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  1. What is the latest status on the DHCP bugs for the Netgear products? Are the fixes for the XR500 working or are they still working to correct the problems? What is the status on the next XR700 beta release?
  2. What kind of system did you setup for DHCP? I have been having lots of DHCP issues and been looking for a standalone solution that is not too expensive to implement.
  3. Patents are to prevent other companies from using your idea and stifle competition. It is a legal way to sue companies that using a similar approach.
  4. You need to read the patent in its entirety. People are taking the patent out of context. The patent is centered around Player vs Environment (PvE) games not Player vs Player (PvP). PvE games are centered around playing against the computer (i.e. campaign mode style). PvP are the typical multiplayer games.
  5. Unfortunately, the Beta 3.0 firmware still has the same DHCP lease renewal issues. I added a post on the Netgear forum. https://community.netgear.com/t5/Nighthawk-Pro-Gaming-DumaOS-3-0/DHCP-Renewal-Issues-XR700-3-0-Beta/m-p/2021049#M2826
  6. There ARE blatant problems with the XR700 - specifically DHCP issues. In my case, the DHCP lease renewals are occurring every few minute which does not work for the kids' zoom school or our teleconferences for work. I had to buy another router for during work and then use the XR700 only for gaming. We were told that fix would be in Netduma 3.0.
  7. Is this fix be put onto the beta for the XR700 or a separate hot fix for the current version?
  8. PS4 and older controllers will only work on PS4 games and PS5 controllers are required for PS5 games. If you are playing Modern Warfare (PS4 game) on the PS5, you can use a PS5 or PS4 controller. If you are playing Cold War (PS5 game), you have to use a PS5 controller. The PS5 games are designed to take advantage of the PS5 exclusive features (i.e. new haptic feedback and adaptive triggers). https://blog.playstation.com/2020/08/03/playstation-5-answering-your-questions-on-compatible-ps4-peripherals-accessories/
  9. Thank you. I would be happy to simply have the current version with the DHCP issues fixed.
  10. It was a simple typo, and I have edited my post to correct. The issue is not about the version number, but simply fixing serious issues.
  11. Fraser, that is not a good response and completely insulting to your customers including me. Many of us have been anxiously waiting for 3.0 because Netgear and Netduma chose to work on 3.0 instead of fixing serious issues within 1.0. It is true that we did not pay for 3.0, but we also didn't pay to have constant DHCP issues on the Netduma software that constantly interrupts my kids zoom meetings and my business meetings. We also aren't getting refunds when we have to buy another router to use until the software issues are resolved.
  12. I have Spectrum cable and internet. I went from CM600 to CM1200 because of the DOCSIS 3.1 features. I got big lag spikes, increased ping and it seem more unstable. I used ping plotter for weeks working with Spectrum to compared results from CM600 to CM1200. One of the techs told me off the record that a lot people were having problems with the DOCSIS 3.1 modems. Spectrum officially stated that the problems were associated with the modem or network congestion due to Covid 19. After a couple of months, I just went back to the CM600. I am curious to see how this modem performs for you.
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