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  1. I get so many devices to delete that I find it quicker to factory reset and redo my settings than to delete the individual devices. LOL
  2. How long does it take to update the locations? It has been about 3 weeks in my initial report.
  3. I have submitted about 8 different reports for mislocated servers.
  4. Bert is correct. It is on my Dashboard.
  5. I submitted another mislocated server form for a slightly different ID with a similar domain name. The two domain names were & I would assume everything starting with 142.54.238 are showing the wrong location. Is there a way to correct these using a range of IP addresses?
  6. I completed the form. I looked at the 2nd to last IP address from the ping plot. It was an Los Angeles based IP address; therefore, I think it is LA as well. In the geo filter photo, it is showing as a "peer". Is it really a dedicated server?
  7. I live in San Diego, California. While COD gaming, I typically see a ~15mS ping to LA servers ot ~25 to northern CA. I sometimes play with friends on the east coast (geo filter off) with typically 50-75mS pings. Recently, I have been playing COD BO4 (f'ing Modern Warfare) solo with a small geo filter to avoid a bad Nevada server and ping assist at 30mS. This typically would let me play on some good servers in Texas or mid country. With a ping assist of 30mS, I should never get an east coast server. I have been getting these very weird, very intermittent games lately and noted that I am getting an east coast server with about 17mS ping. This does not seem possible. I did a lookup of the server and it belongs to Total Server Solutions LLC out of Atlanta, GA. When I ran ping plotter, I was getting 10-50mS pings. See the attached screen shots of geo filter and ping plotter. Is it really possible to go 2100 miles (~3300 km) with a 10mS minimum ping? FYI- I have blocked the server now, because it was too intermittent.
  8. I had similar issues with my xr700. If you look at System Information then Logs, you may get more information on what is happening. For me, I was seeing a lot of lease issues that correlated to the slow downs. I setup reserved ip addresses for just my critical devices (i.e. Ps4, work laptop, gaming laptop, cell phone). This resolved my issues. As others have stated, I should not have to do this. I believe this is more of a Netgear issue.
  9. Thank you for your response. All these years with the R1 and now XR700, I never really played with ping assist. I either used geo filter with ping assist at 0 or geo filter disabled. Just another case of user error and forgetting things in my older age.
  10. I thought strict mode would only keep the servers within the radius regardless of ping assist. I have factory reset my router, and have not allowed any servers. The only two servers on my Allow / Denny list are the blocked ones that you see in the image. Yes, it is a solid circle around the server in the 2nd image.
  11. @DMC_81Thank you for the response. You probably win the award for the longest post on the forum. LOL. Here are some images to help show. See the attached images. I originally had my geo filter set to include western USA. See image #3. This normally worked. If the Texas servers were an issue, I reduced the radius to exclude Texas. I then started having peer server issues from Nevada. See image #1. You can see that I have been blocked them. I then went to a small circle in the ocean and using ping assist at 25mS. See image #2. As you can see from the image it was connecting to a Texas server with a 48mS ping. I tried to capture the image as soon as COD BO4 connected to the server.
  12. Fast Search is off. Because of the initial problems, I have been watching the host ping when I first start games. From what it displays on the screen, the host ping starts above the 30mS limit. Most of the time, the connections are in Texas. I have been gaming with the COD servers for years, and typically Texas connections are around 40mS . I would not expect that connection to be lower than 30mS. For that reason, I changed my ping assist to 25mS and 20mS for different tests. It still allowed me to connect to servers with higher pings. In one instance, it connected me to a New York server, which was about 70mS.
  13. To clarify, I am trying to find out why the ping assist is not working. It happens a lot if I play less populated game modes. Typically the BO4 in game ping value is about 15mS above the Netduma host ping. When I connect to servers outside the ping assist value, the BO4 in game ping is consistent with the 15mS above. Even if I quickly connected to the server, why would it not kick me after it realized the ping especially since I was not connected for 2 minutes.
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