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  1. Is there an option now to dim or turn off the lights?
  2. My XR700 has hardware problems, so I replaced it with a R2. I don't know if the XR700 beta 3.0 had the "Work at Home" option. My fiancée and I both work from home. I sometimes play COD during the day while she is working. How does it handle priorities of "Dumaos Classified Games" and "Work at Home"? I assume that games always take the highest priority.
  3. I purchased the monitor below. Playing COD Cold War, I get 4k at 120 Hz. https://www.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/model/UM.PX2AA.V01
  4. Anything that I can do or provide to help? I am playing Cold War multiplayer on PS5 that is wired directly to XR700.
  5. Has Netduma been able to replicate the issue? Any progress on a possible fix?
  6. I watched it more yesterday, and it randomly works and doesn't work.
  7. Here is something odd that I noticed today when it happens. In one match, it was giving all the server information except the ping. The host was the typical ip number.choopa.net; however, the host was listed as "peer". EDIT: The next one showed as "dedicated" and still did not show a host ping.
  8. I never had problems with the pre-beta. The beta seemed to be working well too in the beginning.
  9. With Auto Ping off, I can select the host and it does not ping it.
  10. I played with it enabled and disabled, and the host ping was still intermittent.
  11. Netgear CM600. "Respond to Ping on Internet Port" was not checked. Should it be checked or unchecked?
  12. I play COD Cold War on PS4 Pro and now PS5. Even with Auto Ping enabled, I rarely get host ping data. It will show all the tick rates and send/rcv rates, but not the ping. I thought it may be a scaling issue due to the dashboard view, so I try it under the Geo Filter screen but get the same results. The Ping data is not even shown as display item or on the chart. On rare occasions, I can refresh the Chrome browser and it may show up. This happens even when the Geo Filter is disabled. Rebooting the router does not help. I have cleared the browser data and it does not help. I even try with Geo Filter disabled at the start of PS5 and never re-enable it. I am using the Beta 3.0 software. Since I could see the Cold War ping within the game, they issue was minor. For some reason Cold War removed the ping chart, I now have to rely on the Netduma ping to see what may be happening. Unfortunately, it is not usable. Thinking it may be a server data issue, I have flushed the cloud multiple times. I am trying to avoid resetting the router, because it takes a while to manually reconfigure all the reserved IP addresses that are needed to minimize the DCHP issues. Are there any things that will help this?
  13. What is the latest status on the DHCP bugs for the Netgear products? Are the fixes for the XR500 working or are they still working to correct the problems? What is the status on the next XR700 beta release?
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