server, and then to other players. by around game 3-4 it's usually no 3075 connections. The previous games it was using 3075 all open nat, and until the r1 reboot (which takes around 30 seconds from the reboot button pressed, vs a few seconds usually) r1 has everything forwarded to it's wan connection at 1.88, the .159 is ext ip edit: some connections are sport and dport 1024. I've been suspecting they're using duma os since it's rare to come across a non 3075 connection oh and every time it's mentioned you can't see other players anymore on your geofilter, I have to assume it's pc/ps4 you're talking about
  3. if a dev looks into it, when bo4 on xbox one goes moderate in black ops 4, the in/out port instead of 3075 is using 1024 on mine. upnp says 3075 is still forwarded. restart the R1 and it'll go back to using 3075, open nat in game, finds games etc. We can't see conntrack or iptables to see what they see for more info plus a side note, the xbox one in connected standby (rest mode), it port flaps. eth disconnected, eth connected, eth disconnected, eth connected. that's an xbox thing and no idea if that breaks anything on the r1 software side
  4. make a ping assist island or picture on the map to set your home location here for using pure ping assist. will avoid which ocean works the best questions πŸ˜€
  5. I was testing a few things earlier and one thing kept standing out as weird, bo4's connection using port 1024 udp outbound. Why's that weird? because it usually uses 3075 outbound (xbox ports). Freshly rebooted R1, load black ops 4 blackout and it is using port 3075 outbound. Game over, back to menu screen to launch another blackout game. none of the servers show up. no peers. game keeps expanding search. Restart game, and now it's using port 1024 outbound instead of 3075, and takes longer to find a game but will connect to the dedi 1024->30000+ Restart game, and it's still 1024 outbound. upnp screen shows 3074/3075, xbox nat open, game open nat So wondering if this is a possible series of events that lead to the no games/servers Game load, local port 3075 connects to a named(dns) demonware stun server on 3074 which should return an external ip it saw and what port it saw. game Connects port 3075->30000+ dedi server quickly and have a game game ends, can't find a new game and servers don't show up (for a period of time) game connects to demonware stun server eventually using the first available unprivileged port 1024 or can reload bo4 to speed up the process game now connects port 1024 to the demonware stun server bo4 now uses local 1024->30000+ dedi servers until router was rebooted again which went back to port 3075 Is there something in the geofilter logic that makes it use 1024 after it it was using 3075? I didn't get enough time to keep testing in blackout, because there wasn't enough people to start a game for a long long long time in pregame lobby, but it was mostly repeatable with the outgoing port changing Maybe someone else will find it's doing something similar for them also edit from here.multiplayer stuff today i tried to get a mp game going and it wouldn't find any players. check in game and it's now reporting nat moderate. r1 has forwarded 3074 and 3075 listed in upnp still. outgoing/incoming connections were now using port 1024. reboot the r1, and like clockwork the game started using port 3075 outgoing/incoming and nat was open again in game. we don't have a way to check iptables or conntrack to see what is going on, but being the only wired device on the r1, you have to wonder if it was trapped in a table from a logic issue or conntrack needs a flush
  6. They do show up as peers on the geofilter radar screen, but it gets your attention when the peer ping graph lines start showing up and you can see how many people are nearby (as long as they're pingable). Plus with dedi servers that favor the shooter, it's kinda handy to have an excuse that the other play shot me though cover when you know their ping is far greater than everyone elses πŸ˜€
  7. Nice that it wasn't a long wait for the new milestone to come out. Factory reset doesn't re-enable broadcasting SSID, so if anyone had it hidden with a different name, and then resets, it'll be back to Netduma R1 and still hidden. Client/Server tick rates added is nice, but with xbox as my example, not the best. would be nice if it locked down to just the listed dedi server or had some way of selecting it. Can we get a confirmation on how the client/server tick rates are being calculated? Quick observation using bo4 blackout shows a high server tick rate, and then as players disconnect/not nearby anymore, the server tick rate finally displays near enough to what the server is sending. auto ping window was showing around 30 for the server, but it still 20pps from it and then 10pps of noise from other clients added to it most likely since on xbox you connect/are connected to by other players (same for sending too, 60pps to the server, the rest to the other players)
  8. xbox players (including nearby(not all, just your area) players in blackout if you want to know to be on the lookout) show up in peer pings if you still run the OG netduma firmware(s), and of course on the radar map as peers. It's pretty much the same as black ops 3 xbox, they connect to dedi, but also to each other usually on port 3075
  9. Last night the aus bo4 servers were an issue from my point of view. Couple of games of MP fine, then half way through a game you have lost connection to the cod servers error from the game and it needs a restart. Restart and servers are running, play a game and kicked for you have lost connection to the cod server before the game starts, after a game ends etc.. Load bo4 up again and wait for minutes to find any MP game for it to eventually get 3 people peer connections and wait another 5+ mins until everyone gives up and quits. restart bo4 again and the servers are up and populate within seconds back on the dedis
  10. I took a look at it. websocket isn't being forwarded to the r1 on 8080 when using allow remote access via wan which only forwards 80? (set in old r1 firmware) If the allow remote via wan setting is added to dumaos later, it'll have some issues with that. would be nice if an r-app/setting would have allow remote via wan that would use the websocket port to the ip that logged in. I'm wondering if the other people who aren't seeing pings happening have something blocking websockets to 8080? (browser based blocking, or proxy?)
  11. Choopa/vultr who appear to be doing the dedi's are in sydney, which would probably explain that. Still have the adelaide location shown though. probably won't make a difference having sa/nsw in your filter, just hope you get the dedis
  12. that middle of aus server can be blamed on blizzard, they have the location set there for Australia, Oceania. the traceroute went out past hong kong, so there's the ping time. I'd set the filter to cover both the SA and NSW servers. one 25-30ish ms ping vs 16ms (guessing) for the other dedi won't be the end of the world with the in game ping being 60+ πŸ˜€and i probably should do it to mine too. in bo3 i used to force the nsw one, and it didn't always find certain game types during low player population times. but of course, make it use the SA as much as you can since it's local for you!
  13. Adelaide is there, but doesn't show up every time you 'press a to start'
  14. That issue sounds like the known issue. Reboot the router and see if it's all good again?
  15. It Isn't wasn't working for me either. It was randomly working the other day and now it's back to there is currently no host or server to ping while it was in game in bo4. and now it's working in the next game when connected to the r1's wifi for the web interface vs not using the r1s wifi is flush cloud meant to work? Sat Oct 13 14:34:50 2018 user.info syslog: Geo-Filter cloudsync result 'false','tar failed with status 'false''
  16. Multiplayer. tdm (and chaos tdm playlists). same 7 or 8 people keep showing up in the list to play with. assuming everyone else is playing blackout. I tried solo blackout a couple of hours ago. couldn't find a game, so went back to tdm. Probably everyone moved to playstation years ago, or pc for it looking great. only a 7 day wait for dlc content this time
  17. For the settings error you just need to reboot/disconnect the high priority detected traffic device at a guess. First time I rebooted a wifi connected xbox it caused it. Just a few mins ago I rebooted an ethernet connected xbox. As soon as it was device disconnected in device manager/port table for wired, you can go to network settings and it'll throw the error. Wifi xbox was just reboot and it wasn't connected at the time when it was still traffic detected. I shutdown the ethernet xbox and waited until it wasn't high priority detected, pulled the cable to disconnect it, off to network settings with no errors. Both times the upnp list had(has) auto forwarded ports BO4 has client host servers and some dedis. client host isn't nice. the auto ping didn't work out who was host or find the dedi when i was on some (would have been sydney severs) at least you can see in game with network settings, if you have ping/packet loss info vs no ping/packet loss info on network screen if it's running off dedi usually. multiple games with a single cable modem person with a good 2x send/receive rate over the rest of the people playing in the clienthost games
  18. So far seems to be working mostly okay at the moment. missing the forward upnp checkbox from the old firmware asking for a forward to avoid having to forward or double nat Played some destiny 2. Filtering mode enabled for geofilter got 0 matches for supremacy game mode. Spectating mode got the 12/12 players being overseas at 230ms ping on the auto ping. That's still working πŸ˜€ Powering off a High Priority Traffic detected (wifi connected) device stops being able to use network settings. The lan side of the lan/wan panels the i'm loading something spinner on screen and the popup error Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'name' of undefined Thu Oct 11 03:24:27 2018 user.warn com.netdumasoftware.settings: Error opening wireless-mirror with error wireless-mirror: No such file or directory. whilst playing the auto detect high priority traffic worked well, halo mcc was updating in the background, destiny 2 was playing fine and the high priority packet numbers going up along with background. this part was working well from what i could see Under 10 hours until bo4 goes live for some more usage
  19. plus you'll be pleased to know it plays nice with upnp (upnp2?) and will upnp unmap and map ports when you change to a new port. (The port list is 5 random high ports) mistur niceguy (xbox engineer) posted about it under an hour ago which is good for others to read if they want to know (quoted below) https://www.reddit.com/r/xboxone/comments/6si38n/psa_some_small_but_interesting_networking_changes/
  20. https://forums.xbox.com/en-us/thread/8883c587-09a6-4f89-8efc-4945a8ad8b7d DETAILS: OS version released: RS_XBOX_DEV_FLIGHT.170802-2008 Available: 6:00PM PDT 8/7 (1:00AM GMT 8/8) Required storage: 3.6 GB NEW FEATURES: Welcome to the first 1710 Preview on Xbox One the insider forum is one source as you can see it's 1710, and it's currently the 170802 (2nd august 2017)
  21. When the new xbox one os update comes out for everyone, it's going to be great for the pesky can't get open nat problems when multiple consoles want to use port 3074. There's 5 more ports you can use. Should be in the 1710 (october 2017) release. They're still 1708 at the moment, but so nice it's happening soon.
  22. Better add 7734bf8ad116454a to the list of destiny padlocks. Singapore amazon addresses are becoming the usual beaver errors with au/nz in geofilter
  23. edit: nothing to see here anymore, the last padlocked server i had here that wasn't temp ban on the list, is now temp ban on bleeding edge
  24. During last weeks iron banner there was a couple of times the singapore amazon padlock showed up and booted from the tower and from in game. Can have all of AU/NZ in the geofilter, but when singapore shows up, it's usually instant kicked. Maybe one of those are to blame? 30342bf6d1cf454a (had to add this to allow list) (this is different id/ip than the last singapore padlock from a couple of weeks ago) "ip_prefix": "", "region": "ap-southeast-1", "service": "AMAZON" (or EC2)
  25. Until the new erl/erx firmware comes out, you also have to be aware of the UDP issues too. potential out of order udp with multiple cores enabled doesn't sound ideal for udp gaming. check out the ubnt community forums if you want to read about it.
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