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  1. UK_Wildcats_Fans

    Device Manger Table Signal Strength

    dBm is power ratio to 1 milliwatt. The higher number presents better signal strenth.
  2. UK_Wildcats_Fans

    infinite warfare servers

    I usually get dedicated servers, but I have been getting more p2p lately. I believe that it has to do with the number of people playing the specific game modes. For example, I tend to get dedicated severs on the more popular games modes core modes and hardcore TDM. When I try hardcore domination or kill confirmed, I often get a p2p.
  3. UK_Wildcats_Fans

    DumaOS Announcement: Development Progress & Testing

    I have seen the same thing on Android. Software Developers create their own ROM and share it out of goodwill. They then have to spend lots of their own time helping others and getting negative responses forcing many to stop sharing.
  4. UK_Wildcats_Fans

    DumaOS Announcement: Development Progress & Testing

    +1 I always have a house full and lots of devices that keep getting added. I try to keep it cleaned up but I typically have about 50 to 100 devices listed on the network. After several parties and guests during the holidays, I had about 350 devices showing in device manager. It would be awesome if I could manually assign them categories and then apply priority to the categories. For example, I would create groups such as Gaming [PS4, PS3], Security [home security devices], Terry's (me) [laptops, phone, tablet], House [devices for my kids] and Guests/Others [everything else including misc devices such as thermostat]. I would then be able to get higher priorities and bandwidths for each of the categories.
  5. I believe that they were trying to minimize pub stomping, which would allow less skilled players to have more fun (in theory). It does not work though. SPMM caters to less skilled players and has a negative effect on average to above average players which are the main COD base. Activision & Sledgehammer are companies that are out to make money, which I fully respect and understand. Personally, I would rather deal with pay-to-win variants and supply drops than SBMM -- as long as the variants are NOT too different (i.e. not like ASM1 Speakeasy).
  6. I absolutely agree. SBMM is not needed for casual lobbies.
  7. UK_Wildcats_Fans

    Network Cables

    I use CAT 6 cables for connecting devices to my switch. I use Cat 5e cables between the internet devices (i.e. modem to router to switch and switch to powerlines adapters).
  8. UK_Wildcats_Fans

    Battlenonsense vid

    Here is a discussion on the video http://forum.netduma.com/topic/20139-battlenonsense-video-best-router-for-gaming
  9. UK_Wildcats_Fans

    Infinite Warfare Multiplayer Lag VENT

    I agree
  10. UK_Wildcats_Fans

    Infinite Warfare Multiplayer Lag VENT

    The next generation Netduma R2 router will include a new feature called the "lag vent". Every time lag is experienced, a small vent on the R2 will open and allow the lag to escape.
  11. Here is a video by Battle(non)sense that does all the lag testing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6erRRbaiAT0 Spoiler Alert - The R1 was not his choice.
  12. UK_Wildcats_Fans

    Black Ops 3 Fringe Crisp Hit Detection

    Nice gameplay. I stopped playing BO3 when IW came out; therefore, I stopped following all the patch notes. The Razorback was good but did not seem that good. Did they buff it again?
  13. UK_Wildcats_Fans

    DumaOS - Development Update

    Yes, the scheduled reboot is my favored option. For the auto reboot, I was imaging this with VERY severe, critical issues where the hardware is not very responsive to internal checks.
  14. UK_Wildcats_Fans

    DumaOS - Development Update

    Over the years, I have experienced a few issues with my setup. Wifi would consistently slow or stop working. I had to reboot the router in order to resolve. I solved this by disabling the Netduma wifi and using an access point. My network still gets slow at infrequent times (wired and wireless) and is resolved by rebooting the Netduma. I am NOT stating this is a Netduma issue. It could be something with my setup, modem, etc. I know that many of us have previously requested an auto/schedule reboot function/option to be added to the Netduma software. I think that this would be a great feature for this new software. Example 1, schedule the Netduma to reboot at a specified time(s) each day. Example 2 - Netduma software detects problem, issue, etc and auto reboots.
  15. I fully understand that ping is the key element here and not bandwidth. Right now I suffer from all the issues with typical cable. Based upon inputs from the forums, I have been looking at a dedicated ADSL (only real option other than cable) for gaming until I found out that AT&T fiber will be available soon. Verizon FIOS and Google Fiber are not currently available. Yes, I know that AT&T Uverse is not that great. My girlfriend recently switched from AT&T because of the bad service. The 300/20 is not for gaming. It is for all the teens and young adult bandwidth hogs in my household that are constantly streaming youtube, netflix, apple tv, etc. I frequently have 10-20 teens and adults at my house for the weekends that are gaming (multiple consoles) on the internet, streaming, etc. I actually paid for 50/5 and TWC upgraded me for free to 300/20. I appreciate everyone's inputs; however, I was asking how people handle gigabit bandwidth with gaming. With the gigabit would I still need to provide device priorization or need congestion control for gaming IF I used gigabit for the whole house?