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  1. FYI - Using MAC address lookup from the web, the "switch" is associated with an Alpha Networks, Inc. product.
  2. As a standard practice, I am do a factory reset after each upgrade. Manually configuring the settings again is not too time consuming with the EXCEPTION of the reserved IP addresses. I would love the option to export the reserved IP settings (or whole LAN settings) and then import them once configured. This would save a lot of time
  3. When you respond, can you also find out the maximum number of reserved IP addresses?
  4. I have the XR700 and my girlfriend and I both work from home. We occasionally get internet lag and issues. I use WebEx alot and notice it more during conference calls when connected using my laptop headset. I found that there was always a DHCP renewal happening. My lease time is set to the default 24 hours. The DHCP is renewing at random frequencies of once per minute to once per hour. Based upon recommendations from Netgear community, I have set my DHCP to .100 to .200. I am also assigning reserved IP addresses on the router for most of the more critical devices (computers, phones, tablets, TV, PS4, etc.). Of course, I am leaving the devices as DCHP (not static). After making these changes, it seems to have help but now my device list is all messed it. In some cases it shows multiple IP addresses for a single device and many are listed twice (one with name and other as unnamed). 1. DHCP range is set to .100 to .200. Is there a problem with assigning the reserved IP address from .2 to .99? 2. What is the maximum number of reserved IP addresses that the software will allow? 3. Is there a way to clear out the entire device list? or do I have to just turn off WIFI and ensure all devices are disconnected to delete them one at a time? 4. If I do clear out the entire device list, will it mess up the reserved IPs or cause other problems?
  5. I am running the latest firmware for the XR700. I have noticed that the time in the system logs are 1 hour behind. Is there a way to adjust the time?
  6. Yes, that is another good option in addition to my suggestion.
  7. I have the XR700 with the last firmware and playing BO4. Once you lose host connection or simply get into a lobby, the entire graph and history is gone. I wish it would keep the historical information and simply show a sign of no host found. This would allow me to see what was happening before host was lost or get into the lobby. It would also be nice to have the option to have a long chart time frame.
  8. Is there going to be a consolidated summary of the Q&A?
  9. dBm is power ratio to 1 milliwatt. The higher number presents better signal strenth.
  10. I usually get dedicated servers, but I have been getting more p2p lately. I believe that it has to do with the number of people playing the specific game modes. For example, I tend to get dedicated severs on the more popular games modes core modes and hardcore TDM. When I try hardcore domination or kill confirmed, I often get a p2p.
  11. I have seen the same thing on Android. Software Developers create their own ROM and share it out of goodwill. They then have to spend lots of their own time helping others and getting negative responses forcing many to stop sharing.
  12. +1 I always have a house full and lots of devices that keep getting added. I try to keep it cleaned up but I typically have about 50 to 100 devices listed on the network. After several parties and guests during the holidays, I had about 350 devices showing in device manager. It would be awesome if I could manually assign them categories and then apply priority to the categories. For example, I would create groups such as Gaming [PS4, PS3], Security [home security devices], Terry's (me) [laptops, phone, tablet], House [devices for my kids] and Guests/Others [everything else including misc devices such as thermostat]. I would then be able to get higher priorities and bandwidths for each of the categories.
  13. I believe that they were trying to minimize pub stomping, which would allow less skilled players to have more fun (in theory). It does not work though. SPMM caters to less skilled players and has a negative effect on average to above average players which are the main COD base. Activision & Sledgehammer are companies that are out to make money, which I fully respect and understand. Personally, I would rather deal with pay-to-win variants and supply drops than SBMM -- as long as the variants are NOT too different (i.e. not like ASM1 Speakeasy).
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